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Coalition of Toronto Taxi Drivers Join For Answers To Cure Taxi Woes TORONTO, ON JUNE 22,2011 Toronto taxi

i drivers have formed a strategic alliance in anticipation of a taxi review which would lead to major reforms. The alliance is known as Taxi Drivers' Coalition (TDC). The coalition is interested in finding solutions to the systemic problems within the taxi industry. Its mandate is to help Mayor Ford's administration find innovative and effective solutions. The Toronto taxi establishment is riddled with a lot of issues. This has prompted the Licensing and Standards Committee, headed by Councillor Ceasar Palacio, to initiate the preparatory steps for a comprehensive review. The review is expected to begin in January, 2012 and will be thorough, including consultations with all stakeholders. "Taxi Drivers' Coalition is very much interested in curing the pathology within the taxi establishment rather than superficial changes. says Addai, the Project Co-ordinator. Taxi Drivers' Coalition is not an association. It is a project that is aimed at finding answers as to how the industry can distribute its wealth equitably. Involvement with the project is open to all taxi drivers in Toronto and it is free. Jahid Chowdhury, president of the Bangladeshi Taxi Drivers Association, Mohammed Omar, president of Toronto United Taxi Drivers Association have agreed to participate in this exercise to make the Toronto drivers ready for the reviews. The standardization of taxi licences in Toronto will be meaningless, unless it is linked up with equitable distribution of the wealth the industry generates according to Addai. The goal is to find the smartest people in our industry and let them figure out the best way to solve our problems. The coalition plans to meet frequently and hope that all 10000 drivers will participate in the project to shape the future they want. What is the Taxi Drivers' Coalition ? Before the 31st May, 2011 announcement by the Licensing and Standards Committee Chair, Councillor Ceasar Palacio to review the taxi industry, it appears some in our business were aware of the plan. It explains why some taxi groups have been asking drivers to give them their proxies. However, there is a problem with asking people for their proxies without complete disclosure about their true intentions. The history of Toronto taxi establishment is full of stories of how drivers have been taken for a ride. The issues facing our business is complex. It requires a determination to engage all the drivers in an

effort to find solutions. The Taxi Drivers' Coalition is such a project. It recognizes that in order to solve the problems you must involve all the taxi drivers. Why only taxi drivers? Because, they are at forefront of this industry they are directly impacted than most as a result of bad policies and yet receive the least. It is therefore in their interest to speak for themselves. The TDC gives them that platform to do exactly that. Here are briefly the aims of the Taxi Drivers' Coalition. We reserve the right to add or delete any of these objectives. 1.Support Mayor Ford and Licensing & Standards Committee to succeed in the pending reviews leading to reforms. 2.Become part of a dominant voice with innovative and effective ideas. 3.Generate the ideas through workshops, meetings, and consultations with taxi drivers in Toronto.(we have to find a way to engage the drivers) 4. Review the Universal Plan thoroughly and make changes if necessary. 5.Involvement with the coalition is free to all taxi drivers. The Coalition is not an association. 6.Be open to collaborate with like minded organizations for the good of all taxi drivers. 7.Promote standardization for taxi owners licences with no compromise. There must be only one type of owners licence in Toronto. 8.Figure out a plan to distribute the wealth of the taxi industry equitably to all taxi workers. 9.Open to all ideas from all taxi drivers. 10.Write a report of our findings and present it during the review process. 11.Be resolved in finding the answers to the question of economic empowerment to all Toronto taxi workers.