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Webinar 9: the Basics of Copyright & IP

Date: Wednesday 6 July 2011 Location: Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB Webcasting: 2pm - 3:45pm Live event: 1:30pm - 4:15pm To register: Ken Marr will teach you the basics that you need know about copyright and intellectual property (often called IP). This webinar will introduce the key concepts and issues that are most relevant to the creative and cultural sector. Using real world examples and case studies Ken will help make these often intimidating topics tangible and understandable.

What will I learn?

What are the key copyright and IP issues specific to the creative and cultural industries? How can I make the most of my archives online and still stay within the law? (e.g. audio files, pictures and other media) What do I need to know about if I display of works of art to the public? What do I need to think about when I'm collaborating on a project with another individual or organisation? Where can I get more (free / low cost) help and advice?

Who should come? AmbITion Scotland events are designed with Scottish

cultural organisations and individual artists in mind. The content and style of the webinars will appeal to those working in the cultural sector. They may be of specific use to: CEOs; Artistic Directors; Business Managers; Communications Officers; Marketing Officers; Social Media Officers; Audience Development Officers; Project Managers

Ken Marr

Ken Mar is the Principal Consultant at Targeting Innovation. Ken takes the lead on a number of key relationships for Targeting Innovations consulting contracts. He is charged with seeking, winning and delivering short-term consultancy contracts in market assessments, mentoring, research, facilitation and training.

The majority of his contracts involve one-to-one contact with organisations, particularly SMEs, ranging from strategy workshops and intellectual asset guidance to IT support and innovation advice and assistance. This mentoring support ranges from a day to six days or can stretch over years depending on the contract and the customer requirement. He has led a number of digital media and creative industry studies and has a marketing and sales background with a particular specialism in software, creative sector and Internet marketing.


1330 - 1400: Arrivals and coffee 1400 - 1405: Julie Tait - Welcome on behalf of Culture Sparks 1405 - 1415: Hannah Rudman - Introduction from AmbITion Scotland 1415 - 1515: Ken Marr - Getting to Grips with the Basics of Copyright and IP 1515 - 1545: Questions from live and online audiences 1545 : Close of live web stream 1545 -1615: Hot drinks and networking Each AmbITion Scotland webinar is unique and shouldnt be missed by anyone with ambitions to enhance their digital offering!

Whats it about?

Bringing the best minds in digital innovation to your doorstep, AmbITion Scotland webinars: are masterclasses - about thinking closely around one strategic digital opportunity provide practical how-to information to take away provide good and bad case studies to give you ideas of how you might successfully implement digital developments are about networking and sharing with peers on the same learning path as you can be viewed online on demand after the live event has taken place

What do I get from one of AmbITion Scotland's webinars?

Some of the basics that you will need to decide whether or not certain digital developments are worth investing in by you/your organisation. There are a limited number of places at the live event, but we will live video stream the session and make it available on-demand afterwards. To watch online, go to: The live webcast will be up online from 2pm, Wednesday 6 July. The webcast video will be available on-demand after the event. This AmbITion Scotland webinar is produced in association with Culture Sparks. The AmbITion Scotland programme is funded by Creative Scotland with funds from the National Lottery.