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Frank Bosworth

29324 Melia Way

Santa Clarita, CA 91387
(661) 886-5553
Aerospace Engineer
Director-Technical Business Development
Systems Engineering / Systems Solution-Based Marketing / B2B / International / S
trategic Partnerships / C-level Sales / CRM / Key Accounts / Consultative Sellin
g / Product Support
Led system development and engineering integration teams within technical FAA ST
C and PMA product development processes, growing international client base and r
evenues. Negotiated international business agreements to open new markets for gl
obal commercial and defense aerospace component and systems integration. Utilize
d price rationalization and competitive market analysis to exceed national and g
lobal sales goals. Formulated business development growth through customer techn
ical liaison.
Commenced positioning of MASS Systems for $1M-$5M annual government fire protect
ion spares contracts.
Secured $125M in program contracts for Meggitt by developing strategic multi-com
pany engineering and marketing team relationships. Achieved new and converted ai
rcraft safety system certifications, capturing 85% of market share and $70M annu
al revenue.
Grew global presence by building civil and defense government relations internat
ionally, increasing revenues $30M.
Secured key contracts with foreign military aerospace units, generating $30M in
program revenues.

Key Skills: Extensive aircraft airframe and propulsion systems integration techn
ical knowledge. Effective communicator at all company levels. Excellent problem
solver with a commitment to plans and schedules. Ability to compile and analyze
system safety and troubleshooting data to consistently provide an accurate solut
ion response. Successfully selling into new markets and current clients using ke
y account acquisition and retention strategy. Generating significant client sati
sfaction in the DoD, airline, and general aviation technical supply markets. Ski
llful and seasoned negotiator, with high business acumen.

Selected Accomplishments
Developed new Source Approvals for MASS Systemsa supply of explosive fire exting
uisher detonator cartridges and fire extinguisher assemblies in U.S. government
spares contracts. A multitude of component source approvals had begun approval
for procurement contract awards through Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, Hill AFB, Utah, an
d Indian Head, Maryland and various Defense Aviation Supply Depots.
Secured $125M in Supply contracts for Meggitt Safety Systems (Formerly Whittaker
and Systron Donner Safety Systems) by developing strategic relationships with c
ontractors and clients. Aircraft production supply through coordinated systems i
ntegration engineering to meet specific customer requirements. Identified and ou
tfitted freighter candidate aircraft requiring system upgrades, designed integra
ted protection systems and expanded products offered. Developed strategic allian
ce with Goodrich Aerospace for complete system integration, component production
, and FAA certification. Secured development partnership with Boeing and Lockhee
d enabling new system concepts to be developed and supplied for production and u
pgrade aircraft programs.
Instituted new safety systems integration solutions for aircraft, producing 85%
market share and $100M+ annual revenue. Company needed to provide long-term safe
ty solutions for aircraft upgrades and new generation aircraft programs. Maintai
ned large to small aircraft system integration solution requirements and supplie
d safety sensor components as basic equipment with certification support and cus
tomer training provisions. Maintained technical marketing and product support en
gineering to large aircraft fleet operators and OEM corporations aircraft global
Grew global presence by building key relations internationally, increasing reven
ues $50M. Tasked with marketing and building technical partnerships in European
and Asian regions. Relocated to London to establish significant Marketing, Sales
and Product Support Engineering presence. Built relations with foreign airline
operators, OEM manufacturers, and military agencies from Europe to Asia. Secure
d customer technical confidence, insuring Meggittas continued supplier significa
nce of propulsion safety-of-flight subsystems.
Secured key contracts with foreign military aerospace units, generating $130M in
project revenues. Company needed to assist in development concepts for enhanced
combat aircraft survivability & reduced vulnerability for U.S. military organiz
ations. Developed links with technical system Integrated Product Development Tea
ms, R&D cooperative projects, and supply relationships with various country OEMa
s, US joint military forces, and Aircraft Certification agencies. Delivered 90%
of foreign built military aircraft and UAVas with sensor and subsystem integrati
on equipment.
Career History
Ametek Ameron LLC (formerly MASS Systems). A $20M fire protection company specia
lizing in airline spares in the Repair and Overhaul business, some OEM productio
n for fire extinguisher production, and high pressure container manufacturing fo
r aircraft and missile applications. The company also manufactures detonator ca
rtridges for airline and military fire extinguisher applications.
>>Director, Sales and Business Development, 2008 to 2010. Led efforts for openi
ng new business channels through aircraft technical dialogue in the government a
viation spares market, while personally establishing the companyas Contracts Adm
inistration department for improved provisioning performance and personnel train
ing for new contract administrators.
Meggitt Safety Systems. (formerly Whittaker, and Systron Donner Safety Systems)
A $100M fire protection and safety systems components manufacturer for aircraft,
spacecraft, boats, trains and various industrial environments. Consistently pro
moted to positions of increasing responsibility.
>>Director of Aviation Business Development, 1998 to 2008. Led sales and enginee
ring teams to provide technical system integration solutions to meet specific cu
stomer needs. Directed initiatives in forming alliances and strategic partnershi
ps. Coordinated field engineering support department for immediate technical sup
port. Managed budgets of $1M and team of four to six charges.
>>FAA Company Designated Engineering Representative (DER), 2002 to 2008. Managed
FAA engineering approval activity within company for matters concerning system
integration concepts, technical data production, project review, analysis and te
sting oversight. Concurrently, served as Director of Aviation Business Developme
Earlier: Whittaker Safety Systems; Manager, Aviation Sales & Senior Product Supp
ort Engineer, 1990 to 1998. Initiated program development awards and proactive c
ustomer support within the expanding global civil and defense aerospace market.
Systron Donner Safety Systems 1974-1990. Commercial & Military Aviation Sales Ma
nager, Manager, London, UK Marketing/Sales/Customer Support Office (4 yrs); Sr.
Applications Engineer, Staff Project Engineer.
Education/Associations / training / Personal
MS, Aeronautical Science and Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University;
BA-Design and AS-Aviation Technology, Southern Illinois University.
Licenses, FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) (formerly aCompanya DE
R; currently aConsultanta DER being applied for), FAA Airframe and Power Plant M
echanic License, FAA Commercial Pilot License, Class III Radiotelephone license.
Community: First Chairman of the local township redevelopment committee.
Enjoys, All aspects of Aviation, and also Scuba Diving, Motorcycle Touring, Home
Remodeling and Reconstruction, Motorcycle and Automotive Restoration, and Golf.
Security Clearance: Secret