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Calvin Hughes * Lake Elsinore, California

951.609.6456 c * 951.471.1191 h *
Energetic professional with a versatile skill set in marketing, sales management
and sales support, business development, product development, product managemen
t, relationship management and customer service/call center management. Twenty-f
ive plus years of entrepreneurial and corporate leadership in the financial serv
ices and nutritional supplement industries emphasizing sales and support team bu
ilding, optimizing process improvements and infrastructure development; product
design and development, marketing, implementation, enhancement and distribution;
top/bottom line budget management; client development and retention; lead gener
ation, and revenue maximization. Strong communication and negotiation skills wit
h a proven track record of building internal synergies across the enterprise, gr
owing client relationships, creating and developing business channels, driving f
inancial objectives, optimizing efficiencies and process flows. Solid presentati
on, mentoring and group training aptitudes. Contagiously positive outlook promot
ing interdepartmental collaboration and aligned purposes that create ownership,
synergy and partnership. A composed and focused confidence, an innovative spirit
that champions excellence, with a passion for life - at work, at home, and ever
ywhere in-between.
* Inspires trust and confidence with colleagues, prospects, business partners an
d customers
* Maintains a global perspective without losing focus on daily tasks and respons
* An organizer with the ability to envision the outcome and stay the course thro
ugh the process
* Multitasking abilities with a noteworthy record of managing successful project
launches, realization of significant new-found revenue streams, and operational
redesign to minimize expense and leverage resources to maximize ROI
* Management through mentoring, teamwork, creating ownership, and developing int
erfaces that leverage resources, streamline operations and heighten profitabilit
* Diplomacy in communication and management style that promotes collaborative pr
Goal Driven * Consistently exceeding performance objectives within aggressive, f
ast-paced, growth-oriented environments. Overachievement is the status quo. Taki
ng the right risks in the right places at the right times with the right teams.
Innovative * In building field sales teams, call center sales and service teams,
marketing departments, production teams, client relationship management teams,
and product presentations with non-traditional, out-of-the-box strategies. Utili
zes and encourages well-placed wit to reduce stress, increase productivity, boos
t morale and deepen relationships.
Sales Driven * Consistent effectiveness at implementing successful marketing pro
motions, lead generation activities, message management campaigns, selling syste
ms, sales tools and related activities that drive financial sales targets.
Leadership Style * Proficiencies in relationship development, building confidenc
e, and establishing associations that advances the corporate mission, vision and
strategies. Formidable problem solver and decision-maker that is competent, res
ourceful, collaborative and creative.
Industry Promotion * Successful in organizing and promoting industry forums that
encourage education, awareness, advancements in perception, growth and innovati
2010 to Present * COO
Solaro Energy Co. * Lake Elsinore, CA
Senior Management team member responsible for Sales Management, Marketing, Custo
mer Relations, Contracting, Distributor/Dealer negotiations, lead generation, co
llateral materials, training, product development, hiring, HR, elevated calls, i
nterface with Accounting, Finance, IT, Production, vendor relations. Company is
a start-up venture experiencing challenges for growth related primarily to curre
nt economic trends.
2009 to 2010 * General Manager and SVP
Positive Power Nutrition * Murrieta, CA
Management of operations, sales, marketing and customer service of a national nu
tritional supplement organization. Hiring, orientation, training and mentoring o
f staff. Development and direction of corporate strategic plans, hiring, HR, cus
tomer care, business channels, promotions, marketing, product design, process im
provement and implementation of strategies that nearly doubled company revenue (
99.2%) in twelve months.
2006 to 2008 * VP, Business Development / Product Management
LeasingDesk Insurance Services * Irvine, CA
Expand existing marketing channels from property management to financial institu
tions, agency, and non-agency business partners; develop new products for the pr
operty management channel, including mass-marketed P/C, L/H and customer amenity
programs. Implemented corporate retention strategies achieving success of 500+
customers/month. Additional responsibilities with customer service for improving
cross-sale function and enhancing customer relations. Client and carrier manage
ment responsibilities including the development of new carrier relationships. Ma
nagement of Customer Care Center and Client Implementations Departments. Establi
shed, managed and improved customer service metrics to consistently achieve 90%+
customer satisfaction and "would refer others" survey responses. Managed compli
ance and licensing activities of service agents. Responsible for compliance and
interaction with governmental agencies as well as escalated calls. Management co
ntributions helped grow company 40%-45% annually. Created sales tools, process i
mprovements, training programs, marketing strategies and launched new products a
nd new business channels including elder care facilities. Consistently interfaci
ng with legal, development, technology, accounting, and senior management to def
ine and achieve enterprise strategies and objectives.
1999 to 2006 * VP, Product Mgr./Revenue Generation Center Mgr./VP, National Rela
tionship Mgr.
Balboa Insurance Group * Irvine, CA
As VP, Product Manager responsibilities include strategic planning, product deve
lopment, top/bottom-line budget responsibilities. Department management, project
management, resource prioritization for interfacing units, growth objectives ac
hieved targets for taking 13 year product of $12.3M to $16.2M in 14 months with
65+ new client implementations in 12 months - compared to 13 total implementatio
ns in prior period. Developed and implemented new premium accumulation methods,
IT strategies, process improvement flows, client agreements, pricing tools, mark
eting tools, marketing channels, product filings, reporting and sales support to
ols. Created and implemented client relationship tools - Message Management Syst
em and Marketing Partnership Program (MP2) for one product line which was subseq
uently duplicated by several other product areas. Successfully created and launc
hed the Revenue Generation Center which built strategic and customized marketing
calendars for business partners to increase awareness, educate producers and cu
stomers, and drive production growth. Business Board member for Financial and Mo
rtgage Boards, Culture Action Team founding member for the enterprise, and eComm
erce Strategic team member for the Countrywide Financial parent organization.
As VP Relationship Management Manager / National Relationship Manager responsibi
lities were to mediate and develop relationships via multi-leveled interfaces of
new parent company's agency and the subsidiary insurance company. Developed pro
ducts, marketing strategies, internet applications, and training tools. Develope
d, launched and implemented four new products in 18 months: Graded Premium Life,
AD&D, Mortgage Catastrophe, and Renters products that generated $24.6M in new p
remiums in the initial 30 months. Managed FOH program and implemented FOF progra
m of $66.5M annualized premium. Managed Financial Institution Department of Rela
tionship Managers for all voluntary product implementations, training, and ongoi
ng client management nationwide. RM department management for multiple product l
ines including Life, Credit, AD&D, Renters, Warranty and Debt Can for implementa
tions and programs management - $268M annualized premium.
1997 to 1999 * SVP, Director of Marketing and Institutional Relations
Summit Financial / ALTRES Financial * Salt Lake City, UT
Initiated new ventures in product and developed marketing strategies; design, co
ordination, and facilitation of all marketing and internal/external corporate tr
aining; sales database management; initiated, maintained, and facilitated organi
zational relationships and strategic alliances through corporate partnerships wi
th various financial entities including traditional lenders, related financial p
roviders, brokers and other lead generating parties. Responsible for activities
that generated 34% of the company's new clients and 62% of the overall productio
n income in the year following implementation. Responsibilities for all market r
esearch; corporate sales team administration; supervision of ten business develo
pment officers and two marketing administrative assistants. Managed IT interface
and new product implementations. Member of the management team with responsibil
ities in strategic planning, process improvement, corporate budgeting and hiring
front-line admin, business development, and senior management personnel. Design
ed and directed project to build reporting tools for BDO accountability; opened
four new marketing territories with new sales offices, and supporting personnel.
Built and implemented tracking tools for the performance of sales and MBO's. Po
sition required excellent relationship development skills; negotiation proficien
cies; management of multiple projects impacting the direction and growth of the
organization; superior communications and team-building initiatives that improve
d prospecting activities and sales at all levels of the organization.
1982 to 1997 * VP and Manager, Bank Insurance Marketing
First Security Insurance * Salt Lake City, UT
Managed the Financial Insurance Services Department with supervisory responsibil
ities for team of BDO's and administrative assistants. Responsibilities included
coordinating marketing, sales, product research, process improvement, as well a
s implementation, training, market research, and interface with 320 branches in
six State direct distribution channel for all indirect mass-marketed product off
ers. Designed, implemented, and managed successful product offerings (single pre
mium, MOB, VSI, credit card, P & C, direct mail, service contracts, etc.) increa
sing revenue generation from $140K to $7MM of new net annualized revenues in sev
en years. Responsible to motivate management and lenders across multiple divisio
ns to increase productivity and sales; interface with IT to integrate sales tool
s and increase efficiencies; committee chair for corporate captive management an
d carrier conversion; team member for A&M board. Successful in building internal
systems and refining processes; management team participant for subsidiary expa
nsion during eight-year, rapid growth phase from 30 employees to 180 employees;
hiring and management responsibilities for BDO and admin personnel. Managed vend
or partnerships; developed programs, promotions, product, and marketing strategi
es with direct writers, third-party providers, industry leaders, and regulators.
Responsibilities required excellent PR skills, inter-personal relationship abil
ities, refined written and verbal communications, negotiation and organizational
adeptness. Built a reputation of trust and reliability with internal and extern
al management teams. Consistently achieved and exceeded production objectives fo
r department.
1981 to 1982 * Sales Representative
Bankers Life of Nebraska * Salt Lake City, UT
Major responsibilities included personal life insurance sales of group and indiv
idual life (whole, universal, variable, term), health, and disability insurance
products. Earned 'Fast Start' sales award, several Quarterly Production Contests
, and performed as a consistent sales leader for the General Agency.
University of Phoenix * Salt Lake City, UT Graduated: 1993 * GPA 3.68
Double Undergraduate Degrees * BA - Business Administration / BS - Business Mana
Special Emphasis with Certificate * Marketing
Brigham Young University * Provo, UT Attended * 1978 - 1979
Major: Mechanical Drafting Technology Minors: Business and Psychology
Additional Courses of Study * LUTC; Estate Planning and Variable Products; Attit
udes on Insurance and Training Skills; various continuing education requirements
; various PC and software training; Professional Selling Skills; Working Partner
ships: The Leadership Challenge; Basic Habits of Highly Effective People; CA Pro
perty and Casualty Licenses 2007
Property, Casualty, Life, Health, Disability, Credit Life, Credit Disability, Ph
ysical Damage, Securities Series 6, Blue Sky 63, Variable Life, Resident- State
of Utah and Non-Resident licenses for the States of Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, New
Mexico, and Nevada; Commercial Credit Insurance Specialist Speaker at the Utah B
ankers Association 39th Annual Convention: Recapturing the Market and Retaining
the Customer, May 1993 - SLC, Utah; Credit Insurance Alternatives Speaker at the
4th Annual National Convention for the American Bankers Association: Fee Income
Producing Conference, February 1994 - Phoenix, Arizona; Commercial Credit Insur
ance Opportunities Speaker at the 6th Annual National Convention for the Financi
al Institutions Insurance Association Convention: Banking on Insurance - Profits
, Products & Politics, April 1994 - Washington, D.C.; Founder National CIMRO Org
anization (Credit Industry Marketing Representative Organization); Organized and
facilitated CIMRO conferences for networking activities, industry promotion, in
dustry update, sharing of marketing tools and training techniques for credit Ins
urance marketing representatives: Sep 94 - Portland, Oregon; Apr 95 - New Orlean
s, Louisiana; Sep 96 Nashville, Tennessee; Sep 97 - Orlando, Florida; Oct 98 and
Oct 99 - Washington D.C. as joints effort with the annual ABII (Association of
Banks in Insurance) conferences; Elected CIMRO Chairman for 1999- 2000; Speaker,
presenter, sponsor and Board member for CIMRO 2001 - Miami, Florida; Sep 02 - J
acksonville, Florida; Aug 03 - Irvine, California; Aug 04 - Chicago, Illinois; C
allaway Gardens, Georgia - Aug 05; Sawmill Creek - Huron, OH, planned Jun 06; El
ected CIMRO Honorable Board Member for Life, Sep 04; Lifetime Achievement Award;
Sep 04; CIMRO Board Member 2004 to present; Co-Chair for the financial institut
ion group in designing and implementing the new bank-insurance laws for the Stat
e of New Mexico, shortly thereafter Nevada followed mimicking the framework we d
esigned for the New Mexico regulation. Continue to be actively involved in the f
inancial related industries, the community, charitable organizations and family.


Created the State of Utah's 1996 Centennial Celebration slogan that has been, an
d is still widely used: " UTAH, STILL THE RIGHT PLACE! "
impeccable references