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From: - M/s. B.Banerji, Antiquarian Booksellers,5,R.B.C.Road, Dum Dum Cant. Kolkata-700028,India Mail List of dated 17.04.

11 1. Published by University of Calcutta: 1921: Sir Asutosh Mookherjee Silver Jubilee Volumes: Vol-1: Arts & Letters:[this volume contributed by his friends and admirers in India & abroad is inscribed with affection,respect & gratitude for his splendid services to the cause of advancement of learning 1894-1919. Contents: 27 papers- Land Transport in Medieval India- B.K.Sarkar, History of Indian Commerce,1765-1813: J.C. Sinha,politics in Islam: Khuda Baksh,The Guild in Modern India: Its Constitution & Expansion: Dr. Radha Kamal Mookherjee,Origin of Language: Sasadhar Ray,Customs & Transit Duties in the Madras Presidency During Early British rule: J.P. Niyogi, Characteristics of Ancient Indian Trade by J.C. Coyaji, The Romantic Elements in Modern Philosophy of Mathematics Dr. S.K.Maitra, Megiddo: A Study in Military History: by E.F. Oaten, The Date of Regional Economis Dr.Radhakumud Mookherji, Sankara & Prof: James Ward- Dr.W.S. Urguhart, A Plea for an individualization of Punishment: Sitaram Banerjee, The Chai Singh Tragedy: N. C. Chatterjee, etc.etc. Calcutta,1921. Rebound. Pp 614,viii,a map. Rs. 1500/2. Published by Calcutta University: 1957: Study of Changes in Traditional Culture: [ proceedings of conference held by University of Calcutta in Co-operation with the UNESCO] Editor: K.P.Chattopadhyay, [ The Impact of Modernisation on Tribal Culture in India: Dr. N. Dattamajumdar,Changes in Durga Puja Festivals: Dr. J.Sarma, A Study of Brahman Sasan of Orissa, Folk Toys- AjitMookherji, Sari Border Changes : K.P.Chattopadhyay, Changes in traditional Music- Sri R.Mitra, Changes in Santal Songs K.P.Chattopadhyay, Baul songs and their Modern formsS.Bandyopadhyay, with each chapters discussion,index. Calcutta,1957. Royalsize. Rebound. Pp 140,vi. Rs.450/3. Published by University of Calcutta: [Revised fourth edition 1961] Industrial Finance With Special Reference to India: S.K.Basu: Part-1: Banks in Relation to Industrial Financing German Banks & Industry, British Banks & theFinancing of Industries, Commercial Banking Trends in the Inter-War period: Post Depression Re-Action, problems of industrial finance in India : Banks & other factors in Indian industrial financing ,Managing Agents in the role of the industrial financier in India , The State in the Role of Industrial financier in India in the inter war period,specialist institutions for industrial financing the industrial Bank of JAPAN, Industrial Mortgage Banks in Post War Europe,etc. Part-2: Recent trends in industrial developments of industrial finance,the industrial finance corporation of India, State financial corporations their role in the financing of Small & Medium Sized industries,etc. bibliography, index,etc. Calcutta,4rth ed. Revised ed. 1961, first published 1939. Royal Size. Pp 494,xx. Rs.700/-

4. Published by University of Calcutta: 1924; An Introduction to Advaita Philosophy: [ sankara School of Vedanta] by Kokileswar Sastri, Vidyaratna, Calcutta,1924. English text. Rebound. Pp 196,xvi Rs. 550/5. Published by University of Calcutta: 1946: Egypt in 1945: Edited by M.L.Roy Choudhury, With A Foreword by Mustafa Nahas Pasha.[ political, social & economic, education, culture, with 19 chapters Some chapters:- landmarks in the history of modern Egypt Dr. R. Barrawy, party politics in Egypt 1945, March Prof. Magded Din Nassif, America in Egypt Dr. E.E. elder, Renaissance of Women in Egypt- Anima Said,women!s education in Egypt-, crime in Egypt, Fine Arts & its School in Cairo, Contribution of Egypt to Islamic culture, Drama in Egypt, Music in Egypt,etc. Calcutta,1946. pp 234,xxii, 4 illustrations.Rs. 475/6. Published by University of Calcutta: [ Hindi Department] 1981; MITHAK AUR BHASHA: Chief : Editor: Prof: Kalyanmal Lora, Edited by Dr. Sambhunath.[ Mithak Aur Sanskriti, Kavya-bhasha, Mithak ka bhashik swarup, Kabir aur Tulsika antarik samya, with 20 chapters by various authors] Calcutta,1981. pp 262,viii.Rs.450/7. A History of Pre- Buddhistic Indian Philosophy: by Benimadhab Barua Part-1: Vedic Philosophy; - aghamarsana,prajapatiparamesthin,brahmanaspati, Anila, dirghatamas & narayana, Hiranyagarbha and visvakarman, Part-2: Post Vedic Philosophy: Part-3: Philosophy before Mahavira and Buddha, Part-4: Philosophy of Mahavira. Calcutta, 1921. royal size. Rebound. Pp444,xxiv.Rs.1600/8. The Post Caitanya Sahajia Cult of Bengal: by Manindra Mohan Bose.[the saha-jiyas are divided in to various sects,each following a particular mode of culture narrated in this book. Aul,Baul,Sai, Darvesa & Kartabhaja are usually believed to be sahajiya sects., but they are not acknowledged as such by the Sahajiyas. They are members of allied cults with separate organizations & institutions of their own. Deals with sahajiya literature,with the chronology and identification of authors, supplemented by a long list sahajiya books that are in the library of university of Calcutta,etc. Calcutta,1930.Rebound. Royal Size. Pp320,xviii. Rs.1500/9. Materials for the Study of the Early History of the Vaishnava Sect: by Hema-chandra Raychaudhuri.[ vaishnavism & Vasudeva, life of KrishnaVasudeva & the early progress of Bhahgavatism, bhagavatism and the non brahmanical creeds in Ancient India, bhagavatism in the scythian,gupta and post gupta periods,bibliographical index,general index.] Calcutta, 1920. rebound. Pp 147,xii.Rs.600/10. Western Influence in Bengali Literature: by Priyaranjan Sen.[ Bengali literature Before western influence, historical background,channels of new influence: Fort William, education by the Governmenteducational policy,Rammohun Ray!s

letter, David Hare, The Brahmo Samaj, Derozio, etc. 4- Bengal!s Favourite Authors:, influence in verse forms:the ballad, MichaelMadhu Sudan Dutta,Hem Chandra, Nabin Chandra, later epics, etc. 6- Influence of BengaliDrama, 7influence in prose forms, 8-influence on the matter and spirit of literature, etc. Calcutta,1932. rebound.pp 418,xvii.Rs. 1500/11. History of Bengali language and literature: A series of lectures delivered as reader To the Calcutta university. By Dinesh Chandra Sen.contents;- early influence on the Bengali language, pre-mahomedan literature, chandidas and vidyapati,pauranik renaissance ,vernacular recensions of Sanskrit works, the cakta cult and its development, manasa devi, songs of chandi devi, chandi mangala, the literature of the vaishnavas, the post chaitanya literature, the court of raja rajavallabha of dacca, the modern age, review of life and work;- raja rammohun roy, devendra nath tagore, akshaya kumar dutta,stories, supplementary, etc. etc. Calcutta, 1911. pp 1045,xvi, with 9 plates. Rebound.Rs.2000/12. Published byAsutosh Museum of Indian Art: University of Calcutta: 1981: CATALOGUE OF PAINTINGS OF THE ASUTOSH MUSEUM Ms. Of THE RAMACARITAMANASA: by Niranjan Goswami. Calcutta,1981.Here lies the importance of the dated illustrated manuscript of Ramacharitamanasa, prepared at Mahishadala [ now in theMidnapore District of West Bengal] in the second half of the 18th century. With introduction to the catalogue discussed inter different features of the manuscript,its date, and technique & style of painting as indicated by the relevant illustrations. Size.14/10 inches. Original condition. Pp 76,viii, with 83 plates, and 26 colour plates. Rs. 1200/13. The Science of the Sulba: A Study in Early Hindu Geometry: [ readership lectures for the year 1931] by Bibhutibhusan Datta. [ Fully English Text] first published by Calcutta university,1932, Reprint 1991. pp 240,viii, illustrations. English text. Rs.450/14. TIBETAN READERS: [ I,II & III] by L.M.Dorji, Editedby Prof. Dr. Bela Bhattacharya. [ These three readers [ first,second & third] are prepared by Late Lobzang Mingyur who was an instructor in Tibetan in the University of Calcutta a number of years.first published 1950, reprint ed.2007. pp 40,ii,32,ii,52,vii. English & TibetanText, Rs. 350/15. the Garmichael Lectures, 1923: ASOKA: by Prof: D. R. Bhandarkar, Contents: Asoka & his earlylife, Asoka!s Empire & Administration, Asoka as a Buddhist, Asoka!s Dhamma, Asoka as a Missionary, Social & Religious life from Asokan Monuments, with appendix, 7- Asoka!s place in history, 8- asoka Inscriptions, index. First published Calcutta university, 1925, Revised edition [fourth ] 1969. pp 366,xxxx. Rs.600/16. Published by University of Calcutta: STUDIES IN INDIAN ANTIQUITIES

By Hemchandra Raychaudhuri,[ The Present volume are grouped under four heads- [ 1] Vedic & epic studies, [2] geography, [3] history and Chronology & [4] Epic and geographical and historical studies in Bengali. Some articles. Inter-relation of the two epic of Ancient India, study of ancient Indian geography, geographical literature in Sanskrit, Aryan Occupation of India, Some Rivers of Ancient India, Buddhism in Western India, Epigraphical notes, The Stone Boat of Dharmapala, Kokamukhasvamin, Observations on the date of the ! Silappadikaram,Seniya Bimbisara, asoka Chakra its Symbolism, The Karddamaka Kings, The Purvarajar of the Velvikkudi grant, on the emperor Mahipala of the pratihara dynasty, aspects of Hindu civic life, the great epic of India a study, appendices The Island home of RAVANA, bibliographical index,geographical index,general index. First published,1932. Third edition Revised and enlarged .1989. pp 336,xvi. Rs.600/17. EAST INDIAN BRONZES: Editor Sisir Kumar Mitra: Contributors: Asok K. Bhattacharya, B.N.Mukherjee, N.N.Bhattacharya, Rama Chatterjee. Kshanika Chatterjee. First comprehensive study of metal icons found in west Bengal, bihar, and Bangladesh and their adjacent regions between c. 750 and 1200 A.D. when the Palas and the Senas ruled the Most parts of the region.with Study in style, Radiation of the Style, study in Technique, Iconographical Notes: Buddhist Images, Jaina Images, Brahmanical Images, Visnu and Other divinities, Important Hoards & Finds, Dated Images, note on Chemical Analysis of the Alloy, etc. by various Authors. ] published by University of Calcutta:Dept. Centre of Advanced Study in Ancient Indian History & Culture, 1979. Size. 14/10 inches. Pp 168,xii. With 133 plates. Index.original condition. Rs.1800/Following Books Published from Calcutta University: Calcutta: 18. The History of Bengal: 1757-1905: Edited by Narendra Krishna Sinha. [political history; by Dr.Benoy K.Chaudhury, Administrative,Economic & Social History by N.K.Sinha, Education, by Dr. R.C.Mitra,Art,Music ,Religion: Hinduism, by Nisith Ranjan Roy, Brahmo Samaj: by Dr. Dilip K.Biswas, Islam in Bengal, by Dr. J.N.sarkar, with other subjects by various authors: First published 1967, Calcutta, 2nd ed. 1996. Royal Size. Pp 628,xvi,with index,maps,folded. Rs.500/19. Pracya-Siksa- Suhasini: Seventy Fifth Aniversary Celebration Volume of the Department of Ancient Indian History & Culture: Edtor: Samaresh Bandyopadhyay. The Volume Has Two Papers: Part-1: is entitled !dept.of Ancient History & Culture: and it has eleven well defined and Exceedingly Interested Sections: Part-2: is titled !research Papers on Ancient Indian & Culture! & it Contains eighteen very illuminating Articles from Reputed Indian & Foreign Scholars:A Rare Buddhist Image of Sukhavati Lokeswara from NEPAL: by A.K.Bhattacharya, Persisting Errors in Studying Sanskrit Inscriptions of CAMBODIA: by Dr. Kokileswar Bhattacharya, Buddhism in the Early THAI KINGDOM, by Dr. Ian W. Mabbett, The KIRATAS in INDIAN Literature, by Dr. Milton S.Sangma, note on TEN Incaranations of VISNU with Special Reference to BUDDHA, by L.K.Tripathi, Terracotta Antiquities from BODH GAYA: in the Bangiya Sahity Parishat Museum: by Dr. Debala Mitra, Some Aspects of Mantrayana Buddhism, by Dr. S.C.Mukherjee. etc. etc.] Calcutta,1st ed.

1989. Big Size. Pp 570,xxvii,index,with 14 plates,text figures, portraits,photographs. Rs.1600/20. Acharya Vandana: D.R. Bhandarkar Birth Centenary Volume; Editors: Samaresh Bandyopadhyay. [ Part-1: Devadatta Ramkrishna Bhandarkar : Career & Contribution, tribute, bibliography, centenary celebration,etc. Part-2: Research Papers on Indology: with 35 papers; CANDRAGOMIN!S twenty verses on the Bodhisattva vow, by Dr. Mark Tatz, Elements of Hindu Culture in LAOS. By Upendra Thakur, KING SU of the MAUKHARI DYNASTY, by K.K. Thaplyal, the origin of the Indian alphabet, by Dr.Lallanji Gopal, The AraMAIC LANGUAGE & ITS PROBLEMS IN the early history of IRAN & AFGHANISTAN, by C.D. Chatterjee,early Buddhist concept of matter, by D.K.Barua,with many articles, ] Calcutta, first ed. 1982. big size. Pp 455,xx,index,with many plates,coins,text figures. Rs.900/21. Political History of Ancient India : from the Accession of PARIKSHIT TO THE extinction of the GUPTA DYNASTY: by Hemchandra Ray Chaudhuri. [part-1; from the accession of PARIKSHIT to the Coronation BIMBISARA, Part-2: from the Coroination of BIMBISARA to the extinction of the GUPTA DYNASTY, rise of MAGADHA, The Baimbika Sunga Empire & the Bactrian Greeks, fall of the Magadhan & Indo- Greek Powers, Geneological & Synchronistic tables, note on the chronological relation of Knaskha & Rudradaman I, etc, etc. First published,1923, Calcutta,6th ed. Revised & Enlarged. Ed. 1953. rebound. Pp 680,xxvi,with 5 folded maps,tables,index, royal size. Rs.900/22. Harendra Coomar Mookerjee Memorial Volume: Editor in Chief: Professor Pramathanath Banerjee, with Speeches: Bengal Legislative Assembly :- Aug: 1937 to 24th January: 1950, other speeches,letters, select writings,appendix, index,etc. Calcutta, 1st ed. 1962. royal size. Rebound. Pp 570,40, with 27 photographs.index, Rs.900/23. The Ethics of the Hindus: by Susil Kumar Maitra: The Author!s Approach is Analytical & not Historical. The Main ethical ideas of the Hindus are stated & explained with texts authoritative Sanskrit works. Jaina & Buddhist ethics have only been occasionally reffred to more by way of contrast than as an explication of the hindu poin of view. Part-1: the objective & social Ethics of the Hindus: Classification of the Duties, Part-2: The Ethico- Spiritual Ideal ( Moksa) & its Realisation ( Moksa-sadhana. & the moral standards in Hindu Ethics.. Part-3: The Subjective of Psychological Ethics of the Hindus. Calcutta, 3rd ed.1963.royal size. Pp 322,xii. Rs. 700/24. MAHARAJA RAJBALLABH: A Critical Study Based on Contemporary Records: by R.C.Majumdar: ( Early Life,Reign of Alivardi Khan, Rajaballabh & Sirajuddaula, Mir Jafar, Mir Kashim, etc. Review. Calcutta, 1947. pp 94,viii. Original Condition. Rs. 400/25. .Poisons & Posoning their History & Romance and Their Detection in CRIMES: Kshentamani Nagendralal Memorial Lectures from 1964. From 3rd to 8th October,1966: by K.N.bagchi, [poison Girls( Biskanya, cattle poisoning, women as specialists in

poisoning,love charms, Opium, DHATURA, ARSENIC, ANTOMONY,mercury, aconite,etc., etc. Calcutta, 1969. pp 122,vii, original conbdition. Rs.400/26. Early Career of KANHOJI ANGRIA & OTHER PAPERS: by Surendra Nath Sen. [kepper of the records of the govt. of India] with an early Portuguese account of Bengal, A Portuguese account of Haider Ali, Lord Auckland on Delhi, Settlement of the Peshwa! s Territories, the Dutch Expedition on against Gheria,1739, with 19 articles The papers reprinted in present volume deal with diverse topics Calcutta,1941. pp 241,xvi,index. Rs.500/27. Land System & Feudalism in Ancient India: Edited by D.C.Sircar> ( Lectures & Seminars No: 1, B. Seminars) With 10 chapters by various authors. Calcutta,1966, rebound. Sl,pin-holes. Pp 140,vii. Rs.300/28. A Manual of Buddhist Historical Traditions ( Saddhamma sangha) Translated into English for the first time: by B.C.Law. (with account of the writing of theree Pitakas in Books,translation of the Attakatha on three pitakas,Tikkas of the three pitakas, the account of the advantages of writing the three pitakas,etc.index) Calcutta,2nd ed. Revised ed. Pp 138,vi,original condition. Rs.450/29. The Agamasastra of Gaudapada: edited ,translated and annotated by Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya, ( with index of Tibetan verses,index of karikas,index of important words in the karikas,index of words in the karikas used in particular senses originally or mainly in Buddhist works,index of subjects, Mandukya upanisad: Text & Translation, index of teacher,authors,scholars,and places,etc. Calcutta,1st ed,1943,royal size.pp 455,English text.Rs.950/30. Studies in Mahimabhatta: A critical And Comparative Study of Mahimabhatta!s Vyaktiviveka: by Amiya Kumar Chakravarty, Calcutta,1st ed.1975.royal size. Pp 147,xvi.English text. Rs.450/31. Studies in the TANTRAS: Part-1: by Prabodh Chandra Bagchi, first published 1939. Calcutta,2nd impression,1975. royal size. English text. Pp 114,vii. [ some tantrik text studied in ancient kambuja,further notes on tantric texts studied in ancient Kambuja, some aspects of Buddhist mysticism in caryapadas, foreign elements in the tantras, detailed notes: MSS: Nisvasa Tattva-samhita, Sammoha Tantra, Brahmayamala, 4Pingalamata, 5- Jayadrathayamala,etc) Rs.450/32. Sabda Sakti Prakasika: SAMASANTA: Pratham Bhag: Sri Jagadish Rarkalankara Virachita, Mm. Sri Gurucharan Tarkadarshan Tirtha Virachita: VISHAMASTHALA Tippani Samanvita: Calcutta,1914. Original Condition. Pp 132,xxvii.Sanskrit text. Rs.450/33. Asutosh Sanskrit Series No:III: SARA SANGRAHA: A work on Gaudiya Vaishnavism> Attributed to RUPA KAVIRAJA: Edited by Krishnagopal Goswami Sastri, with intyroduction in English And Sanskrit,Analysis of the text,text ,appendices,etc. Calcutta,1949. royal size. Pp 315, with a photograph.rebound. Rs.700/-

34. Asutosh Sanskrit Series IV: Udayacharya!s Nyayakusumanjali: Part-1: with the commentaries of Sankara Misra & Gunananda Vidyavagisa,edited by Narendrachandra Vedantatirtha, Calcutta,1954.rebound.royal size.pp 120,xvii,with a plate. Rs.400/35. Asutosh Sanskrit Series NoVi: Pingalacchandah Sutra a Study by Prof: Asoke Chatterjee Sastri. [text of the pingalacchandahsutra, 2-material science & the Vedanga,3metrical science,pingala the sage, the writer of the Chandahsutra, 5-analysis of pingala!s contents, 6-panini,pingala and Saunaka, 7-influence of pingala on Agneyachandahsara & other later writer on metrics, 8- commentators of pingala!s Chandahsutra, bibliography, index, etc. Calcutta,1987.royal size.pp 136,xiii. Rs.450/36. Gaudapadiyam Agamasastram: by Vidhusekhar Bhattacharya: VRITYA SAHITAM. Fully Sasnskrit text.royal size. Calcutta, 1950. pp 348,ii. Rs. 800/37. The KALIVARJYA!S or Prohibitions in the !Kali AGE. Their Origin and Evolution & their Present Legal bearing ,by Batuknath Bhattacharya, Kavyatirtha, Calcutta,1943. Royal Size. Pp 212,viii. ( Jogendra Chandra Ghosh Research Prize). Rs.600/38. University Pali Selections: first edition, Calcutta,1960.pp 150,vii,with notes,prose,poetry, and plates. Rs. 400/39. University Studies No: 1: History of the Medieval School of Indian Logic: by Mm. Satis Chandra Vidyabhusana, (Jaina Logic: era of Tradition,historical period, 2- Buddhist Logic: Old Buddhist references to logic, systematic Buddhist writer on logic, the university of NALANDA, The Pala King, The University of Vikramasila,etc. Calcutta, 1909. Rebound. Pp 188,xxii, English Text & some Tibetan Text. Rs.500/40. Carmichael Lectures: 1918: Lectures of the Ancient History of India: on the Period from 650 to 325 B.C. Delivered in February,1918. by D.R. Bhandarkar, ( Lectures: 1; Aryan colonization of souther India & Ceylon, 2- Political history, 3- Administrative History: Literature on Hindu Polity, Hindu conception of Monarchy, 4- A Samgha from of political Government, with appendix: Manu,Usanas,Brihaspati, Bharadvaja, Parasara, Visalaksha,index,etc] Calcutta,1919. pp 218,xii. Rs. 500/41. Buddhist Texts: As Recommended by ASOKA: with an English translation by Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya, Calcutta,1948.royal size.with original pali texts and English translation, pp 40,20,with a plates. Rs.350/42. HETUTATTVOPADESA Of JITARI: Reconstructed Sanskrit Text with TIBETAN version by Durgacharan Gangopadhyay. Calcutta,1939,pp74,xviii. Rebound.Rs.450/43. Pali Literature & Language: by Wilhelm Geiger. English translation by Batakrishna Ghosh, Calcutta,2nd ed. 1956.rebound. pp 250.xvi, ( part-1: Pali literature,part-2; Grammar of Pali). Rs.600/-

44. The SAKTI CULT AND TARA: edited by D.C.sircar. [ Chinese origin of the cult of N.N.Bhattacharya,the cult of sakti in tamilnad, iconography of tara, by Dr. K.K.dasgupta, with 18 papers of proceedings of the seminar: various authors.] Calcutta,1967. pp 192,vii,with 9 plates. Rs.450/45. Balavatara: An Elementary Pali Grammar Abridged for the under graduate course. Originally edited and translated by the late Mm. Dr. Satischandra vidyabhusana and the late Samana Punnananda Swami. Revised and recast with additional matter. By Sailendranath Mitra. Calcutta, 1935, rebound.pp 116,viii. Rs.450/46. A HISTORY OF SANSKRIT LITERATURE: CLASSICAL PERIOD: Vol-1: Gen. Editor: S.N.Dasgupta, Contributors to this volume: preface, introduction,history of Alamkara literature, and editors notes ,history of Kavya Literature. By S.K.De. book-1; introduction, 2- kavya; origin and characteristics, from asvaghosa to kalidasa,etc. 3- history of alamkara,with literary and chronological relations, book-4; editors notes; Sanskrit drama,buddhistic dramas,lyric poetry, historical kavyas,etc. first published in 1946, Calcutta,2nd ed. 1975.royal size. Pp 833,132,viii. Rs. 1200/47. .Dhatukosha: [forming a supplement to the elementary Sanskrit grammar published by the Calcutta university] by Bahuballabh Shastri. Calcutta,1912.pp 276,vii.Rs.600/48. Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali: containing his Yoga Aphorisms with Commentary of VYASA in original Sanskrit ,and annotations thereon with copious hints on the practice of Yoga. By Samkhya-yogacharya Swami Hariharananda Acharya, Rendered into English by P.N.Mukherji, Foreword by Swami Dharmamegha Aranya. First published in 1963. Calcutta,3rd ed. Throughly revised and enlarged ed. 1981. pp 496,xxxiv. Index,appendix.etc. Rs. 800/49. The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge: A critically study of Some Problems of Logic and Metaphysics. By Satischandra Chatterjee. Calcutta,2nd ed.1950. royal size. Pp 388,xxvi. Rs.750/50. Indigenous States of Northern India ( Circa 200 B.C. to 320 A.D.) with foreword by Prof. R.C.Majumdar, wriiten by Bela Lahiri.[ part-1: fall of the magadhan empire, part-2: Monarchical states of Madhyadesa, Part-3: Tribal States of the Punjab Region, Part-4: Tribal States of Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh, with list of inscriptions, bibliography, index. ) this book deals with the political history of Northern India during the period of half a millennium that intervened between the fall of the MAURYA & the RISE OF THE GUPTA EMPIRE: THIS IS USUALLY REFERRED To AS THE DARK AGE. Calcutta,first ed. 1974. royal size. Original condition.pp 398,xvi, index,plates, coins. Rs.950/51. Studies in Arabic & Persian Medical Literature: by Dr. Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi, with a foreword by Dr. B.C.roy, Calcutta,1959. pp 274,with 11 plates, a plate in colour. Rs. 650/52. Hadith Literature Its Origin ,Development ,Special Features & Criticism, by Dr. Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi. With some of the special features of Hadith Literature, The

Sciences of Tradition, The Sciences : Chronology, biography & Criticism, etc. The Importance & the History of the origin and Compilation of the traditions of Islam, according to the orthodox Muslim Doctors: Calcutta, 1961,royal size. English text. Pp 212,xxviii, original condition. Rs.700/53.. The Rights & Duties of the Indian Citizen. By V.S.Srinivasa Sastri, Calcutta,1927. pp 116,xii,with a portrait. Rs.300/54. THE DEVELOPMENT OF HINDU ICONOGRAPHY: by Jitendra Nath Banerjea. Chapters-1 Study of Hindu Iconography, 2- The Antiquity of Image worship in India, 3- the origin & development of image worship in India, 4- Brahmanical Divinities & their Emblems on Early Indian Coins, 5- Deities & their Emblems on Early Indian Seals,6- Icono-plastic Art in India- Factors contributing to its development, 7Iconographic Terminology, 8- Canon of Iconometry, 9- Cult Icons- Vyantara Devatas, 10- Cult Icons- Visnu & Surya, 11- Cult Icons Siva & Sakti, 12- Miscelaaneous & Syncretistic Icons, appendix, bibliography, index,plates. First published,1941, Second Edition, Revised & enlarged edition. 1956.Royal Size. Pp 655,xxxvi, with 48 plates, figures,coins, symbols, etc. rebound. But good condition. Rs.2200/55. ROMANCE OF INDIAN JOURNALISM: by Jitendra Nath Basu. [ is a painstaking historical study. It twelve chapters provide valuable background of Indian Journalism from the beginning of the nineteenth Century, work not ony discusses the evolution of journalism in India with detailed discussions on regeneration,political awakening & freedom struggle, but also figes the biographies of several Indian & foreign Journalist who are responsible for the development of this branch of social science in our country,. Early phase, Renaissance & Newspapers,the Golden Age,The Great Revolution of 1857, The British Press in India, The V.P.Act of 1878, the First World War, The Second World War,pre-independence period,etc. Calcutta, 1979. 1st ed. Royal size. Pp 618,xvi. Original condition. Rs.900/56. CIVIL SERVICE IN INDIA: Under the East India Company: A study in Administrative Development: by Akshoy Kumar Ghoshal. [ theisis approved for the degree of doctor of philosophy of the university of London. ] The work is mainly based,particularly asfar as the earlier period is concerned,on manuscript records preserved in the Archives of India office.Use has also been made of printed material in the shape of parliamentary papers,official publications,journals.etc. with 9 chapters & appendix: scale of salaries of the civil servants of the company,regulation IX: 1800,regulation for the settlement & collection of revenue passed on 14th may,1772.etc. Calcutta,1944. pp 510,xii. Royal Size. Rebound. Rs. 1500/57. Some for Social Education of Tribes in Eastern India: by K.P.Chattopadhyay [ sandals,mundas,hos of Singhbhum, soras ,lepchas,etc] Calcutta,1963. royal size.pp 166,viii. Rs. 480/58. Stephanos Nirmalendu Ghosh Lectures: 1930-31:

The Contribution of Christianity to Ethics: by Clement C.J.Webb, M.A. D.Litt,Hon LL.D. [ St. Andrews] [ lectures- two great commandments,historical backgroun of Christian ethics,Christianity & European civilization, religion & rxethics in Christianity,asceticism in Christianity, Christianity & social service, conclusion,index. ] Calcutta, 1932. pp 122,viii. Rs.480/-

Following journal published by University of Calcutta: JOURNAL OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PALI: : Calcutta University:English text. Complete Set & Yet Published Volume- 1 [1982] to Volume-14: : [2007] Volume-1: 1982-83: Editor: Prof: Dipak Kr.Barua: with 20 articles;- short history of pali studies in the university of Calcutta,Buddhist Festivals- Mahasthavira Neluwe Jinoratna, the Place of Thankfulness in Buddhism- Henepola Gunaratna, Renaissance of Buddhism in INDONESIA- Heinz Bechert, Total Number of Verses in the Buddhavamsa- Devaprasad Guha, Gautama Buddha & the Vajrayana Pantheon- S.S. Banerjee, Impact of Buddhism on the Folk Religion of Bengal- S.C.Banerjee, study on the Ariyapariyesana SuttaB.Chaudhury, note on Mahayana Buddhism and the Bodhicaryavatara- Heramba Chatterjee Sastri, Kammam Satte Vibhajati- Silananda Brahmachari, Avyakata- Vatthuni Rev. Dhammadhara Mahathera,etc. pp 200,ii. Rs.500/Volume-2: 1984-85: Editors: D.K.Barua.Asha Das,Dr.Kanai Lal Hazra & others.Articles:Monastic Impact on Buddhism Paintings-C.S.Upasak, Alexander Csoma De Koros A great Tibetologist from Hungary- D.K.Barua, Buddhist Monks From Central Asia To ChinaK.saha, Buddhism in ancient Bengal- Kanai Lal Hazra, The Mulapariyaya Sutta & the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta: [ A Comparative Study] B.N. Chaudhury, Recent Discoveries of the Buddhist Sanskrit Narrative Literature with References to Jatakamala of Haribhatta- S.C.sarkar,etc. Rs. 400/Volume-3: 1985-86: Edited by Asha Das:Articles: The Pali Text Society: 1881- 1981K.R. Norman, Medical Education in Buddhist Literature- Sukumar Sen Gupta, Buddha in the Ancient Indian Epigraphs. A.Lal, Sources of Nagarjuna!s Philosophy in Early BuddhismK.K.Mittal, Kharosthi Documents in Central Asia [ Niya,Endere & Lou Lan] Kshanika Saha, Studies in the life and Teachings of Nighantha Nataputta Bela Bhattacharya, . Relative Antiquity of Khuddakanikaya texts- A suggestion- Devaprasad Guha, Nibbanam Paramam Sukam- - Sukomal Choudhuri. Rs.400/Volume- 4: 1987-88:Edited Dipak K. Barua:Articles: Pali Bhasa- Silananda Brahmachari,The Dhaniya Sutta of the Sutta-Nipata- K.R. Norman, Mahasivatthera as seen in the Pali Atthakathas Sodo Mori,Poison- Craft & Demonology in Pali Literature S.Sen Gupta, Gems of Poetry in the Therigatha- Asha Das, Some Aspects Tibetan & Sanskrit Compounds Bela Bhattacharya, Life and Works of Buddhadatta Binayendra Chaudhury, Buddha!s Contribution to Mankind Sukomal Chaudhuri, Ideal of Communal Harmony & social integration as revealed in Buddhist Documents- Dipak K.Barua, An Annotated

translation of chapters XII and XIV of Chandrakirti!s Prasannapada- I.W. Mabbett. Etc. book reviews. Rs.400/Volume-5: 1989-90:Edited by Kanai Lal Hazra:Articles: Madhyamikamata Some Deliberations on the Same Heramba chatterjee Sastri, The Contribution of Buddhist Devotionalism to the Cultural Heritage of Srilanka V.V.S. Saibaba, The Pajjamadhu Acritical Study Asha Das, Life of Buddha in the Buddhacarita Bela Bhattacharya. Appati- Puggala- S. Bandyopadhyay, Vaisnavism & the Non-Brahmanical Faiths of Ancient India: The Ajivikas,Jainism and Buddhism. Kanai Lal Hazra, An Observation on the Relation between Sarvastivada & Mahayana B.N.Chaudhury,Aryadeva: The Mahapandita or the Great Learned Man- Dipak K.Barua, Prof: Benimadhab Barua- A Sketch of His Life and works. D.Guha etc. Rs.400/. Volume-6: 1996: editors: D.K.Baruas, Dr. S.C.Banerjee( ethics & death in early Buddhist Philosophy,by Ven. Bhikshu Satyapala,Honen a great Amide Saint in Japan, Manjusri mula kalpa & the Buddhist scroll painting by Suniti Kr,Pathak, etc.) ,rebound. Rs.400/.Volume -7: 1997: Editors: D.K.Barua, & others. ( Patimokkha its date,Asura in Buddhism,Study of the term Bodhicaryavatara, by Bimalendra Kumar.with 15 chapters) .royalSize. Rs. 400/Volume-8: 1998. Editor: Bela Bhattacharya, ( Buddhism in science, precursors to Jatakas and avadanas, Jitari!s concept of reasoning on logic, with 16 chapters) Rs.400/.Volume-9: 1999; Editor: Bela Bhattacharya.( indological researches and Alexander CosmaDe Koros,by D.K.Barua,The Birth of Buddha and the associated trees, ) etc. Tables. Rs.400/Volume-10: 2000. Editor: Bela Bhattacharya, (pali grammar vis a vis paninian grammar , by S.C.Sarkar, Buddhism is contemporary Thailand, etc.etc). ,royal size, Rs.400/Volume-11: 2002. Editor: Mani Kuntala Haldar, ( Medicine in the pali vinaya rules, Buddhism in India as seen by Chinese pilgrims, ) etc. Rs.400/Volume-12: 2003: editor: Bela Bhattacharya, ( Advent of Mahavira & Jaina Philosophy, Short note on Agama literature in central Asia, Buddhist biological perspective of life, etc. Rs.400/.Volume-13: 2005: Journal of the Department of Pali: Editor: Ditto:[ Nalinaksha Dutta 1893-1973- Dr.Kshanika Saha,pali Manuscripts;- the Beginings, Dr.Asha Das, Pali A unique type of middle indo Aryan language- Bela Bhattacharya, introducing the Gandhavamsa- Jayanti Chattopadhyaya, Buddha!s attitude towards caste system, by Prof: Sukumal Chaudhuri, topographical & geographical features of Central Asia, Afghanistan & Pakistan- Dr.M.K.Haldar, Buddhist Influence on the cult of jagannatha ,with other articles. ,with a photographs.Rs.400/-

. Volume-14: 2007:Editor: Bela Bhattacharya.[ 22nd May, 2007. Dept.of Pali ,Observed of 2551st Buddha Purnima Day,] Contents:-[20 articles by various authors.] contribution of foreign Buddhist Monasteries Towards Propagation of Buddhism in India. By J.Bhikkhu, Some Madhyamika Acharyas in India during its last phase [circa 8th 11th century A.D.] by A.Biswas, The Jatila-Kassapas & the Buddha- M.K.Haldar, Most Venerable Sangharaj Pt. Dharmadhar Mahasthavira A Critical Homage-S.K.Barua, Fable-Literaturein Buddhism-J. Chattopadhyay,Buddhism in Tripura: the EarlyPhase a.Bhattacharya, Buddhist Way of Mind Training- V.Thera, third Buddhist council : Theravada Perspective- B.R.Barua, The Doctrinal Maxims in the Dhammapada-S.Das,etc. pp 156,vii.Rs-450/Following Journal Published by University of Calcutta: 1. Journal of the Department of ANTHROPOLOGY: Vol-1: No:1: Dec: 1993: Editor: Dr.Ranjan Roy,[ on the inheritence of twinning in Bengalee rural population- S.Basu, The concept of Mesolithic stage & an example from eastern India- R.Roy, The Expanding horizon anthropology with particular reference to India-P.K.Bhowmick, , anthropological studies in India:focal point on Human evolutionA.K.Ghosh, Some Observation on Schedule Tribes- M.Bhattacharya, etc. pp 68,plates,figures,tables,graphs.Royal Size. Rs.350/Vol-2: No:1: Dec:1994: editor : ditto:[ the Hoabinhian 60 years after Madeleine Colani: Anniversary Conference Ha Noi- 28 Dec,1993 3 Jan, 1994: - Wilhelm G. Solheim II,Effects of Maternal Age, Birth order & Rural Urban differences in the Rate of Twinning in Bengalese, Hierachical classification of environment: the cases of plant Domain of the Juango & Land Domian of the Santal, Potters Technology & Tribals in Eastern India, Trend of Tribal Literacy In West Bengal, A note on Six Blood group systems [A1 A2 Bo, Rh,MN, MNS,Kell, Duffy] in a Bengalee population, Anthropometric & Volumetric study of Indian Male Swimmers, etc. 13 chapters.] Pp 114,plates,graphs,tables,etc. Royal Size. Rs. 450/Vol-3: No:1: June: 1996:Editor Dr. SyamalkantiSengupta,:[ Folk Taxonomy: the Case of Tribe, Geo-Demographic Structure:tribal Population of West Benga,Biogenetic Study on Cerebral Palsy, Remote Sensing & its Scope in Anthropology, Trends of Research Methods in Ethnoecology,etc.] pp 54,maps,tables,charts,graphs,etc. Rs.350/Vol-4: No:1: June:1997: editor: Ditto: [ towards The goal of Sustainable Human development: An anthropological perspective- S.Mukherjee, Aspects of Dongria Kondh kinship,Toto is not a vanishing Tribe but at the Cross Roads- M. Bhattacharya, environment conservation & Tribal Development- A.K.Das, Role of Anthropologists in Environment Education- Usha Dekha, A study on Brass working Communities in Pallahara Region: An Anthropo Archaeological Approac51. S. Ghosh,etc. ]pp 68,tables,graphs. Rs.350/Vol-5: 1998-99:editor: Dr.Manibrata Bhattacharya: [ Science,science history & Contemporary discourse-B.K.Roy Burman, further study on still birth among the Bengalee mothers of a Calcutta hospitals- A.R.Banerjee, Transformation of Onge Women Through development D.G.Danda, Recent development in the study of physical Anthropology in the University of Calcutta- A.B.Das Choudhuri,Megalithic

Primitive Cult: Social Anthropological perspective, Study of ethnic relations in Indian Metropolis, Recreation,games & social change: an Anthropological observation- Abhijit Das, etc.] pp 83 to 160, Rs.400/Vol-6: No: 2: Dec: 2000: Editor: Ranjana Ray. [Sex preference in birth & educational facilities for girl Child in Urban fringes of Bhubaneswar City- N.K.Behura,Girl Cild in Muslim Society:some observations on their status & role- S.R. Mondal, problems of Disable Childern with Mental Retardation: The imperative need of Strengthening Indian Families with the help of Parents Association- B.G.Mukherjee, Women & Mental Health: A cross cultural perspective- A.Nchoudhuri, study among some Bengali Families where at least one of the Offsprings is a N.R.I., Traces Neolithic Culturein West Karbi Anglong: a preliminary observation. S. Dey,etc.] pp 134,tables,graphs.Rs.450/Vol- 7: Number 1 & 2: December: 2001: Editor: Ranjana Ray.[ Status of Santhal Women: A case study of Gandey Block; Giridh Dist: Rina Kumari, Position of Women in the Ladiya Society: Demographic Perspectives- D.Kumar, The Food Quest Pastoral Communities in India- S.M.Channa, Cultural Lores of Cultivation: A study on Ethnoscience: , Legal Protection of Working Women in India.. & Miles to Go. S.Chakraborty, Age variations in Adiposity & Central Body Fat Distribution among 1215 year Old Bengalee Boys of Palta- Ichhapur,North 24 Parganas,West Bengal, The Status of Carnicobarese Women in Car-nicobar Island & Harmender Bay, Little Andaman, Women Empowerment, Civi Society & Institutional Well- Being- S.Manna, etc.] UGC sponsored DSA Programme a seminar was held in Oct, 2001, in the Department. Theme of the Seminar : ! POSITION of WOMEN aged & Weaker Section in Contemporary India: was selected from the thrust area of the Programm. It was held on Oct, 4 & 5,2001. pp 170,tables,charts,graphs. Rs. 600/Vol-10 & 11: Published 2006-2007: Editor: Gopalkrishna Chakravarti:[ Menstrual Health problems of married women in Kolkata: a Study on two Contrasting Socioeconomic Groups- A.Dasgupta, Tribal Demography of West Bengal in 2001: some observations, Neolithic Chalcolithic & Early Metal Age Cultures in West Bengal- M.Bhattacharya, The cognition of Time & space in a Transhumant community: A case of the Gujars of Himachal Pradesh, Study of the Cult of Banabibi, Palaeolothic Cultures of West Bengal: An appraisal, A study on variation & Sexual Dimorphism of Handwriting in Bengalee Population- D.Chatterjee, etc. ] pp 142, illus,graphs,tables. Rs.600/2.Adapting to Changing Environment: Studies in Anthropology: Edited by Ranjana Roy: [ Adolescent Reproductive Health with Special reference to Male:Subha Ray,A comparative study on Anthropometric variables between Normotensive & Hypertensive Immigrant Tamil Women- J.R.Ghosh, traditional political institutions & community Resource Management of the KHAMTI in Arunachal Pradesh- K.K.Misra,Cultural Formation of Assam: An Anthropological observation- S.K.Roy, A study on Crafts of Conch shell from prehistoric to contemporary period- S.Saha, system of Kinship among the Mishings in A River Island,stratification interaction & transformation in the western Himalayas- M. K.Raha, problems related to utilization of Marine Resources by the Meendharas of the Sundarbans, etc. ] Kolkata-2005. pp 136,plates,[colour] tables. Rs. 400/-

THE CALCUTTA HISTORICAL JOURNAL: Published bi-annual by Calcutta University: Calcutta: West Bengal: [ following books] COMPLETE SET: Editor: Amalesh Tripathi, Associate Editors: Binay Bhushan Chaudhuri, Nilmoni Mookherjee & Others: Size. 12/6 inches. Royal Size. Vol-1: No:1: July: 1976: [ Some Aspects of French Presence in Bengal: 1731- 1740: Indrani Roy, The Grarian Question in Bengal & the Government: 1850 1900 B.B.Chaudhury, Gandhi Second Rise To Power: by Amalesh Tripathi, Book Review: pp 134,vi. Rebound. Vol-1: No: 2: Jan- June: 1977: a French Document on Textile Production & Markets in Bengal: 1790: A Ray, Imperialism of OPIUM in Assam: 17773- 1921: A Guha, Nattukottai Chettiars in the economy of Sri Lanka: Haraprasad Chattopadhyay. Pp 135 to 248. tables. Both Parts: Set Rs. 600/- or $ - 13 dollars. Vol-2: No: 1: July-Dec: 1977: The Radicalism of Intellectuals in a Colonial Situation A Case Study of 19th Century Bengal: Sumit Sarkar, Fair Grain Markets and MUGHAL FAMINE Policy in the late 18th Century Bengal, by David L. Curley. Radical Discrimination & Indian Nationalism 1852- 1874: Nemai Sadhan Bose, Indian Industrialisation under the Raj in the 20th Century: A Debate in Economic History: Bagchi vs. Morris; by Rajat K.Ray, Book Reviews. Pp 120,tables. Vol-2: No: 2:Jan- June: 1978: A Study of RAJA TODAR MAL!s Twelve Regulations : Kumud Ranjan Das,Ressistance of the Bengal ZEMINDARS to East India Company!s SALT MONOPOLY [ 1765- 1836] by B.C. Barui, An Account to Gandhi!s visut to italy based on the contemporary Italian Sources- S.K.Millal, etc. pp 121 to 294. Both Numbers: Set: Rs. 600/Vol-3: No: 1: July-Dec: 1978: The Permanent Settlement in Bengal & the Break up of the ZAMINDARI of Dinajpur S.Taniguchi, Conflict of political Systems: the Conquest of the Carnatic: 1639 1801: Stuart Black-burn, The nature of Land Ownership in Tamilnadu from 1820 to 1855: by Arun Bandyopadhyay. Pp 104,vii. Vol-3: No: 2: Jan- June: 1979: permanent Settlement in Birbhum Impact of Landed Interests [ 1793 1856] :R.K.Gupta, Provincial Finance in the United Provinces of AGRA & OUDH Under Sir William Malcom Hailey: 1928- 1934: by A.K.Misra, Bengal Congress Tangle: 1939- 40. etc. pp 84,vii. Bot Parts: Set: Rs.600/Vol-4: NO: 1: July- Dec: 1979: French Traveller Look At Malwa in the Late 18th Century A Roy, The Mirzapore Distilery & the Company!s Trade in Rum: 1796- 1808: Nikhil Sur, The Economy of JAPAN & her Trade with India: 1868 1939: by Haraprasad Chattopadhyay,etc.

Vol-4: No: 2: Jan- June: 1980: Arms deal between India & Nepal- Genesis of Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army Jahar Sen, The Madras Rayats under the Rayatwari Settlement Their Treatment at the hands of Revenue Collectors in the pre-mutiny days possibilities of peasants as a revolutionary force: Haraprasad Chattopadhyay, Landlord & Rich Peasant under the permanent Settlement Abu Ahmed Abdullah, Problems of Agricultural indebtedness in British India: Some Traditional views reconsidered M.M.Islam, etc. Set Both Parts: Rs. 600/Vol-5: No: 1: July-Dec: 1980: Landlord & Rich Peasant under the Permanent Settlement: A A. Abdullah, Organising Villagers for Self Reliance : A Study of GonoshasthyaKendra in Bangladesh- Jahar K. Ray, book Reviews. Pp 160, vii. Vol-5 :No: 2: Jan- June : 1981: The Initial Impact of the introduction of the English law in Bengal : 1773- 1792.- B. Chattopadhyay, Caste, Class & Census: Aspects of Social Mibility in Bengal Under the Raj : 1872- 1931. S. Bandyopadhyay, The SURAT CRISIS of 1669 A case study of Mercantile protest in Medieval India: Sushil Chaudhury, Pre- colonial urbanisim in West AFRICA: Hausa,Songhay, & Yoruba Cities Dhruba Gupta, etc. pp 146,vii.plates,tables. Both parts: Bound in one. Rs. 600/Vol-6: No: 1: July- Dec: 1981: A Survey of Local Land Records & their Use in Historical Research Sirajul Islam, European Trade in SURAT [ 1730 1750]- Indrani Ray, H.H.Wison: & the Hindu College [ 1823 1832] by Anita Coomer. Etc. Pp 122. Vol- 6: No: 2: Jan- June: 1982: Darjeeling An Enterpot of Central Asian Trade Jahar Sen. France in Madagascar : 1642 1674 : Early efforts of colonization Aniruddha Ray, The Dacca RIOT of 1941: An investigation into its causes & Nature- Suranjan Das, A Legacy of British Free trade politics: the end of the trade & Commerce between India & the Portuguese empire: 1780 1830: Rudy Bauss. Etc. Book Reviews. Pp 116. Both parts: Rs.600/Vol-7: No: 1: July- Dec: 1982: Technology transfer: Some Aspects of the Bangladesh Experience- J.K.Ray, The Tune of Timber in Indo- Nepal Relations: Jahar Sen, Francis Haskell & the Historiography of Art and Artistic Teste: , [ Review Articles] T.G, Thakurta,etc. Vol-7: No: 2: Jan- June: 1983: Projection , Displacement & Distortion in 19th Century Moral Imperialism: A re- examination of Charles Grant & James Mill: A.P.H. Copley, Indian Merchants & the Decline of Indian Mercantile Activity: The Coromandel Case-, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay [ 1836 1894] & Revival of Hinduism in Bengal: K.K.Ghatak,etc. Organising villagers for self reliance: A study of deedar in BangladeshJ.K.Ray,etc. pp 92,141, [ Both Parts] Rs.600/Vol-8: Nos; 1-2: July- 1983 June: 1984: The Role of traditional modernizers: Bengal!s Experience in the 19th century: Amalesh Tripathi, Medieval Indian Society, State & Social Custom- Sushil Chaudhury, Establishment of the French in Bengal: Early Years:

1674 1669: Aniiruddha Ray, A Reward that was not : An Assesment of the Anglo Nizam Teaty of 1860: Bharati Ray: pp 124,vii. Rs. 400/Vol-9: No: 1 : July- Dec: 1984: Labour Trade in British Colonies and some Consequences of colonial Dependence S. Chatterjee, Forms of labour protests the Assam Valley Tea Plantations 1900 1947: Rana Pratap Hehal, A Study of the Strikes & Riots of the Fort Gloster Mill Hands during the Swadesh Period: [ 1905-06] Amal Das. Book Review, etc. pp 110. Vol-9: No: 2: Jan- June: 1985: Bengal Agriculture [ 1900 1920] A Quantitative Study of Colonial Economic Development Toru Matsui, The Mappilas of Malabar & the Faraidis of Bengal: Dynamics of Separatism & Submergence of Islamic Indentity in India: Myla Lyons, Swadesh Movement & Women!s Awakenig in Bengal: 1903- 1910: Bharati Ray,. Etc. pp 98,vii. Tables. Set [ Both Parts] Rs.500/Vol-10: Nos: 1-2: July,1985- June: 1986: Cambay During the Reign of Momin Khan II [1748-1784] : by A.Ray, Agrarian unrest : the background[ 1920 1927] S.Gujral,Monopoly of Grain in Bengal & Bihar During the Famine of 1770 Nani Gopal Chaudhury,Awadh in Revolt 1857- 85: a study of popular Resistance [ A Review] by Tapti Roy, the Ryotwari system & the South Indian Peasant: Dr. S.reddy, etc. rebound. Pp 124,viii.Rs.400/Vol-11: Nos: 1-2: July: 1986- June: 1987: The crisis of Empire or a Reorientation of Political Structure in Mughal North India ?. European Companies & Pre-Modern south Asian Commercial System A Study of Bengal in the 18th Century Sushil Chaudhuri,Towards a Corporate Pluralist Society: Case & Colonial Policy of Protective Discrimination in Bengal, 1911-1937: Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Rammohun Roy & Vidyasagar : Dynamic & Constraints in Their role as Moralists A.R.H.Copley, A Macro Historiographical essay on the idea of east & west from Herodotus to Edward Said.. David Kopf.. etc. pp 170,vii. Rebound.Rs.450/Vol-12: Nos: 1-2: July: 1987 1988: The Conplexities of Communal Violence in 20th century Bengal: The Mymansingh Experience : 1906- 1907: by R.K.Ray, the labouring poor & Communal Riots in Bengal, 1896 1919: The Case Re- examined Parimal Ghosh, The Garden Labour Movement & early of the Communists: A comparative study of Darjeeling & Dooars Garden in Bengal: 1937 1947: By Nirnan Basu,The Round Table Negotiations [ 1921] etc. pp 204.vii.Rs.500/Vol-13: Nos: 1-2 : July- 1988 June: 1989: The Rice Miling Industry in Bengal: 19201950: A Case Study of the impact of Mechanization of the Local peasant economy S.K. Sarkar,Asiatic States & Agrarian Economics: Tributary Commercialism in South India: 1650 1800: David Ludden. Recent trends in the Writing of Modern Indian History: Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Organized politics & Peasant insurgency: The Bengal Provincial Krishak Sabha & the Sharecroppers Struggle in Bengal: 1946- 47: by B.B.Chaudhuri, etc. pp 220,vi.. maps. Illustrations. Rs. 500/-

Vol-14: Nos: 1-2: July 1980 June: 1990: Edited Binay Bhushan Chaudhuri. [Indian History & the Indian Ocean: K.N. Chaudhuri Interviewed : by Ranabir Chakravarty, Experiements in Benevolent Administration: William Sleeman in Sugar and Narmada Territories: K. Majumdar, The Chotanagpur Tribal Revolt, 1831-32: Some Methodological Issues: B.B.Chaudhuri, Financial Institutions & Practices Cross the Euro Asian Interface: Comparative and Structural Consideration : 1500 1900: Frank Perlin, etc. etc. pp 205,vii.Rebound. Rs. 450/Vol-15: Nos: 1-2: July 1990- June 1991: Ed. B. B. Chaudhuri [ Women!s Work Participation in Bengal: 1880 1930: Some Trends & Patterns- Mukul Mukherjee, Continuity or Change in the 18th Century Price trends in Bengal, Circa 1720-57: Sushil Chaudhury, Forced Commercialisation in early colonial Bengal: A Model & Beyond Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay, Rural Credit & Trends in Agricultural produce in Orissa: 19001930: Pradipta Chaudhury,etc. Books Review, pp 175,vii. Rs. 450/I CAN SUPPLY REST & UP TO DATE VOLUME Vol-16: July 1991 to UP TO DATE 2009. Price: Rs. 450/- to 650/If are you interested please confirm us COMPLETE SET: Avialable..

14..Published by Pali Publication Board, Bihar Givernment: Nalanda Devanagari Pali Series; ABHIDHAMMAPITAKE PATTHANAPALI: General Editor: Bhikkhu J.Kashyap, Parts: 1-6 set.[ in Volumes: Tika Patthana of Patthanappakarana [ dhammanuloma] of the Abhidhammapitaka. The Present edition has been prepared coordinating the following versions of the text-Burmese, chattha-sanga yana publication,1956, Siamese Mahamakuta government publication,1926, And sinhaleseedited by pandita Kiriella Nanawimala thera,1954. Volumes have been edited by the venerable Acharya D. Sasanasiri,principal,international pali institute, Mahabodhi society, and finally revised and seen through the press learned editor Shree Birbal Sharma, on the occasion of the 2,500th anniversary of the Buddha!s parinirvana,the government of India decided to publish standard versions in DEVNAGARI script of the Complete PALI and the SANSKRIT texts .] Published Year: 1961 Royal Size. Pp 444,62,22,xii,458,12,24,xii, 520,34,34,xii, 372,14,22,xii, 515,12,18,xii, 436,22,35,xiii.with English introduction,index. Etc. 6 Volumes in Set: Rebound. Rs.2400/- [each parts: Rs.400/-]

59. Gaekwad!s Oriental Series: LXIV: General Editor: B.Bhattacharya, SIDDHANTABINDU: of Madhusudana with the commentary of Purushottama Critically edited and translated into English with introduction,comparative notes,etc. by Prahlad Chandra Shekhar Divanji, This Volume has been divided into two main Sections, Sanskrit & English. The first contains the Text of Siddhanta-bindu with the commentary of Purushottama Saraswati called the Bindusamdipana & certain Appendices & the Second Comprises Explanatory & Critical Notes and a Translation of the text in English Certain Appendices. Baroda,Oriental Institute,1933. pp 306,90,142, 24,vi. Rs.2500/-

60. Published by Punjab University: Hoshiarpur : 1957: Sir Jadunath Sarkar Commemoration Volume: Life and Letters of Sir JADUNATH SARKAR. Edited by Hari Ram gupta.[ message of Sir Jadunath Sarkar to Indian historians, Jadunath!s Contributions to the Indian Historical Records Commision- M.L.Ahluwalia, Bibliography of Jadunath !s works,research papers & articles- Batindranath Bose, Jogesh C.Bagal, selections from Sarkar Sardesai Correspondence 1907-56, Jadunath Sarkar!s Letters to G.S.,Serdesai, G.S.Serdesai!s Letters to Jadunath Sarkar, etc. index. Published by Dept. of History, Hoshiarpur. 1957.Royal Size. Pp 372,xii. With a portrait. Original condition. Rs. 1000/-