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Pro-Choice Violence and Illegal Activities in Illinois

Bloomington Chicago Peoria Springfield Bloomington, Illinois

Assault (2 incidents) and Destruction of Property On October 18, 2001, Pastor Matt Trewhella, founder of Missionaries to the Preborn (MTP), was arrested in Bloomington, Illinois and charged with several crimes, including obstructing police and assault. The media also reported claims that, during a pro-life outreach at Normal Community High School, persons with MTP "chased" students and "forced" them to take their literature. Mary E. Quinn of MTP headed up the outreach at Normal Community High, and had a far different story to tell. She said that the Missionaries simply stood on the public sidewalk offering pro-life literature and gospel tracts to students. Just as they were about to leave, a vice principle of the school verbally assailed Quinn, struck her hand as she offered literature to a student, and then broke her video camera when she began to tape his tirade. Police arriving on the scene then claimed that MTP people were on school property, and read Quinn her rights. In the end, MTP left with no charges because they were not on school property and had done nothing wrong. The incident involving Pastor Trewhella took place in Bloomington, which is Normal's sister city. It began when a Bloomington police officer arrived at a picket MTP was doing on a busy street. The officer exited his car and with a red face told Quinn, "We are sick of this crap. You have been run off three or four other places, and you are leaving here right now. It is over. Pack it in right now or you are all going to be arrested." Quinn explained that the MTP people had a constitutional right to be where they were, and she called Pastor Trewhella on a two-way radio and requested that he bring a video camera to the scene, which he did. Quinn continued to try to reason with the police officer, while Trewhella stood about eight feet away and taped the scene. Suddenly, without a word from Trewhella or any provocation or warning, the officer literally jumped him, wrenched away his video camera, and slammed him face down onto the sidewalk. He then dropped a knee into his back, violently twisted his right arm, and handcuffed him. Trewhella ended up spending several hours in jail. For over an hour of that time, he was handcuffed. After he was bailed out, he was

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taken to an emergency room where he was diagnosed with several injuries to his back, arm, and neck which required treatment and pain medication. A month later, he was still experiencing much pain from the injuries and may need follow up medical care. Quinn said that, throughout this entire episode, Pastor Matt showed remarkable restraint, even when enduring pain at the hands of the police officer and, in fact, shared the gospel with his attacker while on the way to jail. Likewise, all persons with MTP showed great restraint during the incident, staying at their posts while Quinn dealt with the situation. The attack on Pastor Trewhella is on video tape and was witnessed by a number of people. At the same time, Pastor Matt Trewhella and members of Missionaries to the Preborn have given the Bloomington Police Department and the public a very good Christian witness of which the Body of Christ can be proud, regardless of the picture the police and press are trying to paint. Reference: Detailed e-mail message entitled "Pastor Brutalized by Police & Press," received from Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Christ the King Church, Post Office Box 771, Monroe, Wisconsin 53566, on October 24, 2001.

Chicago, Illinois
First-Degree Murder (27 counts), Attempted Murder (3 incidents), Torture (11 incidents), Bigamy (2 incidents), Criminal Abortion, Practicing Medicine Without a License, Animal Abuse (8 incidents), Abuse of a Corpse (26 incidents), Insurance Fraud (32 incidents), Fraud (10 incidents), Theft (9 incidents), Grave Robbery (18 incidents) and Bail Jumping [Englewood]

It should come as no surprise that Americas first serial killer, Henry Howard Holmes, often known as Americas Arch Fiend, was an abortionist. Herman Webster Mudgett was born in New Hampshire in 1860. It soon became apparent that he was a troubled child who also had an interest in surgery, a disturbing combination to be certain. As an

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adolescent, he would capture neighborhood pets and perform surgical experiments on them, usually while they were still alive. In one case, he captured a neighbor's cat and set it on fire, then watched in amusement as it ran desperately, terrified, until it died. At the age of 18, he entered the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, but was expelled at the age of 24. While a medical student, he stole numerous corpses and experimented on how to use them to defraud life insurance companies. He would take insurance policies out on fictitious people, then obliterate the features of the corpses he stole with acid and make claims on them. He was eventually caught with a female corpse and banned from the medical school, and so moved to Englewood, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Here he changed his name from Herman Webster Mudgett to "Doctor Henry Howard Holmes," and ditched his first wife, Clara Loveringat. A widow who owned a drug store hired him as a druggist. After a few months, he committed his first murder by eliminating the widow and he soon became wealthy by selling a worthless cure in the form of "Linden Grove Mineral Water." Soon after this, he married his second wife, Myrta Z. Belknap, without bothering to divorce the first, but Myrta left him after only about a year. Then Holmes decided to construct an edifice that would help to satisfy his murderous inclinations. It was a three-story castle-like structure designed to facilitate murder. Some of its features included soundproof rooms that locked from the outside, secret passages, dozens of secret peepholes, false floors, rooms equipped with torture devices (including a rack that would stretch a person to twice their original height), greased chutes that emptied into a cellar, and a very large stove and vats of acid for the disposal of complete human bodies. When his "castle" was complete, Holmes lured young women into it, seduced them, and drugged them. As many as fifty of his victims were people who had rented one of the 71 guest rooms in his house to attend the 1893 Chicago World Fair. Sometimes he'd fill one of the building's fireproof rooms with flammable gas and incinerate a young woman. He would watch them die horribly, and then slide their bodies down the greased chutes, where large vats of acid awaited them. Then he would sell their bleached skeletons to Chicago-area medical schools. Julia Connor, the wife of a man Holmes had hired to run a jewelry store on the first floor of his "castle," became pregnant by him. He performed an abortion on her, but botched it horribly. Instead of taking her to a hospital, he murdered her, dissolved her body in acid, and sold her skeleton to a local medical school. He also poisoned her three-year-old daughter Pearl. Holmes married a third time and then hired an assistant named Herman Pitezel, who planned to enlist Holmes' aid in making him disappear so the two could split the insurance proceeds. Naturally, Holmes smothered Pitezel with chloroform, burned him alive with acid, and kept all the money for himself. He also murdered three of Pitezel's five children, burning one of his young boys alive in a stove. Eventually, Holmes became careless. He murdered two sisters from Texas and tried to claim the insurance money. Finally, authorities launched an investigation and Holmes left Chicago. He traveled to Texas, where he began to cheat people out of their life savings. He stole a horse and was caught in Missouri, where he jumped bail. Police did not give up the hunt, however, and The Pinkertons finally captured him Massachusetts, charging him with multiple counts of murder. On the return trip to Philadelphia, Holmes bragged that he had committed enough crimes in his lifetime to be hanged a dozen times over. Since the press was very sensationalistic in the 1890s, newspapers attributed supernatural powers to him, and even called him Bluebeard and Dracula. While sitting in jail, more than fifty people claimed that he had cheated them or stolen large sums of money from them. On November 4, 1895, a jury convicted Holmes of the first-degree murder of Herman Pitezel. Members of the jury said afterwards that they had taken only sixty seconds to reach the guilty verdict, but remained sequestered longer "for the sake of appearances." Holmes soon wrote out a long confession for The Philadelphia Inquirer, saying that he was born to

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be a murderer. It was his life's goal, he said, to become the most notorious murderer the world had even seen. He gave details on 27 murders, including that of Pitezel. Official estimates put the total of his murders at a minimum of fifty and a maximum of two hundred. His "Castle of Horrors" yielded up many grisly secrets, including a pile of human bones in its basement. He showed no remorse for any of his murders, and, in fact, said that "I was born with the Evil One as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world." On May 7, 1896, Henry Howard Holmes died at the hands of the hangman at Moyamensing Prison. References: Katherine Ramsland. "All About Angels of Death: Doctors Who Kill." The Crime Library at; Debra Pawlak. "American Gothic: The Strange Life of H.H. Holmes." Murder (7 incidents), Gross Negligence (2 incidents), Attempted Murder (2 incidents), Arson, Blackmail (2 incidents), Criminal Abortions (2 incidents) and Bribery

Another Chicago abortionist, Thomas Neill Cream, was also a prolific serial murderer, and Hated women almost as much as fellow abortionist And serial killer Harry Howard Holmes. At one time, Chicago seemed to have a talent for producing home-grown serial killers who were also abortionists. Although he will forever stand in the shadow of Harry Holmes, "America's Arch Fiend," Thomas Neill Cream, who was born in Glasgow in 1850, certainly made his bloody mark on the city. As you can see from the rest of this database, many or most of all male pro-abortionists despise and exploit women for personal and monetary gain. Cream was no exception. He saw women as weak, sinful creatures good only for satisfying his lust to torture and kill. Cream was a fascinating character, an illegal abortionist who evaded justice for years. He was a major subject in several books about horrifying crimes of the Victorian era. Angus McLaren, in his book Prescription for Murder, wrote that "[Cream's] outrageous crimes were the result of an individual psychopathology wedded to a generalized misogyny or mistrust of women at a time when women were making a well-publicized bid for greater autonomy."

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W. Teignmouth Shore wrote in his preface to The Trial of Neill Cream, that His actions were probably governed by a mixture of sexual mania and Sadism. He may have had a half-crazy delight in feeling that the lives of the wretched women he slew lay in his power, that he was the arbiter of their fates ... Sensuality, cruelty and lust of power urged him on. We may picture him walking at night the dreary, mean streets and byways of Lambeth, seeking for prey, on some of whom to satisfy his lust, on others to exercise his lust, on others to satisfy his passion for cruelty ... Due to the horrible nature and frequency of his crimes, many criminologists of the day believed that he was Jack the Ripper. This belief was reinforced by the fact, sworn to by his hangman, that Cream shouted "I am Jack ..." as he fell through the trap door to his death at the end of a rope. Cream graduated from the medical college at Quebec's McGill University in April 1876. Shortly thereafter, he apparently set fire to his home in Montreal in order to collect insurance on items he intended to dispose of anyway. He was forced to marry Flora Brooks shortly after graduation. He had seduced and aborted her, and the Brooks family arranged a classic "shotgun wedding" for the pair. Cream vanished the next morning and fled to London for more medical studies. He continued to send medications from London back to Flora, who became progressively more and more ill. Another medical doctor became suspicious and ordered her to stop taking the meds. She recovered temporarily, but then died in 1877. When her body was later exhumed and examined, it was determined that she had extremely high levels of strychnine, Cream's poison of choice, in her system. In 1878, Cream returned to Canada and set up a medical practice in London, Ontario. It did not take him long to get into trouble again. In May 1879, he aborted and then murdered a young woman. The Ontario Medical Examining Board ruled the death a murder, but Cream avoided indictment. He moved to Chicago and set up a medical practice at 434 West Madison, close to the city's red-light district, after passing the State Board of Health examination. Cream immediately began to commit illegal abortions again, seeing the lower-caste women as little more than cattle to be exploited. In 1880, one of his botched abortions killed Mary Anne Faulkner. He escaped indictment by claiming to have arrived at the scene after the abortion and trying to save the woman's life. He also killed Ellen Stack by ending her pregnancy with strychnine, and escaped prosecution because the authorities could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cream had supplied the pills. In 1881, he began an adulterous affair with Julia Stott. When her husband Daniel became suspicious, Cream killed him with strychnine. Police charged Cream with murder, but he fled back to Canada before he could be arrested. He was captured in Bell Riviere, Ontario, returned to the United States, and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Joliet State Penitentiary for murder in November 1881. Through bribery of the incurably corrupt justice system of the time, he obtained parole in 1891 after serving ten years in prison. He emerged hating women more than ever, and moved back to London. He took up residence in a slum area of London and set up medical practice once again, but this time as "Thomas Neill, M.D." In 1891, he murdered prostitutes Ellen "Nellie" Donworth and Matilda Clover with strychnine. In 1892, he spent time with another prostitute, Louise Harris, and attempted to persuade her to take strychnine pills for her pallid complexion. She pretended to take the pills, but instead threw them into the Thames. Cream considered himself to be even more clever than Jack the Ripper, for Cream escaped from his crimes spotless and free of police suspicion. But he was jealous that Jack hid killed two "strumpets" in one night, so he decided to try the same.

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So, on April 11, 1892, Alice Marsh and Emma Shrivell became Cream's latest targets. During a night of carousing, Cream gave them strychnine tables, saying that they would cure the venereal diseases so rampant in the girl's profession. They both died in agony early the next morning. It was not Cream's murderous nature, but his greed and pride, that finally brought him down. He tried to blackmail distinguished father-and-son surgeons, saying that he had evidence that they had killed Marsh and Shrivell. Finally, he befriended a former detective and boastfully gave him a personal tour of the murder scenes, providing a large number of details that only the murderer could have known. Cream was arrested and put on trial for murder and extortion in October 1892. Though the trial took five full days, the jury took only ten minutes to find Cream guilty of murder. He was sentenced to death and was hung on November 16, 1892. A Canadian newspaper declared that "Probably no criminal was ever executed in London who had a less pitying mob awaiting his execution." References: Joseph Geringer. "Killers from History: Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, Shades of Nightshade." Crime TV's Crime Library. Murder, Manslaughter and Gross Negligence Illegal abortionists flourished in the city of Chicago from the turn of the 20th Century, and Eva Shaver was one of the most prominent abortionists there. On May 26, 1915, Shaver aborted Anna Johnson, who soon bled to death. Then Shaver shot Anna in the head with a handgun to try to cover up her fatal botched abortion and make the entire affair look like a suicide. Police eventually uncovered Shaver's illegal abortion mill and charged her with murder and manslaughter in the death of another abortion patient. Reference: Leslie J. Reagan. When Abortion Was A Crime. University of California Press, 1997. Murder, Arson, Impersonating a Doctor, Medical Malpractice, Criminal Abortions, Reckless Conduct, Theft by Deception, Battery, Prostitution, Illegal Gambling and Illegal Pornography Notorious Chicago abortion mill owner Kenneth "The Creep" Yellen literally died in the gutter after his gangland-style execution in November, 1979, from five shots in the head as he walked to work. Police discovered that Yellen who also was involved in the gambling, prostitution, and pornography businesses was more than $1 million in debt. At the time of his death, Yellen was being investigated for the arson of a second abortion clinic he owned, was being investigated for the "mysterious deaths" of several women who had abortions at his mills, was gambling away his enormous earnings, and was living in fear that a rival abortion profiteer was planning to eliminate him. One of Yellen's clinics, the Women's Medical Facility, was shut down by the Chicago Board of Health after it was determined that the mill was operating without a license and its staff was performing abortions on women who were not pregnant. Yellen, stated The Chicago Sun-Times in a November 4, 1979 report on his death, was also sued for impersonating a doctor, medical malpractice, performing illegal abortions, reckless conduct and theft by deception, and battery for squeezing a woman's breasts during an "examination." According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Robin Dragin was ... a professional burglar with mob connections, to question him about the murder [of Kenneth Yellin, administrator of Biogenetics]. According to a top investigator, Dragin organized a Chicago abortion clinic that had been in competition with Yellin's operation.

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Before abortion was legalized, Dragin was a principal in the operation of an illegal abortion ring in the north-west suburbs. That racket, which was based in various motels, was tied to the crime syndicate. Kenneth Yellin was the administrator of the Women's Medical Facility abortion mill, which was closed by the State of Illinois for safety and health violations, but reopened just a few days later as "Biogenetics." Yellin was indicted for passing himself off as "Dr. York," and for performing physical exams. An undercover investigator reported that Yellin scolded recovery room workers, saying "We're giving out too many cookies. Cookies cost money. ... no more than three cookies each and only one cup of pop," even though the patients were hungry and weak from the 24-hour fast prior to their abortions. After Yellin was shot in the head, a police investigator was quoted as saying "What goes around comes around. He was a butcher. He got what he deserved. He died in the gutter where he belonged." Yellin was known as "Creepy Kenny" as a child due to behavior such as putting sand in the gas tanks of parked cars. He flunked out of four colleges. An attorney said that "I remember him driving around town in a big white Cadillac convertible. There was always a blond sitting next to him. Different blonds each time. ... He left a trail of sour deals, bad paper, and civil suits" in a series of businesses opened with money his father gave him (paint and body shop, car dealership, import car business, and Kenneth Yellin Enterprises). The lawyer said that He put his business acumen and money into concerns that were characterized by their increasing sordidness and which have known links to organized crime. He ran a marriage counseling service which a former prosecuting attorney said was a front for prostitution, and was then believed to have operated or invested in X-rated movie theaters. The abortion business seemed a natural progression ... There were pornographic video cassettes and assorted sexual paraphernalia stacked near the bed in his "elaborate" apartment. Within one hour of his death, "his live-in girlfriend, a tall, thin blond named Melody Forster, was in Florida with a suitcase full of his money" which police had found her stuffing into a valise in their apartment. Yellin had been arrested in his home town "for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest ... charges he would beat on a technicality. He was driving a maroon Corvette and wearing a $2,000 leather coat." Reporters said police investigating Yellin's murder indicated that he had lost around $200,000 in a confidence scheme. References: Chicago Sun-Times, November 5, 6, 7, and 18, 1979; Chicago Tribune, November 4, 1979; and Paul Likoudis. "Investigators Cast a Wide Net to Find Abortionist's Murderer." The Wanderer, December 10, 1998, pages 1 and 10. First-Degree Murder, Intentional Killing of an Unborn Child, Death Threat, Aggravated Battery, Battery, and Drug Pushing According to police and prosecution documents and witness testimony, the following events occurred in and around Chicago, Illinois. 33-year-old ex-convict Tony Fountain, a manager of a McDonald's Restaurant on Chicago's South Side, had an affair with 17-year-old Chavanna Prather, a junior at the Hyde Park Academy, and she became pregnant by him. Fountain was also her manager at the restaurant.

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He did not want the baby and told several witnesses that he did not want to pay for an abortion and intended to kill Chavanna, who was four months pregnant. He followed up on his threat. On April 19, 2001, he used a shotgun and shot her in the stomach, abdomen and hand, then strangled her and repeatedly stabbed her in a crime so vicious that it shocked even hardened investigators. Fountain then told his live-in girlfriend (who was pregnant with his fourth child at the time) and his cousin about the killing. Chavanna's mother reported her missing to police the next day when she did not return home from work. Chavanna's classmate and longtime friend Dominique Headd said that she referred to Fountain as her "boyfriend," and said that he had stated that he would kill her if she ever left him. Chavanna's body was found a week after her death in a marsh by a man walking his dog. Investigators found human blood in Fountain's car and shotgun shells in his home. On November 2, 2002, Fountain was charged with first-degree murder and the intentional killing of an unborn child, and his bond was set at $2 million. Fountain had been convicted in 1990 of aggravated battery and sentenced to four years in prison. He was released in 1992, but was returned to prison the next year on a drug conviction and was released in 1994. He had also been arrested for domestic battery. References: "Restaurant Boss Charged in Pregnant Teen's Slaying." Chicago Tribune, May 1, 2002; Janan Hanna. "$2 Million Bond in Pregnant Teen's Slaying." Chicago Tribune, May 2, 2002. First-Degree Murder and Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child Sir Walter Scott had it right when he wrote that Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive, and so much tragedy so often comes out of it Chicago Bears player Shaun Gayles longtime girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter, was seven months pregnant with a baby girl she had decided to name Skylar Reyne, but this didnt stop him from having other admitted sexual relationships on the side, one of them with Marni Yang, who became ferociously jealous of Rhoni and her unborn daughter. So Yang decided that she would eliminate the competition the pro-choice way. She concocted an elaborate murder scheme, wearing a disguise, building a home-made silencer, and using a throw-away cell phone to cover her tracks. On October 4, 2007, Yang carried out her murderous plan after having sex with Gayle in his Chicago home the previous night. She lay in wait outside Rhonis condominium. As Rhoni opened the door on her way to work, Yang emptied her handgun into Rhonis abdomen, deliberately targeting her near-term preborn child, and killed them both. Yang claimed that she was at home replacing the battery in her car at the time of the murder, but her teenaged son told police he had not seen her around their home at that time. Police charged Yang with first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child. On April 15, 2010, a jury found Yang guilty of the charges after deliberating for only four hours. On May 20, 2011, Judge Christopher Stride sentenced her to two concurrent life sentences without the possibility of parole. The key evidence used by the prosecution was recorded conversations between Yang and one of her friends, in which Yang described extensive details of the murder scene. On March 2, 2009, she said to her friend Christi Paschen I took one last shot in the head finished her off. Judge Stride described Yangs crime with words like methodical, maniacal and meticulous. References: Judge Denies Makeover Request Before Murder Trial. Channel 2 Television [Chicago, Illinois], March 1, 2011; Marni Yang Gets Two Life Sentences in Rhoni Reuter's Murder Friday. FOX Television News [Chicago, Illinois], May 20, 2011.

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Murder, Criminal Abortion, Gross Incompetence and Death Threats (3 incidents) Today, abortionists are considered pariahs by the medical profession, but they perform what is seen as a necessary if disgusting job. So they are coddled by the legal system and rarely if ever are imprisoned, even if they kill several women through incompetence and negligence. But there was a time when abortionists ran real risks if they killed women. The first man who died in Illinois's electric chair was not a serial killer (of born people, anyway), but an abortionist whose patient died during an illegal abortion. Dr. Amenti Rongetti botched an abortion on 19-year-old Loretta Enders, who immediately suffered severe complications. But Rongetti did not try to repair the damage he had caused because Loretta had no more money to pay him. The trial evidence showed that Rongetti had denied her lifesaving treatment simply because of her inability to pay. Typical abortionist. Pro-aborts were just as rabid then as they are now. Several witnesses received threats on their lives from people trying to intimidate them. Despite their threats, on March 1, 1928, a Chicago jury sentenced Rongetti to death. References: New York Times, March 2 and 10, 1928; "Chicago, 1928: Abortionist Sentenced to Die." RealChoice Web site, July 6, 2001. Murder According to official police documents and media reports, the following events occurred in and around Chicago, Illinois. Marisol Molina waited until she was in her third trimester of pregnancy in order to have an abortion. But either she didn't have the money to pay for it, or just wanted to try to protect her privacy, so, on February 12, 2010, she ordered Misoprostol, the abortion pill. On February 17, she took at least ten of the Misoprostol tablets and miscarried her baby girl the next day. She tore the umbilical cord with her hands, stuffed the little one into a plastic bag, and hid her in a closet, where she died. Shortly thereafter, she began to suffer pain, and her boyfriend dialed 9-1-1. Hospital doctors noticed that she had had a baby. At first she denied this, but then admitted it. She confessed to the police, who found the baby in the closet An autopsy of the baby showed that she was breathing at birth, and had air in her lungs and stomach. On February 22, police charged Molina with murder, and Judge Israel Desierto set bond at $200,000. Molina also admitted that she'd bought the abortion drug and had used the pills for "one or two" other pregnancies, court records indicate. Some questioned why she did not bother to take advantage of Chicago's "safe haven" laws, which would have allowed her to drop her baby off with no questions asked. Assistant State's Attorney Kevin DeBoni said that The medical examiner determined that the baby had air in the lungs and the stomach, which indicated the baby was born alive and took some breaths. ... That is supported by the fact that the defendant induced the birth of her child, only to wrap the baby in a robe, and then tie the baby in a plastic bag and discard the bag in a closet as if it were a bag of garbage. The defendant left that baby to die while inside this bag, concealed in a closet.

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On the same day, "chicagomum" posted on the Chicago Tribune Web site Wow, this happened in my neighborhood ... literally around the corner from me. When I hear stories of this nature, it really makes me sad ... I can't help but wonder what compelled this woman to take such desperate actions ... then I am a bit hurt because what I wouldn't do to be able to conceive another baby right now; it took me 7 years to conceive my only (he is 7 now) ... I do not have another 7 years ... some women 'dispose' of their babies and children as if they are some inconvenience then there are other women who would sign their name in a blood contract with the devil to have children. References: "Woman Allegedly Took Abortion Pills To Kill Baby: Police Say Woman Hid Girl Inside Plastic Bag In A Closet." Chicago Sun-Times, February 22, 2010; "Prosecutors: Newborn Discarded Like 'Garbage'." Chicago Tribune, February 22, 2010. Attempted Murder (5 counts) Angelique McKinney was 7 months pregnant by her boyfriend. She wanted her baby, but he had repeatedly tried to pressure her into having an abortion. Still, she had no idea that her pro-choice boyfriend would go as far as he did to try to get rid of her baby. On May 14, 2002, she was walking up the steps of her South Side home with her eight-year-old daughter Ariel and two of her nephews, all three of whom she had just picked up from school. Suddenly a man in a black wool ski mask approached and began shooting. All Angelique could do to protect herself and her unborn child was to take the fetal position, pulling her knees up to her stomach. The gunman took no mercy on her, emptying his gun into Angelique, hitting her five times in her right knee, her backside and her belly. Her nephew Lamont McKinney was also hit in the foot. Angelique awoke a few hours later in a bed in Cook County Hospital. She was horrified to see that she had a caesarian section scar, and only got to see her baby two days later. The baby was born at 3 pounds 14 ounces, and Angelique named her Adriel Annette. The tiny baby had a bullet wound in one arm and a gash caused by another bullet on her abdomen, but had miraculously survived. Neonatologist Angela Wilks said that "She looked like a little blue, bloody-red rag doll." A jury found the hit man, Jimmy Spencer, guilty of five counts of attempted murder. On February 22, 2007, Cook County Judge Dennis Dernbach sentenced Spencer to 90 years in prison for trying to kill Angeliques unborn child, and for injuring both her and her nephew. The judge said that "It's the worst [crime] I have seen since I've been here." There was no solid proof that the father of Angeliques baby had hired Spencer, so he was not charged. However, Spencer said that the father had offered him several thousand dollars, because, as he said, "I don't want that baby." Reference: Stefano Esposito. Girl Shot in Womb Thriving Now. Chicago Sun-Times, February 27, 2005. Gross Negligence (4 incidents), Gross Incompetence, Malpractice (38 incidents), Practicing Medicine without a License (3 incidents), Insurance Fraud (12 incidents), Violation of Health and Safety Standards (3 incidents), Inadequate Record Keeping (3 incidents), Falsification of Medical Records and Criminal Abortions (11 incidents) The Biogenetics abortion mill was also known by the names "Abortion Hotline," "Bio Enterprises,"

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and "Women's Ltd." It was co-located with another abortion mill named the "Women's Medical Facility," also known as "Women's Rights, Inc." Biogenetics was shut down by the State of Illinois late in 1978 in the wake of allegations of dangerous conditions. Despite the clear and present danger to women's health Biogenetics presented, its lawyers won a stay of suspension which was overturned and then appealed. Biogenetics was originally known at the Women's Medical Facility at the same site. It was shut down by the State of Illinois for doing abortions on non-pregnant women. It re-opened as Biogenetics within a month. Investigators suspended the abortion mill's license and ordered it closed based on allegations of Unlicensed persons performing abortions; Unsanitary conditions; "Illegally accepted jewelry, welfare checks, and cash payments from pregnant welfare recipients" despite regulations against doctors collecting money from welfare patients; Complaints about quality of care, with patients "saying they had to stay at home for weeks after the operation or even enter a hospital;" Billing separately for excessive lab tests for abortion patients, although lab tests are supposed to be included in the one-time abortion fee; Identifying welfare patients as "new" even if they had prior visits because billing is higher for new patients; and Lab overbilling estimated at $35,000 annually.

One woman reported being required to cash her welfare check at the abortuary, after the deduction of a $20 fee. A teenager said she was told that Medicaid would cover the entire cost of her abortion, but was then required to leave her watch and a Christmas gift from her boyfriend because she did not have the required $20 fee. She did not return to get the watch back "because of my bitter experiences with that place." Another woman said a Biogenetics abortionist told one welfare recipient her pregnancy was too far advanced for an abortion, yet agreed to meet her at a West Side clinic where he would "cut the water bag" and induce the abortion for $188. Though the woman refused, she said the abortionist called her three times at home trying to change her mind. Kenny "The Creep" Yellin's lawyer identified the abortion mill as a "million-dollar-a-year business." The Biogenetics abortion mill had a long history of dozens of botched abortions, including the following incidents; Abortionist Dusan Zivkovic killed Brenda Benton during a botched 1987 abortion at Biogenetics. He also botched 1977 abortions on Sherrell Denise Jones and Deborah Rudowicz at Biogenetics. Abortionist Inno U. Obasi killed Synthia Yvette Dennard, a young mother of two, during an abortion and tubal ligation at the Biogenetics abortion mill on September 7, 1989. According to Medical Board documents, Obasi Performed a surgical incision at a time when the operative field was not clear and the organs at the site of the incision were not clearly visible; severed an artery; severed a vein; failed to locate the source of bleeding and hemorrhage; failed to stop the bleeding and hemorrhage; failed to summon help in a timely manner; refused to allow trained and skilled paramedics to attend to Synthia; refused to allow paramedics to transport Synthia to a hospital in a timely manner; refused to follow medical advice from medical personnel at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who requested immediate transfer of Synthia; allowed Synthia to bleed to death. ... An investigation by the law firm revealed

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that ... medical records in defendants' possession were altered. Additionally, evidence that was about to be destroyed was preserved through court orders ... In another botched abortion, the Illinois Medical Board found the abortionist guilty of "reckless and/or careless disregard for the safety and well being of Patient "A" Krystal." He was also found culpable in at least three other malpractice suits, including a botched 1989 abortion and tubal ligation on Juanita Solideo. The abortionist had an emergency suspension of his Illinois medical license imposed upon him 1989, and it was permanently revoked in 1990 for gross negligence and incompetence. Sandra Lynn Chmiel, age 35, the mother of four, bled to death after her uterus was punctured during an abortion at Biogenetics on June 3, 1975. The abortion was performed after 12 weeks gestation, although at that time such abortions were only legal in Illinois if performed in hospitals. The clinic claimed that the doctor had only repaired the damage caused by a self-induced abortion, but settled out-of-court with her survivors for $75,000. Her death certificate attributed her death to "massive hemoperitoneum due to traumatic perforation of uterus," and lists the manner of her injury as "undetermined as to accident, homicide, or other" ["The Abortion Profiteers," Chicago Sun-Times, November 11, 1978; Cook County Death Certificate #614138]. Abortionist Carlos Baldoceda botched abortions on Tanya K. Kroetz, Shirley Moreno and Lidia Roe (all in 1978), Shelly Cole (1981), Closteen Jackson and Towanna Mitchell (1982), Nancy Stinger, Shelley A. Paytch and Patricia Weidner (all in 1983) Ruth Ann Wills (1985), and Shannon Bemben (1990), all at Biogenetics. In 1978, Acqunetta Young went to Baldoceda at Biogenetics for an abortion. She was rushed out of recovery, boarded a bus for home, began to hemorrhage, got off the bus, stumbled into a public library where librarians called an ambulance, lost 2 pints of blood, went into shock, and had to have a hysterectomy ["The Abortion Profiteers." Chicago Sun-Times, November 19, 1978]. Abortionist Ho Young Kim botched abortions on Georgina Rodruguez (1989); Cheryl Duncan, Chiquita Rattler and Tammy Dudley-Roach (all in 1991); and Felisa Scott (1992) at Biogenetics. Abortionist Philip C. Okwuje botched abortions on Susie Werncher and Edna Yeboa (1980); Maria Negron (1987); Belinda Tinsey (1988); and Kristi L. Fernandez (1989), all at Biogenetics. Abortionist Francisco A. Molina botched abortions on Ella Patterson and Cheryl Pitts in 1984 at Biogenetics. Abortionist Helio M. Zapata botched a 1988 abortion on Stephanie Johnson at Biogenetics. After her July 7, 1992 abortion at Biogenetics, D'Jamaa Edwards had to be admitted to a hospital to have fetal material surgically removed [Cook County Circuit Court Petition #93L-38920]. Karen Daylie went to Biogenetics for a pregnancy test on April 29, 1983. According to her lawsuit against the abortion mill, Biogenetics personnel "Willfully and wantonly kept essential information from Karen Daylie or willfully and wantonly attempted to mislead Karen Daylie into believing that its purported abortion was necessitated by the results of the test performed by the medical center personnel." Daylie underwent an abortion that day based on Biogenetics staff assurance that her pregnancy test was positive. At her follow-up visit, she was diagnosed with a severe infection and had to be hospitalized. She suffered "disability and disfigurement," according to her suit. She had in fact not been pregnant in the first place [Cook County Circuit Court Case #83L-12294]. Abortionist Arnold Bickham botched abortions on Bonnie Jean Deane and Ada Roldan in 1975 at Biogenetics. Abortionist Theodore Jarrett botched an abortion on Yolanda Kirby [also known as Yolanda Johnson] in 1982 at Biogenetics.

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Abortionist Scott M. Pierce botched an abortion on Mary Najera in 1981 at Biogenetics. Abortionist Myriam Wilson botched a 1975 abortion on Granada Williams at Biogenetics. Other botched abortions at Biogenetics included Pamela Harrington in 1976, who suffered hepatitis attributed to unsanitary, improperly sterilized instruments [Cook County Circuit Court Case #78L-9382]; and an unnamed woman in 1975, who alleged failure to provide competent a physician, perforation; "severe and disabling injuries, both internally and externally," and medical and hospital expenses [Cook County Circuit Court Case #77L19761].

This grisly reality was the total opposite of what the Biogenetics abortion mill claimed in its glossy brochure: "From admission to recovery, patient ease and comfort are first considerations. She is encouraged to ask questions, and share her feelings or misgivings." Although the brochure claimed all women were counseled individually, investigators found that all women were counseled in groups of ten to twelve. One Biogenetics worker said that she was "ordered by her supervisor to stop counseling a distraught patient and get back to the reception desk," and was told "Don't tell them it hurts. Don't answer too many questions because the patient gets too nervous, and the next thing you know they'll be out the door." One abortion mill patient told the Chicago Sun-Times that she was not counseled, was not sure she wanted an abortion, but ended up going through with it anyway. Another patient told a Sun-Times reporter that she cried as she heard the suction machine going on and off closer and closer to her room as abortionist Pankaj Thaker made his way down the hall doing abortions. One undercover investigator reported that the abortuary ran referral "hotlines," and one 7-line phone had a note taped to it that said "The call we miss, our competitors will get." Biogenetics counselors answering the referral hotline were instructed to inform women that "We have always gotten good feedback from a place called Biogenetics," and if asked for another abortion mill, to say "We're only recommending Biogenetics at this time. Would you like an appointment?" One woman called the hotline to complain of a botched abortion at Biogenetics, and to warn the counselors not to send other women there. Undercover investigators also alleged employees withheld pregnancy test results, selling women menstrual extraction "just to be safe." The Biogenetics administrator reminded his staff that "We have to sell abortions," and that "rules have to be broken." Another news article described how a 21-year-old patient paid $50 extra for additional painkillers, but her abortion was initiated before the drugs could take effect. She told a reporter "He didn't wait five seconds. He started right in. I was screaming, and squirming all over the table. I asked him to stop until the anesthetic took effect. It was killing me. I continued to scream." The same news article described how an undercover investigator heard a lab technician complaining of a hangover from drinking and "smoking dope" at a party the night before. Curiously, all of the pregnancy tests he ran that day were coming up positive. The news article described how both abortionists Carlos Baldoceda and David Aberman did abortions after drinking several glasses of champagne at a lunchtime staff birthday party. Yet another news article described how a 14-year-old abortion patient was found slumped on the floor by an undercover investigator. The young girl had been ejected from Biogenetics' recovery room "so the clinic could close." The investigator was not permitted to put the girl in one of the beds because they'd already been made up for business the following day. Hospital residents would "audition" for medical director Carlos Baldoceda by performing abortions as he observed. One patient said that Jovenal DuBois performed her abortion with a director instructing him. She said "It must have been his first abortion. He was picking up the wrong things, dropping the wrong instruments." Weeks later, she "was still suffering cramps, passing blood clots and complaining of terrible pain." Another patient alleged moonlighting resident David Aberman performed her abortion without anesthetic, then announced halfway through that she was not pregnant ["The Abortion Profiteers"].

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"The Abortion Profiteers" series reported that the Biogenetics brochure offered "all board-certified physicians," but, in reality, it had absolutely none. One woman reported undergoing a post-operative examination by "Dr." Shastia Khan. She reported that "She said I was fine, but my own physician said I had all sorts of complications. I had missed tissue." The series reported that Khan did post-op exams, inserted IUDs, and prescribed contraceptives and other drugs under abortionist Pravin Thakkar's name, and billed Public Aid under other doctor's names. The Biogenetics director initially denied that Khan was employed there, then reported that she had left the staff. The series also said that Luis Garcia Nique, licensed in North Dakota but not in Illinois, performed at least five abortions at Biogenetics. The director "couldn't recall" having employed Nique. The series describes how one woman was about to be discharged without a RhoGam RH-incompatibility shot she knew she needed, and she had to ask for it. Another patient said she reminded a technician that she had paid for RhoGam and had not received it, and was told "We're too busy to think of everything." An undercover investigator reported Biogenetics employees checking off "no complications" on patient charts "even though an alarming number of patients phoned or revisited the clinics with complaints of serious complications. Some of them required hospitalization" for infections, perforations, and retained tissues. "The Abortion Profiteers" series also indicates that Biogenetics owner and manager Clifford Josefik hired Regaldo S. Florendo as his Medical Director after he had been suspended from Medicaid, and that Florendo's name was on "requisitions for laboratory work done on public aid patients," but bills were submitted by David B Aberman. Another article alleged that patients told an investigator they were operated on by a Black doctor, but abortion bills were submitted in the name of a White Cook County Hospital resident. After a major expos entitled "The Abortion Profiteers" in the Chicago Sun-Times in 1978, Josefik reported that "business is fine," and that nothing had changed at Biogenetics as a result of the newspaper's coverage of allegations and state investigations. Biogenetics administrator Kenneth "Creepy Kenny" Yellin was gunned down in a gangland-style execution on November 3, 1979, as he was walking from a parking garage to Biogenetics, which remained open for business that day. References: Chicago Sun-Times, December 15, 1978, January 5, 1979, April 12 and 20, 1979, October 19, 1979, and November 4, 1979; Chicago Tribune, November 21, 1976 and November 4, 1979; Chicago Daily News, May 3, 1977; Illinois Department of Professional Regulation Complaint #89-2096; Cook County Circuit Court Cases #89L13692, #89L45575 and #90L11769; Death Certificate #61711; Associated Press, October 26, 1989; Chicago Sun-Times, May 3, 1990; and Chicago Tribune, October 26 and December 7, 1989 and May 3, 1990. Felony Child Abandonment Some pro-choice women are so heartlessly intent on killing their own children, they will attempt to murder them after they are born if they cannot find an abortionist to kill them before they are born. Wendy Sanchez is one of these women. Eleven months after having a previous baby with her boyfriend, Sanchez found that she was pregnant again. She waited until she was six months pregnant and tried to get an abortion in Des Plaines, but the abortion mill staff turned her down because her pregnancy was too far along. She continued to hide her pregnancy from her parents, with whom she lived. She told her boyfriend that she had had the late-term abortion. Early in the morning of April 27, 2010, Sanchez gave birth standing over a garbage can in her backyard. She then cut the umbilical cord and tied it off with a hair barrette. Then she breastfed the little

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girl for several hours before wrapping her in a towel and placing her in an empty Huggies diaper box. She left the baby outside against a fence, and returned about a day later to try to breastfeed her again. When the baby seemed uninterested, Sanchez abandoned her little daughter again, never to return. The little one lay in the diaper box for three days, exposed to the elements, animals and insects, and Sanchez went about her life without a care. Finally, on May 1, one of her neighbors discovered the baby girl. At the time, the babys temperature was only 84 degrees, but she survived and was in good condition. On June 28, 2010, Sanchez pleaded guilty to child abandonment and was sentenced to six months in the Kane County Jail. She was also placed on 30 months' probation and ordered to take a parenting class. Judge Thomas Mueller observed that Illinois has a safe haven law that allows women to leave newborns with fire or police departments or at hospitals, and said that "You could have walked away without charges." Six months for abandoning your own child. Why were the charges not attempted murder? Reference: Clifford Ward. Woman Guilty of Abandoning Baby Tried to Hide Pregnancy. WGN News [Chicago], June 29, 2010. Gross Negligence (2 incidents) and Malpractice (3 incidents) Abortionist Rudolph Moragne aborted Magnolia Reed Thomas on February 19, 1986 at the Hedd Surgi-Center. He failed to diagnose and treat her ectopic pregnancy, so she suffered a rupture of the pregnancy, shock, and death. Diane Watson also died after Moragne aborted her at the Hedd Surgi-Center on August 29, 1987, although Diane was over 12 weeks pregnant, in violation of state regulations. In Diane's case, a doctor stated that the individuals involved in her case "deviated from the accepted standards of care and failed to appropriately and timely diagnose and treat intraoperative complications which resulted in her death." Diane went into cardiac arrest, and Moragne and other physicians present Henry Pimentel, Ester Pimentel, and Calvin Williams failed to perform CPR. An autopsy attributed her death to "seizures due to an anesthesia during an abortion." Her death certificate made no mention of pregnancy or abortion, going as far as to check "no" regarding a pregnancy in the past three months. This abortionist was also the subject of at least three other malpractice lawsuits. References: Cook County Circuit Court Case #86L18707 and death certificate #603955; Cook County Circuit Court Case #87L24404 and death certificate #617011; and Cook County Circuit Court Cases #85L19286, #79L16614 and #77L21639. Gross Negligence and Malpractice Abortionist Mohammed Pourtabib killed Linda Fondren at Chicago's Pre-Birth abortion mill on January 1, 1974, during a botched abortion. He badly lacerated her cervix, and failed to provide follow-up care, in reckless disregard for her safety. He failed to hospitalize her, although he knew this might result in her death. She was transferred to Cook County Hospital, where doctors attempted to drain fluids from her chest. She died of "hemoperitoneum with splenic rupture following hysterectomy and earlier dilatation and curettage." In another case, the abortionist seriously injured Pattie Reed at the Midwest Population Center on November 6, 1973, breaking off a surgical instrument inside her uterus. During this incomplete abortion, he perforated her uterus and caused a traumatic lesion of her small bowel.

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References: Chicago Sun-Times, November 19, 1978; Chicago Tribune, August 17 and 21, 1974; Chicago Today, August 5 and 16, 1974; Cook County Circuit Court Cases #74L12514 and #75L20652; and Death Certificate #601804. Intentional Manslaughter of an Unborn Child (7 counts), Robbery (5 counts) and Aggravated Battery (6 counts) On June 7, 2008, Melissa Almendarez, Maresa Prado and Patricia Ann Lopez were wandering the streets of Chicago's South Side looking for trouble. They found a relatively helpless victim, a woman who was 4 months pregnant, and attacked her. They threw her to the ground, and when she began screaming that she was pregnant, the three began to kick her in the abdomen. They stole her backpack and purse, and left the victim bleeding on the ground. The unnamed victim was taken to a hospital with vaginal bleeding and was treated and released. When the bleeding didn't stop, she returned to the hospital and her baby was stillborn on June 9. The Cook County Medical Examiner's office ruled that the baby died of blunt force trauma and a torn placenta caused by the mother's trauma. On August 18, 2008, Almendarez was charged with three counts each of intentional manslaughter of an unborn child, robbery and aggravated battery for this heartless and brutal attack, and was held without bond. Prado was arrested on June 27, and was indicted for three counts of intentional manslaughter of an unborn child, one count of robbery, and three counts of aggravated battery. Lopez was charged with one count each of intentional manslaughter of an unborn child and robbery. Reference: "Woman Indicted In Beating of Pregnant Woman." WBBM 780 Radio [Chicago, Illinois], August 20, 2008. Attempted Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child (2 counts), Domestic Battery (two counts), Aggravated Battery (2 counts), Retail Theft (2 counts), and Parole Violation (2 counts) [Dundee] On January 30, 2006, Jackie Maxwell Brown intentionally kicked his five-months pregnant girlfriend in the abdomen, causing her to miscarry. He then disposed of the preborn child in a plastic bag. His girlfriend was not identified by the police or the press. After a three-month-long police investigation, Brown was charged with two counts of domestic battery and two counts of aggravated battery. He was later charged with two counts of attempted intentional homicide of an unborn child. Brown was also charged with two counts of retail theft in an unrelated incident in addition to two counts of parole violation. On November 16, 2006, Brown pleaded guilty to charges of attempted intentional homicide of an unborn child, and he was sentenced to six years in prison. References: Julie Mann. "Man Charged in Death of Fetus." WBBM News Radio 780 (Chicago), May 23, 2006; "East Dundee Man Charged in Death of Fetus." Chicago Sun-Times, May 23, 2006; "Man Sentenced in Girlfriend's Miscarriage." Chicago Tribune, November 18, 2006. Rape (5 incidents), Forced Abortion and Sexual Harassment (12 incidents) Pro-abortionists love to paint male pro-lifers as "male chauvinist pigs" who "hate women." But this case shows that the real pigs often are usually "pro-choice."

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Elke Budreau was 19 years old and had been a sales agent only a month at Combined Insurance Company of America when she attended her first company-sponsored conference. At that meeting, she was sexually assaulted by her district manager and four other men employed by Combined, she alleges in a sexual harassment claim filed against the company. Later, some of them paid for the abortion they insisted she have, according to her complaint. Plaintiff's attorney Patricia Benassi said that "The company found out and did nothing except pressure her to get an abortion." Combined, a unit of Chicago-based Aon Corporation, faces complaints from about 135 women alleging harassment and discrimination. Filings in U.S. District Court describe women being assaulted, grabbed, propositioned and frozen out of promotions. They allege they were paid less than their male counterparts, given lesser assignments and laughed at when they told supervisors about inappropriate treatment. One woman said that she had to endure dirty jokes, comments about her breasts and the frustration of being regularly passed up for better assignments. One manager told her he was taking her to a staff meeting, but instead drove her to a strip bar, according to her complaint. Another time a boss told her to stop by his hotel room to pick up some materials she needed. When he opened the door, the man was standing there naked, she said. Budreau said she stayed with Combined for more than two years because she was inexperienced and needed the work. "When you're working in a big company for the first time ... you go home and talk about it to your boyfriend and what not, and you decide that it's going to be OK." She declined to discuss specifics, except to say she was incapacitated and didn't realize she had been assaulted until some time later. As a result, criminal charges were not filed, she said. She realized something wasn't right, she said, when she attended her first Combined meetings and heard "lots of dirty jokes, a lot of bad language, foul language." She protested, and "they kind of looked at me in surprise," she said. Combined Insurance was founded by insurance tycoon W. Clement Stone. In 1982, the company merged with Aon Corporation, a global insurance brokerage and consulting giant. After the lawsuit was filed, Combined Insurance CEO Richard Ravin issued a statement saying his company "is an equal opportunity employer that puts the highest priority on fairness and diversity in the workplace. We have long-standing policies against sexual harassment and discrimination, and as a matter of practice do not tolerate such behavior in our company." References: Chicago Sun-Times, December 14, 2001; "Sexual Harassment Suit Includes Forced Abortion Case." Pro-Life Infonet, December 16, 2001; Mark Skertic. "Experts Say Harassment Endures: Problems Go from Factories to Wall St." Chicago Tribune, May 28, 2003. Production of Child Pornography (21 incidents), Criminal Sexual Assault, and Forced Abortions (2 incidents) On June 5, 2002, chart-topping rhythm and blues singer R. Kelly was arrested on charges of producing child pornography. The charges were based on a videotape he allegedly made with an under-age girl that subsequently become a bootleg best-seller on street corners. In February of 2002, someone had anonymously sent the 26-minute video to the Chicago Sun-Times. The tape was made at Kelly's luxurious Chicago apartment sometime between 1997 and when the newspaper obtained its copy, a grand jury indictment said. Kelly either knew, or should have known, the girl was born in September 1984 and was therefore a minor. Kelly was arrested in Florida's Polk County a few hours after authorities issued a nationwide warrant for him. He was being held on $750,000 bond, a spokeswoman for the Polk County Sheriff's Office said. Kelly's lawyer, Edward Genson, said the girl on the tape was not under-age, and that Kelly would plead not guilty. Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine said that the indictment produced by a grand

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jury consisted of 21 counts of videotaping, producing or soliciting for child pornography. Kelly has been sued several times by women who said they were underage when he had sex with them. Kelly told an interviewer on Black Entertainment Network television in May that he was no monster. He said "If people out there have a tape of me and they're saying it's me and a young girl, a minor ... then they're sadly mistaken or they're lying. I can say with all confidence it's not me." This was only the latest round of accusations to dog the Chicago singer. On April 29, 2002, Patrice Jones, 20, who claims she was coerced by Kelly into having an abortion, filed a lawsuit against him. Kelly's lawyer, Gerry Margolis, griped that "This case we view as a piling on ... People seem to have gotten the idea that R. Kelly is some sort of walking ATM they can hit up for cash simply by threatening to sue him." Jones said that she and Kelly first had sex at the Chicago Trax Recording studio in January 1999, when she was 16, and that they had sex an average of two to three times per week at Trax and various downtown Chicago hotels from January to August 1999. In June 1999, the suit says, Jones became pregnant by Kelly, and in September he coerced her into having an abortion at Family Planning Associates in Chicago. Jones' lawyer, Susan Loggans, said that one of Kelly's assistants took Jones to the abortion mill. Loggans said that "This is a very depressing case, as far as I'm concerned. We have the medical records. We'd like to see this go to trial as soon as possible. ... A 17-year-old girl cannot think straight in these circumstances. He intimidated her into it [the abortion]. She was crying, saying: 'I don't want to have it.' But he insisted and he is an intimidating guy. ... She is totally screwed up by this. After all these events with underage minors, he's still trying to characterize himself as the victim." The lawsuit's criminal sexual assault allegation stems from Kelly having sex with the girl while she was 16 and therefore a minor. The emotional distress allegation refers to Kelly allegedly forcing the girl to have an abortion. Jones' action was the third lawsuit filed against the platinum-selling R&B artist claiming he had sex with underage girls. One of these lawsuits was brought by a Chicago woman who accused Kelly of impregnating her when she was a teen-ager and forcing her to have an abortion. Kelly is the married father of two children. Kelly was married to the late singer Aaliyah, his former proteg, when she was just 15. The marriage was later annulled. References: Jeane MacIntosh. "R. Kelly Slapped With Another Sex Suit.", April 30, 2002; Robert K. Elder and Mickey Ciokajlo. "Suit: Hip-Hop Star Forced Teen Into Abortion." Chicago Tribune, May 1, 2002; "Singer R. Kelly Forced Teen Into Abortion, Lawsuit Says." Pro-Life Infonet, May 1, 2002; Nekesa Mumbi Moody, Associated Press Music Writer. "R. Kelly Denies Sex Allegations," May 9, 2002; Andrew Stern. "Chicago R&B Star Kelly Arrested on Child Porn Charge." Yahoo! News, June 5, 2002. Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child (6 incidents) [Waukegan] This is another excellent example of a case in which a sexual predator used the free and easy availability of abortion to make sure an underage girl continued to be available for his molestation. 32-year-old Rigoberto Alfaro was repeatedly having sex with a young girl beginning in 2001, when she was just eleven years old. She got pregnant when she was fourteen, and he took her to an abortion clinic, whose personnel did not ask any questions they just aborted her and took his money. Alfaro pleaded guilty to predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and, on December 22, 2005, Circuit Judge Fred Foreman sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

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Reference: "Man Who Assaulted Girl Sentenced to 20 Years." Chicago Tribune, December 23, 2005. Criminal Abortion and Gross Negligence Chiropractor Howard White, who had failed his licensing test at least three times, and whose license had been suspended in 1976, charged a 16-year old girl $250 for an abortion. The girl was 21 weeks pregnant and believed White was a qualified doctor; she testified that he used a corkscrew-like device to attempt to induce abortion. She was taken to a nearby hospital from his clinic and was hospitalized for 11 days. She had to have surgery to remove her perforated uterus. White was sentenced to one to three years in prison for this criminal abortion. Reference: Chicago Tribune, May 24, 1977. Assault (5 incidents) On April 7, 2004, while conducting its second Campus Face the Truth tour at the University of Illinois at Chicago, members of the Pro-Life Action League saw once again that pro-abortionists consider college campuses to be their exclusive domain, and that any pro-lifers who try to exercise their rights to free speech can expect to be cursed at and even beaten up. Pro-abortion counterdemonstrators at UIC, many of them wearing black ski masks to prevent identification, held signs with slogans like "I'm Pro-Choice and I RIOT!" They continued to grow increasingly hateful and violent, kicking pro-lifer's signs, blocking the sidewalk, screaming, swearing and threatening violence. One cowardly pro-abortion man, like all cowardly pro-abortion men, physically assaulted two pro-life women. When Joe and Eric Scheidler walked away from the main demonstration area, three pro-abortionists followed them and splashed black ink on them. Joe had to seek medical attention, because one of the pro-aborts, who took off running, aimed for his face and got ink in his eyes. UIC and Chicago Police were out in great numbers, but apparently could not care less what happened to the pro-lifers. One of them even laughed when he saw Joe Scheidler's blackened face shortly after the ink incident. Reference: "Pro-Aborts Terrorize April 7 Campus Truth Day." Pro-Life Action League press release dated April 11, 2004. Assault (2 incidents) and Battery (2 incidents) On October 11, 1995, Orin and Ardith Cooper were sidewalk counseling outside the Westmont abortion mill. Abortionist Edward Malters grabbed 62-year-old Ardith and began to swing her around trying to get her camera. Orin came and stepped in between his wife Ardith and the crazed abortionist, who took several swings at Orin. Malters was charged with assault and battery. Reference: Operation Rescue National Newsletter, December 1995. Medicaid Fraud (7 incidents) and Practicing Medicine Without a License (2 incidents) Abortionist Henry Pimental had his Illinois medical license suspended in 1991 on allegations that he

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prescribed controlled substances on a non-renewed license. He entered a guilty plea in 1990 to vendor fraud, billing Medicaid $150,000 for services done by an unlicensed doctor. Pimentel and his wife Ester were also arraigned on charges of allowing a non-physician to practice medicine on Public Aid patients. A former employee said Public Aid cited Pimentel for "grossly inferior quality of care," and that Pimentel would perform surgery but sign it off as being performed by his wife for billing to Public Aid, including 7 abortions performed while Ester was in the Philippines. References: Chicago Tribune, July 28, 1990 and February 8, 1991. Racketeering, Extortion, Grand Theft (2 counts), Bribery (6 counts), Illegal Gambling (3 counts), Possessing a Firearm as a Felon and Obstruction of Justice (2 counts) On May 3, 1999, police arrested Anthony T. Centracchio, who, according to the Associated Press, is "reputed to be among the five most powerful organized crime figures in Chicago." He was charged with leading a huge gambling and extortion racket. Centracchio was the owner of the A.C.T. Medical Clinic, an abortuary which he used to carry out many of his illegal activities. References: "Abortion Providers Arrested and Jailed." LifeSite Daily News, May 10, 1999; Steve Warmbir. "Living the High Life Without Getting Caught." Chicago Sun-Times, August 25, 2002. Harassment, Violation of Civil Rights, and Desecration of Religious Services (5 incidents) On several occasions, members of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP), Refuse and Resist, Queer Nation, Sister Serpents and the Women's Action Coalition (WAC) invaded Armitage Baptist Church during sermons, screamed slogans, and placed condoms in offering plates. References: The Facts of Life, Inc. Newsletter, December 1992, page 1; "Armitage Baptist Under Attack: Attempt to Intimidate the Church Backfires and Becomes a Source of Revival." Life Advocate, June 1994, page 20. Manslaughter, Gross Negligence, Fraud (2 counts), Malpractice (11 incidents) and Practicing Medicine Without a License Abortionist Arnold Bickham aborted 18-year-old Sylvia J. Moore on December 31, 1986. He used first-trimester techniques for a second trimester pregnancy, failed to perform an ultrasound, failed to have adequate staff and equipment, and failed to detect or treat a 6.5 cm (2 inch) laceration of her cervix with a foreign body imbedded, and a 2.2 cm (1 inch) laceration of her vagina and heavy bleeding. Bickham reportedly said he injected Sylvia with Demerol because she reported severe abdominal cramps; Sylvia's mother said Bickham called Sylvia "lazy" when she collapsed and was unable to walk. He placed her in a wheelchair and ejected her from his facility. Bickham reportedly testified that he "didn't think there was anything wrong" with her when he had her leave. Her attorney said "This patient would never have been allowed to leave Bickham's clinic with her mother. She should have left in an ambulance." She arrived at hospital in shock, without pulse or blood pressure and subsequently bled to death despite an emergency hysterectomy. A specimen of the abortion tissue sent from the clinic contained segments of placental tissue, umbilical cord, and fetal intestinal parts and liver. The postmortem report on Sylvia gave her cause of death as exsanguinating hemorrhage, and stated

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The circumstances of injury, review of the medical records, the findings at autopsy examination, and subsequent investigation of the circumstances of the case provide evidence of gross negligence and abandonment on the part of the original treating physician. In consideration of the above, the manner of death is determined to be homicide. Bickham and his attorney reportedly blamed Sylvia's death on the hospital. Bickham's license was revoked by the State of Illinois in October 1988 due to Sylvia's death. He was arrested in September 1989 for practicing medicine without license, and was sentenced to 30 months probation, 2,600 hours community service in lieu of 6 months in jail, and a $10,000 fine. Additionally, Bickham served two years in prison after pleading guilty in 1979 of two counts of defrauding the government. During investigations of allegations of his practicing without a medical license, Bickham's attorney told reporters, "I think he's a bright enough man to not do something illegal." News report say that "Bickham, who submitted $792,000 in Medicaid bills in 1974 the highest tab of any physician in the nation was barred from the program in 1979 for "providing grossly inferior care." His license was revoked following the death of Sylvia Moore, and his petition to overturn revocation was denied. He was subsequently convicted of practicing medicine without a license. Bickham also lost his license in 1970 for performing abortions on non-pregnant women. Court records showed 23 malpractice suits, mostly abortion-related, against Bickham between 1973 and 1988. When investigated by the state in the wake of the 1978 Chicago Sun-Times expose, Bickham allegedly said the state was "reacting to sensationalism in newspapers ... designed to sell newspapers and assist in building esteem for individual reporters who are muckrakers and exponents of yellow journalism at its very worst." References: 1st District, 3rd Division, Illinois Appellate Court 216 Ill.App.3d 453, 160 Ill. Dec 21; Associated Press, November 1, 1988; Chicago Tribune, February 18, 1987, March 2, 1987, February 10 and 11, 1988, June 15, 1988, August 6, 1988, September 9 and 14, 1989, October 4, 1989, and January 2, 1992; Cook County Circuit Court Case Number 87L-15971, postmortem case number 720 (December 1986); Chicago Sun-Times, February 18, 1987, March 3, 1987, February 8 and 10, 1988, August 5 and 27, 1988, November 1, 1988, September 15, 1989, October 12, 1989, and January 3, 1992; Modern Healthcare, March 2, 1987; Southtown Economist, November 5, 1991. Gross Negligence and Practicing Medicine without a License (2 incidents) Abortionist Stephen Lichtenberg was a speaker for at least two National Abortion Federation (NAF) Risk Management seminars. He botched a 21-week abortion that killed 13-year old Deanna Bell on September 5, 1992 at Edward Allred's Albany Medical Surgical Center. The suit stated that non-MD personnel performed some medical procedures including inserting laminaria and Dilapan in Deanna's immature cervix. An expert witness testified that Deanna was administered at least 250 milligrams of Brevital, when a sufficient dose for an adult would be less than one-third of this amount, or about 70 milligrams, and that Deanna had been given 400 milligrams of Brevital for anesthesia during the laminaria removal procedure the previous day. The abortion was initiated on September 5 and took 9 minutes to complete. Deanna was discharged to the recovery room where she lost all vital signs within two minutes. Resuscitative efforts were documented at 8:51, more than an hour later. No effort was made to transport Deanna to a more fully-equipped facility during the hour the abortion mill staff reported attempts to resuscitate her. A report sent to the hospital that had referred Deanna read "Date of service 9-5-92, Uneventful D&C, Thank you!," signed by Lichtenberg. Deanna's autopsy reported congested lungs and a uterus full of clotted

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blood, but the cause of death and manner of death was listed on the death certificate as "undetermined," although "how injury occurred" was listed as "expired after abortion." Although the clinic told Deanna's family and the press that the probable cause of her death was amniotic fluid embolism, the autopsy showed that "Histologic studies showed no microscopic evidence of amniotic fluid embolism." Her family's lawsuit stated that a nurse noted no vital signs registering on monitoring machines, that the abortion mill lacked a protocol for dealing with cardiac-respiratory arrest, failed to monitor Deanna, lacked adequate resuscitation equipment, failed to properly resuscitate or transfer her to a hospital, and did not give her informed consent. In addition, the clinic hired unqualified staff. Despite all of these grave shortcomings, Edward Allred stated in his deposition that he found no fault with his staff's handling of Deanna's case. References: Chicago Tribune, September 6, 1992 and May 5, 1994; Chicago Sun-Times, September 6 and 7, 1992; Southtown Economist, September 8, 1992; Daily Herald, September 6 and 7, 1992; Washington Times, June 4, 1994; The Wanderer, August 18, 1994; and Cook County Circuit Court Cases #91L13681 and #94L06529. Forced Abortion, Criminal Abortions (2 incidents) and Practicing Medicine without a License Julius Leatherman, a chiropractor with a suspended license, faced charges of performing two illegal abortions. In one case, he did a pelvic examination on a woman who was opposed to abortion. He told her she was pregnant, used instruments on her without getting consent or informing her what he was doing, and then informed her that the abortion was complete. Reference: Chicago Sun-Times, May 19, 1976. Vehicular Assault and Assault (6 incidents) At the Albany Medical Surgical Center abortuary, which specializes in late-term abortions, pro-abortionist Bruno Canale ran over the feet of several rescuers with his car. When a television interview began, pro-abortionists surrounded the interviewers and pro-life leaders and screamed and chanted obscenities repeatedly. Several pro-abortionists shoved Joe Scheidler and attacked the TV station's van. Police arrested six pro-abortionists, four of whom were wearing masks. Reference: November 7, 1992. Tim Murphy, "First Post-Election Rescue." Pro-Life Action News, February 1993, pages 5 and 6. Assault [Gary, Indiana] On March 17, 1993, abortionist Ulrich G. Klopfer physically assaulted a pro-lifer in front of his abortion mill. Reference: Advocates for Life Ministries [Portland, Oregon]. Life Advocate, February 1994, page 23. Menacing [Aurora]

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On March 21, 1998, pro-abortionist Justin P. Jordan asked pro-lifer Randy Means if he was "afraid to die." Means said, "No, I am here in the service of my Lord and I have Him as my Savior." Jordan then pulled out a Colt .45, cocked it, pointed it at Means and said, "Are you sure you are ready to die?" He kept the gun pointed at Means, first at his stomach and then at his head and then back to his stomach. Eventually he drove off and pro-lifers phoned the police. Means gave them the license plate number and police located the suspect, Justin Jordan, at his home in Aurora where he surrendered the gun. The suspect had a previous incident on record when he shot himself in the leg. The local newspapers ignored this event, even though they gave extensive coverage to the clinic a few years ago when workers claimed pro-lifers vandalized the inside of the clinic. We must wonder how they would have reacted if a pro-lifer had used a gun to threaten the life of a pro-abortionist. It undoubtedly would have been front-page news. Reference: "Gunman Threatens Peaceful Prolifers at Clinic." LifeSite Daily News, May 4, 1998. Death Threats On November 6, 1998, pro-abortionists mailed letters to two Catholic churches and a pro-life group with threats that they contained anthrax bacteria. The victims were St. Matthew's Church and School in Indianapolis, Queen of Martyrs' Church in Cheektowaga, New York, and the Chicago office of Joe Scheidler's Pro-Life Action League. The letters said "You have been exposed to anthrax." References: "Anthrax Threats Against Catholic Churches, Pro-Life Group." Catholic World News Briefs, November 10, 1998; "Anti-Abortion Group, Parish Receive Threatening Letters." USA Today, November 10, 1998. Destruction of Property (3 incidents) and Bomb Threat From a public relations standpoint, it is always good for pro-lifers to appear at pro-choice street events and counterprotests, because passersby really do notice the vivid contrast between chanting, cursing, angry pro-choicers and singing, prayerful pro-lifers. There was a great example of this principle at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza Hotel on April 2, 2011, at the dinner held to honor Joe Scheidler, founder of Chicagos Pro-Life Action League. About thirty prochoicers angrily chanted their tired old slogans outside the hotel, and whenever they saw a car with prolife bumperstickers, they cursed and swore at the people inside. When Joe Scheidler came out to greet them, the pro-choicers swore and cursed loudly. Meanwhile, a group of about 80 young pro-lifers appeared as a flash mob, holding bright yellow balloons with the word LIFE boldly printed on them. The pro-lifers sang happily while the pro-choicers were obviously upset and very, very angry. After the event, the character of pro-choicers became even more evident. They had sneaked around and had slashed the tires of at least three cars with pro-life bumperstickers. Additionally, a prolifer caught one pro-choicer tying a yellow LIFE balloon to a mocked-up bomb in an attempt to discredit the pro-life movement. References: Personal witness of the author, who attended the protest and the dinner; Kathleen Gilbert. Surprise! Pro-Life `Flash Mob Forms Honor Guard for Joe Scheidler. LifeSite News, April 15, 2011. Bomb Threat

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On January 25, 1985, a pro-abortionist called the office of the Pro-Life Action League and asked "How would you like it if your place has a big fire or gets bombed?" References: Press release, Pro-Life Action League, January 25, 1985. Bomb Threat A pro-abortionist phoned the New Life Crisis Pregnancy Center and said "Thank you very much. I'm going to deliver a bomb there." Reference: "Bomb Threat." New Life Crier, January 1986. Gross Negligence (10 incidents) Abortionist Ho Young Kim gained a reputation for repeatedly botching abortions, including late-term abortions. References: Cook County Circuit Court Cases #90L20464, #91L019231, #91L05909, #91L13214, #91L15431, #92L003875, #92L11798, #92L3761, #93L12305, and #94L001087. Assault (2 incidents) On October 25, 2003, pro-lifers Robert Rudny and Michael Walsh were kneeling in prayer next to a fence bordering the Albany Women's Center abortion mill on North Elston Avenue. A Hispanic man on crutches on the other side of the fence, who had brought his girlfriend or wife to be aborted, had been cursing them and verbally abusing them for about half an hour. Then the pro-abortionist sprayed pepper spray over the fence into the eyes of the two men. Rudny said that "He was a rabid, crazy man "who was screaming obscenities while we were praying the Rosary. I was looking down, praying my Rosary, and suddenly I felt this liquid on my face, and then my eyes and face were burning." Three other sidewalk counselors, Kathy Mieding, Brian Pabich and Michael Busse heard Rudny screaming and went to his aid. Rudny says he staggered across the street to the Women's Center, a pro-life shelter and service, where he doused his eyes and face with water in the bathroom. At the same time, at least three calls were placed to 9-1-1 to report the incident. Busse said, "We called the police, and then turned our attention to the attacker, but he was gone. He was handicapped and used some kind of brace, so he couldn't have gotten far. No cars left the parking lot. He just disappeared." Thomas More Law Center volunteer Tim Murphy said today that he is interested in helping with Rudny's legal case in the aftermath of the attack. Murphy surmised that people in the abortion clinic may have hid the attacker. "The same thing happened to me years ago when I was attacked outside an abortion clinic," Murphy said. "We went inside the clinic and pointed the guy out." Sidewalk counselor Kathy Mieding said of the attacker that "He was saying the most awful things to these poor men as they prayed. When he began spitting on them, I tried to get his attention to get him away from them. It all happened so fast. I was attacked by a pro-abort at a prayer service before myself, and the man escaped in the confusion. But I got a good look at this one." Jim Finnegan, pro-life sidewalk counselor and director of Vote Life America, said "Imagine the headlines that would have been generated if it was a pro-abortion protestor that was attacked by someone

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who was pro-life. It would have been splashed across the front pages of newspapers across the Midwest. But because a pro-lifer got attacked, to our biased and anti-life media it's a non-event. It's sickening." The Albany Clinic is owned by abortionist Edward Allred, who operates the Family Planning Associates Medical Group. Murphy noted that "Allred is known for his racist statements against blacks and Hispanics." In the October 12, 1980 issue of the San Diego Union, Allred is quoted as saying, Population control is too important to be stopped by some right wing pro-life types. Their lack of respect for democracy and society is frightening. Take the new influx of Spanish immigrants. Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide; I'd set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could. Maybe one in Calixico would help. ... The Aid to Families with Dependent Children program is the worst boondoggle ever created. When a sullen black woman of 17 or 18 can decide to have a baby and get welfare and food stamps and become a burden to all of us, it's time to stop. In parts of South Los Angeles, having babies for welfare is the only industry the people have. Allred's comments are entirely consistent with the racist views of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who was an early proponent of using abortion as a form of genocide against non-Aryans. References: "Men Praying the Rosary Attacked by Pro-Aborts With Pepper Spray in Chicago." Catholic [Catholic Citizens of Illinois], October 28, 2003; Karl Maurer. "Chicago Abortion Protestors Pepper-Sprayed." The Illinois Leader, October 29, 2003; Karl Maurer. "Outside Chicago Abortion Facility Assailant Pepper-Sprays Men Praying the Rosary." The Wanderer, November 6, 2003, pages 1 and 7. Assault and Battery (3 incidents) At the American Women's Medical Group abortion mill, several pro-abortionists shoved and punched pro-lifer Jerry McGloughlin on September 28, 1991. Reference: Tim Murphy, "Rescuers Grind Chicago Mill To a Halt." Life Advocate, November 1991, page 5. Assault and Battery (2 incidents) During an August 25, 1990 rescue at the Women's Aid Clinic abortion mill, administrator Leonard Nelson pushed and shoved a pro-life rescuers, and his wife attempted to drag one girl away from the door by her hair. Reference: Tim Murphy. September 20, 1990. "Minuteman Rescue Targets Suburban Chicago Mill." The Wanderer,

Assault and Battery (2 incidents) At the Michigan Avenue Medical Center abortion mill, Ida Garcia, an abortion clinic worker,

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appeared to go insane. She physically attacked pro-lifers Julie Skokna and John McCartney by macing, kicking and scratching them on August 15, 1981 and was subsequently convicted of assault. References: "Abortion Clinic Worker Guilty." National Catholic Register, January 31, 1982; Frontline Updates. "Clinic Staffer Convicted of Assault." National Right to Life News, February 8, 1982, page 4; State Report. "Chicago: Guilty Abortionist Pays Token Fine." ALL About Issues, April 1982, page 8. Assault and Battery (2 incidents) At the Michigan Avenue Medical Center abortion mill, pro-abortionists burned two pro-life picketers with caustic chemicals. Reference: "2 Injured by Disabling Chemical During Protest at Abortion Clinic." Chicago Tribune, August 8, 1981, Section 3, page 17. Assault and Battery (on a Child) Pro-abortionist Gordon McGrew attempted to poke out 14-year old Kelly Fedele's left eye with a sharp stick on March 16, 1991. Reference: Circuit Court of Cook County Case #91MC1-260555. Assault and Battery At the American Women's Medical Center abortion mill, 'escort' Joel Finkel assaulted sidewalk counselor Catherine Mieding with a sign on March 12, 1994. Reference: "Deathscort Convicted Who Assaulted Pro-Lifer." Life Advocate, October 1994, page 27. Assault and Battery Pro-life leader Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League sustained permanent eye damage when an abortion security guard shoved Joe's camera into his eye in 1976. Reference: "Illinois RTL Group Does Battle with Personnel at Chicago Clinic." National Right to Life News, May 1976. Assault At the Concord Medical Center abortion mill, one of the staff abortionists physically attacked pro-lifer Laura Canning in August of 1975. Reference: "Illinois RTL Group Does Battle with Personnel at Chicago Clinic." National Right to Life News, May 1976.

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Assault (4 incidents) In May 1979, Joe Scheidler had just given a speech at the National Pro-Life Political Action Conference in Chicago. As he tried to drive away, a gang of pro-abortionists attacked him, striking him with signs and trying to destroy his car while he was in it. Reference: Bill Moloney. "Traveling Revolutionaries." National Right to Life News, June 1979, page 6. Production of Child Pornography (4 counts) and Malpractice (4 incidents) Abortionist Richard Ragsdale (a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF)) and his wife, Debbie DeMars, were charged with the production and distribution of child pornography. Ragsdale and his wife were indicted on four counts of child pornography involving their 3-year-old foster daughter. The photographs showed the child dressed in black lace thong panties with her genitalia and buttocks exposed. The charges against both were dropped after the wife signed a statement of fact admitting that the photographs "were of an inappropriate nature and could constitute a violation of state law," but she also maintained that she did not herself consider them inappropriate. Ragsdale was charged with possession of the photographs, which he picked up after they were developed. Ragsdale said that the situation was "a minor family matter blown totally out of proportion. From what I see, none of the pictures showed the girl nude or unclothed in any way." Predictably, he said that the prosecution was motivated by opposition to his abortion practice. The child was placed in another home by child protection services upon Ragsdale's arrest and was later adopted by an out-of state family. Naturally, pro-abortionists leapt to Ragsdale's defense, and blamed pro-lifers for the abortionist's problems. Martha Pulido Logemann, a member of the 'Religious' Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), showed absolutely no concern for the little girl, and seemed to be interested only in keeping women's 'rights' to kill their preborn children intact. She said that "I am in complete shock. What I'm concerned about is the long term. The religious right and anti-choice factions have scared every doctor around. To find another doctor to take over would be very difficult." Showing yet again how the media panders to pro-abortionists, Ragsdale and DeMars were featured on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" on March 21, 1995. DeMars said "I took those pictures because I'm a mom and love this little girl. And somebody looked at those and made them ugly." Naturally, there was no mention on the show that Ragsdale was an abortionist. That information was "not relevant," according to Oprah spokeswoman Robin Beaman. Well, of course not. You can bet that if the person charged with the production of child porn was a pro-life leader, that would be relevant indeed to Oprah! Ragsdale was also named in at least four malpractice suits. Showing a typical pro-abortion disregard for the health of women, Ragsdale successfully filed suit against the State, claiming that the standard of care laws, passed in the wake of the Chicago Sun-Times "Abortion Profiteers" investigation of abortion mills, were too restrictive. References: Chicago Tribune, September 24 and November 17, 1994; Courier-News, November 17, 1994; New York Times, September 24, 1994; Chicago Sun-Times, September 9 and October 16, 1994; Rockford Register-Star, September 23 and 24, October 13, and November 16, 18 and 19, 1994; The Oregonian, November 17, 1994; Rockford Register Star, October 27, 1989; Winnebago County Circuit Court Cases #81L116, #82L319, #85L101 and #89L580; DeKalb County Circuit Court Case #82-L37; Tracy Dell'Angela. "Abortionist Ragsdale, Wife Charged in Child Porn Case." Rockford Register Star, September 23, 1994, pages 1A and 2A; "Abortion Doctor in Illinois Charged in Pornography Case." The Oregonian, September 24, 1994, page A10; Monica Whitaker. "DeMars Offers Advice to Parents on

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'Oprah'." Rockford Register-Star, March 23, 1995, pages 1A and 4A; Paul Likoudis. "Investigators Cast a Wide Net To Find Abortionist's Murderer." The Wanderer, December 10, 1998, pages 1 and 10. Felony Possession of Stolen Goods (4 counts) and Indecent Exposure Used car dealer Wayne Webster was the owner of the building housing the Northern Illinois Women's Center abortion mill operated by Richard Ragsdale, who was himself convicted of four counts of producing child pornography featuring his own three-year-old foster daughter. Webster was indicted on four felony counts relating to possession of a stolen van used in the drug trade possession of a stolen vehicle, concealment of vehicle identity, possession of a vehicle with a falsified identification number, and removal of the vehicle identification number. He claimed that he did not know the van was stolen. Pro-lifers have a photo showing him outside the building, dressed in a devil suit and exposing his genitals to pro-life protestors. He posted signs outside his building which said "Jesus loves these braindead assholes," "These Bible-thumpers suffer from lack-o-nookie," "Free coat hangers to picketer's wives and mothers," "God bless these horny old sweat-hogs," and one identifying a particular woman as the "lardass in hot pink." He had a person dressed as "Condom Monster" (similar to Muppet "Cookie Monster") hand out condoms, some inflated with helium, to pro-lifer's children. Reference: Rockford Register-Star, March 14, 1992. Vandalism (12 incidents) Pro-abortionists repeatedly vandalized the offices of Joe Scheidler's Pro-Life Action League by throwing rocks through the windows, smashing large panes with glass cutters, splattering buckets of tar on the facade and leaving dead animals on the doorstep during the time period 1982 to 1984. In Spring of 1984, pro-abortionists vandalized the office of the Pro-Life Action League yet again, breaking windows and splattering tar and paint on its walls. On December 24, 1991, pro-abortionists shot out several windows in the offices of the Pro-Life Action League. On July 7, 1992, pro-abortionists scrawled obscenities, vulgarities, blasphemies, and insults in black and red magic marker on the front covers, the spine, the sides, and random pages of several Bibles and scattered them on the porch of Joe Scheidler's home. The titles had been marked out and were substituted with nonsensical statements such as "Holy Babble." On September 20, 1992, pro-abortionists from the group "Refuse and Resist" vandalized Joe's home while the Scheidler family was away. They spray-painted his garage with pro-abortion slogans and covered his house with pro-abortion stickers and graffiti. On June 17, 1993, pro-abortionists vandalized the offices of the Pro-Life Action League, shooting out windows and painting a large swastika on one of its plate-glass lobby windows. References: Press release, Pro-Life Action League, January 25, 1985; Partial list of incidents provided to Life Research Institute, December 20, 1994; "Pro-Life Action League's Office Vandalized for Second Time." The Wanderer, July 22, 1993, page 2. Medicaid Fraud (5 incidents), Kickbacks and Practicing Medicine Without a License An expos found that Valerie McCullough's abortion referral hotline was paid kickbacks for abortion patients sent to the Chicago Loop Mediclinic abortion mill. Undercover investigators said McCullough and her twin, Victoria Sanders;

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Both dropped balloons with the "hot line" number from balconies at rock concerts; Passed out matchbooks with the number at flea markets and ball parks; Paid commissions to counselors for each abortion sold; Charged $45 to $150 for information that took five minutes to convey and was available free elsewhere; Gave misleading information; Charged women over 12 weeks pregnant $100 for referral to a disreputable out-of-state abortion mill, Plymouth General Hospital, even though a local hospital did second trimester abortions; Diagnosed even urine specimens from men as positive for pregnancy; Used the words "Cook County" in some of the names they advertised under in order to give the impression of government affiliation; Hired counselors off the street and trained them in sales; and Paid commissions of $5 for the first abortion over 12 weeks gestation sold per week, $10 for the second, and $15 for the third.

Valerie McCullough required her counselors to sell eight abortions minimum to earn $110 weekly base pay, with $2 bonus for each additional abortion sold. She opened an abortion referral business with her twin Victoria in 1976 because she was tired of "making rich people richer." She ran ten corporations under various aliases. In one incident, she initiated simultaneous pregnancy tests on five specimens without keeping straight which was which, did not wait for the tests to be complete, went into the reception room, and told four of the waiting women that they were pregnant. She sent women to abortion clinics without first running pregnancy tests. Her counselors told callers, "Having a baby is a $410,000 question. Do you have that kind of money to raise a kid?" One woman asked her if an abortion would hurt, and she lied that she had undergone an abortion the previous day and was fine. She received a telephone call one afternoon telling her that the Chicago Loop Mediclinic abortion mill had already done 83 abortions from her referrals, and "She was ecstatic. By Saturday, she would have 113 abortions credited to her from the Loop clinic ... that added up to well over $5,000 for a single week's worth of referrals." Three women reportedly complained of paying $75 to $275 for second-trimester abortion referrals, but were directed to doctors who neither expected them nor performed the abortions. For cash patients, the twins allegedly quoted a price $60 over what the clinic charged, taking $60 of the woman's payment and putting the remaining money in a sealed envelope to deliver to the clinic, and not telling the women they were collecting this fee. Women who changed their minds about abortion were not refunded the fee. Women who didn't have enough money were sent to Charles Parelli at the West Suburban Loan Company for 30% interest loans. The Attorney General's office subpoenaed their records after these allegations surfaced. Undercover investigators stated that McCullough told one of them "No matter how you put it, we're in the business of selling abortions ... Use a positive approach. It's not, "Do you want a termination" but "when?" Put the question to them as a sure sale. Limit their choices." The twins told women to use borrowed Medicaid cards to pay for their abortions, and coached them on how not to get caught. They said "You won't think this is so funny next week when you still haven't taken care of your pregnancy. You've got to know it [the procedure for stealing] cold." They sent women to a photo studio to get photos to make faked Medicaid cards. "The first step is to get their money. Tell them they need to put down a $100 deposit. I don't want to fool around if these girls aren't serious." One woman sought a refund of the money she'd paid for a referral to a clinic that would not do her abortion, and McCullough called the police to arrest the woman on theft charges. A former employee was told to answer a question about the abortion procedure by saying "A tube about the size of a pencil is inserted into the uterus and

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the vacuum aspirator is turned on and removes all the liquid. There is no scraping or cutting. Now do you have any questions?" The twins told the employees never to use words like "fetus" or "kill," and never to mention complications. They paid "Dr. Cadillac" to drive a sound truck with loudspeakers and a large sign advertising their abortion hot line. Their counselors called patients back after abortions to make sure they'd kept the appointment in order to get their commissions. Reference: "The Abortion Profiteers." Chicago Sun-Times, November 19, 1978. Assault (2 incidents) One of the most intimidating and frightening things that pro-life picketers face outside an abortion mill is cops who obviously have a pro-choice bias and abuse their authority. The worst of these are off-duty cops who serve as security guards for abortion mills. On May 20, 2006, several pro-lifers were peacefully picketing and praying outside the American Womens Medical Center abortion mill in Des Plaines, Illinois. Des Plaines police officer Dick V. Lalowski, an eleven-year veteran of the force, was going home in uniform when he passed by the protest, which included large photos of aborted preborn children. He also worked as a security guard at the abortion mill in his off-duty hours. He went home, changed, came back to the abortion mill and immediately began to get aggressive, picking, of course, on the women, not the men. He falsely stated that he could have them arrested. Then he got physical. He jabbed pro-lifer Paula Emmerth several times in the arm, and then rubbed her arm in what she called a creepy sexual way. Then he called her a fat fucking cow, and demonstrated some exercises for her on the sidewalk. In later testimony, Lelowski said he did so to show her that the truth sometimes hurts, just as the aborted fetus photo could hurt a woman who had just had a miscarriage. It was lost on Lalowski, of course, that the posters are intended to begin the healing process, while calling someone a fat fucking cow is obviously meant to wound and hurt. Of course, Lalowski later defended himself by saying that he was just exercising his First Amendment right to free speech while trying to suppress the rights of pro-lifers to exercise theirs! He also whined that he was a victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome, which was triggered by seeing the posters of abortion babies. Funny he didnt mention that on the scene. Fortunately, the City of Des Plaines took decisive action against this rogue cop, suspending him without pay in October 2006, and finally firing him on December 4, 2007. The Des Plaines fire and police commissioners upheld the police chiefs charges that Lalowski had verbally and physically assaulted the pro-life women. Police Chief James Prandini said that This was an important case for us. It sets the tone for our conduct. We cant have officers treat people like this. Theres a code of conduct even off duty that the officers are bound to, and the rules and regulations of the Des Plaines Police Department clearly state that. I just cant have a police officer going out and treating the public like he did in this incident the profanities, the verbal assault with the woman. We just cant have that type of police officer representing our Department. City Commissioner Don Rosedale called Lalowskis behavior conduct unbecoming.

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Reference: Steven Ertelt. Illinois Police Officer Fired for Harassing Pro-Life Protesters at Abortion Center., December 4, 2007. Performing Abortions Without a License The American Women's Medical Center abortion mill, also known as the American Women's Medical Group, American Women's Center, and Midwest Planning Association, a National Abortion Federation (NAF) member, was closed by the State of Illinois in 1974 for operating without the required license. Once again, pro-abortionists showed that they value abortion business more than women's lives, and that they have a total and callous disregard for the law. Carole Whiteside of the Abortion Task Force of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union (CWLU) called the shut-down an attempt "to intimidate doctors. These are basically good clinics that were in the process of getting the licenses." Just prior to the 1973 opening of the abortuary, spokeswoman Janice Kulp was quoted in a news article as anticipating many women having abortions on their lunch hours. She said that "At the most an abortion would take two hours, and that includes counseling, physical examination, and a recovery period." References: Chicago Tribune, April 20, 1974; Chicago Daily News, April 20 and 21, 1974; Chicago Sun Times, April 23, 1974. Feticide, Criminal Abortion and Falsification of Records [Merrillville, Indiana] Abortionist James Thomas Howard was charged with feticide and unlawful abortion. The licensing board determined he had "endangered the health and well-being" of a 19-year-old patient by performing a 6-month abortion in his office on October 7, 1988. He altered the woman's medical records after charges were filed. He challenged the constitutionality of the law requiring abortions after three months be performed in a hospital or properly equipped clinic, as well as the legal requirement that viable infant be aborted in presence of a physician prepared to attend to the infant should it survive the procedure. He claimed that such laws restricted access for women wishing to abort viable preborn children. As of April 1990, he was prohibited from performing elective abortions in Indiana as part of a deferred prosecution agreement. He then began to perform abortions at the Planned Parenthood Merrillville, Indiana affiliate despite his deferred prosecution agreement not to perform elective abortions. The Planned Parenthood spokesperson "deflected questions about Planned Parenthood's background checks on prospective physicians, adding she did not know who authorized hiring Howard," when first questioned by reporters, then later claimed they had misrepresented the circumstances of Howard's employment and that "Howard went through a thorough credentialing check, as all of our potential employees do, and he was hired with my full knowledge and the knowledge of the rest of our administration." References: Associated Press, February 4 and 14, 1989, and June 10, 1989; Herald-Times, July 9, 1992; Munster, Indiana Times, May 19, 23 and 24, 1995; and Monroe Superior Court Case #53-DOI-8902-CF 00085.

Peoria, Illinois
Aggravated Battery to an Unborn Child, Aggravated Battery to a Pregnant Woman and

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Aggravated Domestic Battery [Washington] Matthew S. Wilson and his girlfriend, Brittany D. OBrien, lived together in a Washington, Illinois apartment. Brittany was eight months pregnant. On May 24, 2008, someone called 9-1-1, and paramedics found Brittany sprawled on the ground in front of the apartment, screaming in pain, while her mother and a friend who was a registered nurse tended to her. Wilson had punched her in the face and then knocked her to the ground and stomped on her abdomen, targeting her near full-term preborn child. Washington paramedics took her to Methodist Medical Center in Peoria, where she was treated and released later that night. Her preborn child survived the attack. Police charged Wilson with three felonies aggravated battery to an unborn child, aggravated battery to a pregnant woman and aggravated domestic battery. Reference: Steve Stein. Pregnant Girlfriend Allegedly Assaulted: Police Baffled by Recent Cases of Extreme Domestic Violence in Washington. [Peoria] Journal Star, May 25, 2008. Conspiracy to Commit Murder [Brimfield] This is one of the rare incidents where a pro-choice thug gets swift and richly deserved justice. Joshua Turners girlfriend Jackie Farmer was pregnant, and he was obviously not happy about it. So, in February 2004, he asked a friend, Zachary Beintema, to pretend to rob the girl and make sure that he hit her in the abdomen as hard as he could so she would lose the baby. But Beintema became outraged at the suggestion, and pummeled Turner instead. Police charged Turner with conspiracy to commit murder. Beintema was not charged. Reference: "Police: Illinois Man Sought Hit on Girlfriend's Fetus: Would-Be Hit Man Beats Solicitor Up Instead." NBC Television 5 News [Chicago, Illinois], March 5, 2004.

Springfield, Illinois
Vandalism and Destruction of Property [Petersburg] On December 5, 1993, pro-abortion city alderman James Haddick was arrested and charged by police for using a chain saw to cut down a pro-life billboard. References: Robert Goodrich. "Parent's Anti-Abortion Protest Cuts Deep." St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 12, 1993, page 6D; Issues Update. "Political Action?" Celebrate Life [American Life League], May-June 1994, page 8. Bribery On May 14, 1980, Wanda Brandstetter, a "field organizer" for the National Organization for Women, offered a $1,000 "campaign contribution" (i.e., bribe) to Representative Nord L. Swanstrom in exchange for a "Yes" vote on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). She was indicted by a Sangamon County grand jury.

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Reference: Rhonda Copelon. "Abortion Rights: Where Do We Go From Here?" Ms. Magazine, October 1983.

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