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..}I. c. LEWIS, --e-..Hoh! wake.t


or 8Jeepest, most g311ant knight.

SiDg metllgleD. methglcn hcc ; I\:"w is Ihe fitle.t timc for flight. SiDg methglcll. methgleD hl'e. .Tis DOW beucatll tlle ",e8tern tow~r. A lIuat "ill And quic"ly t"ke you from hi" po",cr.

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CAiTLE .most of west ruins and 8ant. waters and of

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Dut-brown Lady But visitant : , {ounder. of every Evelina, hers,

horrific Earl wa8

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the4l..:velina, AJnwicK,~Ire, shepherd, al1 bore

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foullded lived

Norlhumberhnd, Allan j his marnlers, lo was but esteemed her and of .A.2 mind a lenallt one

il peasant. his cottage. hii im-

a marke~rjority j and He her Jovely, sense h~ had he

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mediate by the

neighbours Percy Ang..lil, falJ1ily. alld mosl

respect~d a d3ughter. treasure uniuiJied exj

child.. hi" pure richesl as of

named her 8now. eeeded

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wal her the


naliv:: endowments

elega"ce art or .tudied

malmers accomplish-

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THE THE CASTLE SPECTRE. 'That I am no coward.. returned Osmond. I rny deed, iD arms wil\ testify, but I value my life too much at presenl to l8t it on a chancoj but the Lady ADgela must be rniDe first, then I will meet you in lhe field, at lhe head of our mulual adhe~nt., ore)se in sjDgle fight, as please3thee best: I Angela thine ? forbid it heaven ! ' replied Percy .' I MiDe ,he ,bal\ be, aDd tbat without delay ,. replied OsmoDd 1iercely; .and then, PercyJ liberly wil\ again be your9, but ti\l that au5picious time you are my prisl)ner ; and your mean artifice in stealing iDto rnl castle warrantl juch a proceeding on my part.. Percl would have answered, but Osmond ordered hiss)aYel to ~r him instantly to the we'stem tower ; and Haasan and Sa1bwere to remain and guard him, and not quit the room an in9tant. The earl, anxiou. to regain hi5 liberty on account or Angela, who5e unprotected 5ituation filled him with a thousand fears, exposed as she wa5 to the power of an aa5assiD, attempted to win hi5 &ab)ekeepers over to hi5 in1ere&t, by affording ltim mean3 uf escape, oflering them a well1i\led pur5~, a5 a pre3ent reward, and treble the 5U[8 at .future period, with his prolection if ever tbey found it nece5sary to claim it. The black3 whispered together, and then seemed all compliance ; but no sooner had they got the purseJ than they laughed at him for suppo5ing they would be f&lse to Os1Uondand belray lheir trust. Percy wa5 too indignant to repl>.J and much chagrined, he flung himselfon a couch. Hassan and Saib began to divide Ihe content5 of Ihe purse, when the fonner producing from his pocket a box of dice, proposed that instead of sharing the gold, they shol1ld fiing who was to have the whole. and decide it by three throws each; .8greedJ. said SaibJ I here is a bottie of the 'best wine Osmond has il1 his cel)ar, and we will have .
A 3ong was now I;eard-sure that m\t9t be'Gilbert.s voice, .thought P~rcy, 1 willlisten altentively, it may be some sig-





i :1 ~

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~ ~~ ~

merry hour .'

nal : tbe first ver5e wa, IIgain repeBted. .Hoh! .V1lke8t sle" gallaDt kDight~ or Sin~ m('lh~1en. tn('lhltlcll bee; Now i8 lhe 6lle.t lime for fiight. SiDgmelhglen, ruelhl;leDbee. 'Tis Dnwbenealhthe westeroto'ge~ a boat will take yOQ from hl..pow.c, A.d IIQiekly5et Iwfree:-

~ i, i 1 \ 1 ~ 1 , ;1 ,~ '

The black DOticed it.-. What is 81l thil r laid HassaD j .I willlOOD see.. replied Saib ; alld placing a chair OD the table that stood under the window. he 100ked OUt, and prelently descending, told his comrade that it wal 0111y,he 1ishermen casting nets, and 8inging to wile away the ,ime. Theyaeated themselves 0\1 tbe floor, aD(1800\1 became yery intent ODtheir dice and bo'tle; and tbe fisbermen agaiD 18Dg: .Hoh! wake Ibce. wake tbee, kDigbt, from .leep. SiDr methglen, methgleDbec j H..le. h..te, and qQickly take tbe leap, SiDKmethglen. melh~leQ bee. Let .ot the heiltht give )"ou alBrm, For we will catl:h you ..fe fr..m hmrm. ADd quickly ,et 1oUfree .It must be .o' l.1id the earl. .it is me they mean ;. he wa5 .atarting up, but 8eeing the blacks tum round, he had just .time to regaiD his reclining posture. .I 'hougbt our priIODer 8poke.' said Hassan ; ..o he might,. replied Saib. .it is no uncommon thing for people "o talk in their sleep. cparticularly wb~n their miDds are disturbed.. .And his cannot be veryeasy just now. O, this love! Ah ! how dearly did I doat on my Samba and (lur infaDt 80n. In my own couDtry I was blest in affectioD. pow(:r. .and prosperity ; here my 800ty hue reDders me an object of cODtempt and disdaiD. 0 memory, torturing mem()ry ! but .ince the'tyranl8 forced me trom Afric.s- ,.alued shore. ,[ have,vowed h;ltred ; yes, hatred eternal to alI munki\1d !. .I too have had my 6hare of sorrows,. replied Saib.; ..but I cannot di\'est my heart of pity or gratitude wh~re it .is due, and amtJng tllese white tolks ,here are good and bad.' .t\h ! they are Europeansall,. 6aid Hassan. .anc.l that i8 enough for me; but no more of thiD, give me a -hom of wiRe, and now for the dice,lhe first throw was in ytJur favour .' The men were so intent on tbeir drink al1d diversion, for Has,an had produced another bottle, that they ceasedlo r8-gard any tting el~e. Again the fisherme~'s canzouet W38 repe3ted. and the ItWO foUowi(Jg liDes give\1 twice over in fullchorus :..Let u..t , h.. heighl1ur n,iDdal"rm. For we.will catch yllu free from I.arm.. Percy mounted tbe cbair 8Dd table, 80 bappily .pIacerl ,there by S3ib, and looking from the caMt:ment bebl:ld Gilben.and 8Ome fishermen in the boat. with lorcbes, holdil1$ :a.Jail.cloth ..pread to catch himS the he!ght .was feaIftll. .A.Jj

:." ;!.






.;i' ,'~!' 'f2 THE CASTLE SPECTRE. but he leaped out, 8nd was so fortunate as to be received by his humble friends in &afety. As they rowed with all speed along the castle walls, a 11otewas flung from ol1e of the windowsjJJto the boat ; this at first created some alarm-' lt mu51 be (roiri the Lady Angela,' Haid Gilbert ; , read it. my lord. while I hold the torch. ' Gilbert was wrong; it was from Father Phillip ; .3nd what can that immense walkil1g tomb of fish, fle5h al1d fowl have to say?-, Hush, Gil~ bert, do not speak thUi of the good man.. .Oh: .tis the best creature il1 the world, my lord, and but fr him, I should not have been here to tell you so-but he is no more fit to be a monk, than I to be maid of honour to the Queen of Sheba, ha~ llived when she went to Vi5it King Solomon.. The note from the monk run nearly as follows : ' 1 suspected what you was at. and watched you ; I glory iu yo\)r success. and hope it will be a prelude to permaDent bli,s. Fear not, for the r..ady Angela, nor take any steps t"or her: Jiberation, but lay close concealed at the cottage of Edric, the. fi5herman. Her. s3fety shall be my particular care. I know a 3ecret way from the castle, of which even Osmond i, igDorant, and when alI sleeps within its walls, 1 will conduct her from it-expect us about the hour of two. , Yours, PHILLIP.' Percy had no sool1er landed. than he was welcomed by A\lan-that worthy Illan, anxious tor his safety, al1d wishing to hear tidil1gs of Angela, had followed the sleps of his jorJ, accompaIIL"dby Ihree hundred vassals 3nd retainers, accordil1g to the baronial usage of those day~, and they w"re now placed in ambush 3bout the WOOd5. Per~y was delighted wilh this. testimol1y of gratitude and allegianc~, and warmly pressing the old m;)n.s hand. they -took shelter in Edric.s cottage, where a supper of fi,h, &c. W3Ssoon prepared for tllem; it was homely, but clean and bospit:ible; and Percy.s long fa5t. (for Os~ond had not Ihe generosity to order his caplive tlle least refr,,6bment) g3ve him a heilrty reli5h to his meal. which we willleave him enjoying. and return to the ca511". As Percy h3d leaped from thewindow, the chairand table fell wilh a lumbering tloise ; this aroused the blac1ls. who found their priiOner g()ne-horror and seiz~d them. .Saib climbed to the wil1dow., just as the boat was disappearin". al1d beheld the earl seated in it, while the fi~hermeR f . o raised their oar5 aloft in triumph, and set up a shou.t o Joy;
.they then moved on, singing Iheir favourite Bir of ' tDe1bglen hee~

THE CASTLE SPECTRE. i! Saib.went instantly to impart this di.aster to Earl Os-

.., .,


I 1 ,

\ k ,~ J ~ ;, ,j

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I ~ '", '.~ ;;i ,~

,~ ..,

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mond, reckoning that delay would oDly make the matter worse ; and presuming tbat his former services would insure his pardon for this ut1il1tel1tional crime. but gratitude had no piace in the tyrant's breast ; and drawing torth his dagger he seized tbe slave, and would have buried it inhis . breast, had not Kenrick, who had reh1med secrelly to the ca8t1e,-entered tbe room just in time to 8ave the black-he struggled wit~ Osmond ; and while he held the earl, bade the trembling Saib fly for his life. The earl's eyes seemed to dart forth flasbes of lightning on Kenrick, so great was his rag~. f Was it a crime to save you from further bloodshed ?' said the secretary .4 You are growu impertinent and in1erfering,' replied Osmond. ' It is ~ime ,\,e part, and I will hasten your progres5 to the retreat you so much wisb for-Ieave me, in~talltly, sir.-Kenrick retired hastil>.. wisbing his master.swords mighl be true. Osmond sent for Saib, whom he pardon~ and gave him some gold, but on the express condition both these favol1rs were bes10wed, th3t Kel1rick.s colltemplated rnurder was DOlolrger delayed, .bat the poison administered thal \.ery 11ight in his 5upper wine, and th~ earl would see it infused in hi8 presence. The heart ()f the African revolted agmnst this task : he did not find bimself capable of committil1g a deed so foul. Kenrick had saved tlis life, it was but just 10 retum tlle servi.ce tendered, 3nd not repay evil for good. Saib sought Kenrick, who was walk11g on the soutbern rampart8, alld thanked bim with tears ofgratitude. f I hope,' 8aid the untutoted cllild of nature, f that tl1e life you have saved shall hencefortb be dedicated to bett(Jr pnrposea than have for many years rnarked ils days-I gI.ow tired of Osmond and guilt.. f Friend,. replied Kenrick. ' if it so 5uits thee, and thine heart like mine seems awakeDed to compunction and penitence, you are v,lelcome to 5hare my home; w~ c3n render mutuaI service to each other. Osmond bas promised me a calm '.el,.eat, alld soon.' f Aye. thisvery nighl.. said the black. f Ah! what mean you ? exclaimed Kenrick : ' why that look of hotror ? why that deep.enedt(}ne ? .Osmond cioom5 you to tbe grave-that is bis promised retreat ; and I am chosen to administer it this very night. When I hand J'Ou your accustomed goblet of wine after supper. appear 10~

..' ,



..., .,':


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.drop it by 8ccideDt. .J shal1 not tben be SU8peCted. C011t what wealth you have, and Jet to-morrow.s SUDsee you Qn your way Irom ,he..e detested walls. Farwe1J. I dare stay no 10Dger; shuuld we be ob.ierved. it might be fatal to u. ~~ both.' . -.Q Dealh, tbcn, said Kenrick to himself, i8 OsmoD4'. in\ 'tended rew:lrd fur my I'ast servjces; and so iOODtoo. O, base de.troyt'r of my peace of mind ! ..hy did 1 league with tbe~ ! why barl.:r my ,msu1lied co"scienGe lor Ihy gold and never perlurmed ! I.eave the castle !-that I .could do wit" ple,.8llre, were it no1 for-Ah! huw shalll 8cl ? Ye8. 1 will seek th~ Lady Angt!la, and confide to her my fatal.b~':rt t i she may pardon and I'rotect me; ,he j. good and vlruuus. and ,with Ihem d welleth mercy. . Asllml';onb t() supper, by the usual bell, inIernJpted hi. medilallons. Ah! wl1at a sickening sensatiun did Ihe lound produce. Saib handed Kenrick. Ibe full 8parkliug goblel ; j1s1 tbt:n hi. f,vourile .8panit:1placed her paw8 OD .his, ilnd Iler masler ,prelt:Dding 8he had dashed the 'Wine ~rr)nl his h3nd, let Ihe gobll"t fall to the ground. where jt sllivt:red i" pieces. . Lad}' AIIg.'13 wa~ now ordered by Osmond 10 retire to :ber chal,.bl:r. al1d he deputed Alice, wbo was b)' no meaDI pleasc:d wit;. ,he omce assigned ber, to remaiD 'With her" and tak~ 4..are she dld not quil the room, or give aDy one access .o h~(. .I du no1 )jke this cedar chamber,' said A)jce, a8 thl\. enlert:d, and looked ft:arfully round : .is not your 81eep disturb~,1 here ? l'or th6y saythe Oralory is bauDted ; but my lord b8s had th05e folding doors fait cloi.d that lead into ,it. Do you 1I0t ;hear Lady Eve)jna sing at midnight ?' .No, my good A)jce: i have p3it every nigbt sillce l haye been ht're undisturbed ; excl:pt what has aroie .rom my ,fear of evil mortals. 1!!1~bQ~-~p.r~theie ? .l.could gazt: on Ihem forever.' , .1.hat.' rep)jed the dame. ..on the rig~t, i8Lord Reginald jn armour, he that .W.i slain coming from the wars ; and that ()'" th" left .i b:s wife, the murdered counteis.' .Oh, Uimond! Osmond !. i8id .Angela, drawing forth .the dagger sbe had found In tbe armoury from under hcr robes, .the hilt .of Ihis weilpoD bears thy name ! and itl .blade i8 eDcrusted witb blood ! Ah Dle. 1 lear .twas Lheir,a it drank !. .Hide. bide tbat dagger, I iDVeat you,' said Alice, .or J .ahall.faint .at "the ,~ht .of it. -Q, dearest .1ad.J did .1u~ !

' j
~ ~ ~ ,'\ ! ..1 .~

not observe the bed curtain. .bake}' Angela &aid it wu the willd. .Little did I dream.. said Alice, re&uming her dia. course, .that when my dear, Iweet, affable lady pressed my haDd at the castle gale, as she W81 going to meet her lord, tbat I Ihould never behold h\:r more I remember once aa Ihe lay in that very bed. 8ad tiding. came from thc warsi and ODenteriDg the room 1 heard het 8ob. De.trest lady, said l, take comlortj alld courte8ying lowly, I approached tbe couch, just 10 : here Alicc luited the actiOD to tbe -word-with tbat 1IIe raised her .W~t aDgelic head from beneatb the wbite satin quilt; Ilhink I .ee h~r now.. (At tbi. very moment a head aHpeared from under the bed. .clothes, and gave .a .di5lnl grnan. ) .The devil ! the de,yil ! .exclaimed the terrified woman, ru.hing from the room j .lIt)t all tbe Lord O.imo\lds in the world 8hall keep me here ! . The next in.tant tbe bed.lead broke down, Bnd lhe huge figure of Falher Phillip rolled at Angela.a feet as 8he .was in the act of flyillg alter Alice. .What means all this ? said .tbe teorrified giri. .What am I to tbink of this strange.inlrusif'ln ? .I do uot deserve censure.. 8aid "the monk j .but you 8hall bear hoW I carne in this ridiculous situation. The pictl1re of Earl Reginald aftords a pa,8age into this cham. .ber, ~ mean8 of a secret &pring, and it was wilh 80me diffiCU'.\ that I forced myselfthrough il; at that monlenl yon ~e; to the door. I thought it migbt be Earl Osmondj aI.t to retum in 8uch haste by the way 1 t"ame wa5 not poasible j neitber, in my confusion, could I Jind lhe springj .o'l crept into tbe bed, and coveled my&elfwith the clothes. I had then the vexation to find that Alice was to remain with yOU. and I bit on tbat exp~dient to frighten her awajt. .which ha5 succeeded : but 8he .may return. or .omc one else in ber &tead, 80 I will tel1 rnyerrand. Do uotundress. or go (O bed j .Oon after the clock 81rike8 the 1irst hour of the morn. I will come for you. and deliver you safe from this castle. where you have knowu nought but alarm and .orrow, .uch a5 muve& my ht:art to lhink on. . .Oh, good .falher !. exclaimed Angela, .caa weDot go now} Dang..r lurka in every addilional moment I remaiD here.'-. Daugbter ..replied Phillip. .il cannot be j there are several apartmenu .wt: must cro~s in uur wa1, whil:h are :lreCJuentlyoccupied, or at lt:ast resorted to until a late houc, .aDd~ must wait ere we venture. for Osmond and his howe-~

;1 .", '~
. j I" ., . ',!

4 ~~ q ~ ,"~ .~

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: .~1:;:1?;1
.i~., '~.~,.."'~~





trold being safe in thelr chambers ; that is genera1ly about midnigfit, and we wilJ a1low 3nother hour for further sel'urity. Fare'well, 8nd ali good HngeJ~ guard you !. Tbe monk Ihen l~ft the chJmber, a(Jd Angela kIleeJing down, with her eyes fixed on the piclures o: Rcginald and EveliDa, implured heaven.s proteclion on helself alld Percy. ()f whose Ijberatiolllhe was yt:t iglloral't. At. this instant, a f~w nole~ of a guit8r were heard from the adjoining Or,ltory; Angel8 &tarted. .Whal &hould I fear ?.&:1id &he; .if il~deed th~ L3dy Evelina.& &pirit doth '.evisit the earth. it wiH no1 harm m~.' A plaintive air was now pl,,}'l:d. whilcol1r }OUllg hcroine remained on the floor , ,vith clasped halJds, bIlI attellti\.ely listening "l\ 1l\lll1hy. Ilp.1' Rly dear, hy t&1h".. i. c"rujl\g. all(1 ..0()1I\\.ill bl' hl're. r it .Good powers of mercy and Providence1. is the vt:ry \vurds as d~&cribed by Alice. ..aid Angela, It mu&t in.

deed be the spectre of the Countes~ ; and }'et I ridiculed the idea, presumptuoDs creai ure as I was ! Never, for the future, will 1 are to ('a1llhe power of heaven in question-Ihis may be permilted for &ome greal and \vi,e t'nd.. Th~ Ijnes wer~ three times repeated ; a1l was then sIJ~nt, and Angela. less agilale Ihan it is sc3rce possible to suppose, arose, and pac,d Ihe chnmber, anxiously wishing Ibe arrivai ()f the expected hour t(\3t was to give her frt:ed(jm. 1'jle door by which Alil:e left the room still r~l11ained unlucked j but the fair illmate of the cedar chamber flt 110 in('linalion to avail h~rself uftbat opp(Jrtunily. she (,ollld d!> nolhing of herself alone, and unprulected. SOOI1 after &he was alarmed by a key being placed in the wards I)f :In opposite door. It could not be Father Philljp so soon j besies h8 would not come that way ; and she await~d the elltrance of the person, whoever it might be, with breathless expecta. ~ion. Of a1l ,he indivjduals under the sun, the next unwelcome on;: appeared bl:fore he.. -Kenrick. he wbo had conveyl:d her frol11 1\llan.s peaceful COt, tbe betray~r of Percy, ,he col1federate of the tyrant rlller of Ihe castre, perhaps an aclual murderer ; and what dreadful purpose might nuw have brought him hele, she trembled to think "n. AgaiD the gtlitar "OU\ldd iIIlhe Oralory. It WIIS e\'ident Kenrick heard il no1. ilnd Ang~la felt a kjnd of sweet assura(Jce re.ultillg ffom it. A~ Kellrjck approached, she retrealed. .~Iay, fair lady ,. said he : r mucb-wronged Angl!Ja, 1Jear me: j."u 11.a"e

THE CASTLE SPECTRE. 11 nought to apprehend from me. I come to yoU an humble luppljant. Yei, on yonr intercesajon dependl my every hope; I mu&t, therefore, jntreat a patjent hearing. Tbi& njgbt I expect will be the last that 1 &ball hold tbe keys of .the ca&tle, and I wjsh to let yoU free ; but tbere i& another captire whom we molt not leave behjnd to perisb.-' Ah ! "OU mean Percy !' &aid .~ngela.-' No,' repljed Kenrick, .Ican glad your earl with the happ,. assurance that Northumherland.s Earl, .ome hours since, etft:cted 1Iis escape hence, through the negligence ofhis keeper8. But lo the partjculars of my own &ad story. lady : -1 was brought up with Osmond from my youth, for he early di5tinguisll~d me by his particular favour, and I knew every secret of his souI. He loved Lady Eyelina wilh frantic pas~ion ; he sued for her h3Dd, aDd she refu~ed him, but ~0011 after married his elder brother. the Count Reginald. and they proved a most happy couple. Osm(Jnd could not bear to witness their connnbial bUss. Coont Reginald went to the wars. aDd his lady lived a mo&t retjred life, aDd amused hersclf with nursjllg her jD. faDt daughtf!r, whom she teDderly loved. Peace returnjng. ber lord, attended only by two follower., rnoved bomeward.. aDd the Counless~ ellger to meet him, and present her child. now a year old, went forlh with tbe &amenumber ot .erv8nll. , OsmoDd, who had long panted both tr 1e pos&ession af tbe caslk aDd tbe lovely Eyeljna, nl)w resolved on the murd~r of hi9 brother, InJ afterwards to force the wjdow to receiye hj& hand. " Olmond, myself, and the four blacks, disglu;ed a9 banditti, concealed ourselves in a "gleD ~boUt tWO milel1lence, to awajt the appro;lch of tbe Ijllle part,.. I look back \vitb horror to Ihjs p3rt of my life; gold. cursed gold, wa9 my tempter! aDd the ~uggt.slions of Osmond, that his brotb~r had used him il', (wllich I ha'.e since jound false) urged me to be his aSSOCi3(e guill.-Osrnolld ill rushed forward, and immedialely knocked his brolher oft. tbe hor&eon which he W8Smounted. and riding foremosl of the little grollpe, ,he slaves attacketl the attendants, whom they .DOD made their yictiml, witb tbe exceptlOI1of one. whom Reginald had newly hjr~ in tbe room 01" one wh()m he bad buried in Scotland, and he fled. clOSt:ll purAu~d by Salb. I took the Counte". in my arms. a,d was going, as previously a~reed, to bear flOm (he horrid scell~, alld at a certain distance give h~r liDerty, whell, of COUrse, Ihe would retum to the castleJ where Osmond might, jn proper seasoD,fol. ~w and pursue his plans; and the chi1d was given intQ i~


'8 T1IE cAsTa S"PECTRE; mother'. arms. But the poor lady .eeing lhe danger of h~ adored hnsband, rusbed from me, and tbrew heraelf C)nReginald.. hody, just as Osmond.s uplifled dagger was pre-pare4 to give anotber slrokeJ and .he re:eived it in her bo. IOmJ and expired instantly. Tilil ev~nt. the frustratior. Q{ ,al1hia hop(.. maddened her assas$in again he stabbed Rej ginald, an.1 aimingat the child 'his weaponJ .Iightly wounded i!B throat -Y elJ Lady Angela.. yOl1 bear the scar to th. very hour!. , ObJ merciful heaven !' -exclaimed Angela. .Wicked Olmond, does be wish to marry the .child of hil murdl"jed 'brother) hIJrror is in the very thoUght. But pray proceed in yOUt dreadlul tale..-Just at Ihe instant Angela had done speakmg, ooperceived by bothJ tarl Osn1ond had entert'd ll1e cedar chamber ; lIe had awakened from a dream oftbe m05t appallitJg.natnre, in whicil he beheld th~ spe~ .tres of t l1enlurdered persons threatening him with everlasting perdilil)n. and tinally Percy bealing oft. the L;ldy A11gela ,from tb~ castleJ and he now formed the reioll1tion of determilling her fale Ihat very night; and if neither threa~. nor would extort tiom her a ['olleDt to become hl. 'bride. ..he next rmorDing to COII'pel .her to that IlQeaSW:e by ",iolating her person. Re..olyed on this hellilh scheme. he soflly entered her cbambcrJ supposillg Ali(;e to be with her; but the good .dame, f,arlul ofht:ing lent b ck againJ had Slol~ 10 her own roomJ IInd wiStIly kt;pl ,h~ fright she had r~('eived to her. .elf. He preliumed Ihey b()rh tIlept, alld mearlt lCI aw~ken and di!imiss the houleket'pt'r belure he imparted bil wi.hel to Angela. . .HI SUlprise wal the{etnre great. OD beholdin.; her in tbe dreaj .he bad wom on the preceding eveningJ in conver5;8. tion with KenrickJ and he anxiously list~ned to their dlscoune. , J..ady continued Kenrick .' I interpo.t'd. and saved yonr J. life: S.ib bad orderi to cOllvey you to Osmolld.1 residenceJ to dress }'our woundJ and keep you &afe trom every olle.s .ight, until }'(;ur destiny Ihould he determined. Osmond tben lefi the blood-.tair:ed .po' .ordering me to roll the b(). diel of the Ilain into Ihe rapid flood.-Ah ! say. can you pardonJ can you intercede for a wretch like me l' , YoU saved my lileJ' replied Ange1a ; , then lurely you. canuot plead in vain I an4 if my interces8ion lo the throne ot helveDly merc1 caa luSbt avail, then Kenrick you ma1 r-!r on D\e:

1! ,


..,., ,,!~t:.. ;i ".!.t:

" ,"

'::~ i::.~

, .. .,. "

.c ,. " : ..c'~f!~





father. 'Ti. your tongue must pr()nounce }.ou hi. daDgilter, allrl pray for my pardoll and protection. Come, then.. -Atthis period,-Angela) turning round, beheld U8mond, and shriek(-d aluud. Kenrick, 8truck. \l.ith terror, would have ned, but tbe Earl pre"ented him, and called out for bis black ,Ia"es, wbo were only jn the anti-room : ther rusbed in, alld by his order con'leyed the traitor (ai h. t-ermed him) to a dungeon. O.imond remained with thf! &.apless AIIgela, al)d used the most ullmanly Ihre:lls to intimidale h"r to his purpose : but !ibe wa~ firm in her r~. jection. At Ibis awful crisis, whcl1 she was on the point of beiDg for ~"er lost, wheD th~ ruffian seized her in his haterl armsJ and she W3ji tryingJ but WjtboUt succe.s, to get tbe rlagg~r trom beneath her robe, Ihe doors of the pntry fl~w wide open, aud tlie Spoctre of tbe C3.tle) the baseJymurrlered Efelilla, ad"anced from it; a flowing t.lrapery, or veil, expalld;,lg over her bead and sboulderb, lea"ing ber bo80m bare, on which was sef;n a ghastly wollnd, al1d tbe bJood stjll appearedJa~ if/1owing from it, o\.er her white garmel1ts. Osm()nd immediateJy unloosed Angela, and fledJ calling for bis 311endantRin great dismay. Our heroine sl1l1k 011 her knee'iJ the Spectre bended over ber, and seemed to bJess her. but spoke 110t. Sh" then, wi!h a sJuw so!~mn pace, and souDd;~ssfootstep, feturned lo the Oratory, stoppillg a 8hort tinle be(ore th~ picture of Regina:dJ on which 8be seemed 10 gaze Wilh interest. The doors tben closed music was hl'al d, wilh a chorus of he3"enly "oices chaunt iI)g sollgs of IriumphJ and Ihel1 silence reigned. The clock 81ruck I\A.O,}.et Father Phillip was not come, and Angela was lIearly sinking from 'ear of disappoinlment aDd applehensiol) : s!:e wa~ now more tha., e\.er ;,nxious to quit her prison, tllat she mjghl see Pprcy, and jmpart lo bim the di,co"ery she had made of herown birlh, alld the existellce of her father, alld to COIIS111I what was best lo be done t() disrover where h~ was confined. and etfect his liberalion. l11ere was Jilll~ .ioubt that be was il) some "al:lt of the castl~. Blll, alas ! withoul any cllle to guide them, it rnjght be hard to lnd himj and depli"ed of Kellrick.s
atlendance, (dire thougbt!) hemigbt perish with hunger and thir&l, and thul fatally terminate a life of wretched 8uffering.





~ i 1

Percy and his bumble friend8, equally marked the hour of two, and grew impalient, le,t tbe monk &hould fail. .My }jfe on his fidelily !J &aid Gilbert ; .bul bjs icheme may uve faiJe<J, StaJ) if mJ e)'el do 110tdecei"e we, llee lwo

perSOn5 ndvancing very 51()wly from thecaslle. " es, the1 approach l1eaJ er. but I~ither of Ihem is in pettlcoat" or has the l~ast appear~nce of the porrly friar: let us watch their motionl.. 111e objects f)f their cllr;osity proceeded to Edric's, the fisherman.8 coltage j and it was soon visible that one was in greal pain. and supporred by his companion. Tbere wa~ nought 10 tear Irom snch gIJests, and they soon gained admittallce.- (t was th~ dying Kenrick, led by &ib, the grat~. ful black : the former had the keys of the castle takel1 from him, and was then, in Ihe presence of Olrnond. put to th8 torture. to m:lke him reveal where Reginald was confin~d : he re5isled a long time. till overpoweriDg agony wrung hirn Ihe partil:ular dungeon where the once braye and hand,ome \varrior languished, boweJ down wilh grief and privalion5. and on his own domain. The fend-Iike tyrant then wilhdrew, lea,ing Satb with the sufferer. Kenrick had conceal~d about his person a rnaster-key, which had escaped Ihe vigilaDce of his 8earcht:rs, and he easily pre. vailed on Saib to support hirn from the castle. and be Ihe cornpal1ion of his flight. He lived but to reveal to Percy the sarne coofessi()nhe had made to Ange:a, al1d to describe the dungeon il1 which the Earl wa5 to be foul1d, and he expired, eamesl)y recommending Saib to Northumberland.s care. No hopes were now entertained of behold1Dg Father Phillip al1d his )ovely cha,ge: and it was resolved to make alI inslant attack 011 the castle. The soldiery were Boon collected, al1d Ihey sct out with ardoqr to save Ihe innocent or perish il1 Ihe attempt. Osmond, h11,r~,~\e.<1 ~n<!-fatjgl1ed. retired to his chamber. resolvjng to defl.rr i11i1f).~ next day, his intentionB concerning Reginald and Angela j but he was so f~arful of tbe repelition of hi8 dreadful dream. that he ordered two of his UI:lck sla'.e.~to walch him, and if they perceived, wh~n he ~Iept, Ih[lt he seemed. lroubled or agitated, they were instanlly lo wake him ; but he h:ld scarcely given his com. mands wben H2ssan ru5h(-d in with tbe wildest 3larm. and told him, that Kenrick and Saib were not to be found..They are then gone to Percy ,. exclaimed Osmond. .AU the worJd turn Iraitors to me: I must be quick. or ali is lost.' He seized a dagger. and rush~d tg Angela.B chamber-but sbe was not there j and sucb was the conflict of rage. bor. ro~~ aDd disappointment, within his bosom. that be saDk down iD a coDvulsive fit: his groans and stru~gleB reacbed Ha&san.Beara. who. summ01liDg tbe two remain1Dg blackI to


:c .,:.


n THE CASTLE SPECTRE. hil assistance, 8ucceeded in re8toring their 'Wretchect ma... ter, and conveying him to his own apartm~nt ; but here hit &lemoniac passions would not let him rest, IInd taking a riDg c>fgreat value from his finger. he gave il to Hassan. ha'fing pre'fiously dismi~sed the other8 ~ ' You,. aaid be. .at least. are faithful to my interest&. and I have an ilrportallt aecret to disclose.' He then inf()rmed the alitonished black of :B.eginald.s exislence. and his beil1g then in a subterrdneOU8 dungeon of the castle.-At this moment. the thunder rol1ed. and all the elements 8~emed in COmm()tioD: a &hock. a8 if from an earthquake, 8eemed to r~nd thl' builLling to i~ centre. and a part of the &outbern tower fel1 with a Iumbering noi&e. Even this. though it suspegded the i"tention of 08mODd, lid not diver, bim f/()tl1 pW:SI.iI)ghis honid fra~ tricidal purpo.e. .I intended.. said he to HasteD, .to hayegone alone. and &tabbed Reginald to the heart, but 1 do not fmd my8eJf equal to tbe deed ; it must be yourl. and. great shall be the re'Ward, no less than thy freedom ; and Ioaded wilh gold. you shal1 be rt:Stored to the plains of .Africa.' The alave pros,rated himself at his feet. and vowed his fide1ity and readiness to fu}fi1 his pleasure, be it what it would. ' The dungeon.. said Osmond, ' lies beneath the 8Outhem towdr. hitber we must repair.' Hassan car-, ried a torch, and they went to put their dreadful meditated crime into executioo. . Never did the artwt ~iew hi. belt executed picture with more delight. or the vilrage maid her long expected ruatic lover after a painful ablence. thao Lady Angela gazed OD the red aDd carbuncled oo8e of Father Phil1ip, aod hi8 prot\1berant form. a8 he Ilowly advanced through the pannel. fir8t cautioua1)' peeping to see if 8he was alone, .1 came.' aaid he, ' the firat moment I could do it with aafety :-therc has been 8trange work in the castle ; great bustle and confu&ion ; the cause of whicb I have yet to learn.'-' I can teU a part ofit,. rep)ied our heroiDe ~ ' but this is no time for exp)anation.' They crossed througb the galleri~ and apartmenta leadin, to tbe 8outhern tower. without interruption; but in thi.: part of the castle they found great devas'atioD from the recent 8torm i cha&ms appeared in the wa118.aDd tbe staira they bad to descend wele loo8eDed in many p)ace8. whjch greatly retarded their progres8. A.fter traversiDg a wioding pe883ge. they came to a cioor cased witb iron plates : ' Dear me; uid Angela, ' there are chaina and bolt8 on this8ide !~ .Ah, 'We'Wi11 forgive that, , replied her coDdw:tor, ' ifit i&

-/f ..;;:): (;/. mt' 10 ~curec1 THE CASTLE , "'.',~,,~;., SPECTRE. ,~!..:~. ~ ,on the other : if it is our labour wiU pr~

: :\.. .': ..~:

aIl in yain.. Bnt no barrier preseDted jtself. the1 en~...~:-.~',~~~ ~ Y8\11~ from which branch.ed the frlar. ' I in opposite direc-f Now Iforget.. sald two .outlet8 protest. whelher ~ .i{!.; L.~

we are t tum to ilie right or left ; wait here a few momeDtJ. daughter.r while I giye a look for aD iroD pedestal. that i8 a gnide to the door we waut.. Fatber Phillip left her, but preseDtly returned witb a speed of which Ibe should have thnugbt bim incapable. groamDg with terror: preseDtly he fell, aDd extinguisbed.. th.ligbt : he recovered his fOOtiDg. but Aogela was left to. heraelf. .uffering iDexprei8ible alarm. A ligbt 8OOnap~red comiDg atong the passage. from whicb tbe friar had t.ed ; tbis must have been the object ofhis terror. aDd certaiDly its appearaDce was appal1iDg. A human tigure. of .keleton iliiDne5S. in tattered garmeDts. covered with lol1g dishevelled hair. aDd a beard of enormous growth, dr8gging a chain aft8r it. and carrying. in a withered hand. a glim. mering lamp. He stopped. and spoke.- ' I thougbt Keorick was Dev~r coming more. but left me to peri.h; hap. . )ess Reginald ! and now he fiew from me.-It must be he. Certaio1y ~ did not expect to tind me iD th. pas.8ge.-the .torm has broke the link. that b,l~ my chain. yet I canno& escepe hence-perhaps the dream from which I waked is about to be realized. and 1 Ihall be united to my angel E,elina. I heard a sweet voiee call me father.' The lady Aogela could (orbear no longer; she rushed. aod clasped ; (; him in her arms. exclaiming, f Fa(her! father ! .-Powers of mercy !. said he. ' il not this mr E,eliAa ~ Oh. no! Gh, no! If you are the Count Regmald. I am thine OWD .child. Hark! I hear Oimond.1 hated voice! he comes " thl wa1 !.-'The door is open t. said he. fuintly. .then we i,t .~ come too )ate. No, be i8 here.-RegiDald bad fiQng !j bimlelf at fu)J lt:D~ili. aDd feigned sleep. and Aogela was CODcealed aQ adJOiQingniche. ' Now. Hassan.. said the in wretch. ' do your duty: 'The Ilaye lifted hi8 dagg. .-:w:tlen~ heroioe rashed fward with a 1oud ahriek. and ~, her fa~ .tarted up. Oamond ilieD offered his brother life and liberty, aDd one half of his pOSIesIionsfor Ihe haod ()f hil Angela. ' Never. laid RegiDa1d. ' will I ratify Iuch c. never shall the ~m of ~y c~i!~

. .



.~ ...i

'1 e . ~

said the yillain.-" Hold !' laid Angela. fife. 8Dd I Iwear'-At thia moment or the ud, Evelioa Ippeared, and pre~ed


':: ;(!::;it:~!':,:11

';~1~~\1~,: ~~! ~. ~Ge


:.4. .THE



thc termination of the oa:h.-H38san dropped the dag~r. and fieJ in di&may. The sot1i)d of 8rms now leslified that PeFCy a\ld his followers had ~\llercd the ca~tJe. I I am lo.l !. said Osm(J\ld ; I death i. near ; but. like a mighty ruin, 1 wi1l not fa1l a\one.. 'l'hen snatcbing the w(;ar()1\ had lt:fl. he aln1ed il at l.ginald; but. Angela plu!1gcd her dagg.:r i"to hi;; ~iJc, ..t~lil]ed as it was with lhe blood of Evelin:l, I My ta!;k is do\le: Fai] the Spcctre j I he!1cefor\vard I

rf:st in p():lce. ;I!1d tr(\\1bJ..: thig caslle no mre: She thcD vall.heJ. a\1[l &rJllm\l mll~;.; was heard. .Reginald aDd his daughtcr r(' on th('lr knt:t:s j prcsently the v~1ults were full ofso\:~rs, !I,.:1ded by P,:rc.y, and led by Phillip. in great apprehe\lsiuliS ,Jf tindlIg some dismal lragedy perpetrated ; bul at lht; sigl,t of tbe E;lrl, ai)d Lady .\.1)gel:l jn iafety I they 8et \lp ~hoU1Sofjoy. O..mond lived but tp rec(:ive the {orgivencss of hii bro!her. \,!lir:h wai ~",rcitI111y at:ct"Jcd to. anJ expired. 1Jarue Alice n()\V Lus:les ab()ul with alacrilf j and every tenant a\ld \"as~.!l heard of the l:.llrpt:r.s fall, and the resloration of lhe guod L(\rd n"g:nalrl, wilh lran~ports of joy.Saib. Who~(~ r('pe\lt:1nce f'r(J\e,1 Iruly sil1cere. was rewarded with a corutorlal,le 3s}lum for :he remail1der of his dafi. The olhlr b\acks mcllhl: fate their clime~ descr\'f.:d. The m..rri:~e of K::,11'(:ICy and .tbe Lady Angela was celebrated Wilil ~,II thl: pClmp a\ld magl1ificenc~ of atlcienl times, \v1l~l1 th'! nllll.tlcl'i !J:1rp rcsoullJed lhrllgh t~.e hall. Earl l'.(.~;ll,:IJ. by !lltl.I;liv~ care, bOn reco\'~red his health, a\ld lu.! tlli1t premalllre decay. atld app'.arallc(I of (\II1I!Sc. ti; ,vl;i(11 Kenri..k.~ ~ruel policy had r~duced him : he CQ\llillll~d ;1'\vav!i ,vil!1 hil' 80n and di1ugllter ; alld th~ good Falller ('I.;lj.p \vas e\er a d:stilliuished re~pcclc.t mcmber :)f th;; 6:!me famiiJ.. ' a"c1. f.hared his buttle 3l1d h8rnll~bs je51 wilh the mirlh.lo.jllg and now inGelJendent Gilbert.Allan and his wife had tht: fel:cilV lo sc'e tl!eir ioster.child tl1e brid\}. the happy bride. of Northumberlllild. She would :Ia\'e rais~d tbem to a superil'r &t3tion in lile. Lut tliey wuld \lot hear o( it. alld rema.nd~d by choice iD their own cottage. She wa~ therefore r;.bligl:d to contel1t her&elf by sendi(\g repeatedly 8uch articles of comfurt, as wcre besl ~\lted lo sootbe their ajvanct: ).ears. and ameliora~e the painsand in!irn)itiel of tbt:ir 01d age. T!!2 ~~f). " , l7-:-6 ~ r ,1. t


,." ..J ..) J. Bai1l'y. l'r:IJlel, lJ6. C 8ncery Lane.

. .,


,...,' '..-'P'


~~,Jj~~{].J;:::~f~ ;!~~:~;f,!.jl~.; ~!;:t,;!

,;,ti:':[ ,." ,.i,,-.

~ ,:",,- t 11 , .-t.'

THE CASTLE SPECTRE. ~ent~. The yOUl1g Lord Percy heard of her charm9, and, f dlsgws~d a9 a ptasant, he 8ought her soci"ty, and lhe ) t:onsequence was tllat he became de~ply enamoured, and 1 8e~ret\y vow~d that no 01her mai~en sbol1ld ever become his \ brlde-he stl11 kept to h.s rustlC dress. resolvillg tbat if 1 Allgc\a acceptl:d him, she Sho"ld ~o it for lo\e 3nd pre1 fl:rl:nce 310ne, and nol b~ swayl:d by advantllge and Ihetemplatiul1 bis h;rth and weatlh wl)"ld holl1 "t. He. Soon bec.ame convince Ihal her ~ea,l. wa!l Irl1ly his, and lhat i lbelr 10\,e was mutua\ ; but hls father he knew WOl1ldnever ; CODSenl 6uch an union, aDd thert:fore be pro\on!.,ed lhe to ; courtship, wilhoul coming lo any ecc\lIirci6~em,nt. He wa& i scarce of age, alld Ange\a bul ~e\,enle~t1, when Earl Pcrcy .1 being laken ill in London. his son wa6 sent 10r, and \1ear. rived allbeir toWn residence on\y in time to cto6e his..f~lb~(s.'! eye8. Tbe funeral being over, he hastened b;lck to; Northumber\aud, and sending for A"an underhi8 castle, he to lhe name of ;j explained hoW he had courted Angela .
Edwy, and noW .Why enlreall:d \ook lhd ha~d of lhe fair damsel

in marriage.

A"an ' said lhe eart, at lhe conc\usiol1 of hi!l specch ; I thoUght lo have given lhee joy-does my otfer displease lhee' The 01d man answered. it would have been the pride of

&O wrelcbed



:; ; 1

his life lo have beheld Angela the bride of Norlumber\and; but she wa9 not his daughter. \ .Hw !. said the aslOnished ear\-A"an proceeded: . ..Tis noW near sis.tccn years sinceJ tl)at my dame and I \ were sitting by our poor fire, for our \Ot wa9 then very j humble, having met wilh keen losses and misforlUnes. ;i that a well-dressl:d stranger entE'red our cottage, l\Dd de\ \ivered to our care a lovely female cbild, and a con6iderable l 6um of money-be hlld IJJ'D~~ co~ersation with us, and it j ended in our taking oatJis to \\rllg(up Ange\a as our own. ~ and n~ver belray the secret ; we were templed to this by .~ poverly. and 1;kewi6e from Il knowlt:dge that we SbOlddo ~ justice, and be lcnder to th~ child, ,which might not be the ;. C3se were 6h. lo fall into other hands. .rh~ man seemed salisfied wilh we carne here) where wewould unknoViR. very l1es.l day(an our assurapces lhlll"'e were move the that i ,: .

lhe babe might pass for ours ; and he left uur dwelli~gtTefusing, thoUgb it was \ate and stormy, a shelter for the Ilight. My wife immedialely Jooked OUt sume clolhe8 belonging lo a lillle girl we bad buried ; and on going 10 cbaDge \hoSe of tbe lite &tranger. which aet'med from it. maDe i

THE CASTLE SPECTRE. 3 to be damp, we were sh.ocked and strllck with borror, on removing that coverjng, to tind an attempt had been made on its life ; there was a wound on her tbroat, alld tbe Ilnder ~arments were spotted with blood. Angela received frori1 us parental care, and we looked on her as our own, nor did we suppose, year after year elapsing with')llt any notice being taken, tbat she would ~ver be claimed ; the mon~y we received with her prospered, and we regarded both it alld her as bles,ings sent from hea,en ; nor did we evt;r for a rnoment look on her as an incllmbrallce to ollr pros. pects, as I have heard of peoplc being wicked t:nol\gh to do in similar clrcumstances. Alas ! my lord, while you were gon~ to London. Angela ..a. taken from w. and we were told 111at sbe is Ihe dallghter -Qf-8ir. M~lcolm ~~wbray, dec..ased j ,vho on hi~ de~ed acknowledg""a her as-fi\schla;--and left her t() the gllardiansbip ot his dearest friend, ..:ar) O;;m,'nd, (Jf C(m\l.ay Cast!e, "bith..r ~he is removed solt:l;' ag3inlit her will, f()r tie and grandeur -had no effect on the dear gi,1. It was then. my lord, she re".eal~d to me her love f()r Edwy, and charged me witl} a tel}der Ines~age, should he seek my cotlage, fvr she sajd he had been ob)iged to go some miles henc~, al}d she daily expected his retllrn. Ah! noble P..rcy, wo"ld she had beel} your bride before thjs e\'ent, Il}en she had received safc protection; for both dame and I Ihigk tllis a strange story, and the more so, as the very \l}an wl}o brol1ght her here, is tlle one wl}o fetcllt:d her away ; and we lIave sil}ce learned that his name is Kenrick, a confidenlial dependant of the earl, which. collnected with Il}e woun'ed itate in which ,ve received her, does not look well. This accollnt made Earl Percy anxjolli and Ili\easy ; I}e withollt delay serJt a COl1rjerwitl} a let'er to 03mond 10 a~k ,the hand of Al}gela, but a positive del1ial was relurlled. The unh3ppy lover then set OUI in I}js peasant.8 dre~~ to Conway Ca~e. in hopes to obtail} an interview with his beloved. Ju~t a~ he arrived in sight of the wa\ls. he was so fortllnate a~ to enCO\\nter Gilb~rt. an old seryagt ofhis father, but now a relainer of Earl O~mond-he had received many favours from Percy, and was bDllnd to the noble yollth by firm grJtilllde. T~ earl made himse)f known to Gilbert, explained his love for Ange:a. and his wish ~o have ~n interview wilh her, preparalorY' to hi.i de111andmg her m person from hl!r gllardian. ! :'..As to your persona\ly 8eeing Earl Osmond .' rep'ied A3


i ,




Gilbert. ' I 'do not think mitted within the caitle

it wilI ever be; DO gu8lt . ad""alls, and the lady Angela i. the

only person wbo has had an interview with him for many ,.earl. Kenrick, of whom be make. a sort of seeretary and .teward, is hil only companion: he i, attended by four black slaves, whom be brought with bim from beyond the seas ; and when he leayes his chamber, a belI rings to wam ali the other domestics out of the way: Ead Percy expressed his &urprise at tbis arrangement, and asked Gilbert if be had ever heard a causeassigned for it. ThIJ man answered. that he had indeed been told an ugly &tory b1 Father Phillip. the good bearted confessor f the castle) .. that 05mond.s elder brother Reginald, on his return from ~ the Scottish war&, was met by bis countes&Evelina and tbeir i chiJd, then not more than a year 01d, and a few attendantl } ; that when approaching the castle, they were alI attacked L~I and &lain by banditti, 8nd thelr bodie& flung into the ~ i Conway. whl'r~ they were wa&hed away by tbe rapid tide~ '; for they were ne\,er tound. One man alone esc8ped death) I and on his recovering from hi& wound&, be recognized one J ()f tbe assas&ins a dependant of O&mond, at least .o be I in ! ~SJertedj and. it was a fataI event for bim, for tbe next I ' mornil1g, be was found dead in his bed.. the.Osmond.. &31dPercy,my 10rd,. al1~wered Gilbert; .and murder.. .He was8 .was tbeDOfcourse suspectedof I ,

for a twotold cause-envy of his brother.& possessions,and spile for rejec'ed 10ve: for it Beems that the countess, r Lady E\elina Ne' ille. rejected hii hand, which "as 11nt r offered, aud tben accepted his brother.. i but it i. w hisi pert'd tbat be was inconiOlabl~ for her ~ath, aDd wal J1 freql1emly be3rd to calI 011bt'r Dame witb deep drawD 5ighsj ,L\ : perhap~ it was not his ".ish ihat sht &hoUldbaye beeD &Iajn :\i, from thal p~riod, tbe castle ha~ bet'n tb~ abode of melanChol). ; alld it I~ &aid tbat Lady Evelina comes night1y into the or;llory. w here &be used to pass most of her time in tbe absence of ber lord, and tend ber baby; and il heard to Billg and play 0:1 a guilar, wbich stilI layl there, a nursing song. eDding every verse"with Hu.h. hye lu"aby, 51eep dear. my rather I. cnmil1g,.l1d .oon will he here. and ihe il heard to rock the cradle with ber foot.' , Surely you do not believe, this,. $lid the incredul081 Percy. .No,' replied Gilbert. .no more tbaD I do that her husb3nd. Earl R~inald, oftentimelltalk. aboDt the castle iII

-.'THE CASTLE SPECTR'E. 7 -;(hearmODr he \\IOre in the warl. aDd which W8S fOUDdamong 'hil baggage after he was Ilain ; but B thoUght. my lord. has come across me that it may 'DOWlerve a purpose. I 'Will take y'!u into the arm6ury. yoU CBD dresl yourlelf in . .jt, aDd mouDt B pedestal. among some statues that are there; :Earl OsmoDd has BppoiDted that pIace to.night for a cooference with the Lady ADgela ; yOU can thus hear hil de-signs re8pecting her, and her seDtiment8 in retum; and afterward8. it il possible, obtaiD an interview with the fair one. The scheme wal approved. and Earl Percy had jl1lt time 'to pl3ce himself in the armol1r, when the ringing of a belI Bnnounced the approach of OsmoDd-he carne atteDded by Kenrick aDd tbe slaves. the latter of whom soon witbdrew.. KeDrick tben apprised Lord OsmoQd ( w bo had fiang himself on a sofa) tbat he wascerlain Earl Percy, whom he had recognized in 8pite of h;S disgDise, was 1l1rking about the castle. and he bad 3ls0 seen some of NorthumberlaDd.1 trooper8 eDter a wood. .I ml1~t e qDick in my measares, then,. 8aid 08mond ; 4 An~ela once mine, I can defy the world.' By tbeir dj.,; OCOl1rse, Percy gleaDed the iDformation that his belo~ed was -tbe daDghter of Earl Reginald, and bis Coun!ess Evelina ; that Kenrick had ofteD been sent as a spy over ber, and in her 10ver Edwy , 80.WaICh(ul bad ht: been, he h'ld di5CO\.ered. bT tracing his Ileps. lhe heir of Alnwick Caslle. So powerful al1 Bllial~ce as Ihis wouJd proVe, aJarmed 03mond, lest Earl Percy m:ghl hear AIlan..i stor1. Bl1d al1 unplea5ant investiga,i()n tBke plBce: though if Kenrick rem3ined faitbful no olle eJ,;e was in posse5sion of proof~. t)f tbi, man. owing 10bii knowledge ofhi" crime, Osmond had long been tire(l, al1dhad given cbarge 10 ,aib, 011e ofthe hlack!l, to seiM tbe first convenient opponUnil}', to remove bim b.v .iubtle poi80n, w..h)~~twe.slave wt:" knew hoW to prepare; but he now lavi~Yil'rt'~r~ii'e8on him .I have lo Ihank yoU: laid he. .g()(ld K~nrick. fi)r p.evt'nt;ng me taking AngeJa.8 Jife. wheD my d~gger Ihirsled for her blood ; ;,nd next lor bringjDg her hllher; she hai w:lkent'd my heart to 10ve. and a wjsh for COnlil1Dt'de1Ci,t..nce Sbe is Ihe tirsl Pf'rII. n on ~hoRl I.have Jooked wilh I;lea~ure filr yea"; ..lle is the lmage ot my all()red Kvelin;t ; I 1lllend~d belort: I bei1eld her .as you wl:Il knew. a tar diff~rent tate. bl11DOW sh~ mu.t and shall be mine; then welCOIDcbliss. and for tW you lhal1 bave lour reward:


;~ ~

THE CASTLE SPEC'l'RE. 'O my loTd!' .aid KenTick. 'let me now claim the long promi5ed Tetirement : till I leagued witb you, guilt wa8 unknowD to me; I now wish a .pot where uninterrupted peniteDce may bring peace; my hands aTe free from actual blood but my crimel are heavy .' , Stay.' interrupted O&mond. ' no more of this di5mal tbe:ne; a retreat is already provided for you. wheTe I trust you will find a calm repose.. , Generous friend,' exclaimed KenrickJ full of gratitude ; , let me thank you on my kl}ees-pardon meJ I thought of late you seemed cool. al}d I mi5tru5ted your friendship.' , EnoughJ enough, my good Kenrick.' said O5mond. cla5ping his hands-he theD ordered him to retIreJ and send the Lady Angela to him. He aro5e at her enlrallceJ 311d greeted her with courteou!l salutations, which were repJied to very coolly by our youthfuJ heroine; she bad heard trom dame Alice. the talkative hous~keeper of the ca.tJe, (\vho had lol}g heJd tilat stalionJ and was as proud of reJatil1gIhe traditiol}JI of the family as she was of hoJding the keys) mucb the same account of Earl O$mondJ and the murdered p8irJ as that given by Gilbert to Percy. nut whel} be offt.rerl her hin1Self ;in marriage, and to make her th~ uncontrolled mistress of a1l hil vast possessionsJshe indignantJy refuled himJ and avowed ber love. her ullallerabJe paSIion for the peasant Edwy. Oh! what sounds of harmony and jt)y to Norlhumber)and.s greedy ear, a3 he stood ca&edin armour on the pedestal. Jn vain Osmond tried to comb3t against her trulh and predilection for anolher, till overcome with rage, he talked of ll~ing force-a hol1ow groa' met hi& ear; he &tarted back, but recovering hims,,)t: he jmpiously said, ' Ange)a sha)) be mjne, though hel1 alld al1 ilie furie& jl}terft're ; , and wilh these ,vords, he clasped the love)y shrieking maid round the ,vaist w;th his dl:tested aTm5: at this importanl moment a secondgr~wai heardJ accompanied bya clanking 11oi5e armour ; Osmond turlled of roondJ and wa~ horror-slrul:k Ol} beholding lhe ~talue-descend from ilS pedestal al}d ad'l:lnce towards bjm m a meDacing attitode.- NatureJ blel}ded wjth a gujlt-stained. coDscience, could not supporl the shockJ and the earl fell scnselesson the floor, cr>'jng out. ' shade of lh~ murder~d R~ginaldJ jn mercy sparo:mc !. Angela, thus provi,lent;a ))y rescued from his graspJ fled from the armollryi and ai she wa51e3viDg it, 8he Ipied a daggerJ which she sejzed, frm the jdea jt mjght S:ord ber aid in some futuro oxtr~mity. 8hould Osmond 8 THE CASTLE SPECTRE. 9 ba"e the temerity to reneV his base attacks on ber per$on. Thi6 was to be to her an evening of woriders-she had not long gllined ber own apartment, when Gilbert introdo~ed Earl Percy, now divested of bis borrowed am)Our ; k neehng at her feet, he thanked ht:r with ardour for her t:onstancf to hirn, and avow"d ~the stratagem he had used to obtain a sight of her. .It il not raDk or fortune can sway myaffections,. said tbe bll\shing maid ; .alld though I am now declared to be the heiress of the hte Sir Mall;olm Mowbray, yet Ed\vy, thtl peao;ant. ;s as dear to nle as in those happy peacefl\1 ddy!i wbell 1 considered myself {he ,vorthy Allan.s daughler.. .Exce1le1\t girI, exnlted creature !. exclaim('d hf'r lover, I I wi1l no longer ,jis~emble -it would be ung!nerous-1 am not Edwy, lht! p~asant, but P~rcy. Nortbumb~rland.s Earl, a~ such I am known to tbe tyrant Osmond ; he bas refllsed rny suit, and from the most uuworlhy motives. Dearest Angela, ).ou must confide in me; you are nGt saf~ a moment here; Giihert, who waits without, will give us egress from the castlt! ; na}' .do not hesitate. thi. opportunily lost. ,ve may meel pcrhap5 uo more. At Ihis moment the d0or ovened, and Kt'nri~k. witb tbe black slaves entered. and made a prisoner ofPt't"cy, whom 1hey dragged into the presence of Osmond, lea\'ing Ihe terrilied AI'gela overwhelmed witb desp;\lr. I..atller Phillip .entered te room, and exborted I~r ~1:(,f.~~lrort. a~he would do every Ihillg in hi9 power to baricncrfier-he then asked her if she id not sle~p in tt,e ccdar chamber; 5he replit!d in the affirm3tive; he said it \vas laVOlIlable to l5 -designs, but did not explain himself f\lrther . .I ha\,e been 50 fortunale.. said he. .as to ~3\,e the life ofGilbert, b)' warnillg hi~ to t1ee from Ihe c..~tle ; a rnillute .nore, and il would havebeen too late-the w:ltcb(ul Kenrick J13ddiscovered Ihl: Earl Percy, and tbe mea..s by which be was introduced iDto tbe armoury ; aud O.IJlOlld was so irri, tated by Ibe false ahrnl be bad undergone. aud the fru)tra.tion of his schemes that he f)rderetl his instant deatb As ior Northu;l)berland. he will not ddre to 'ake his life, and I trust the captivity of yol\r lover will be sbort ; so daughter be of good clleer, we sha1l &oon ml:ct ag8iD :. witil tilese words he withdrc\v. Percy taxed O;mond ,vilh cow:jrdice, in imprisoning au ~narmed individuaI. and dared him to instant combat if he U/ou.ld give him a sword.

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