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8andakishore ShriKrishna Jakatdar is a

famous astrologer hailing from Pune. He is a teacher of astrology having taught thousands of students over the decades. Famous for his analytical approach towards the science and compels his students to test his theories first which has been sharpened over decades of practice. He has his own institution which conducts courses in astrology in

his own institution which conducts courses in astrology in Pune and Mumbai. Observations On Livelihood -

Pune and Mumbai.

Observations On

Livelihood - 1


Nandakishor Shrikrishna Jakatdar, India.

K arma in the 21 st century has been redefined as ones job or business that a person does for his

livelihood. And as this aspect (of job and business) is to be analysed, astrologer has to concentrate on 10th house of the subject. This is because 10 th house is the Āhouse of karmaā wherein Karma is defined as the action we do in this life. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are its lords (karaks). Sun is the karaka (indicator) of soul (aatma) and also attributes decision making power (to the subject). Mercury is karaka (indicator) of intellect, business, and mathematics. Jupiter indicates knowledge and savings while Saturn is a karaka for services and efforts. All these give a hint about karma. In todayās world service or job is not a big crisis with the boom in economy by virtue of Globalization. Subjectās expectations/ ambitions get enhanced during the work and they (expectations / ambitions) urge him to make a shift in job. So in this article we will ponder upon the issue of Ājob changeā and Āgetting a job / serviceā. In turn we have to first examine whether a chart indicates business or job (service) for the subject. In short we have to decide initially, whether the chart belongs to


Movable (cardinal/chara) type or Fixed (immovable/sthira) type or the mutable (dual natured/dwiswabhava) type. We can predict accurately about the timing of getting a job from the age of planet and the house. But while applying below given rules we should remember these 5 basic points:

1. Whether planet is in his own house?

2. Which are the aspects received by planet?

3. Combination (yoga) of planet with other (planet)

4. The placement of planet (with friend or enemy).

5. The condition (avastha) of planet.

Along with these rules, by taking into consideration the transit (gochar) planets and mahadasha, antardasha and pratyantardasha, we can predict accurate job timings after having acquired some experience.

Some of the steps that are to be followed are given below which in no uncertain terms are fixed rules but to arrive at a conclusion one needs to amalgamate everything and then predict:


To begin with the analysis, examine ascendant (first house), 10 th house and the 7 th house. Also give equal attention to 2 nd & 6 th house as complimentary houses (to 1 st , 4th and 7 th ).


In order to decide which business subject can take up, we have to see planets in 10 H and 10 L as well. If those planets are connected / related with the 3H, 7H or labh house (11H), then subject should venture into corresponding business.



;. One should evaluate the relation / combination of lord of ascendant and 10L. Line of thinking should be decided as per the (element or tattva of) sign under which, this combination has happened. Time period should be approximated as per the age of planet.


Subject will do business if 10L or 10H itself is under the cardinal sign (Chara rasi). On the other hand if they are under the fixed signs subject should go for job option. When 10H or 10L is in mutable sign, subject will do both i.e. service (job) as well as business in his lifetime. Suppose for e.g. 10H is Sthira Rasi (fixed) and lord in a chara rasi, then in the period of lord of that Sthira Rasi he will do business and in the period of the fixed sign he will do job.


Subject experiences abrupt changes or hurdles / problems in the job, if Rahu or Ketu or Uranus is present in 10H. 1

1 Publisher: We have found this particular rule working quite well in practice.


; .

At times, the total number of planets present in 10H or the number of planets accompanying 10L, subject experiences that many changes in jobs or business.



If 10L and lord of ascendant are in navapancham yoga (150 degrees apart) or in anyonya/parivartana yoga (exchange of signs) or Kendra yoga (yoga created with 1H,4H,7H,10H) and they are not under malefic influence, then subject gets the job under the lordship of those planets.

. One has to judge under which karaka element (tatva) of planet, the prashna (question) is asked! See the 10L of the natal chart and observe its degree, then observe the degree of the same planet in transit. When the Tr 10L will achieve the degree of its natal position in whichever sign it is placed then Job will be gained. This often works very well in practice for timing job though it cannot be used in isolation.

Planets and Businesses:








Sun‐ Government jobs, administration, medicine sales, railway agency, iron trading, chemical factory, family business.

Moon‐ Business related to liquids, tutorials, social services, small restaurants.

Mars: Business related to metals, military jobs, police, security, construction works.

Mercury: Warehousing (storage), computers, trades, software, designing, accounts, share market, financial consultancy.

designing, accounts, share market, financial consultancy. Jupiter: Publications, authors, journalists, trades of day

Jupiter: Publications, authors, journalists, trades of day to day goods, tutorials, agriculture.

Venus: Readymade clothes, garments, beauty parlours, luxurious businesses.

Saturn: Garage place, business of old stuffs, construction and repairing, advocate / lawyer.

Now let us see a chart of a subject in relation with job.

Details: Male, 10 th September 1974, 2:45pm, Jalgaon (Maharashtra, India).

Nakshtra: Mruga, Rashi: Mithun (Gemini)As seen from the chart, subject has Sagittarius as an ascendant. Asc Lord Jupiter is placed in 3H in Aquarius. His rashi/moon sign is Gemini). Raashi lord Mercury is in 10H in Virgo. Also 10L is also in 10H making Shadashtaka yoga combination with Jupiter. The age of Mercury is 32 years and as his Raashi lord is Mercury, subject got a job in computer sector at the age of 32.


Significant Points Asc, Rashi & 10H are the 3 pivots here; their lords are of

Significant Points

Asc, Rashi & 10H are the 3 pivots here; their lords are of extreme importance in timing job. One always has to look at the 3 together for timing jobs. If anyone of them comes in the picture of Maha, Antar or in rare cases Pratyantar also then job gained is assured depending on the condition of the 3, the first 5 basic points supersedes, the way dasa supersedes transits. Now the age of job gain, this can either be first job or a significant job in oneās career.


Age of Planets


22 yrs


24 yrs or 28 yrs


24 yrs


32 yrs


16 yrs or 28 yrs


24 yrs


30 yrs or 36 yrs


42 yrs


48 yrs


54 yrs


62 yrs


You would observe that 3 planets have been given double years; many of us do not know how to use these 2 sets of years. If you observe 3 planets Jup, Saturn & Mars are given 2 sets of years; well it is these 3 planets only that have been ascribed special aspects by the sages hence 2 sets of years to these three. If such a planet is swagrahi (own house), in moola trikona rasi of his or in friends house then take the 1 st set of year. Meaning say Jupiter is in Sagittarius then it would give result at the age of 16 rather than 28. Lets take another example

at the age of 16 rather than 28. Lets take another example Step 1: Observe Asc

Step 1: Observe Asc Lord Step 2: Observe Rasi Lord Step 3: Observe 10 th Lord

Here 10L is debilitated so ignore it for now, Lagna lord is Mer (32 yrs) with exalted Sun and Rasi Lord is Sun (22 yrs) who is ĀExaltedā with LL & in a Mahabhagya Yoga. So out of the 3 Pivots as discussed earlier Sun rules whose age is 22. At the age of 22 this native did an education in Film Production & within 3 months of his 22 nd year completion he got his 1 st Job. Also at the age of 32 he got a big break in career as expected. To be continuedõõõ

got a big break in career as expected. To be continuedõõõ enus joining Rahu/Ketu/Mars in Leo
enus joining Rahu/Ketu/Mars in Leo will lead to utter disappointment in married life. And possibly
enus joining Rahu/Ketu/Mars in Leo will
lead to utter disappointment in married life.
And possibly a great misfortune by separation
or early loss of spouse – an R. Santhanam
1) Canadian-American actress and dancer
Ruby Keeler has Venus Rahu in 2H of family
in Leo, she married twice & received ridicule
& denigration from 1 st marriage. Her data:
25 th Aug 1904, 4.00 am Halifax, Canada,
21Cn Lagna.
2) Same is the case of the Peter Lawford,
brother in law of President John F Kennedy
who had 4 marriages, 2 of them lasting 2 to 8
months. His data 7 th Sept 1923, 8.00 a.m
London, England,
7 Vi lagna.