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1. Explain the nature of communication

Communication is the act of transmitting messages/exchange of information or opinions. It has the following elements: the people involves a minimum of two persons, one will send a message and the other who will receive the message. The message is the substance of what is being communicated. The channel is the medium and the manner by which message is conveyed (verbal or nonverbal). And the feedback is the response of the receiver to the message as conveyed through particular channel. 2. Discuss the process of communication Communication has the following steps: First step is ideating, in this step the sender develop his idea, message or information to transmit to some individual or group. After that he will encode it by means of symbols (words, non-verbal cues or even pictures and diagram) the ideas that the sender wishes to transmit. If the message is developed, transmitting is the next step by means of several methods like memo, telephone, closed-circuit television, computers, broad policy statements and face to face communication) and such nonverbal cues as hand gesture, body position, facial expression and voice intonation. 3. Why do people need to communicate? People need to communicate because we are created to be with other man with urge to communicate to express our ideas, feelings and opinions. 4. Discuss the barriers of communication. a. Physical barriers it interfere communication caused by nature, physical and biological malfunction, place and the like. b. Behavioral barriers it is a barrier that is caused by the attitude of the sender and receiver and vice versa ( lack of openness, distortion of messages fear, language , poor listening skill) c. Other intangibles time constraint, overload and underload information, complexity of information, multiple meaning and interpretation of words. 5. Why is it important that leader should be good communicators? It is important that leader should be good in communication because dominant factor in the life of complex institution. A main function of leadership is to remain at the center of a system of signal that run throughout the organization structure. Leadership becomes possible when a leader can speak the language of his subordinates.


Identifying Types of Adjectives (Quantity, Quality, Size, Origin, Color )

I. Learning Objectives y II. Identify types of adjectives (quantity, quality, size, origin, color)

Subject Matter A. Topic: Identifying Types of Adjectives - (Quantity, Quality, Size, Origin, Color) B. References: PELC- 18.1 Speaking - language In Action; pp. 219 Vicente Publishing House C. Materials: Chart with dialogue D. Value Focus: Making peace with animals through being kind with them


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. Review Game: Category Capers Materials: Strips of papers What to do. In your envelops are strips of paper with adjectives or nouns written on them. Classify each word where it belongs. The group that finishes first wins the game. Several Two Many Fine Baby Eyes cute kind pleasant helpful hair book big small little Oscar lions Mother

ADJECTIVES _________ _________ _________ _________

NOUNS _________ _________ _________ _________

2. Motivation Show a picture of the zoo or a forest. Ask: What animals do you see in the zoo? Forest?

B. Development Activities 1. Presentation Here is a dialogue about an educational field trip to the zoo. (The teacher reads or the best reader in the class reads it.) Roy Alex Roy Alex Roy Alex Roy Alex Roy : Hi, Alex. How was your trip to the zoo? : It was a happy and exciting trip. : Really! What animals did you see? : I enjoyed watching the five monkeys. They were big and stout. I saw a German Shepherd dog, too . : What about snakes? I m scared of them. : I saw just one snake> It was the big and poisonous one. : Ugh! I hate them. But I love yellow and blue birds. Did you see any? : No, I didn t. But I saw a colorful peacock. : It sounds like you had a nice time!

2. Analysis and Discussion What is the dialogue about? What did Alex see in the zoo? How many monkeys where there? Describe them. What kind of dog was in the zoo? y What other animals did Alex see? How many snakes were there? What kind of snakes were they? y What the colors of the birds that Roy loves? y What kind of peacock did Alex see in the zoo? Look at the answer to the questions: five monkeys yellow birds poisonous snake blue birds big monkeys one snake German Shepherd colorful peacock stout monkeys y What do the words five and one express or denote? (quantity) y What do the words poisonous, colorful and stout show? ( quality) y What do the words big and small monkeys shows? (size) y What does the word German Shepherd show? ( origin) y y 3. Values Integration Is it interesting to watch beautiful and rare animals? How can we make peace with the animals?

y y y

By treating them kindly Preserving them Respecting their right

4. Generalization From the dialogue , we found words showing quantity, quality, size, origin and color to describe the animals and things. What do we call these words? (adjectives) What are adjectives? What do they express or denotes. C. Post Activities 1. Application ( Group Work) Read aloud the dialogue. Identify the adjectives used in the dialogue and, for each one, tell whether it denotes quantity, quality, size, color or origin. Role play the dialogue after doing the exercises. In the Art Room Joy : Oh, Rexy, you draw so beautifully. Rexy : You really think so? Joy : Sure. Look at these three lovely birds on the tall green tree. They look so attractive. Rexy : Well, they are supposed to be. Joy : Exactly. Take a look at the scary and fierce lions. They seemed to have come from the African jungles. Rexy : You re really good in interpreting my simple art work. I used blue and green as background. Joy : You are a smart boy! Rexy : I m proud of you. 2. Enrichment Activity Copy the adjectives in each sentence below. State whether each adjective denotes quality, quantity, color, size, or origin. a. b. c. d. e. IV. Evaluation Read the paragraph and identify the adjectives used. Write whether shows quantity, quality, size, color or origin. Baguio is a beautiful city. It is a favorite vacation spot of many people. It is a cool and invigorating atmosphere. There several parks which one can visit. Many foreigners, like Americans, Australians, and Koreans visit the place as tourists. One can see colorful and tall buildings and shopping centers. Going to Baguio is truly enjoyable. A Chinese junk is an old boat. Do you know the eight beatitudes? My brother received a Swiss watch for his fifteenth birthday. That can contain five gallons of fresh milk. Mother bought two beautiful black bags.


Assignment Read the paragraph below then copy the adjectives used. Write whether the adjectives show quantity, quality, size color or origin. Tagaytay is a beautiful place to visit. People like to go horse riding on the green meadows. It is on a tall mountainous ridge that is why it is cool and windy. From the top, we can view the wide blue lake with the small Taal Volcano in the center. The place is filled with beautiful and colorful flowers. Tagaytay is really a wonderful place to go.