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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details Full Name Sex Place, Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Height, Weight Health Religion Address Mobile Phone E-mail Educational Background 1985 - 1991 1991 - 1994 1994 - 1997 1997 - 2001 Course & Education 1998 - 1999 1999 - 2002 2004 - 2004 : Computer & Internet Course at Puskom Gilland Ganesha, Jakarta : English Language Course at LBA Gilland Ganesha, Jakarta : Tax Course (Brevet A & B) di FAIUP, Jakarta : Gajahmada Elementary School, Probolinggo : Junior High School No.1, Probolinggo : Senior High School No.1, Probolinggo : Accounting Department at the University of Pancasila, Jakarta : Florentina Putri : Female : Probolinggo, August 5, 1979 : Indonesia : Married : 165 cm, 53 kg : Perfect : Moslem : Perum Bojong Depok Baru 1, Blok ZT No.3, Cibinong 16913 : 0817 9854 203 : 021 - 87903802 :

Qualifications 1. Accounting & Administration Skills (Journal Printing & Calculation, Ledger, Petty Cash Payroll & Calculation, Inventory Controls, Project Data Updating, Teller, Salary Caldulation). 2. Taxation System. 3. Computer Literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Outlook). 4. Internet Literate. Working Experience Working at PT. Flamboyan Bumi Singo, Cibinong Period : August 2001 - June 2011 Purpose : Permanently working Position : Accounting & Taxation staff Job's Description :

Payroll Staff; Project's data updating;

Business correspondences; Expatriates documentation filling & follow up; Translation; Appointment arrangement; Filling anda data updating; Arranged of business trip schedule; Meeting budget arrangement; Procurement filling, inventory control, and administration asistant; Preparing for breakdown statement for the project, preparing intern finance circular correspondences, and preparing for the presentation materials; Issuing invoice & receipt for vendor and customers; Inventory Controller; Preparation of purchase requirement and purchase order; Invoice & payment arrangement. Cibinong, June 9, 2011

Florentina Putri

PAUL W. SMITH Broadway New York, NY 10045 212 SU 7-4400

OBJECTIVE To obtain position as Senior Editor with publisher of high school/college texts, general trade EXPERIENCE 11/90-present Editor, Brace Publishing Corporation, New York, NY. Assisted the editorial director in reviewing and selecting general trade and business education titles, establishing publishing priorities, scheduling. Extensive author guidance in developing and refining manuscripts. Supervised freelance design and editing. Some basic book design. 2/87-11/90 Senior Editing Supervisor, Pitt Division, Hill-Grenier Book Company, New York, NY. Manuscripts review, editing, production control to bound books. Feature writing, revisions. Thorough training in layout and design. 6/86-2/87 Production Editor, Glen Publishing Company, Knoxville, Pennsylvania. All foreign language books, both hardbound and paperback. Supervision of freelance and inhouse copyediting, Close work with authors, artist, designers. At least twentyfive titles per year. 7/83-9/85 Staff Editor, Alan Wilson & Sons, Inc., New York, NY. Copyediting in civil and electrical engineering, mathematics, biology, physics, economics, programming. EDUCATION M.A., English Literature/linguistics, June 1990, New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. B.A. (Majors in English and Spanish) June 1980, Winchester College, Milton, New York. REFERENCES Will be furnished upon request.


Personal Particulars Name: Budiawan Santoso , SE Place, date of birth : Tangerang, September 09, 1976 Religion : Islam Contact address : Jl. Kejayaan II/14 RT: 06 RW: 07, Kreo Ciledug Tangerang 15156 Contact number : 021- 5844050 (home) : 08160977707 (hp) : 021- 5248899 ext. 209 (office) Marital Status : Married

Educational History * Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta, majoring in Accounting, graduated in May 2004. GPA 3.11Akademi * Akuntansi YAI Jakarta, graduated in March 1997. GPA 3.21 * SMA BOEDI OETOMO Jakarta, graduated in 1994 Other Course & Training * System dan Kebijakan Budget 2005, HR Training PT. Bank Utama Tbk, Jakarta, October 2004. * SAP version 4.7, HR Training PT. Bank Utama Tbk, Jakarta, August 2004. * Cognos PowerPlay Transformer release 7, Information & Technology (IT) PT. Bank Utama Tbk., Jakarta, May 2004. * System dan Kebijakan Budget 2004, HR Training PT. Bank Utama Tbk, Jakarta, October 2003. * Accounting Workshop, Financial Control Group PT. Bank Utama Tbk. Jakarta, October 2003. * Accounting Workshop, Financial Control Dept. PT. Bank Utama Tbk., Jakarta, February 2002. * Telephone Collection Techniques Training, Collection Unit BMS-IB PT. Bank Utama Tbk., Jakarta, October 1999. * Credit Card Bad Debt Collection Workshop: Legal Aspect & Strategy, Collection Unit BMS-IB PT. Bank Utama Tbk., Jakarta, March 1999. * On Line Collection (OLC) - CardPac System, Collection Unit BMS-IB PT. Bank UtamaTbk., Jakarta, October 1998. * Credit Card Operation Program (CCOP), PT. Bank UtamaTbk. Jakarta, February March 1997. Computer Proficiencies * MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint).

* * * * *

Lotus SmartSuite (Lotus123, Lotus WordPro, Freelance Graphic). Cognos ( PowerPlay ). SAP (System, Application and Product). Adobe Photoshop. Internet

Working Experiences * Analyst and Data Processing Officer of Performance Monitoring Team Financial Control Group, PT. Bank Utama Tbk. Jakarta, January 2000 present. Job description: * Providing financial and accounting reports by processing data from accounting system (SAP) become the easiest format for the users, and distribute the reports. This job required good knowledge about SAP system, MS Access, MS Excel, Cognos PowerPlay and computer programming. * Gathering and combining financial and operation report from all of business unit. * Analyzing, assessing and monitoring business unit performance against target (budget) and providing Business Performance Monitoring Report to the board of management. This job required a good knowledge about accounting, financial analysis, and supporting software (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Lotus 123, Lotus Word Pro, and Lotus Free Lance Graphic). * Analyst, Agency Coordinator & Controller Staff of Collection Unit Bank Utama Card Center (BBCC), PT. Bank Utama Tbk. Jakarta, March 1998 September 2000. Job description: * Analyzing bad debt account, coordinating bad debt account collection, maintain bad debt customer data and payment, and control the field collector agency for abuse of payment possibility. * Credit Control - Cycle Due Team (Staff) - Collection Unit Bank Utama Card Center (BBCC) PT. Bank Utama Tbk. Jakarta, March 1997 - March 1998. Job description: * Responsible on Control and maintenance credit card account from possibility of turning into bad debt.