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Richard Willem Alcasas - 12.12.

805 452 4867
PO BOX 60623 Santa Barbara, CA 93160
My life has had two focuses; personally I have spent many years of my life helpi
ng to improve the lives of young people through teaching basic human values in 1
st and 3rd world countries (I grew up in a missionary family). Professionally.
I have constantly applied myself to the field of IT as my personal passion and i
nterest throughout the last 10 years. Through study and application I have enjoy
ed many years, and the many more to come of hands on troubleshooting and managin
g IT environments and computer users.
I work with a passion and have a mindset that does not allow me to give up. In e
very case the goal is to enhance my environment, use tech to increase efficiency
, and place a high value on life, respect and responsibility.
I am a very responsible person and work well with people (many people) of all ra
ces and cultures. I feel comfortable and perfectly at home in a productive envir
onment. I offer dedication to the job and will commit to becoming an asset in yo
ur company.

Associate degree
July 1998 Computer management
* Computer Science Program
A+ CompTIA
1999 Hardware
* Hardware knowledge
MCSE (2007)
2007 All core components
* Full study (did not take exam)
2nd Level Tech Support April 1999 - October 2002
Hewlett Packard | Amsterdam, Holland
| Started at Level 5 Tech | Advanced to their business laptop division, promoted
to Team Mentor | Further advanced to Software knowledge base team to build onli
ne knowledge base (which is still used on their website)

IT Administrator December 2002 - November 2003

Dolan Media Corporation | Baltimore, MD
| IT Admin basing in Baltimore MD location under the Daily Record business paper
| worked as a team unit with Dolan Media HQ in Minneapolis to maintain servers
and improve network environments (including printers and software applications)
| travelled between locations on the NE coast including: Norfolk, VA and New Yor
k, NY

IT Administrator January 2004 - June 2005

Meet Each Need Foundation | Riverside, CA
| Small NGO, needed an overhaul in the tech level | improved accounting database
and built a wireless network (though I still prefer wired environments)

IT Administrator July 2005 - December 2006

Family Care Foundation | San Diego, CA
| Larger NGO and another challenging environment which greatly lacked in up to d
ate networking practices | I built their first server and server rack, manually
rewired the whole property with higher grade networking cables, added routers, i
mproved the phone system, etc.

NGO Founder May 2007 - September 2010

Steps for Success Foundation | Philippines, South East Asia
| A very challenging environment and fulfilling project. It was an atmosphere wh
ere my computer knowledge and passion for education got combined into everyday a
pplication. As my wife and I are the founders of this foundation in the Philippi
nes I emphasized the need to utilize technology to reach the goals of our projec
t and the stability

Hewlett Packard
Acquired | I gained tremendous knowledge about hardware functionality and integr
ation | I followed their in house computer study programs for 1 year
Dolan Media
Acquired | I worked closely with the layout and industrial printing integration
departments and learned volumes about layout, using the Adobe products and PDF p
rinting processes. Maintained servers and monitored network infrastructure. was
responsible for network security and daily tape backups of server data.
Meet Each Need foundation (operates under National Heritage Foundation)
Acquired | Taking my applied skills to another level was something I learned her
e, not to just sit behind a desk remotely accessing devices but research company
processes and assess ways (using tech) to more efficiently advance and increase
the abilities of this foundation.
Family Care Foundation
Acquired | I was a one man team and had to manage every aspect with little or no
assistance, from writing and presenting IT budget proposals and database recomm
endations from my department to management. I needed to implement every aspect o
f my portfolio personally, and was given more independence than usual. Time mana
gement was a crucial skill that was expected at this NGO