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30W097 Willow Lane Warrenville, IL 60555
(815) 621 - 4019
Design Direction & Production / Strategic Planning / Web-based & Graphic Design
/ B2B & B2C Vendor & Client Relations / Advertising & Marketing / Performance I
mprovement / Budgets
I am a dynamic, uniquely talented media and design expert that applies artistic
and strategic talents to brand and expand product and organizational images. My
project experience has generated successes for companies in publishing, software
, banking, hospitality, health care, heavy equipment, construction, electronics
and more.
Directing intricate media campaigns, I drive the creative process from concept a
nd application to national and global promotion. A strategic problem solver, I d
esign and implement project completion processes that meet business deadlines an
d capitalize on the capabilities of artistic personnel. My skills include:
* Conceiving and developing strategic and savvy multi-media advertising campaign
* Mentoring and honing the talents of up and coming design professionals
* Coordinating across departments to meet accelerated creative deadlines
* Conceiving, repairing and building brands
* Directing all facets of design and production for monthly publications
I earned a BS in Comprehensive Arts from Illinois State University. A blend of m
edia and design experience, creative vision and the ability to leverage advancem
ents in graphics technology have led to my continued success in both corporate a
nd agency work environments.
Software Proficiencies: QuarkXPress, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Font Rese
rve, Extension Suitcase Fusion, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Bridge, Flight
check, Roxio, Robohead and all Microsoft programs.
Applied latest graphics technology. Hired by FTD to revamp graphics department w
hile working in direction with four diverse department heads. Improved design ca
pabilities with the application of new software. Brought numerous outsourced tas
ks in-house, saving $500K+ in the first year. Expanded available services, thus
improving existing client relationships and driving new business.
Streamlined work flow. FTD designers were inundated with projects without a work
flow prioritization process. Created a project coordination program that receiv
ed immediate approval from management. Implemented the cross-departmental proces
s within five months, increasing design productivity by 80%.
Improved agency systemization during rapid expansion. Hayes Marketing worked wit
h many freelance artists and was not organized or prepared for the inundation of
new clients. Set-up a server and cataloging system, training staff and clientel
e on its capabilities and functions. Took on three new projects with zero client
Maximized resources. A large percentage of Studio A's revenue came from the publ
ication side of their business. Implemented a project assignment process to maxi
mize the availability of the six staff designers. Accommodated a large expansion
in the publishing business while taking on 25 new projects with complex design
Art Director/Creative Services Manager, FTD International, 2007 to Present. A mu
lti-million dollar floral marketing company. Directed five designers in the crea
tion of all graphics applied to FTD web presence, print, trade show and POP disp
lays. Defined work flow process that decreased project production time an averag
e of 50%.
Art Director, Studio A Advertising, 2005 to 2007. Long standing advertising and
publishing agency. Supervised design, production and quality assurance for both
divisions of the agency. Oversaw 10 employees and large project budgets. Produce
d monthly publications, while simultaneously directing an average of 20 on-going
Creative Services Director, Hayes Marketing, 2004 to 2005. Marketing and promoti
ons services company specializing in manufacturing organizations. Managed planni
ng and agency design activities. Created annual reports, brochures, websites and
international business reports. Set-up intricate graphics server access system.
Earlier: Art Director, Cratty & Company. Art Director, Heinzeroth & Associates.
Owner, Fran Johnson Design.
Additional: I am a fine arts oil painter, skier and hiker. I've served as a boar
d member for Mothers Establishing Life's Direction, helping teenage, unwed mothe