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Supply Chain Solutions

Solutions for Retail

QLogitek’s supply chain solutions give retailers unprecedented visibility and control over every aspect of their supply
chain. QLogitek enables the retailer to integrate and synchronize their partners (suppliers, manufacturers, agents,
shippers and others) for any process, thus turning the supply chain into a competitive advantage. Flexible and
powerful, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) custom solutions provide quick and impressive ROI over traditional software
models. A library of over 420 pre-built supply chain components gives QLogitek a powerful advantage in delivering
supply chain applications, customized for a retailer’s unique requirements, in as little as 100 days. The QLogitek’s
SaaS model reduces the costs and complexities associated with traditional ‘Buy or Build’ solutions.

Automate, Integrate, Collaborate for Compelling Benefits
In its three year benchmark study released in 2001, PRTM Consulting found that best-in-class collaborators in retailing
operated their supply chains twice as efficiently as other companies, because they were able to monitor demand and adjust
their production or inventory levels quickly and accurately. The study found that these retailers carried half as much
inventory (35 days versus 74), completed the cash-to-cash cycle more than twice as fast (36 days to 84), and were
prepared to meet a sustainable 20 percent rise in demand in 9 days compared with 20 days for the average retailer .

Key Benefits
• Position your organization for unprecedented competitive advantage through Supply Chain Transformation
• Automate.
Automate Drive costs out of the supply chain with improved visibility, reaction times, planning, integration
and collaboration; reduce handling costs, out-of-stocks, over-stocks and returns.
Speed up response to availability inquiries and order changes
• Integrate.
Integrate Connect your community and integrate material, financial and information
flows across technology platforms and organizational boundaries using our SaaS
• Collaborate.
Collaborate Optimize inbound, outbound, forecasting, off-shore sourcing, customs,
freight-forwarding, staffing and load balancing activities; accelerate turns with
automated just-in-time replenishment
• Simplify solution rollout with outsourced supplier community
development, ongoing program management and 24 X 7 Help Desk and
support services

Why QLogitek?
QLogitek understands retail supply chains and is an industry leader with 30 plus years experience. As a SaaS supply chain
pioneer, QLogitek continues to enable supply chains of world-class retailers such as The Hudson’s Bay Company, The
Brick, Indigo, HMV, and Best Buy. We serve a global supplier community of over 5800 organizations located in 47
countries; our collaborative e-Supply Chain solution is one of the most secure and robust in North America. Our
experience and domain expertise allow us to deliver best-in-class results.

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QLogitek’s SaaS Business Architecture

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