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Systemation Offers New Path to Job Sanity and Work-Life Balance

Novel curriculum equips non-tech employees with time-saving secrets from the IT world

Centennial, CO, June 08, 2011 --( Layoffs may have slowed, but in many organizations, the
remaining employees are shouldering much heavier workloads than before the recession. This increased
“grind” has taken a toll on employee engagement. Concerned employers, searching for ways to alleviate
the load, are eyeing a new curriculum from Systemation, a Denver-based performance improvement firm.
The title: Got Projects?

Here's the premise: Most businesspeople manage projects of one sort or another. But folks in
non-technical fields—say, HR or marketing—mostly likely have never received formal
project training.

As a result, they use seat-of-the-pants, self-designed methods for completing projects. “What if we
equipped them with some time-saving and efficiency-boosting tools and techniques from the IT world?”
wondered Ben Snyder, Systemation's CEO. “Could we free up 10 percent to 25 percent of a typical
project lead's time?”

That's the goal of “Got Projects?” By adjusting time-tested IT tools and processes for non-technical
projects, Systemation aims to improve project performance, boost career satisfaction and help employees
regain a healthy work-life balance. To learn more about this fast-paced, two-day curriculum, contact
Laurel Cagan at 1.800.747.9783.

About Systemation
Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, Systemation is a results-driven training and
consulting company that optimizes the performance of individuals, teams and organizations by instilling
best practice project-based processes and techniques across the enterprise. With unparalleled expertise in
project management, business analysis and agile development, Systemation helps transform the way
people learn and perform to maximize overall businesses success. Systemation has proven to be an
innovative agent of business transformation for many government entities and Fortune 2,000 companies,
including WellPoint, Verizon, Barclays Bank, JPM Chase, Mattel, State of Oregon, Travelers,
Bridgestone, Amgen, and Whirlpool. Find out more at


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