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Priyanshu Saini

Address Mobile Email 602-D/11 A, W.N. 3, Mehrauli, New Delhi-30 +91 9971188548 Willingness to accept new responsibilities Tenacious and Enthusiastic Pursuing MBA (HR) from Sikkim Manipal University Certification in Business Management Diploma in Software Engineering B.Com (P), Delhi University



Work Experience
Dec 08 to present JET AIRWAYS INDIA LTD Sr. Security Assistant Administrative Department (Area Manager Security-NR)
Specialization in handling back office operations, inter-office

correspondence, confidential mails, quotations, monthly billing, cheques, etc. Acting as info-hub for providing administration related information and supervising administrative activities like general admin, verification of stationery stock, petty cash, courier etc. Writing and Preparing Reports, Documents, and Spreadsheets Handling and scheduling appointments of Area Manager. Planning and preparing monthly reports pertaining to finance required for maintaining office infrastructure and facilities. Managing repair, maintenance & replacement of office equipments, appliances, furniture, furnishings, vehicles, building, etc.

Processes, documentation including maintaining electronic

July 05 to Dec 07

filing system, audits etc. Asset Management of all Site operations assets across multiple locations. Event Management, organizing meetings, conferences, making travel arrangements and hotel reservations for guests & foreign delegates and Department Heads. Organize staff meeting and maintain minutes of meeting. Liasioning and coordinating with various departments within the corporate office and all NR stations Upkeep of office administrative facilities and ensure availability of daily miscellaneous requirements to provide harmonious work culture to employees. Answer telephones and transfer to appropriate staff member. JET AIRWAYS INDIA LTD Sr. Security Assistant (Operations)

Frontline dealing with passenger Screening of passenger baggage. Screening travel document of international passenger both manually and on I-Box. Oct 04 to Dec 07 ABN AMRO BANK CUSTOMER SEVICE EXECUTIVE
Handling customers calls and providing best solutions.

Additional Skills
May 01 to Sep 04


Professional Courses Trainings

BASIC AVSEC from BCAS (August, 05) SCREENER Certification Test from BCAS (Jan, 10) Customer Service Training conducted by JET AIRWAYS. Lets talk conducted by JET AIRWAYS. Documentation Training conducted by BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION Documentation Training conducted by US BORDER AND PROTECTION Documentation Training conducted by CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION Documentation Training conducted by EUROPIAN HIGH COMMISSION I-BOX Training (along with technical) conducted by JET AIRWAYS.

Personal Details
DOB Marital Status Hobbies Languages Strengths : Oct 15, 1984 : Single : Biking, Travelling. : Hindi and English : Focused

I here by declare that the above details furnished by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date: May 6, 2011

Place: New Delhi