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Warehouse Control and Picking System in SAP ERP

ORTEC MLS: Mobile Logistics Solutions


The Challenge:
Are you a SAP* user or would you like to become one? Is the optimization of your logistics processes and the reduction of your company costs a high priority for you? As a SAP user, are you looking for embedded add-on modules that enhance the standard functionalities of SAP and are optimally connected to your entire system? With data optimally prepared for warehouse work We have the solution With ORTEC LEO Logistics Execution Optimizer ORTEC has developed a comprehensive and fully integrated software into SAP ERP for carton, pallet and loading space optimization, order picking optimization, paperless order and route planning. This combination of planning processes and controlling tools improves the entire distribution logistic chain by using optimization modules. processes, efficient




conjunction with SAP LES and support using the latest mobile device technology, your company will benefit from a transparent, quick and consistent information flow leading to economical and flexible warehouse processes.
* SAP, SAP LES are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

ORTEC LEO Logistics Execution Optimizer The following modules are available individually based on customer needs and can be combined for a complete process: ORTEC MLS - Picking solution for modern mobile device technology ORTEC LEO CPO - Carton optimization ORTEC LEO PPO - Pallet optimization ORTEC LEO VSO - Load space optimization ORTEC LEO SRO - Route optimization device technology LEO CPO - Carton optimization LEO PPO - Pallet optimization LEO VSO - Load space optimization LEO SRO - Route optimization

ORTEC MLS Mobile Logistics Solutions The add-on for SAP LES
Your Benefits For a flexible paperless representation of your logistic processes, we have developed our SAP add-on product called ORTEC MLS Mobile Logistics Solutions:

ORTEC MLS assists by: n Picked order release n Order picking wave planning n Rough workload preview (quantity of cartons, pallets) n Pick and pack processes n Repacking of pallets n Administration of reserved bin locations inside of a picking area and multiple fixed bin locations per article n Administration of material batches and expiration dates and stock dates

ORTEC MLS is completely integrated into the SAP LES processes, fully upgradable and SAP certified. ORTEC MLS supports processes in the warehouse not supported in SAP WM (Warehouse

n Creation of WM transfer orders based on results from the packing optimization in ORTEC LEO n Picking of SAP ERP transports n Creation of shipping units in SAP ERP n Production supply and disposal n Kanban n Multiple goods check-in scenarios n Distribution of work load to terminals based on logistical factors n Batch retraceability based on EU regulations 178/2002

Management). In addition to the use of several preconfigured warehouse processes within the system, there are many configuration possibilities for implementing complex picking strategies.

ORTEC MLS - The Advantages ORTEC MLS meets all requirements for the implementation of a paperless system in the warehouse (excerpt):

n Enhanced flexibility of employee deployment n User friendly monitoring and reporting functions n Optimal process and workflow configuration for working with the implemented equipment

n Consistent quality in the warehouse processes n Optimized picking preparation and controlling n Reduction of pick mistakes through use of scanners n Streamlining of all logistics processes and reduction of organizational efforts n Increase transparency of information

(Voice or MDE) n Complete solution is optimally integrated in the SAP processes n Complete integration in ORTEC LEO while working in perfect combination with the different ORTEC LEO optimization modules

ORTEC MLS Functional Layers

ORTEC MLS has been split into three functional layers in order to cover the different scenarios within the system:

SAP master data / customizing

ORTEC MLS Picking Control Monitor: Planning and controlling

Pick & Pack Dynamic replenishment Repacking Picking of full pallets

Generation of workload for several processes

SAP Logistics Execution / TRM

Integration of information

Picking waves

and much more Process integration

ORTEC MLS Workload Manager: Task control

Employees Processes

Warehouse areas

SAP material flow of information SAP Materialfluss Informationen

Task controlling: ORTEC MLS Work Package Monitor

Status and progress of work packages


Mobile devices: Operational control

Voice Picking Forklift terminals

System Integration ORTEC LEO Optimizers Conveyor belts, warehouse automation RFID

Give your warehouse the cutting edge advantage

With the status of SAP Certified Integration as well as integration not only with ORTEC LEO optimizers but also with mobile terminals, conveyor systems and automation technologies, ORTEC MLS is a most comprehensive and flexible logistics solution.

Planning and Controlling

n Picking of full pallets from bulk storage with the use of forklift terminals n Detailed picking of mixed pallets with Pick-by-Voice n Creation of partial pallets through repacking n Pick and Pack with MDE equipment n Dynamic replenishment processes

Within the planning and controlling, which is managed in the ORTEC MLS picking control monitor, the processes are prepared, sorted and delivered to the warehouse. Here, the work assignments for the warehouse (SAP transport orders, ORTEC MLS work packages) are created. Based on various logistic criteria, the work assignments can also be split into the respective tasks groups for the devices, for example:

Task Controlling
n Definition of users and picking groups n Assignment of users to picking groups n Assignment of users to areas n Placing of priorities for areas (for example, priority 1 replenishment, priority 2 goods receipt) n Changes of group assignment to work packages n Change to priority assignment of work packages n Monitoring work packages

The task controlling is conducted by the ORTEC MLS Workload Manager together with the ORTEC MLS Work Package monitor. These tools manage the operative steering of the warehouse processes and provide adequate overview and intervention possibilities throughout the entire process. The ORTEC MLS Workload Manager plans the resources and task pool:

n The processes can be adjusted to work with any implemented terminal, voice or MDE equipment n The warehouse employee is guided through the process n Simple user interfaces on MDE terminals n Manual data entry with the devices is necessary only as an exception

On the execution level, the user interaction occurs through the mobile devices that determine which user can enter data at what point in the warehouse process. It does not matter whether this information is from MDE equipment, forklift terminals or voice picking equipment:

The Technology
Whether it makes more sense to optimize

The Implementation of Paperless Processes with MDE Devices On modern MDE devices, it is possible to display graphical and process optimized user interfaces. This means: n Recording of process relevant data such as bin location, item number per barcode and scanner n Reduction of manual entries on the mobile equipment n User-friendly interfaces

your processes with MDE terminals or a voice operated systems depends largely on individual customer processes as well as the item and warehouse structure: Advantages of Paperless Processes n Direct costs of the picking processes are minimized n Reduction of errors n Time saving through direct booking in SAP documents n Correct stock quantities are maintained resulting in cost reductions in the warehouse n Reliability and quality of deliveries increase, thereby customer evaluations (supplier assessment) improve n Data processing is done in the system background without disrupting the warehouse employees work process

The Implementation of Voice Controlled Processes Voice-controlled systems offer advantages in a warehouse where few or no barcodes are used, allowing hands and eyes to remain free for work: n Higher concentration level of the user while working n Increase in work efficiency n High user acceptance n Hands and eyes are free to use for the work

ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization software solutions and consulting services. Our solutions result in optimized fleet routing & dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting and network planning. ORTEC provides best-of-breed, custom-made and SAP certified solutions, supported by strategic partnerships. ORTEC has over 1,250 customers worldwide, 700 employees and several offices in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific Region.

Our SAP Solutions for You

SAP integrated solutions: n ORTEC LEO*-Logistics Execution Optimizer Certified add-on to logistics optimization in SAP ERP with integrated carton, pallet and load space optimization, as well as route planning and optimization n ORTEC MLS Mobile Logistics Solutions Certified add-on to Warehouse Management in SAP ERP for picking planning and control, including paperless picking Our SAP integration competence: n Conveyance technology n Automated machines Our SAP competence for you:

Our SAP LES competence: n Definition of the logistical business process n Introduction of SAP LES incl. WM/TRM and SAP RF*** n Introduction of SAP Extended WMS SCM 5.0*** n Customizing / implementation n Tailored sector solutions (e.g. beverages, food, etc.)

n Mobile computing n Pick-by-voice

SAP Consulting: n Consultancy, concept design and implementation n Software connection and integration n Adaptation and expansion

ORTEC can do more! We are a strong experienced partner also outside of the SAP environment!

Windows*- applications: n ORTEC Loaddesigner**- Carton, pallet and load space optimization and order picking controlling n ORTEC Shortrec **- Route planning and

Whether you are looking for all-inclusive solutions or customized building blocks we have the optimal solution. Get in contact with us!
*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. ** LEO, LOADDESIGNER, LOGIPLAN, ORTEC and SHORTREC are registered trademarks. ***SAP RF and SAP Extended Warehouse WMS SCM 5.0 are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. Photos: Fotoquelle: (teilweise)

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