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Complete Athletic Department Information


We help ADs save time and money with the right information

How We Help Win AD

Searchable, online database for ADs Unlock data across major financial categories Coaches, Games, Administrators, Financials and Vendors Custom graphical analysis Current, accurate data including PDF contracts Immediate, continuous return on investment (ROI)

19,000+ D-I Coaches & Key Staff Complete Info

Drastically reduce staff time spent searching, evaluating and benchmarking your coaching staff
19,000+ D-I coaches: Every single coaching position + key staff: operations, strength and conditioning, video and trainer Alma mater Diversity & gender Contact info Photo & bio Cost-of-living-adjustor

Detailed performance histories: W-L, APR (Sport & Coach), RPI

Complete compensation information and source contracts. Compensation components: bonus, deferred, benefits and Form 990 (when applicable).

5,000+ D-I Football, M&W Basketball Game Contracts

Never leave money on the table when negotiating guarantee games
Football and mens & womens basketball Series, attendance, RPI View payout trends in each sport

5,000+ D-I game contracts: Complete visibility Explore hypothetical scheduling scenarios Increase leverage in scheduling negotiations Contain costs (at home), maximize revenue (away) View PDF contracts to optimize material terms

Always know market rate Promote best practices

2,000+ D-I Senior Athletic Administrators

Know the market for talent and ensure retention among valued staff
2,000 + Senior staff: Precise compensation Area of responsibility Search By: Title / Job Function Conference / School Gender / Diversity

Detailed career histories: tenure, Directors Cup and U.S. News & World Report rankings

Complete compensation information and contracts / offer letters: base, bonus, benefits and Form 990 (when applicable)

D-I NCAA Financial Report Data (not EADA)

Unlock D-I programs detailed financial report data down to revenue and expense line item level
Detailed revenue & expense data: Sort by major revenue / expense categories Search using specific criteria Budget plan using accurate data

Use report data for:

Proactive budget analysis; Take action each year, including setting student fees and ticket prices

Drill down to specific sports, line items

Compare your program against others Benchmark best practices among peers Conduct trend analysis, forecasting and strategic planning

Major Revenue Contracts Database

Maximize your negotiating leverage and maintain continuous knowledge of market rates
Search By: Multimedia rights, apparel rights, trademark licensing, ticketing, pouring rights Subdivision, Conference, School

Succinct summaries provide quick comparisons, transparent data

Unprecedented access to major revenue contracts: Maximize revenue over the long term Negotiate the best terms with complete market knowledge

Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Love Win AD

1. Staggering amount of information 2. Significantly increases negotiating leverage 3. More reliable than surveys 4. More rigorous than intermediaries 5. No more relying on anecdotal data read the fine print 6. Simple to use and same-day setup 7. No more wasting time gathering data, its all in one place 8. Manage coaching staff expectations during salary negotiations 9. Get far more out of guarantee game contracts 10. Discover coaching talent that might have been overlooked

Ask Your Peers...

We received 100% ROI and only used 20% of the data.
- Big East CFO

Anyone whos in athletics needs to know the market and be ahead of it. We need detailed information, not anecdotal data. Win AD is one-stop shopping. - America East Deputy AD Win AD is unreal. Its a no brainer - Great West CFO

Proven ROI ... It paid for itself in the first 30 days.

o Pac 10 Deputy AD saved $30k on a yearend request for raise and $50k on a single non-conference guarantee game

Win AD paid for itself after one negotiation.

o D-I-AAA Deputy AD used Win AD to negotiate a fair market contract that saved the program more than the first years subscription

Win AD helps me track coaches, make better hires.

o MAC AD uses Win AD to identify potential coaching candidates long before the heightened scrutiny of an official search

... Across the Athletic Department

General Counsel
Big East
Uses Win AD to make contract templates bulletproof

Well have the best contract templates in the NCAA. Your product gives us a competitive advantage. I have the best information available, in one spot.

University President
Participated in contract negotiation

Big East
Identified finalists faster and saved money during negotiation

Director of Sales and Marketing: Kevin Barefoot 336.413.5009