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I've been lurking on this group for a while and though I'd contribute something and ask a question at the same time. I am trying to figure out the step by step procedure to working with the seals and tables listed in the 6/7 Books of Moses. Perhaps the instructions are obvious to you, but this is not the case with me. However, I've been experimenting with the following setup and it has worked well so far. Choice of seal/table I choose a seal or table that is appropriate to the task at hand. For example, a friend was trying to get a very competitive job position and so I picked the Eighth Table of the Spirits of the Sun, as it said that these spirits "will help attain places of honor [and] wealth." Seal of generation In my interpretation of the text, the Generation Seal (fig 22) is necessary in all operations, as it is "to be held in the right hand" during the conjuration. Making of the seal(s) In the most recent case, I simply printed the seal using black ink on parchment paper (purchased at a stationary store). Previously, I have traced the seal on to the same paper and drawn over it with 'dove's blood ink' (purchased at a local curio store; a red ink of some sort). It should be noted that while this paper is nicer than the printer stock, it is not derived from animal sources (i.e. it is not goat leather or anything of the sort). Circle I made the circle (labeled as fig 22 in my copy of the text) from about 9 separate printed pages, stuck together with tape. Hardly majestic, but portable and it allows me just enough space to stand or sit within it during the conjuration. I orient it in such a way that the East corner points towards the East and so on. Consecration of the circle I consecrated the circle by reciting the passage that goes "Ego N.N.,

2 consecro et benedicto istum Circulum..." as found in the book in Appendix I. Likewise, I followed the instructions and spoke the names "Tetragrammaton, Theos, Ischiros.... Amen" and the Psalm 91 "He that dwelleth in the secret place...Amen" Conjuration Having thus prepared and entered the circle, I began reciting the General Citation, while holding the spirit seal in my left hand and generation seal in my right. First, the part "Aba, ...Agla." Then the spirit specific conjuration. For example, in the case of the Spirits of the Sun: "I, N.N., conjure thee, Wych by Dalia....into blood." Immediately afterwards, I stated my request. Then, I continued with the General Citation: "Eheije, ...Yehuel." Following, I said an impromptu prayer, basically restating my request, and repeated the words from the beginning: "Aba,...Agla. " Finally, I finished with the last bit: "Hamneijs, ...Jeha." At this point, I put away the two seals and folded up the circle. My question to all you fellow practitioners is if this is how you do it. Or are you using a different approach? I have devised the above procedure simply from reading of the text and make no claims to its accuracy. However, I should add that the day after I performed the above steps, my friend got the job. I remember how confusing this book was after the initial read. I hope this posting is of some use and provides a potential structure to those who wish to experiment with the text. -Theodor

This is the methodology I use and if you find it valuable, feel free to use it. (If you plan on reposting this, please keep my signature attached for due credit.) For grins and giggles, let's presume you have financial need in the realm of family income due to being out-of-work and what not. Here is my suggestion on using this text: Open the grimoire to the first page where the Great Seal of Fortune is shown. Take some virgin parchment paper (get this from a office supplies store - use the light tan colored sheets) and take a .05 mechanical pencil and a sheet of carbon paper. Lay the carbon paper over the parchment and then lay this under a photocopied picture of

the seal. Carefully trace the sigils, Hebrew letters and symbols. Press hard enough to make the carbon print on the surface of the parchment paper. When finished, take a dip pen and use Dove's Blood ink and trace over the letters, sigils and symbols as well as the outline of the seal itself. Now consecrate the seal using air by passing thru incense smoke; then fire by passing it safely above the flame of a candle; by water by anointing an edge with the barest tip of your finger; and earth by sprinkling some dirt on the seal (note: you can use salt if you like but I prefer real dirt). The hold the talisman in your hands and stand and bow to the East and ask Raphael to bless the seal; then to the south and ask Michael to bless the seal; then to the West to ask Gabriel to bless the seal and finally to the North to have Uriel bless the seal. I usually say something like this (as I bow): "Mighty Raphael, lord of the East, I ask you to bless this holy seal in the name of Shaddai El Chai! So be it!" and then take a moment to visualize him walking up and touching it with his finger. Then do the same with the other three Archangels. Once it is blessed, I then place it onto my working altar. I take up the incense and walk around my altar thrice (once for God, once for the Saints and once for the Dead) and then I take up each element in and do the same in turn. Then I draw a cross in the air and ask for Moses, the great Hoodoo Man of all time, to come and bless this seal for good fortune. I wait for him and He usually appears as a wizened old man in rough looking robes carring a beautifully carved natural staff with a serpent's head mounted onto the top of it. Then I read the invocation aloud as given under the seal. I elongate the vowels of the names as I picked up this habit from my early years studying the G.: D.: literature and even though I realize it is not necessary, old habits are hard to break ;) Where the spot calls for speaking your desires, I will formally inform the Spirits of what it is that I need. In this case, good solid employment so that my family and I will NOT starve and will begin to prosper. Often I will recite a passage from the Bible that relates to prosperity as god hath ordained. I then finish reading the invocation and then close the grimoire and thank the Spirits for attending and for their help. I ask them to go in peace with love & mutual respect. Then I tell them that I will repay them with a white candle anointed with Holy oil for their assistance and make a small donation to someone in need of money once

they've helped me to begin to become prosperous again. This last part - in my opinion - is critical to long term sucess as it shows the Spirits that I'm not greedy but wiling to help another who is in need as they helped me. This way I am not closing myself off to any future aid from Celestial Spirits. ----------------Notes: It goes without saying that I have consecrated my altar and tools ahead of time and that I banished all negativity from the parchment and Dove's Blood ink to render it usable & neutral in influence. Also the self-confession done prior is very important as it alleviates stress, self-doubt, worry and anxiety that the Spirits will help or not. When this part is completed, they WILL indeed help. I was taught to carry my seals with me. One way I like to do this is to roll them up and tie a red thread around it and then put this into a bag with (in this case) an anointed High John the Conqueror root and some dried rose petals (for money) and some Devil's Shoestring root (for employment). Then the bag is consecrated and carried on my person until the working comes to fruition. Then the bag is de-consecrated and destroyed. Hope this helps someone.

Re: great pentagram In sixth_and_seventh_books_of_moses, "fsforde" wrote: >does anyone know how to properly charge the great pentagram so that it works. that means you to moloch.< Don't have my book handy at the moment BUT there is an incantation for general citation to all Spirits. In my edition it's prior to all of the prose about the Hebrews. I use that to call the higher powers and then ask them to bless the talisman itself. I've found it efficacious to either paint or burn the Heilig pentagram onto a nice, simple wooden disk. You can get these disks at hobby or craft stores. The wood is preferable over paper as it holds a charge far better than mere paper does.

All the Best, Moloch 'Real Sorcery 24/7'

Spring Equinox & Ritual of the Seal of Highest Fortune


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Happy equinox to those of you out there reading this. Now is a great time to begin any sort of long term projects you wish to have come to fruition. Typicall this is the time to begin anything that will be in sync with nature as she sprouts matures and eventually dies off as Fall equinox arrives. If I were you, go to your local craft's shop and get yourself some Fimo or Sculpey modelling clay and obtain a needle that is big enough to use but has a fine point. Roll out your modelling clay until it is thin and flat. Thickness depends on how much time you want to spend rolling and flattening the clay. Size of the talisman is moot but make it large enough to be able to work with without having to squint your eyes. I use about 4 inches long by 2.5 inches high to make my talisman. When finished, take one single strand of your hair and place on the back of the clay and gently press it into the clay usng the flat side of a spatula. This is your link to the talisman itself. Then using the needle, begin to gently carve the Hebrew letters into the talisman as per the book's illustrations. In this case, I'm making the Seal of Highest Fortune and I'm using green colored Sculpey. Why green? Might as well be a color that is harmonius to the intent, right? Of course you could use any color if that was all you had but if you can, buy the color that suits your tastes. Bake at the required temperature. Once finished, you then hand draw the circular seal shown on page 16 (Dorene Publishing edition is what I have) onto either heavy cardboard or heavy parchment like paper. Consecrate this with incense and prayer.

Next lay your finished Seal of Highest Fortune inside the square of the circle and recite the 'General Citation' which is the "Necromantia, Seu Magia Alba et Nigra Translated ex Thora XXta Bibl. Arcan." Read the citation and then reflect and meditate as the instructions suggest. Then either re-pronounce the citation or finish the citation as instructed. Next read the Conjuration for the Seal of Highest Fortune and again, as instructed, insert your wishes, prayers or pronouncements of what fortune you desire. Reflect and meditate until you have that inner feeling that your working is 'working.' I cannot explain the feeling to you as it must be felt by you but suffice to say if done with faith and emotion, you will feel something when its 'right'. Finish ritual with thanks and blessings to the Spirits for their help and assistance. Wrap the item in silk and place in a safe, secure place and allow it to work for you. This is a long term type of working and since the clay is of the earth, it does tend to hold a charge almost as well as metal seals or pantacles from the _Key of Solomon_ do. I hope this helps to explain things to you. This is a template of how I create the seals from these two books and how I charge them for use. All the Best, Moloch 'Real Sorcery 24/7'

Hand Drawn Seals


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Hello. I have just uploaded two seals from th grimoire to the Photos section. Look for the album with my name "Moloch" attached to it. I have uploaded the Seal of Aziel which is for general, good luck and fortunate circumstances in life and I've uploaded the Seal of Fortune for abundant prosperity. Note the use of color. I used colored gel pens that I got from Sam's Club (100 for $20) and they work GREAT! Is color traditional with

these seals? Not that I'm aware of BUT as a Sorcerer, I utilize color as much as possible and with seals, I believe it to be far stronger to add color. The seal of Aziel has been ritually consecrated and empowered and is being shipped off to a client. That one is laminated and ready to use. The other one will be laminated and is for myself to carry on me. I will be making several more and will upload them as time permits. All the Best, Moloch 'Real Sorcery 24/7'