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William H.

26 Marigold Court
Appleton, WI 54914

Bachelor of Arts, Concordia University, Mequon, WI
Major: Communication and Management
Associated Arts, Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Mn
Major: Business Administration
Wisconsin State Patrol Academy, Sparta, WI
State Patrol Trooper
Leadership Breakthrough Training, Rapport Leadership International, Las Vegas, N
School of Leadership Development
The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA
LUTC Fellow Designation
Employment History
New York Life Insurance Company, Appleton, WI
Offered through New York Life Securities
Financial Services Professional 2007 - Present
* Assist clients with financial planning with various fixed and variable
accumulation vehicles, strategies for retirement, estate preservation, business
continuation, deferred compensation, and saving for education.
* Outstanding knowledge in term, universal life, variable universal life, whole
life, health, and disability income insurance.
* Assist with recruiting new agents.
Zaddack & Associates Financial Group LLC, Appleton, WI
Offered through One America Securities, Inc
Career Agent/Financial Advisor 2003 - 2006
* Responsible for assisting clients with their financial planning. Knowledge of
various fixed and variable accumulation vehicles, exit strategies for retiremen
t, estate preservation, business continuation, deferred compensation, and saving
for education.
* Expert in term, universal life, variable universal life, whole life, second-to
-die insurance, and disability income.
* I obtained Rookie of the Years and Leaders Club status in 2006
Schenck Financial Solutions, Appleton, WI
Insurance Services Executive - 2001 - 2003
* Established a working relationship with accountants in the Appleton office to
provide solutions for a lifetime to their clients who had financial needs which
could be addressed by accumulation vehicles, retirement planning, estate preserv
ation, business continuation, deferred compensation plans and saving for their c
hildren or grandchildren education.
Aid Association for Lutherans (Thrivent Financial) Appleton, WI
Professional Development and Educational Specialist - 1995 - 2001
* Chaired a team reviewing the tracking and educational record keeping process f
rom bringing a person under contract throughout their entire creer with the orga
* Took on the project of how to be more proactive in obtaining a record of train
ing field agents and have that located in a central educational record. To desi
gn and develop a systematic and consistent process to track employee training an
d education activity, both internal and external and complying with current cont
inuing education requirements by State Insurance Departments.
Career Development Specialist - 1992 - 1995
* Working with State Insurance Departments requiring a high level of detail to c
ompliance issues, knowledge and the ability to read and understand the intent of
the legislature when they enact new insurance laws. There are many regulatory
regulations and requirements complex intricacies when trying to comply with the
various laws and regulations governing continuing education.
Field Development Strategist - 1990 - 1999
* Collecting and assessing information from numerous "sensor sources" (customer
groups, industry trends, sales trends, etc.) to influence and ensure that all ag
ent development strategies respond directly to identifiable and measurable busin
ess needs. Researched with various product lines to determine the training and
development needs of the field staff to improve the sales of a mix of products.
Field Training Administrator - 1985 - 1990
* I facilitated numerous training sessions both in the home office and in the fi
eld, to equip the field staff of 2000 to be more prepared to serve their clients
. I had the responsibility of hosting home office training, and met with home o
ffice trainers to insure their courses were current and complied with current ta
x laws.