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Your specialist for

... eective re ghting ... reliable decontamination, HazMat trucks and environment protection ... professional technical rescue trucks and rescue equipment ... smooth communication ... ecient aerial rescue vehicles

Gimaex S.A.S. a Gimaex International Company 8, rue Henri-Becquerel Z.I. de MITRY-COMPANS - BP 215 77292 MITRY-MORY CEDEX, FRANCE Phone +33 (0) 1 64 67 18 18 Fax +33 (0) 1 64 67 19 29 eMail

Gimaex-Schmitz Fire and Rescue GmbH a Gimaex International Company Essener Strae 8 57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany Tel. +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 27 39 - 8 09 - 99 eMail



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The specialists for re ghting- and environment technology


Gimaex your competent partner

The Gimaex, located in France and Germany, is a group of companies which is solely engaged in the development and manufacturing of vehicles, systems, equipment and devices in the field of: fire fighting, environment protection, rescue, communication, and aerial rescue specifically for - fire brigades, - THW (Governmental Disaster Relief Organisation), - police, - Ministries of the interior/authorities, - military, - industry, - etc. Our tasks contain the development, the planning and the construction of special extinguishing systems and stationary extinguishing technology. The expertise in manufacturing at 6 locations (4x France, 2x Germany) has been brought together in the company group. The entire knowledge is represented in our competence centres to satisfy our customers needs. Due to the merger it is possible to fall back on more than 140 years of experience. This means safety and know-how for you in all areas. Moreover we optimised our sales structure which has a significant economical effect on all of our products to your advantage. Our success factors are: adherence to delivery dates, process stability, operation know-how, flexibility and provision of capacities

Continuous development is our profession. We connect this claim with the knowledge and the application from the practice as well as technological know-how. Therefore we are able to offer individual solutions to you that exactly match your ideas and that simultaneously fulfill the standards. The proprietary developments One Seven, deFcon or tunnel extinguishing systems are one example. The market leadership in the One Seven field (foam extinguishing procedure) proves us right.
Location Wilnsdorf,

Location Luckenwalde,

Location Charleville,

Location Roanne,
production halls 1 and 2, France

Location Istanbul, Turkey (without picture) Location Beijing, China (without picture) Location Jupiter, Florida, USA (without picture) Location Senegal (without picture)
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Gimaex your partner for:

Fire ghting
Standard re ghting trucks Specialist re ghting trucks Forest-, aircrash- and industrial-re ghting trucks One Seven stat. extinguishing technology One Seven mobile systems

Environmental protection
HazMat trucks GW-G Measuring trucks Oil defense / oil separation Ro/Ro-Containers deFcon / decontamination

Disaster management
Technical Rescue Trucks Special purpose trucks Ro/Ro-Containers Equipment and accessories

Mobile Command Units Ro/Ro-Containers Telecommunication and radio systems Camera systems

Aerial rescue
Turntable ladder trucks Telescopic rescue platforms

How does our production work? We produce on a very high standard with special developed Gimaex aluminium profiles. The consolidation of the expertise of our different manufacturing units increases our abilities to find the most efficient solutions for our customers. The own cabin construction is a further advantage you should use. More than a third of our Gimaex team is organised in voluntary fire brigades and therefore they have practical know-how, experience and complete understanding of your requirements. We are at your service. Please contact us.
Production of different Mobile Command Units

Gimaex aluminium profile design

Factory, France

Factory, France

... the right system for any case

Due to their operation ranges we classify the fire fighting vehicles into the following groups: standard fire fighting vehicles specialist fire fighting vehicles - industrial fire fighting vehicles - forest fire vehicles - air-crash tenders - and others more Every field has special requirements which will be more than fulfilled.
Fire fighting vehicle TLF 3000

Since 1934 we are engaged in the field of fire fighting. For you this means: safety and functionality by longtime experience to the advantage of helpers and rescuers worldwide. At everything we did during the past years we tried to be as close as possible with the endusers of our products. Therefore it is no coincidence by philosophy to
Fire fighting vehicle TLF with rescue equipment

have as much fire fighters as possible in our team. To meet the highest requirements we developed among other things the extremely efficient One Seven-system (compressed air foam system) which cannot be compared to conventional compressed air foam-systems. The One Seven-systems are available in various designs and can be used for retrofitting as well as for the direct installation. Please ask for detailed information. It was always our premise to develop new technology and to optimise existing technology. That is why the One Seven-system is for sure one highlight from the development of our engineers.

Fire ghting

HazMat truck GW-G (7,5t) and Rapid Intervention Truck, Kabul

Fire fighting vehicles

The Gimaex vehicles are equipped with the state of the art extinguishing technology. They correspond to the standards and will individually be constructed acc. to your requirements. We achieve ideal results for you due to future-oriented engineering and efficient customizing. A space- and weight saving construction system provides the ideal utilisation of the permitted total weight and the provided volume. Our body on various chassises of your choice features: highest possible flexibility long-term replaceability of the aggregates significant weight saving ideal use of space ergonomic handling.
Air-crash tender

Air-crash tender Pegasus

Tunnel fire fighting vehicle with OS 3100 E

Industrial fire fighting vehicle

Fire fighting vehicles with tank, TLF 20/30 OS

Quad with One Seven

Forest fire fighting vehicle

The new One Seven extinguishing medium Maximum effectiveness with the highest degree of safety!
One Seven is a highly efficient fire extinguishing medium using minimal volumes of water. It can be used to fight every type of fire. With ease of manual application, it increases the safety factor for fire fighters. By using One Seven you can protect your crews, save lives, reduce losses and guard your property. And our system allows you to do all that: - safely - quickly - reliably - easily and - universally

ONE drop of water becomes SEVEN foam bubbles

OS 3100 E

Fire ghting

By adding the unique One Seven foam concentrate and pressurized air to the water, one drop of water volume expands to form seven foam bubbles. The surface area of a water droplet is thereby distributed on the surface of seven foam bubbles. The expanded surface area embodies helpful characteristics. The result of this blending is a micro-cellular, homogenous foam structure with reproducible characteristics:
Large Surface Area High Energy Content Adhesive Properties Strong Wetting Capability strong cooling capability (~10 C / sec.) high velocity and deep penetration cools the fuel, not the flames solution penetrates the fuel

The One Seven foam convinces not only by its extinguishing effects (cooling-, separation-, viscosity- and quench-effect) but also by its special flow behaviour. Therefore One Seven has an extinguishing efficiency rate of 80%.

Vehicular Fire extinguished in 31 seconds!

Liquid Fire

Interior Suppression

One Seven mobile Designs

In our line of mobile systems, we have a suitable unit for each potential application which in its size and capacity will meet all requirements. These portable units are flexible in installation and can be carried on any vehicle. The installed units, whether new or retrofit, can be mounted regardless of the original vehicle manufacturer.

Advantages of the One Seven-system: lowest water consumption biodegradable easy handling by pressing only one button constant volume flows (independent from nozzle)
Mobile unit OS 300 T OS 1200-T

considerably shorter extinguishing times large throwing distances easy infiltration into the burning material due to low surface tension
Mobile unit OS 1200-T

One Seven stationary extinguishing systems

Protect valuable - avoid worse.

clear reduction of re-ignition danger very good, persistent adherence ability of the extinguishing agent as sticking effect deliver of the extinguishing agent is possible by dry risers safety by remaining energy in the foam highest cooling speed by ideal foam structure

We developed stationary systems with the extremely efficient Gimaex One Seven-system for protecting e.g. books, pictures, antiques or to extinguish fires in tunnels, in cable channels, heliports etc. automatically. With numerous application tests and many references we are able to protect industrial and public facilities and buildings and, in the first instance, people. Naturally the stationary One Seven-systems can be combined with any provided fire-alarm control station. Of course we can offer you a suitable control station on demand.

Some application ranges are: Petrochemical plants Heliports Industrial plants Electrical plants Tunnel systems Buildings with a high concentration of people
Spraying pattern rotor

Car parks and basement garages Wind power plants Ships etc.

OS 5000-ST Heliport-unit, acc. to ICAO annex 14

Throwing distance of the monitors over 30 m

Please contact us for detailed information!

Protect the environment...

In this extremely difficult sector we work in the areas: HazMat trucks GW-G measuring vehicles decontamination deFcon oil defense Ro/Ro-Containers HazMat trucks Did you know that Gimaex (Wolfgang Schmitz) built and market the first GW-G within Germany at that time? You should be optimally equipped for immediate measurements at e.g. acid- or mineral oil accidents where damages for persons and environment must be worried about. Hardly no one can fall back on this much of experience and practice within this field. The German market leadership proves this right, too. In either case, we have the right solution for you. Wether you decide for a 3,5 t chassis, 15 t chassis or also Ro/Ro-Containers - this is our everyday business. We can offer 3 different types of vehicles: 1. Shutter 2. Shutter with deep drawing 3. Easy opening system
HazMat truck GW-G (3,5-15 t)

Environment protection

Gimaex Easy Opening System The lateral equipment compartments are closed by one lower and one upper wall, each. When opening the lower wall, the upper wall slides automatically onto the roof.
Ro/Ro-Container HazMat

Measuring vehicles Nuclear, chemical and biological substances require special detection-, fighting- and disposal methods in the case of an accident. Measuring vehicles and decontamination become more and more important whithin this area. Almost anybody does not have the heart to realise the task of manufacturing measuring vehicles. We do. Detecting as well as qualitative and quantitative measuring of contaminated environment at hazmats in the NBC-field is a challenge we have met. International and national references prove the practical suitability of the Gimaex vehicle also in this area. Pressurised cabins and high-quality technology are only some features of those special vehicles.

Laboratory section in the detection vehicle

Detection vehicle Bejing, China

Decontamination We developed the unique deFcon (foam decontamination) for the decontamination. Our aim is to decontaminate fast and effective and to produce only slightest quantities of contaminated mass. Exclusively in Germany Gimaex deFconsystems are able to decontaminate devices as well as persons with our different deFcon-systems (mobile and fix installations). The deFcon-units fulfill the requirements at operations in connection with epizootics, large contaminations after failures in chemical plants or terroristical attacks with warfare agents. Besides fire brigades and civil defense we also equip the military.

Ro/Ro-Container decon

To decontaminate persons (also injureds) is a very special challenge. Our deFcon-devices in connection with our special foam additives offer the solution in terms of dermatological aspects and considering rapidity. All foam additives are licensed products.

Decontamination of devices deFcon-unit 200-G for the device decontamination (deFcon 200-P for the decontamination of persons)

Naturally we also design the deFcon-units as Ro/Ro-Containers for you. They guarantee fast operation on site at: natural disasters attacks accidents war
Decontamination of a person with deFcon P-foam by using special nozzles

Oil defense The protection of surface waters and therefore drinking water is an important goal which will normally fulfilled by the fire brigade. To provide you with the right devices also in this field, we met this responsible ambition which should not be underrated. In case of oil accidents on rivers or lakes the oil defense will directly be adopted on site. We offer our LSEP and other accessories to absorb oil-water mixtures and separate them on site. Disposal costs and the water pollution will be reduced to a minimum by the Gimaex-oil defense.

Successful rescue...
The worldwide demand for solutions from our company, also in the field of Technical Rescue Trucks, rises annually. Why? Due to our utter wish to find an ideal solution for you our engineers design the bodyworks and loading most functional and utmost economical. Rescue staff that is equipped by Gimaex products is always prepared for any kind of accident. Hence they have the chance to always use the best devices individually, to save time for rescuing lives and goods or to avoid worse, respectively. Another important task is to minimise the exposure of the retrievers and to guarantee a best possible care of the casualities. With Gimaex rescue trucks it is possible to focus on the things which are important.
Gimaex as competent partner at all technical rescue tasks: traffic accidents collapse of buildings natural disaster rescue from great heights water rescue locating

Hydraulic rescue devices on trolley


Rapid Intervention Truck

Rescue truck (GW) Primarily the Gimaex rescue trucks provide devices for the technical rescue. All rescue trucks have enough room- and weight reserves to store the complete loading acc. to DIN/EN standards and an additional loading acc. to the local requirements like e.g. mobile devices. The variety of variation will be optimised by the specially developed construction systems.

Technical Rescue Truck, Degussa Cologne

Technical Rescue Truck (TRT) The Gimaex technical rescue trucks have a fourwheel drive and can be used for the technical rescue. They have a fire fighting loading which also corresponds to the DIN standard. Our strength is to design the vehicles acc. to your wishes and requirements. We are able to offer you individual solutions and economical designs.

Ro/Ro-Container As for the rescue trucks we use special Gimaex alu-profiles for the interior fittings also at Ro/Ro-Containers. We reach a higher capacity at loading for the equipment due to the resulting clarity and the lower weight. Ro/Ro-Containers can be used variable and it is possible to transport several containers to the operation site by just one hook-lift truck. They can be placed at ground level and therefore it is possible to equip mobile trolleys with heavy devices. Ro/RoContainers are easy to remove for taking them to the operation site. Of course all Ro/Ro-Containers can be equipped acc. to your special requirements and acc. to the DIN/EN standard.

Technical Rescue Truck acc. to DIN 14555-3


Technical Rescue Truck acc. to DIN 14555-3

Equipment, accessories, loading It depends on the right loading and the right tools. Naturally Gimaex offers you extensive rescue devices. From camera systems to rescue spreaders, shears and special tools - we offer you a fire fighting loading that matches your ideas.

Rescue spreader

Optimal control of operations on site...

We mobilise your command and control unit! Video, telephone and radio will be integrated in one system for you. Our Mobile Command Units are equipped with the most modern and reliable communication technology and other devices to lead big and small operations allowing smooth communication between the command and the individual crews.
Professional command and control at: accidents large operations terroristic attacks natural disasters like - flood - forest fires - earthquakes - landslides - storms, etc.

A flexible exchange of the fast moving modules is possible at any time. This will be guaranteed by the accessible cable channels and the flexible modular design developed by Gimaex. This flexible modular system ensures the manufacture of new designs and making and to realise subsequent changes. This will be achieved by the special Gimaex aluminium profiles (anodized) which also saves weight.
Middle sized Mobile Command Unit (MCU) with broadband satellite transfer technology


Mobile Command Unit MCU1
The Gimaex Mobile Command Unit MCU 1 acts basically for the approach as well as for the investigation of operation sites. We design the vehicles individually acc. to your requirements. The MCU on Sprinter with long wheelbase is especially suitable for voluntary fire brigades as it can simultaneously be used as crew transport vehicle.

Interior fittings MCU 1 with CULT

Interior fittings MCU1

Mobile Command Unit MCU2

The Mobile Command Unit MCU 2 acts as support at large incidents. Owing to their construction and the communication equipment our MCU 2 realises a smooth command and control in the case of an operation. Naturally we produce all MCU 2-versions with similar equipment also as Ro/Ro-Container acc. to your requirements.

CULT Communication-Management-System

MCU2, Essen

Up to now there were numerous control elements for the different communication systems in Mobile Command Units. With the new Cult-Communication-ManagementSystem of the Gimaex all relevant functions will be controlled easily, clearly and functional. The work place becomes considerably clear arranged, is easier to handle and guarantees a faster and better communication due to the enormous space saving.


MCU 2 special body, Kuwait

Advantages: latest technologies due to worldwide activities integration of all communication devices (video, radio, telephone) whole vehicle from one manufacturer competent advice longtime experience flexible concepts

Turntable ladders - perfect operation on narrowest space.

A unique vehicle concept that beyond of rescue of persons, fire fighting and technical rescue offers far more in operating flexibility at smallest space (e.g. old towns, industrial plants, confined places in large cities etc.), short setup times (even at slopes of 15 to 18) and more storage space for additional loading or extinguishing systems and equipment.

This is achieved by a new developed, patented levelling system integrated in the ladder set, a new developed turret without overhang, and a compact X-support jacking system only up to 4,50 m span which still provides full performance regarding rescue heights and outreach. Furthermore all of our vehicle types feature safe and easy operation. Beside the standard vehicles DLA(K) 12/9, 18/12 and 23/12 all vehicles are also available with fire fighting centrifugal pump, tank or One Seven systems.
Rescue cage with 4 entrances

level adjustment

DLA(K) 18/12 on Iveco-chassis


Turntable ladders and telescopic rescue platforms

Advantages of Gimaex turntable ladder vehicles: Rescue at narrowest space Practically no overhang of the turret Levelling in the ladder set Fast deployment possible due to short set-up times X-support leg system Computer based control Application of most advanced production technologies, components and materials High safety standard Safe rescue of persons by smart access system to the rescue cage Slidable control panel in cage Economical purchase price Maintenance-service and service-hotline Compact dimensions Levelling at slopes up to 18 CANBUS-connections Remote diagnose system

In order to keep down time at a minimum we can offer you with our Customer Service Center in Kandel, Germany the whole range of services as follows: Maintenance by qualified technicians Direct maintenance at the vehicle location 24-hours-service
Maintenance-service DLA(K) 18/12 LF

Appropriation of a replacement vehicle

DLA(K) 18/12 LF and DLA(K) 23/12 LF

Gimaex Telescopic Rescue Platforms - available within shortest time!

The Gimaex telescopic rescue platform is a completely new developed vehicle. The platform will be manufactured acc. to the newest standards regarding rapidity, functionality, efficiency, reliability and economy. Ths vehicle concept features highest possible safety for the staff in connection with a good processing and practical operation characteristics. Another advantage of the vehicle is its compact construction. Finally we reached our goal to offer a rescue platform that guarantees a total weight of 19t at a rescue height of 32.6m. Through this the high utilisability (bridges etc.) and the agility will be highlighted.


A unique vehicle concept that beyond of the rescue of persons, fire fighting and technical rescue offers far more in operating flexibility at smallest space (e.g. old towns, industrial plants, confined places in large cities etc.), short setup times (even at slopes of 7) and more storage space for additional loading or extinguishing systems and equipment.

Advantages of Gimaex Telescopic Rescue Platforms: Latest technologies and components Fastest availability by additional terrain regulation Telescopic and bent cage arm, therefore extended working range, e.g. underground works Weather protected main control panel can be adjusted to the bent of the telescopic arm Excellent design Compact dimensions Levelling at slopes up to 7 CANBUS-connections Remote diagnose system Generator integrated into the podium (not in the turret)

10 m