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Peace of Christ be with you, This is such a wonderful month as we celebrate our independence as a country.

We are thankful to God for the independence we have as Americans to move about this land freely, to speak freely, and the independence we have to worship freely. This is not a gift to be taken lightly. There are millions of people, including Christians, around the world who cannot worship the way they want without fear of ridicule, imprisonment, or death. Its hard for us to really understand what it means to not be able to worship the way we desire. I believe we often take this freedom for granted. Freedom is a gift that, unfortunately, comes with a price. Thousands of men and women have given their lives for us to enjoy the freedoms we so lovingly embrace here in this country. But it is one person who gave his life for us so that we might enjoy a gift that no longer needs to be fought for and can never be taken away. That gift is grace and it is a gift from God through Christ Jesus. The gift of grace is the greatest freedom the whole world can enjoy. As we celebrate our freedoms as a country, lets not forget the freedom we have to respond to Gods gift of free and amazing grace. This is a gift that all faithful believers share. It is a gift that sets us free from the bondage of sin, allowing each one of us to boldly step out and serve our mighty God. This Independence Day, celebrate our freedom as a nation but more importantly celebrate the freedom we find in the wonderful gift of grace known as Jesus Christ, for it is Christ who gives us true freedom. May everyday be independence day,
694Office: (352) 694-4121 694FAX: (352) 694-5226

Pastor.........................................Andy Gans Director of Discipleship............Amanda Osenga Music Director...........................John Leschak Visitation Pastor (Ret.).............Tom McNeil Executive Assistant....................Chris Muramatsu Nursery Attendant ....................Tammy Keeslar

Proofreaders..............................Susan M. Jensen and John Stewart Contributors...............................Members of Ft. King Assembling.................................Dorothy Decker, Skeeter Kirby, Eileen Gilbert, Joyce Gauntt, Kay Dahlen, Eleanor Hayesmore, Carol Primm, Carol Slemmer Bulk Mail Handling..................John Stewart



Fort King Presbyterian Church Financials Effective 5/31/11
Monthly Budget Actual May 2011 Delta Budget Actual Budget Year-To-Date Actual Jan - May 2011 Delta Budget Actual 2010 JanMay Actual Delta 2011 YTD -2010 YTD

Income Estimate of Giving Mortgage Reduction Other Income Total Income Total Expense Net Surplus/ Deficit Endowment 21,467 570 25 22,061 23,411 -1,350 21,881 535 0 22,416 21,153 1,263 414 -35 -25 354 -2,259 122,467 12,450 116 135,033 131,060 3,973 123,127 3,370 15. 126,513 124,489 2,024 660 -9,080 -100 -8,520 -6,572 122,467 12,450 116 135,033 131,060 3,973 660 -9,080 -100 -8,520 -6,572







July Birthdays


Help Prepare a Meal
Help! Congregational Care is looking for volunteers to prepare an occasional meal, keep it in the freezer and be willing to deliver the meal when a church member is in need. Let Anne MacKay, Maria Madigan or Onalee Mease know if you are willing to help.

Greetings! As part of our Summer Sunday School program, we begin with a time of worship and sharing music with one another. Victoria Sexton shared with us all a song by musician Bryan Sirchio, which has become a daily prayer for me this summer. Inspired by the life of Mother Teresa he wrote this song, challenging us to be aware of Gods presence in each moment worshipping God with our lives. As we consider stewardship this summer and how we care for our relationship with God, may we be constantly aware of God in our midst, giving praise with our whole lives. May this song become a prayer for each one of us. Know this one thing above all else We are loved, loved by God Let this be how we see ourselves As people loved, loved by God And once we know the love of Christ Feel Gods healing in our lives Loving service is how we give Our love back to God Today let us do something beautiful for God Do something small, but do it with great love Do what you can where you are with what youve got Today let us do something beautiful for God Everyone who we meet today Is Gods child, Gods own child May our lives help them hear God say, Youre my child, Gods own child A smile can radiate Gods love Let them see the Christ in us Let our lives be the cheerfulness Of God in this world Today let us do something beautiful for God Do something small, but do it with great love Do what you can where you are with what youve got Today let us do something beautiful for God Jesus will visit us today, In disguise, in disguise Poor and weak Christ will come our way Jesus Christ, in disguise The lonely, weak, the victimized Love for them is love for Christ Love is water to quench the thirst Of Christ on the Cross Today let us do something beautiful for God Do something small, but do it with great love Do what you can where you are with what youve got Today let us do something beautiful for God

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Nursery Help Needed
Our church family has been so blessed recently with a number of births. This is great news! These beautiful new additions mean a few more children in our Church Nursery on Sunday mornings so we need your help. We need you. We are looking for more nursery volunteers during the worship hour on Sunday mornings. You will not be alone, our professional care giver, Tammy Keeslar, will be with you and guide you. If you are interested in helping care for these beautiful bundles of joy, please contact Gouley Andrews at 368-9612.

Enrichment 2011 Saturday, September 10th

Enrichment is a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn together with the wider Presbytery of St. Augustine. There are a wide variety of classes and workshops taught by gifted members of our presbytery. The classes are everything from spiritual growth to worship planning to Biblical studies. Registration by September 3rd is $20. Registration after September 3rd is $25.00. Childcare is available for $15.00 This year, Enrichment will take place at Palms Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville. If you are interested in attending, please let the church office know and we can arrange car pooling. Registration and class descriptions can be found outside of Amandas office

What is Missional Theology? Introduction to the Beatitudes Yoga as Christian Spiritual Practice An Oasis for Prayer and Contemplation Making the Resource Center Work for You Childrens Ministry with Limited Resources Social Media and the Church Narrowing In On the Comfort of God: New Guidance from Psalm 23 in a Tired, Restless and Fracturing World

Solace for the Children Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs: A Christian Understanding of Law Enforcement

The Family and Childrens Christmas Eve Service

Justice at the Table: Cooking & Eating as Spiritual Practice

Scripture and Science: Using the Bible to think about the Creation

Worship and Visual Arts Mindfulness for Life

Waters Ways

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DISCIPLESHIP (continued)
Library Corner
If reading is on your list of things to do this summer, then look no further than your church library. We have a wide variety of new books and, by the time this article is in print, we will have even more! Listed below are the most recent additions, all on the shelves ready for check-out.

Love Wins by Rob Bell A Faith For All Seasons by William R. Murry The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann The Prophets by Abraham Joshua Heschel God & Empire by John Dominic Crossan Christianizing The Roman Empire A.D. 100-400 by Ramsay MacMullen Dont Write My Obituary Just Yet by Missy Buchanan Eight Blessings Rediscovering the Beatitudes by Shane Stanford The Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado Clouds Are The Dust Of His Feet by Ruth Bell Graham The Ten Challenges by Leonard Felder, PhD The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren A Treasury of Miracles for Women by Karen Kingsbury

If these titles dont make you want to see what is within the books covers, then we have over 1700 other titles to choose from, including numerous fiction. The library is open on Sunday and Thursday mornings; other times by request.

Hospitality and Outreach
Our challenge is to spread Gods good news by creating an environment of unparalleled hospitality with our members, visitors, and community at large. This is not only the challenge of the Evangelism Ministry but a challenge for everyone. If you have any ideas as to how we, as a church, can better meet this challenge we would love to hear from you. In July, we will meet on Tuesday, July 12th at 6:00 p.m. Usually we meet the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Upcoming Concert
Clearwater Missionary Church Mens Choir - Saturday July 16th, 6:00 p.m. Come enjoy this free concert. Bring family and friends!

Future Concert
Sunday, November 6th from 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Southern Express will perform. Southern Express is an 18-member, popular big band who perform a variety of standards and contemporary tunes. Please invite your friends and family to enjoy this free concert to be held at Ft. King.

Crafts Group
Please join the Crafts Group on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We work on individual projects and joint projects.

The Merry Widows

All widows of the church are invited for socializing and support. The Merry Widows will meet at Bob Evans on Silver Springs Blvd. on Wednesday, July 20th at 1:00 p.m. Please come and join us.


Session Notes June 16th
Celebrations: 1. Four perspective new members coming to Session tonight. 2. New life Violet Margaret Athena Marsh-Gale 3. A good kick off last Sunday for Java and Jesus. 4. VBS starts in a week and a half. 5. The mission trip is coming up soon. They leave on July 2nd. 6. The new pastoral care team is up and functioning. It has become a blessing to the team members as well as the shut-ins.

Motions: 1. Motion to allow an Alcoholics Anonymous group to use a room in the CE building for weekly meetings on Thursdays at 7 p.m. 2. Motion to accept the Faith, Love & Hope Stewardship program which includes a three week Bible study. 3. Motion giving permission for Margy Marshall to assist in the Monday deposit procedure. 4. Motion to allow Tom McNeil to serve as officiant at Communion on July 3, 2011.

Try It
If you ever wanted to sing with the choir, now is a perfect time to try it out. There are no Wednesday evening rehearsals during the summer. The choir only rehearses 30 minutes just prior to the worship service on Sunday mornings. We have demo CDs with sample recordings of many of our anthems available for use. Plus we do not wear robes due to the heat. It is truly rewarding to share your talent to the glory of God. John Leschak, Music Director

13 9

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Flower Calendar
Please note: I am trying to work ahead on the flowers, so if you would like to provide flowers to commemorate a special event/occasion/memory etc. for a specific date, please call Nancy Hall at 694-3221 as soon as possible. Please also note: It is never too early to call to select your chosen date. As of this mailing, the following people will be providing flowers in July, August, September and October 2011. If you can provide flowers for a date in 2011 or 2012, please call Nancy Hall. Thank you. Thank you to these people as they share in donating the flowers for the following worship services. July 3, 2011In loving memory of my wonderful mother, Ann Patnode, from Kay Dahlen July 10, 2011In memory of my dad, Randy Butler, from Randy and Carol July 17, 2011From Vince and Margaret Spontak in celebration of our 29th wedding anniversary July 24, 2011In memory of our parents, Hugh and Margaret Hill and Bill Reid, from Jim and Anne Hill July 31, 2011In memory of Ann and Joe Barrett on their wedding anniversary from the Barrett children August 7, 2011In memory of Ernest Lewin from all the family August 14, 2011In memory of our parents, Larry and Peggy Layendecker, and Bill and Frankie Tumlinson, from the Layendecker and Strawder families. August 21, 2011From the Clegornes in honor of the Clegorne family birthdays - sons Nicholas and Patrick and Anthonys mother and father August 28, 2011From the Fullartons September 4, 2011In loving memory of Julien from Kay Dahlen September 11, 2011In celebration of our 59th wedding anniversary from Jack and Sue Harshman September 18, 2011In celebration of our 64th wedding anniversary from Glendon and Mildred Shank September 25, 2011From Dorothy Roth in loving memory of Merl on their wedding date October 2, 2011OPEN October 9, 2011OPEN October 16, 2011From David and Martha MacKay in celebration of their 26th wedding anniversary October 23, 2011In celebration of their 58th wedding anniversary from Dick and Margy Marshall October 30, 2011OPEN


July 2011
Italicized items are non-FKPC activities using FKPC facilities






Friday Saturday
2 ASP 9

3 ASP 9:00 - 11:45 Library 9:15 Sunday School 10:00 Choir Practice 10:30 Worship 5:00 PYC


10:00 Prayer Shawl Ministry (off-site)

9:30 Mystery Mission

1:00 Crafts 6:00 Worship Ministry 6:00 - 8:00 Marions United (FH) 14 15 16

5:30 TOPS (FH) 10 11 7:30 Mens Bible 9:00 - 11:45 Library Study 9:15 Sunday School 10:00 Choir Practice 10:30 Worship 5:00 PYC 12

4:15 Fellowship Ministry 13 9:30 Mystery Mission

1:00 Crafts 6:00 Evangelism Ministry 6:00 Clearwater Missionary Mens Choir 7:00 AA Meeting (CE) 21

6:00 Finance 5:30 TOPS (FH) Ministry 6:00 Property 6:00 Discipleship Ministry 7:00 College Bible Ministry - Adult Study (off-site) and Children 17 9:00 - 11:45 Library 9:15 Sunday School 10:00 Choir Practice 10:30 Worship 11:30 Congregational Meeting 5:00 PYC 18 7:30 Mens Bible Study 4:00 Staff Meeting 19 20 9:30 Mystery Mission


5:30 TOPS (FH) 7:00 College Bible Study (off-site) 26 24 25 7:30 Mens Bible 2 Cents A Meal Study 9:00 - 11:45 Library 9:15 Sunday School 10:00 Choir Practice 5:30 TOPS (FH) 7:00 College Bible 10:30 Worship Study (off-site) 6:00 Ice Cream Social PYC Mission (off- site) 31 9:00 - 11:45 Library 9:15 Sunday School 10:00 Choir Practice 10:30 Worship 5:00 PYC

1:00 Crafts 1:00 The Merry 6:00 Session Widows (off-site) 3:00 Pastoral Care 7:00 AA Meeting Team Ministry (CE) 28 27

23 9:00 Youth Leaders Retreat (off-site) 4:00 Set-Up Ice Cream Social 30


7:00 AA Meeting (CE)


FORT KING PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 13 N.E. 36th Avenue Ocala, Florida 34470

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Montgomery Presbyterian Center Offers Moms Retreat September 16 - 18, 2011

See bulletin board across from the Church Office for more information and registration form.