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patiant name : bashira bibi

age: 56
gender: female
presenting complaint:edentulous for 2 years
,need a full denture.
date of 1st appointment 12\12\10
first of all after history taking and all that stuff ,
patiant's primary impression was undertaken.
a stock tray with suitable size was selected.
impression was taken with impression
•it was easy ,not much tecnique sensitive.

•patiant was sent home and impression was

sent to lab for preparation.
•impression was poured with hard plaster
,and a base was formed under it .
•than a wax spacer is formed if required.

•if secondry impression is to be poured using

metallic oxide, than no need to use wax
spacer otherwise yes.
•now made a custom tray out tat primary
tray,with self cure powder and liquid.
•make sure borders of the custom tray sud
be 2mm short of limiting structures.
•also made a suitable handle and blocks over
the tray now its ready for secondry
•on the appointment day instruct the patiant
about the procedure.
•in secondary impression we do 3
steps:border moulding,diagnostic periphery
and wash impression.
•border molding is done with the help of
green stick,which is made of impression is heated and than applied
over the borders which r short 2mm of the
limiting structures.
•purpose of border molding is to develop
peripheral seal.since limiting tissue is a
compressible one so it will help form
seal.for border molding to be
successful,apperance of the green stick
after removal sud b dull which signifies
tissue contact.
•in the 2nd step we take diagnostic
prephery,which suggests if there is any
over extended or under extented border.
•if over extended a lump will formed ,if under
than green area or stick will b is
taken with a metallic oxide paste i.e zinc
oxide euginol.
•once borders are checkd now wash
impression is taken.than patiant is sent
home and impression to the lab.
•now pour the impression with in 1 day in
case of zince oxide impression, with hard
•now cast is made out of it.wax pattern is
formed over is dan cured with heat
•now finally denture bases r formed for both
upper and lower denture.
•now wax rims are made over the denture
bases at the ridge area.
•now recall the patiant for jaw relations.
•in jaw relations ,v identify the future place
for teeths.
•there r 2 relations,horizontal relation and
vertical relation.
•horizontal relation is taken via fox's
plane,anterior and posterior plane is made
parrallel to the al tragus line.
•also it sud be parallel to interpupillary line.

•now for vertical relations,we mark 2 points

on the patiant after taking the concent
obviously.1 on the tip of the nose , 2 on the
•dan insert the maxillry denture base and ask
the patiant to relax and deglutinate
spit.massage the upper lip if
with a pointer measure the distance
between the 2 points marked earliar.
•now insert lower denture and close the
mouth of the patiant in centric occlusion
and again measure the distance , it sud be
4mm less than the previous
doing so we hav make freeway space .
•now make blocks over the rim and put
metallic oxide there n again shut the
mouth in centric take the
impression out as it is and transfer it to
•now in using face bow and identifying the
hinge axis of the tmj,tranfer denture base
to the articulator.which is our next step.
•engaging the face bow ovr the articulator
and identifying the hinge axis pour the
denture.upper 1st dan lower.
•also mark the measurements taken from the
jaw relations.
•now ask the patiant wat sort of teeths he or
she wants.taking width n length of the
central incisor select a suitable mold for
the patiant.
•now artculator is ready for teeth setup.