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Gemology Red Coral: Wear Ring or Mala to Mitigate the Negative Effects of Mars in Your Horoscope * Gemstone: Red

coral , Munga Alternate Gemstones: Jasper Cornelian Ruling Planet: Mars, Mangal, Angaarakan Cosmic Color: Red Zodiac Sign or Rasi: Aries, Scorpio Zodiac Sign Element: Earth To be worn at (Time): Sunrise Start Wearing from (Day): Tuesday Metal: Gold and Copper Favorite Color: Red Favorite Day: Tuesday Favorite God / Deity: Lord Subramanian, Goddess Durga

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Mars rules the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. The planet exalts in Capricorn and falls in cancer and it rules third and tenth houses. Tuesday is the auspicious day for Mars. This red planet is also known as god of war. It is always associated with aggression, energy, confidence, ego, will power, strength, and stamina. Mars will also influence the vital power within you. It is like a volcano and you must channelize this power towards your goal. The planet has good influence on your ambition, confidence and self assertion and impulsiveness. This masculine planet rules your sexuality. Mars will spark and lights up your flame and you will be empowered to handle the frustration and conflict.
The positive effects of Mars will bring miracles in your life. You are safeguarded from worst impending dangers and protected from blood related diseases. Mars is considered as the instrumental in the accumulation of properties like fertile land. The planets influence will help you in acquiring your status and you can feel the progressive affluence of the planet in your occupation or profession. Above all the planet will relieve you from steep debts. If the planet Mars is negatively placed or afflicted by any possible malefic placement or aspect or conjunction in your horoscope, these ill effects will bring conflicts and struggle in your

career or occupation, delays your marriage, prevent childbirth, induce infertility, miscarriage or abortion, affect the health of your mother, trouble your home and disturb your mind. You may
minimize these ill effects and augment the benefits of Mars by wearing precious gemstone Red coral or Munga or semi-precious gemstones like Jasper Cornelian. The gemstones ruled by the planet Mars will remove the ill effects.

Gemstones ruled by Mars include red coral and Cornelian. Coral is not obtained by mining. The coral is an invertebrate (Anthozoa) species found growing as colonies in the deep ocean. The main constituent is calcium carbonate. The color of the coral and the depth at which the specimen found growing are depending factors. The best coral shades appear vermilion red, deep scarlet and pink colors. There are yellow ocher, cream, chocolate and black colors available. You will get best colored corals from countries like Algeria, India, Italy,

Sicily, Spain and Tunisia.

This gemstone transmits energy from Mars and this energy will help you to resolve problems with courage improve your perseverance and encourage you to face the risky situations. Your obstacles in relation to jealous business competitions, set back in careers, delayed marriages, infertility, abortion,

smallpox, acidity, piles etc. will be removed. You can tame your enemies, succeed in your business or prosper in career and end-up in happy married life. You will enjoy best the social status.
Select the rounded or oval shaped, red colored coral stone weighing al least 3.5 carats. It should be free from dents, ridges, cavities and it should be even and smooth and shiny. You must wear the stone either as a ring or pendent. You should wear the red coral studded gold or copper ring (open setting) on Tuesday morning (before 07.30 A.M) in your ring finger of your right hand. Women may prefer to wear pearl studded ornaments like necklace or mala having 108 beads. Before that prefer to immerse the ring in pure water or milk (not boiled) or honey or curd or pure ghee to cleanse impurities and place it before your favorite deity and chant the mantra meant for the Mars or Angaaraka (Gayatri Mantra). Dont leave even a single Tuesday. Angaaraka (Mars) Gayatri Mantra Om veeradhwajaaya vidmahae vighna hastaaya dheemahi tanno bhouma prachodayaat Meaning: Om, Let me meditate on him who has hero in his flag, Oh, He who has power to solve problems, give me higher intellect, And let the son of earth God illuminate my mind. You may chant the Mantra up to the minimum of eleven times and to the maximum of 108 times. The power of the gemstone may be up to three years. It will bring good fortune and blessings of goddess Durga.