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======================== NetOp School version 4.0 ======================== README.

TXT of May 03, 2005 This file provides general and changes information on NetOp School in these sections: 1 General 2 Documentation 3 Installed Files 4 Changes since the First Build of this Product Version 1 General ========= Check Computer Requirements --------------------------Before installing NetOp School, connect to the Internet address "" to display the "Technical Requirements for NetOp Products" web page specifying the computer hardware and software requirements of NetOp products to verify that your computer can run this product version. Use the Newest Available Build -----------------------------NetOp products are updated from time to time through the release of new builds. To ensure that your NetOp product is up to the current standard, you should always use the newest available build of this product version. When installing the product, in the first displayed "NetOp School Setup" window check the "Check for updates" box to check the NetOp update website to install the newest available build. To identify the build number of an installed NetOp School module, select the "Help" menu "About..." command to display the "About NetOp School..." window. This window displays next to the version number the build number in the format (YYYYDDD), where Y is a year number digit and D is a day number digit. The web update functionality that can be enabled from the "Program Options" window "Web Update" tab can automatically update your installation to the newest available build of this product version. To update your installation manually, connect to the NetOp "KnowledgeBase" on the Internet address "" and select "Download Products" and the product name to display the newest available builds of available product versions. If a newer build of your installed product version is available, you should download and install it. Troubleshooting --------------If you encounter a problem installing or running this NetOp product, first

verify that the product can run on your computer and that you use the newest available build, see above, and then troubleshoot in this order: 1) Search the manuals or help systems. 2) Search the NetOp "KnowledgeBase" on the Internet address "". 3) Contact the local supplier of this NetOp product. 4) Submit a support request to "NetOp Support" by using the "Support for NetOp School" form on the Internet address "". Please include all relevant details with your support request to enable a precise problem diagnosis and an accurate and speedy reply. 2 Documentation =============== NetOp School version 4.0 comes with this documentation: "Teaching with NetOp School": A startup guide that is included as a booklet in English in the product package and as PDF files in the languages in which NetOp School is available on the NetOp School CD. "User's Manual": A general use manual for NetOp Teacher and NetOp Student that is included as PDF files in the languages in which NetOp School is available on the NetOp School CD. "Advanced User's Manual": A reference manual for NetOp Teacher and NetOp Student that is included as a PDF file in English on the NetOp School CD. "NetOp Teacher Help": Online Help from NetOp Teacher containing the same Teacher information as the "User's Manual". "NetOp Student Help": Online Help from NetOp Student containing the same Student information as the "User's Manual". You cannot expect this documentation to include explanations on recent changes of the product. Changes since the first build of this product version will be explained in the README.TXT file accompanying an update. NOTE: The Class connection method "Select Class" was added to the interface after the documentation deadline. By selection the method enables Student users to dynamically select a class to connect to, entering either the class name or entering the IP-address or DNS nam e of a Teacher machine running a class. 3 Installed Files ================= Installing this NetOp School version an build installs these files on your computer: File name Description Used By Directory -----------------------------------------------------------------------

3DCLASS.BMP Classroom Image ALLOWALL.XML Policy File BLUEFRAME.NTS Test Style BLUESTRIPE.NTS Test Style BRONTOSAURUS.GIF Test image CTL3D32.DLL Windows Component T\System32 or Windows\System) CLASS.BMP Classroom Image CLASSRMS.NDB Class Database COMPLETION.DLL Test Library COMPROF.NDB Communication Profile DB COMPSOGNATHUS.GIF Test Image DEFAULT.NTS Test Style DEISL1.ISU IS Uninstall Log DENYALL.XML Policy File DNDIMAGE.DLL Test Library DNDTEXT.DLL Test Library DTL9X.DLL 9x Support Library DTLNT.DLL Support Library DWINPUTHOOK.DLL Support Library DWMEMMAP.DLL Support Library DWNDSINST.DLL Support Library DWREGION.DLL Support Library DWRT32.DLL Support Library DWUTIL.DLL Support Library DWUTILFW.DLL Support Library DWWNDHOOK.DLL Support Library EORAPTOR.GIF Test image ESSAY.DLL Test Library FLOWER.NTS Test Style GRADIENTGREEN.NTS Test Style GREENFRAME.NTS Test Style GREYSTRIPE.NTS Test Style HASP.386 Dongle File HINSTALL.EXE Installation Support Prog. HLPREQAD.WAV Help Request Sound HTMLVIEW.EXE Web Page Display Program ISUNINST.EXE IS Uninstall Program LAIMAGE.DLL Test Library LNGSTD32.DLL Student Language Library LNGTCH32.DLL Teacher Language Library LOCK.PNG Lock Image LOCSTD.NDB Student Location Database LOCTCH.NDB Teacher Location Database LRGCLASS.BMP Large Classroom Image MATCH.DLL Test Library MOVIE.MPG Sample Video File MOVIEW.EXE Image Viewer Program MOSAIC.NTS Test Style MPCHOICE.DLL Test Library NASTW32.EXE Assistant Teacher Program NBHO.DLL Support Library NDDHGSTN.DLL Support Library NDDHHST9.DLL 9x Support Library NETOP.FAC Cache Initialization NETOP.INI Install & Startup Settings NETOPPSH.EXE Deployment Program NETOPSCH.BMP Default Attention Image NFMNT.DLL File Manager Library NHOSTNT1.SYS NT+ NetOp Driver 1

Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Both Both Both Teacher Both Teacher Teacher Both Teacher Teacher Teacher Both Both Both Student Student Both Both Both Both Student Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Both Student Both Teacher Student Both Student Both Both Both Teacher Teacher Both Teacher Teacher Student Student Both Both Both Both Teacher Student Both Both

Module\Media Teacher Module\styles Module\styles Teacher Windows\System32 (or WINN Module\Media Module Teacher\Plugins Module Teacher Teacher\styles Module Teacher Teacher\Plugins Teacher\Plugins Module (9x only) Module Module Student Student Module Module Module Module Student Teacher Teacher\Plugins Teacher\styles Teacher\styles Teacher\styles Teacher\styles Teacher Teacher Module\Media Student Windows (or WINNT) Teacher\Plugins Student Module Student Module Module Module\Media Teacher\Plugins Teacher\Media Module Teacher\styles Teacher\Plugins Student Student Module Module (9x only) Module Windows (or WINNT) Teacher Student Module Windows\System32\Drivers

(or WINNT\System32\Drivers) NHOSTNT3.SYS 2000+ NetOp Driver 3 (or WINNT\System32\Drivers) NHOSTNT4.DLL 2000+ NetOp Driver 4 T\System32) NHOSTNTD.DLL System Interface NHOSTNTR.DLL NT+ Support Library NHOSTSVC.EXE NT+ Helper Service Program NHSTCONF.NDB Student Configuration DB NLDRSW32.EXE Coexistence Loader Program NOWCONF.NDB Teacher Configuration DB NOWUTIL.EXE Unload Module Program NPIDL.DLL Runtime Library NRP.DLL Remote Print Library NRPWATCH.EXE 9x DOS Remote Print NSTDW32.CHM Student Help NSTDW32.EXE Student Program NTCHW32.CHM Teacher Help NTCHW32.EXE Teacher Program NTHUNK16.DLL 9x Support Library NTHUNK32.DLL 9x Support Library NUPDATE.DLL Web Update Library NUTIL32B.EXE Internal NetOp Program ORDERING.DLL Test Library PLANETS.JPG Test Image PRIMARYCOLOURS.NTS Test Style QNA.DLL Test Library QRES.DLL Test Library README.TXT This File RED.NTS Test Style REDFRAME.NTS Test Style RUNPROG.NDB Run Program Database SAMPLETEST.NXT Test File SCHPOL.HTM Web Access Denied Image SETTINGS.INI Interprogram Info SHOWHOST.EXE Unhide Student Program SMLCLASS.BMP Small Classroom Image STDEPLOY.EXE Deployment program STDGRPS.NDB Student Groups Database STDINFO.NDB Student Information DB TCHBACK.BMP Teacher Background Image TEACHERS.NDB Teacher Profile Database TESTCLIENT.DLL Test Library TESTDESIGNER.DLL Test Library TESTMONITOR.DLL Test Library TESTREPORT.DLL Test Library UNINST32.EXE WI Uninstall Program UNINSTLL.DLL WI Uninstall Library UNINSTRC.DAT WI Uninstall Log VITAWRAP.EXE Marker Utility Program VNETOP32.VXD 9x Virtual Driver YELLOWDOTS.NTS Test Style YELLOWFRAME.NTS Test Style

Both Both Both Last Last Student Both Both Both Both Both Teacher Student Student Both Teacher Student Student Both Both Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Both Teacher Teacher Both Teacher Student Student Student Both Teacher Both Both Teacher Both Student Teacher Teacher Teacher Both Both Both Both Student Teacher Teacher

Windows\System32\Drivers Windows\System32 (or WINN Module Module (not 9x) Module (not 9x) Student Module Module Module Module Module Teacher (9x only) Student Student Module Teacher Student (9x only) Student (9x only) Module Module Teacher\Plugins Teacher Teacher\styles Teacher\Plugins Teacher\Plugins Module Teacher\styles Teacher\styles Module Teacher Student Student Student Module\Media Teacher Module Module Teacher\Media Module Student Teacher Teacher Teacher Windows (or WINNT) Module Module Module Student (9x only) Teacher\styles Teacher\styles

Note: Many Teacher files are installed with the Student to enable running an assistant Teacher on a Student computer. In the "Used By" column, "Both" means Teacher and Student, "Last" means the last installed Teacher or Student.

In the "Directory" column, "Teacher", "Student" and "Module" mean the directory where the NetOp module is installed. 4 Changes since the First Build of this Product Version ======================================================= None NetOp Product Services