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Valve Automation Technologies from Emerson

The most comprehensive and proven portfolio available anywhere

The Most Comprehensive and Proven Portfolio Available Anywhere

The breadth of products described in this brochure ensures you get a solution that best fits your application needs in a wide variety of valve operating situations. Our offering is a combination of best-in-class technologies of pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric actuators with controls. Our expertise, gathered over many years in several different industries, concludes that proper actuator and controls selection is critical to reliable valve operation. This Emerson combination of knowledge, experience, and products ensures you optimise cost, performance, reliability and safety as needed for each specific application.

This easy to use, intelligent solution has simplified the automation of rotary valves significantly by integrating the controls and feedback within a single product. The flexible modular design enables units to be adapted to meet individual plant requirements and is ideal for both simple and complex applications. Product development based on modular construction allows for fast delivery from stock components and easy upgrade to fully-fledged control units. Actuators can be provided with electronic controls for problem-free digital communication.

One of the first brands to be established in the valve actuator business, Bettis products are used in almost every energyrelated industry. Today the actuator range includes linear, quarter-turn scotch-yoke, rack and pinion and electric options, powered by compressed gas, hydraulic and electric sources to satisfy a vast range of automation requirements.

Associated with high quality valve automation and specializing in high performance pneumatic actuators, the Hytork brand has been recently expanded to provide a wide range of customer requested features and specialized solenoid valves, developed to satisfy defined customer needs and have rapidly become accepted as the standard for this offering. This highly reliable actuator continues to demonstrate excellent performance in some of the most difficult on-off process applications.

Dantorque is the market leader in subsea actuator technology. In recent years, Dantorque concentric and compact valve actuators have been increasingly used in deep water applications in several of the major subsea developments around the world.

Primarily used in the gas transmission pipeline industry where reliability is crucial, Shafer products have become recognized as guardians of the worlds pipelines involving the safe control of critical applications. These also include the demands of offshore platforms and subsea pipelines plus highly challenging pipeline applications in metals, mining and other process industries.

Technology Platform
Scotch-Yoke Linear Rotary Vane Helical Spline


For over 60 years EIM has manufactured high quality electric, high pressure/low pressure fluid powered and manual valve actuators. EIM is proud to have developed and patented a number of basic designs now used throughout the valve actuator industry. EIM continues to innovate, offering highly reliable valve actuators for virtually any application.

Rack & Pinion Quarter-Turn Electrics Multi-Turn Electrics Controls and accessories Pneumatic Electric Hydraulic Wireless

For over 30 years, the El-O-Matic brand has been firmly established and represents a wide range of pneumatic and electric actuators together with control accessories. This actuator is used throughout the chemical and utility industries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Safety Systems Engineered solutions Valve operating system Integrated packages & automation

Proven and Reliable

Scotch-Yoke actuators
Bettis scotch-yoke actuators are extensively used to automate quarterturn ball, plug and butterfly valves in oil & gas and process industries. These actuators also provide a highly unique and reliable means of operating louvres, dampers and other 90rotating mechanisms, and are available in double-acting or spring-return models. Their modular construction and efficient design make Bettis the most compact and light weight actuators compared to any other scotch-yoke actuator in the industry. The compact dimensional envelope, light weight design and reliability make Bettis most suited for critical offshore and Emergency Shut Down applications. Bettis actuators come with a standard five year warranty in addition to guaranteed torque outputs, water ingress protection, NAMUR standardization, close couple capability and overrides.

Linear actuators
Bettis GVO Series pneumatic linear actuators
The Bettis GVO Series pneumatic actuator represents a broad range of field proven linear valve actuators suitable for automating most types of wedge gate valves, slab gate valves, knife gate valves, globe valves, tank valves and rising stem ball and plug valves. Extended stroke for each model, 2. External tie bars allow contained release of energy in the event of over-pressure and allow ease of inspection and servicing. Captivated spring rod nut prevents unauthorized disassemble of the spring cartridge. Adjustable travel stop for the rod-retract position, piston bottoms out for the rod-extend position.

Bettis G-Series Robotarm II actuators

Compact design to optimise the centre of gravity location for a lighter and smaller actuator. Modular construction of Bettis G-Series enables easy online maintenance without removal of valve from the line. Field serviceable modular configuration to simplify interchangeability of the power and spring modules and the addition of manual overrides and accessories. PED 97/23/EC Compliant. Meets IP 66 and IP 67M specifications for submergence and severe high pressure water deluge test. NAMUR mounting configuration for shaft driven accessories. Torque Outputs (guaranteed) Double-acting: 1,420 678,000 Nm (12,581 6,000,000 in-lbs) Spring-return end torques: In excess of 339,000 Nm (3,000,000 in-lbs) Operating Pressures Pneumatic: 3 14 bar (40 200 psig) Hydraulic: To 345 bar (5,000 psig) Standard Operating Temperature -29 C to +93 C (-20 F to +200 F) with optional high and low temperature trims available.

Rotary Vane actuators

Shafer RV-Series actuators
The Shafer rotary vane actuators are used extensively on natural gas pipeline applications utilizing gas over oil power pressure for the actuator. The actuators compact design makes it ideal for platform and other tight space applications. With a concentric geometry the actuator is highly effective in high vibration applications such as slurry pipelines. The rotary vanes high pressure construction allows for subsea applications to depths of 750 meters (2,460 feet) without the need for pressure compensation divides. Only one moving part allows for a 50 year design life backed by a 10 year warranty. Double vane design will not produce any side loading forces on the valve stem or actuator bearings. Balanced and constant torque is applied directly to the valve stem throughout the complete 90 rotation. The rotary vane is the most efficient and compact actuator design available.

Bettis CBB and CBA-300 Series actuators

Torque Outputs (guaranteed) CBB double-acting: To 1,301 Nm (11,515 in-lbs) CBB spring-return end torques: To 482 Nm (4,269 in-lbs) CBA-300 double-acting: 835 2,333 Nm (7,388 20,337 in-lbs) CBA-300 spring-return end torques: 286 1,182 Nm (2,532 10,457 in-lbs) Pneumatic Operating Pressures CBB: 3 10 bar (40-150 psig) CBA-300: 3 10 bar (40-150 psig) Standard Operating Temperature for CBB and CBA-300 -29 C to +93 C (-20 F to +200 F) with optional high and low temperature trims available.

Helical Spline actuators

Bettis BH Series helical hydraulic actuators
The BHH and BHHF actuators form a complete line of hydraulic double-acting and spring-return actuators. Compact and concentric, the proven design provides space savings and reliability. Using the multiple helical spline engagement with reciprocal splines on the piston, the high torque output is constant throughout the 90 rotations, converting hydraulic energy into rotation, with the torque output proportional to the supply pressure. Both the BHH and BHHF options can be operated in the most severe conditions, from high vibrations to severe environment locations, while providing a reliable valve automation solution. Easily adapted to all types of quarter-turn valves, dampers and louvres, the mounting positions are numerous, with available controls block options for direct mount modular control functions. Smallest footprint to torque ratio. Compact and concentric design. Balanced helical design eliminates side loading on valve assembly and stem. High water ingress protection IP68. Integrated crossover valves (double-acting).

Dantorque Helical Spline subsea actuators and subsea gear operators

Dantorque brand products include a range of specialty subsea valve actuators. The Dantorque actuators are precisely designed to provide engineered solutions to our clients unique requirements. Subsea technology is rapidly evolving reaching greater depths than ever. Dantorque actuators were specifically developed and qualified for the rigors of subsea applications. The actuators have a 30 year design life and extensive track record of installations at various depths reaching beyond 2,438 meters (8,000 feet). Compact balanced design is ideal for subsea installation and retrieval. The torque producing mechanism will not produce any side loading forces on the valve stem. Balanced and constant torque is applied directly to the valve stem throughout the complete 90 rotation. Available in both double-acting and spring-return operation with ROV override capability.

Rack & Pinion actuators

Using high quality materials and designs, these actuators reliably and efficiently operate quarter-turn mechanisms including ball, butterfly and plug valves. Applications include those with extreme temperatures and high cycles. Control options can be added to the NAMUR interfaces to further improve functionality and positioning.

Shafer SH-Series actuators

For more than 60 years, Shafer actuators have been recognized for their reliable performance in pipeline service. The SH-Series helical spline gas-over-oil actuator continues the tradition. The double-acting hydraulic model is perfect for a variety of small valve (2 to 8) pipeline applications including transmission, meter runs, compressor stations, gas plants etc. The SH-Series offers high performance features: No power gas regulators and relief valves required. Zero Leakage Piston. No Valve Stem Side Loading. 50 Year Design Life Backed by 10 Year Shafer Guarantee. Traditional Shafer High Pressure Controls with Manual Override. Precise Speed Control No Torsional Impact. No Internal Corrosion Problems. Gas Hydraulic Tanks prevent gas contaminants from entering the actuator. Vastly Extended Seal Life.

El-O-Matic E and P Series actuators

Aluminium actuators with standard NAMUR interface and dual ISO 5211 valve flanges. Excellent corrosion protection by powder coating, hard anodized high grade aluminium pinion and stainless steel fasteners. Output torques range up to 4,537 Nm @ 5.5 barg (40,293 in-lbs @ 80 psig) for double-acting models and 1,958 Nm (17,333 in-lbs) spring-end for spring-return. Choice of 12 actuator sizes and six spring sets for spring-return models, for cost efficient and accurate sizing. Standard operating temperatures range from -20 C to +80 C (-4 F to +176 F) with optional high or low temperature trims available. Operating pressures available up to 8 bar (120 psig).

Hytork XL series actuators

These heavy duty actuators have a proven track record of reliable operation in both industrial and commercial applications. The XL actuator is modular in design, allowing many different functional features to be assembled from a series of modules at the factory or on site. The patented Safekey provides a quick and reliable method of spring change and maintenance of seals to the whole range of sizes.

Where Experience and Intelligence Counts

12 actuator sizes with output torques range up to 3,232 Nm @ 5.5 barg (28,500 in-lbs @ 80 psig) for double-acting models and 1610 Nm (14,250 in-lbs) spring-end for spring-return models. Standard operating temperatures range from -20 C to +100 C (-4 F to +212 F) with optional high or low temperature trims available. Operating pressures available up to 8 bar (120 psig). The unique CERAMIGARD surface finish of Di-aluminium Trioxide protects all body parts against wear and corrosion.

Electric actuators
Electric actuators are designed to provide optimum performance under the most demanding on/off and modulating conditions. Our compact models are adaptable for trouble-free operation with small, medium or large valves. We offer maximum duty cycles to 100%, with none lower than 30% in multiple motor voltages.

Bettis electric actuators

Bettis electric actuators are specifically designed for quarter-turn (90 rotation) applications on ball, butterfly and plug valves along with dampers, vents or similar uses. Four basic models provide torques from 11 Nm to 2,260 Nm (100 in-lbs to 20,000 in-lbs). Standard on/off units are available along with electronic proportional positioning models and units with full spring-return capability for fail-safe operation. Compact design in weatherproof or explosion proof housings. High strength gearing run in needle bearings for smooth energy transfer and long service life. Permanent lubrication reduces the need for scheduled maintenance. Modular design readily accommodates controls and accessories such as heaters, motor brakes, positioners, transmitters and control stations.

Bettis D-Series actuators

Bettis D-Series pneumatic rack and pinion actuators provide its users with reliability and economy in valve automation. The D-Series actuators are compact and lightweight, making them very suitable for installation within areas of tight piping connections. Dual travel stop aluminium actuators with ISO 5211 and NAMUR interface flanges. Excellent corrosion protection by anodized and powder coat body, hard anodized high grade aluminium pinion and stainless steel fasteners. 10 actuator sizes with output torques range up to 1,676 Nm @ 5.5 barg (14,874 in-lbs @ 80 psig) for models and 897 Nm (7,939 in-lbs) spring end for spring-return models. Standard operating temperatures range from -20 C to +80 C (-4 F to +176 F) with optional high or low temperature trims available. Operating pressures available up to 8 bar (120 psig).

El-O-Matic EL Series electric actuators

El-O-Matic EL series electric actuators are reliable, quality products, which perform faultlessly no matter how demanding the circumstances. The EL range of actuators comprises the smaller ELS, the mid range EL and larger ELD series. Output torques from 18 Nm to 2,500 Nm (160 in-lbs to 22,126 in-lbs). Hazardous and non-hazardous housings, including ATEX or FM certified enclosures. Low-noise, smooth running with the use of high ratio worm and wheel reduction. Compact construction and lightweight due to the use of high-grade aluminium alloys.

FieldQ fully integrated actuators and controls

FieldQ provides a proven rack and pinion pneumatic actuator with a range of sophisticated control accessories in a fully integrated modular package. Gone are the nonintegrated accessories from multiple vendors, mounting brackets, cumbersome external cabling and tubing. Instead, the FieldQ solution offers true "plug and play" capability from the industrys most recognized single source. Dual travel stop, heavy duty aluminium actuators with dual ISO 5211 valve flanges. Excellent corrosion protection by anodized and powder coat body, hard anodized high grade aluminium pinion and stainless steel fasteners. A range of actuator sizes with output torques range up to 1,676 Nm @ 5.5 barg (14,874 in-lbs @ 80 psig) for double-acting models and 897 Nm (7,939 in-lbs) spring-end for spring-return models. Intelligent controls include IPT technology and are available with a range of fieldbus communication protocols. Versions with FOUNDATION fieldbus include diagnostics and alerts that meets Emerson PlantWeb alerts standard.

El-O-Matic ELQ Series electric actuators

Modular construction is used extensively in the ELQ series electric actuators. Plug-in modules are used for an extensive range of control options. These enable the basic actuator specification to be easily extended to that of fully-fledged control valve actuators. Low power consumption saves power and cables, and therefore costs. 100% duty rating. Can be used for all applications, and protects against motor overheating. 100% torque over the entire stroke. To cover all applications, even those valves with complex torque patterns. 3600 starts per hour for all demanding modulating applications.

EIM electric actuators

EIM Series 2000 and TEC2000 electric actuators have been setting industry standards for ruggedness and reliability for over 60 years in installations around the world. Incorporates heat treated alloy steel worms aluminium bronze self-locking worm gears. Multi-turn models torque ratings up to 27,116 Nm (20,000 ft.-lbs.), thrust up to 4,448 kN (1,000,000 lbs.), and output speeds from 3 to 240 RPM. Quarter-turn models torque ratings up to 370,000 Nm (272,890 ft.-lbs.) with operating times from 5 to 900 seconds. Standard housing construction for hazardous locations SIRA/ATEX or FM, CSA, and Testsafe. Modular construction Over 60% of mechanical parts are common. Controls modules are same for multi-turn and quarter-turn actuators. Standard handwheel with reduction gearing. Discrete, analog and Controlinc digital control Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, Device Net and Modbus RTU.

Safety Systems
These systems afford protection against the risks posed by hazardous processes and help to protect against upsets or failures that might threaten employee safety, cause environmental problems or damage operating equipment. A safety instrumented system (SIS) typically includes a sensor to monitor the process, a logic device to compare process conditions to predetermined process limits, and a final control element that can shut down or vent the process should conditions reach a trip point. The Emerson SIL-PAC valve automation solution for safety systems combines scotch-yoke and rack and pinion pneumatic actuators, with the diagnostics and functionality of the Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers. SIL-PAC can then be mounted on the valve that meets your requirement best. Actuators are IEC certified and are suitable for SIL 3 applications when a periodic partial stroke test is performed or in SIL 2 application if such testing is not required. Emerson actuators are also ATEX certified and protect against water ingress to IP66 and IP67M standards.

EIM TEC2000 electric actuators

Microprocessor-based Total Electronic Control Absolute position detector uses Hall-Effect devices no batteries needed to maintain limit settings. Local control elements do not penetrate enclosures Hall-Effect devices. Largest, easiest-to-read LCD in the industry. Full function remote display module can be mounted up to 1,200 m (4,000 ft.) Separate terminal chamber for field wiring user-replaceable fuses accessible without opening controls compartment.

Integrated packages and automation

All quarter-turn valves can now have an automation package designed and assembled to efficiently and reliably suit your control loop requirements. These packages are fitted to your valves and are entirely tested, calibrated and warrantied by valve automation experts. With your specified valve, we can provide a complete valve operating system which include your selected actuators, solenoids, positioners, switches, plus other accessories. Our integrated packages are designed by experienced engineers and are assembled from a ready stock of fieldproven components, to reduce your costs and shorten your delivery schedules.

EIM Series 2000 electric actuators

Highly flexible M2CP modular controls package eases service remove, assemble and disassemble and replace using a standard screwdriver. Hinged, O-Ring sealed controls compartment cover with captive stainless steel bolts. Mechanical dial position indication, or mechanical dial and LED digital position indication.

Controls and accessories across all our range

Basic actuators may be used to open and close the valve; however, if more functionality is required, then the actuators' specification can be extended by the addition of one or more of the available accessories. These can be used to provide position signaling feedback to the controller, provide positional control or make the actuator operate faster or slower. Several are available with hazardous area approvals.

HQ Series electric quarter-turn actuators

Torque range 54 Nm to 2942 Nm (45 ft. lbs to 2,170 ft. lbs) Single-phase, three-phase, 24 VDC power including fail-safe options . Self-locking double reduction worm gear drive - no motor brake required . Declutchable manual override handwheel . Compact, light weight - local and remote control stations. Removable drive bushing for ease of machining.

Emerson brands for most common control accessories:

Digital Valve Controllers: Positioners: Regulators: Switch boxes: Wireless position monitor: Solenoid valves: Fisher Fisher Fisher TopWorx TopWorx ASCO Numatics

Serving Our Customers Globally

Over many years, Emerson has built up a reputation for providing quality valve actuation products, with short lead times via distribution channels and backed by factory and field experts. To consistently maintain and improve our reputation, we operate a Think Customer initiative based on competitive prices, best service and proven products.
Production is centred on modern plants throughout the world, including several that are purpose built. These are located strategically in areas where the logistic infrastructure is excellent and the key component suppliers are located in the same area. All manufacturing processes are covered by the same documentation that ensures compliance to our standardised quality assurance programmes. Every product and component is subject to rigorous internal and external checks from design to delivery. When complete, the actuators are shipped to a World Area Configuration Centre where they are configured to suit specific customer needs. These centres are located in the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South Africa. In addition, Emerson has established local sales and service centres in many countries around the world and each of these can provide after sales support, technical advice and product information. To provide further customer support, Emerson has partnered with over 250 companies worldwide to distribute products and respond quickly to customer demands. Product quality has been subject to continued enhancements and all products are constantly reviewed so as to improve quality and reliability.

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