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A BAD DAY TO BE A BULLY When people try to step on my toes I do my best to avoid it But there is just so many times

that I can sidestep Then when this little twig decides to snap Oh beware! They taunted me Calling me names The one the liked the most was Granny Just because I got glasses in Sub B As the years went by they didn't stop I already wasn't a social butterfly This just made it worse But one day In about standard 3 I had had enough A Filipino boy in my class He got the fright of his life When he started Instead of just 'taking it' I lifted him by his shirt off the ground He was at least a head shorter than me His eyes grew wide I told him if he tried that again he would be sorry In the meanest voice I could He was so in shock he didn't try to resist I had never reacted this way before Then I calmly and gently deposited him on the ground And turned to leave To my shock The principal our small school Was only a few meters away watching He said nothing But later he did not punish me either for reacting with violence I guess he knew I wouldn't really follow through I normally shyed away from that kind of behavior Yet I had made my point After that no one bothered me in primary school