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8.3.11 The Call Squad 8 pm 1 am EST Sunday - Thursday 1-760-569-7676 Participant Pin: 637255# TheCallSquad.

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The Call Squad

August 3, 2011
Episode 67 Patriot, Joey, Vic, Tim, Scott, Steve, Diana, Deb, Pam, Yukon Patriot describes a variety of missions, objectives, style, sources, and intentions of the squad that can be heard at the beginning of every call replayed on the website: . See very interesting free documents and downloads often referred to on calls, for your edification. Especially look for our Freedom From Intel. This is an official document which is the Unclassified US State Dept. report called The Iraq Project. It has been the blueprint for rebuilding Iraq written in 2002. They are still following this plan very specifically, so there is no need for rumors or high placed contacts with so-called intelligence. This is the plan and we help you analyze the news media reporting the steps as they are completed. To get a Free Daily Newsletter: Go to : To offer general suggestions or questions to be discussed on a future call. : To ask questions during the call relevant to a topic being discussed. The Call Squad broadcasts: Sunday thru Friday, 8pm to 1am EST, even after the RV Or call for Replays of every nights calls: 760-569-7699, pin 637255# or

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Joey: Great News is ahead: Before we start, some emails have asked why do we not read the entire article? Joey answers: So were not here to midnight reading! Joey: Two articles are very important to start this evening: First:

Ashur: IS Considers Talabani Meeting A Success For It

03/08/2011 15:36:00 Baghdad (NINA) Hani Ashur, Iraqiya Slate Advisor, confirmed that political leaders meeting in President Jalal Talabanis office yesterday was fruitful and brought together viewpoints. The IS considers the meeting a beginning of a success for it after everyone agreed on implementing the Erbil agreement. In a statement issued by his office, Ashur said now, we are in the implementation stage and waiting to activate what has been agreed upon earlier to enhance national partnership that was an important outcome of the Erbil agreement. The State of Law Coalition confirmed their commitment to what was agreed on, the implementation is going to be limited to a timetable; which is an important outcome of the meeting and it will put everyone in front of the Iraqi people to decide the goodwill politicians who want to achieve partnership, Ashur added He concluded the agreement of referring the National Supreme Policies Council to the parliament to endorse it is an admission on the importance of group work and the commitment to implement national accordance. /End/ Joey concludes: So they have agreed on Erbil; they are in the process of implementation stage; and they have a time table date established in which they intend to complete the implementation. They have a deadline. Joey: This second article is a reiteration of that first one: It says: The Iraqi rule of law has confirmed its commitment to what has been agreed upon, It will bring everyone to the attention of the people to determine the good intentions of partnership, Iraqis now wait for the implementation of what has been agreed upon and will be held in confidence to implement what was already agreed upon that will strengthen the partnership. Patriot: Im just going to be straight up, theres no delicate way to address this, so Im just going to lay it on the table many are arguing whether Erbil has been passed! You Cannot Implement A Law Which Has Not Been Passed! Now, when our congress passes a law here in the US, it takes some time to roll it out in all its facets. If they make a law in your town that its illegal to drive thru a green a light, then its going to take some time to communicate before they can start arresting people. Erbil Law was passed on June 30th, and the deadline was June 30th , but they knew it wasnt perfect yet, so they agreed to pass it as it was on the deadline date for Chapter 7 sanctions knowing they all had the intention to amend it soon thereafter, which did happen on July 9, 2011. The amendment was signed on July 9th, we believe regarding Mr. Allawis position. So Erbil is done and anyone that tells you the contrary, please enlighten them. Until Erbil is done, there could be no RV; it is done, it has been done and thats why were so positive, here. This is confirmed by the many currency, banking, CBI, and Oil Contract articles weve been covering here the past couple weeks. Were in the closing days here, and part of Erbil being done INCLUDES, and this is very important, the HCL Law which is a key point contained in the Erbil Law. HCL is for the aged; its not a law that specifically covers one thing, it is broadly for the people, and is a complex law that will affect the lives of every single Iraqi for generations to come. The HCL Law is only being implemented. It will never be completed, ever. HCL will be the law of the land and the standard by which they operate and function their economic resources to be a humane society, and to share with their citizens whom they believe own those resources. Its an ongoing implementation. Its not on/off like a light switch. Its on, and it will illuminate that country for ever. You just have to understand what theyre trying to say here. These things are not easy to piece together. This is done along with many other priorities that are done. Hang in there if youre a new listener, weve all been in that overwhelming overload place trying to comprehend all of this. Check out our website and replay the past couple weeks of our calls, download the transcripts which are linked below each daily replay link for most of the calls since July 24th. It will all begin to gel in your mind but you have to absorb it with study and some repetition. Youll be ok. Get off the GuGu Intel Rumor Ride aka, the Roller Coaster. Communicate by email with us if there is any major concern or consternation, but its all going to be just fine. Hold your dinar. Soon, all will be very, very good. Joey: And Patriots point about July 9th, with Erbil, meeting in Mr. Talabanis home. There was only one amendment that needed to take place for Erbil. Mr. Allawi was to receive the Presidency of the Strategic Policy Council, a very important position in the government relative to this Power Sharing idea that IS the Erbil Agreement. Nobody knew if they would decide that this position was going to fall on the Executive or Legislative Branch of oversight. This was the only amendment, and they agreed on the decision that the position would be an EXECUTIVE position, as Allawi had wanted. Mr. Maliki himself told us this decision three days ago. Now, I dont normally read entire paragraphs but I think everyone needs to hear what this really says, listen: For there to be a true national partnership, a true coalition government, everybody has to have a share. Everybody must be treated with respect. Everybody must have a full voting authority within the

government. Thats what the Erbil Agreement was all about So when you listen to these next two paragraphs, ask yourself if there seems to be any disagreement going on between the Political Blocs? Ask yourself have they really assumed the dialog of a National Partnership? These next two paragraphs

are very important!

He said in a statement, quoted by the information office, today. We have now entered the testing phase of the implementation of the activation of the role of what was agreed upon to be a National Partnership which was the most important result of Erbil. Iraqis, in the presence of the meeting and face to face dialog in expression to be bearers of the responsibility and its belief in the partnership and good intentions to work together with other Blocs and opportunities for all to participate in the construction of Iraq. He added, the political blocs of the Iraqi National Alliance (Mr. Allawis), and the Kurdish Coalition (Mr. Barzanis) under the auspices of Talabani was to put the record straight with regard to the Erbil, and the political process into a new phase of the partnership, rather than intersection, and the real test of the outcome of the meeting is now, not likely to be any failure that would impact on the stability of Iraq. Joey: I think that those are the two most important paragraphs you will ever read in the history of Iraq. Squad: Ooohs and Aaaaaahs! Joey: That is great, but theres more. What was in the newspaper yesterday and today? Remember, they said we could not have the ministers, and we could not have Erbil Agreement decided until what? Until there was an agreeable decision about the US Troops, nothing could be implemented. Listen to this next one: Joey (reads and explains with comments throughout a couple articles here): It says: and this was also held at Mr Talabanis house on Tuesday night 8/2/11, the Peace Palace, and it was the 3rd meeting in a short period of time; we know what happens when they convene for the third time on a subject Laws are passed! When invited for the first meeting, the target was a matter of survival, of the withdrawal of troops (are they staying/where they were going?) The emphasis of the second meeting was for the National Partnership, which was as a prelude to discussing the withdrawal. So, when the government was preparing to vote for this, we have to remember that Mr. Sadrs influence was about 39 seats in the parliament. What was the actual outcome? Indeed an agreement was reached in intensive meetings to resolve the matters about the Strategic Security Ministers. They recently got the positive in the agreement of the ministry at the highest level of confidence and coordination in the House of Representatives. Parliament had to vote on what they would do with the troops. Now, there are TWO ISSUES to decide and agree upon in discussions with Talabani now. First, how many troops are staying? Second, will they have immunity in the line of duty? So their focus is how many troops are staying, and will they be excused from prosecution or have legal immunity if they get into gun battles.. Mr. Mullen requested that we need to know now what is the Iraqi position for our troops on this immunity issue? We need immunity because our guys need to be able to do their jobs. So, another article said that political leaders are meeting inside the Iraqi presidents house. They agree on keeping part of the US forces. It said Baghdad residents late Tuesday night by leaders of the political blocs are in agreement to keep part of the US forces in Iraq for training. During which a collective agreement was reached. All others have met and agreed upon this decision; it also says the concentration will be on training. Also that it was based on the Strategic Framework Agreement and was signed between Iraq and US due to Iraqis need for training. And it was passed on a concrete basis in order to affirm to Iraqs full sovereignty and continue the relationship with the US in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation. Joey: They have agreed, they have signed, we are staying as trainers, Erbil is implemented. We were told on May 28th, 2011, that we will not get Erbil or the security ministers until a decision and agreement was made on whether the US troops would be staying to help. Now we have both. We were told this is one of

the most sensitive, delicate, important issues going on in the world to do, this issue of whether we were staying to help secure this infant democracy and their wealth. Deb: It just keeps coming Joey: More on Zeros, and whats goin on in banking We read an article the other night that dealt with the 500 and 1,000 dinars and Many didnt understand one sentence that said something about the Iraqi local currency will evolve during the next 5 years according to the structure established by the CBI. Dont all currencies evolve? Mr Shabibi had a 5 year plan to bring the banks to the point where they are now, which is ready! Shabibi said that June 30 was a deadline and an anniversary date for the next few years. They have told us that they would raise the capital in the bank by 50-100 million dinars every year. He has a plan and he will be working that plan for the next five years. Does that mean the money is not going to RV? No, of course, not, it just means hes looking 5 years down the road. He knows the power of his money, and when he does RV it will be based on a managed float and the guidelines of the IMF for two years. After that point, he can RV as many times as he wants, and when you think of them becoming the most wealthy nation in this world, even richer than Dubai in the next 10 years, even if his RV now would be as high as $5 dollars, do you not think his currency could be worth $12+ in five years or so? He knows this, he knows the power of his money, and he know the process he has to travel in order to get to that point The other point that was in this article says, Iraqi Govt has denied holding any change in local currency this year to reduce inflation. That freaked some people out also. Why would this freak anyone out? 3% inflation is a very good thing for Mr. Shabibi. What are they telling us? That they dont have to RV their currency. because of a need to reduce inflation. Thats all that article is saying to us. But they do want to enter the world market, so they do need a stronger currency for that. People read this article and they got upset and I dont understand? Shabibi and Selah are straight up telling you, I dont need to LOP. Iraq has had very stable inflation at 3% for a sustained period of time, I doubt there is another country in the world who can say that. Countries only LOP when they have a thousand percent hyper inflation, like they had in Brazil a few years ago. This is some of the best news weve heard.the CBI denying a need to RV because of inflation. She reads that part again, Thank God, they dont have inflation to battle. Shabibi has done a great job. Patriot: yea, its a non issue at this point in this community. Its totally debunked. The LOP issue is dead forever for this Iraqi event. This article reinforces yesterdays call conversation. Listen to the replay. Joey Reads another:

To handle Small Currency.. Central Bank Undertakes The Replacement Of Damaged Currency
Author: the future of Iraq 31/7/2011 12:00 Baghdad / Iraq's future Economists called for citizens to address the category of small and currency to support the value of the Iraqi dinar, with the exchange of the citizen and the bank accepted responsibility for not traded in the market, while the central bank pledged to replace damaged currency.A number of experts in their talk: the fact that such groups led to the forced some sellers to increase the price of the material sold, with no turnout and widespread of its citizens and even the staff led to the accumulation, indicating that government departments refuse to receive their salaries, estimated at billions in currency small If a rate (5%) of them. He added that the currency Alckheon small in the Iraqi market is almost missing but are available in banks and dramatically. The General Director of Bank of Iraq when we spend our salaries (inlaid) currencies are small complaints to us by the citizens and staff, so we have to pay the salaries of major currencies only. For his part, central bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that this small change has not been returned from the banks to the Central Bank until Nawwadha currencies new, noting that the banks receive only coins

large because the quantities are small and the cost of counting and sorting easier, that's what motivated us to restructure Iraqi currency deleting three zeros from the currency. Saleh added: We set aside one day a week to receive these currencies from banks and small damaged Nawwadha categories of modern and without any costs, noting that the central bank is ready to provide the banks with any small amount of currency. He said if we compensated the banks of small groups there is no need to print currency and category with an average (2000.3000) dinars. He said if there was an average currency that does not mean that the Iraqi currency will strengthen, but merely a means to facilitate the payment of coins. He pointed to the metal if the groups are working to make it easier for us by a lot of things because the old chief extends to more than (15) years. The Chairman underlined the Economy Bank Hussam Ali Obeid to the need to return the coin, as was the case in the past to strengthen the Iraqi dinar. Ali said: that the small coins are acceptable in the Iraqi market if it has value, and called to have a plan to make the dinar's value compared to the dollar and this is by printing Coins to strengthen the Iraqi currency. For his part, Mohammed Jabbar: that most of us pay the disposal of the banks of the currencies of small groups and contain a lot of banknotes damaged so that some can not handle it and refused by the sellers. As pointed out by 'Ali that a few small groups in the local market generates considerable embarrassment when buying any material which results in a forced seller to increase the price of the material sold.|en&u= ID=6563

Joey comments: Vendors in the marketplace are raising prices just because they cant make change. The small coins in the market are needed because they dont have any small money to pay them for making change. CBIs Selah, said the occurance of the small money in the banks is not returning. Like its not even worth handling its so useless and would take forever. Hes noting that the banks receive only the big coins, because the money isnt worth anything. Thats what led us to the restructuring or the Iraqi Currency RD/RV, because they dont have the small currency value that they really need. Selah said the value of dinar will be compared to the dollar. At this point, the damaged notes and the lack of small change, theyre being rejected by merchants and causes a great deal of embarrassment. Joey: Sounds like they need to RV their currency Patriot: yea, imagine trying to buy a dozen eggs, but told that you must buy 55 dozen eggs because they cannot make change for the only piece of currency you have with any valueIt has to happen soon. Patriot: Last night we read a really great article that said this week they would begin releasing the smaller currency and coins THIS WEEK How would you make change , it would create tremendous chaos. The CBI said the smaller change denominations would enter the currency,THIS WEEK. Go listen to last nights broadcast, some sanity, some audio valium.The RV is eminent. Sooner than later this has to happen. We have the peace and balance, you need. Joey: Review from the other night: CBI said the expert explained, the CBIs, Mohammed Selah, the replacement of the currency in response to fears of the major corruption of the process, our problem lies in the current issue of the timing of the replacement of our currency, must be chosen as the date suitable to implement the project, without any obstacle. They already know the exact time before they release the lower denoms. Then, these articles were released yesterdaythat said THIS WEEK might be a good time. Patriot: (Delicately)The RV is not being held up because of some great global conspiracy, Iraq wants to do this right.much time .they dont want to do what Kuwait did, where the currency rate went gyrating all over the place, and Iraq learned from that and is intent on preventing it for their own event

Its Iraqs decision. The IMF told Iraq, they were responsible, nobody else can do it, only Iraq, so get the key economic things done and RV your currency by August 2011 a year ago. Its here, its now, enjoy the peace of mind. Scott: For some newer people, the timing idea in the article sounds like smoke and mirrors. But reading these articles, over time, is really important in the strength of this team. Anybody can read a story, listeners can, other sites do, but its the way that the articles are pieced together here, with past articles and other awareness that this special team brings both individually and united to paint the whole picture; the whole story starts to flesh itself out. It comes together with connected dots and everyone begins to see through the fog at the outlines of the Iraqi situation. Any one article can say one thing, though they all might be similar, its the little one liners and added explanation, and recognizing them is whats great about this team. The timing issue in the IMF article mentioned from August to August, its really key. Then we talk about pegging it to the USD. In previous calls, Patriot has reminded that Shabibi has stated that he intends to do a managed float, at 1170 IQD/USD, with controlled fluctuation. Because 95 % of the economic GCP is based on oil, and oil is sold in Petro Dollars. According to the UN mandates for a country to RV their currency, and in order for the UN fixed rate, they can only change their rate fluctuation 2.5% every 90 days for two years, so they have to be aware and cognizant of what the USD that theyre tying themselves to is doing. We all know from our own news that the USD has been fluctuating. The US debt deal just reached by our US reps and Senators, is going to be good for 2 years, ending in August 2013; The IMF has just given Iraq the guidelines for revaluing their currency which happens to be coinciding. The US Debt debate seems to be lining up with the timing of the possible RV of the IQD. They needed to know that the USD was going to be stable for the time in which the IQD is limited to the IMFs small quarterly fluctuations. These are huge world events playing on each other with amazing intricacy. Was the US debt agreement an obstacle referred to in an article we read? We have to consider the whole world that is linked, .as we saw with the Euro and Greece, they all interplay with each other. Obamas jurisdiction ends at the Iraqi border, we read that the power was given by IMF to Shabibi in the Aug to Aug suggestion; Shabibi went to Maliki and Council of Ministers who agreed on June 22nd to allow the RV before June 30th, the deadline. So this is exciting exciting stuff that can be clarified by a team like this Call Squad, as we are connecting dots, and discussing the meanings or connections or interpretations as it applies to both Iraq and the world. Its all coming clear for us who have been academically studying this for months or years. And though we sigh or sound exhausted from all the diligence researching and banging ideas around; but we excitedly believe we are in such a sweet, sweet spot; we are in the honey pot! Patriot: We love sharing with you because most have jobs, and dont have time. Scott: Weve been in your situations, weve all wished for someone to throw out a rope to grab onto, with truth and clarity and proven documentation and honest facts that make sense. Patriot: We understand! Like the famous AZ tombstone: Where You Are I Once Was, Where I Am Now, You Soon Shall Be. I remember buying my first 100,000 IQD .and as desperate as the next guy for the RV.and the rumored projected RV just wasnt happening. So we wanted, needed to get off the coaster and we determined to learn how to research and file and connect the dots of present news with past news and truly know the status of what more needs to be done in time. Joey: Has an article for Debbie Shabibi: The Independence Of The Central Bank Of The Umbrella Of A Protector Of State Funds
On: Tuesday 08/02/2011 13:23 Baghdad (news) .. called Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi bank independence because the umbrella of a protector of state funds. Shabibi said to contact the Agency (news): "The granting of independence to the Central Bank is of great significance because it is the umbrella of a protector of state funds,"

Afterthought: "But the government has to understand that the Bank of isolated them, but rather we are working with the market and the government significantly." Shabibi said: We can not separate the government and the central bank because the importance of monetary policy depends according to the law on cooperation with the government. He noted that the basis of the economy, the Bank is to fight inflation, which happen because the government or the private sector, and works on the application of monetary policy both in the interest rates to stabilize the growth and support for banks in crisis through direct coordination. And Shabibi Said: The central bank is following up the government budget allocations in order to adjust the exchange rate and reduce the processing imbalance .. / Finished / (3. T. M)

Joey: Hes working in order to adjust the exchange rate and the processing of the dinar! And the Imbalance he refers to is the lack of value of the dinar relative to its high demand and future value backed by the resource wealth of Iraq. Hes Obi Wan Kenobi. Six little sentences and how it can change the world. Joey: asks, did you know Iraq is getting back its airways...

Iraq Gets Ready To Receive Its Airspace

The date of publishing 03/08/2011 07:00 AM Baghdad (agencies), said the undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, banks that the ministry Preparations are being made to restore control over the country's airspace by US forces , adding That the Americans control Iraq's airspace since 2003, . Clarified that -The Iraqi Transport Ministry signed an agreement in principle with company (Circo) British, with a view to The reorganization of the Iraqi Airways, in view of the importance of these lines. He pointed out that agreement signed by the ministry with the British company for the development of services within Iraqi airports and offer the best necessary services available at international airports, in the Iraqi airports also . He noted that to regain control of the country's airspace is of the utmost importance to Iraq in the economic field, and will be of Iraqi Airways, to conform to the overall development of the Iraq and the region .

Joey: Iraq is starting to open up their airways to travel all over - How can you fly all over if you are under International Sanctions? They werent allowed under sanctions! How do you do that? Also, they got their Maritime license back which was lost in May after 19 yrs kind of hard to do that when you are under sanctions, too....hmmm Deb: has been seeing a lot of information like this Joey: They were not allowed to do these things under sanctions. The sanctions must be off. Scott: Asks questions about titles of articles read here Joey: Any online source has articles .go back to Dinar Vets, Currency Newshound, and google Iraq, any articles weve read can usually be found there. Scott: Suggests go find the transcripts recently started since July 24th are also available on our website. And some of the Squad quips that a transcript day was missed since the 24th, but the transcriptionist is forgiven! Hallelujia! Scott: Email requesting the backup pin code 194924# after you dial for live call 760-569-7676 Scott: Connie is on site searching for Transcribed calls, help how do I find them? Patriot: The transcript of calls since July 24th is located just below the daily replay of the audio link Marilyn from MI: What happens when they have 3 meetings? Joey: Usually when they have 3 meetings, usually they have a vote. Its usually important that they are either amending or ratifying key issues. Deb: Joey, did you finish all your articles? Joey: Yea, we had a couple short and sweet articles that were so impactful

Scott: This is an important question; the article that Joey was reading about the exchange rate must have been from February. Joey: No, they give the day, then the month, and then they year. American translators, usually reverse it for the American audience, but in most parts of the world, the day is listed in dates, then the month, then year. Also, when they use the word by they mean before. There is also some confusion of the time terms of this and next.. Yukon: Most Americans do not study other languages; Also you mentioned that the Iraqi airlines were to take over their airspace to Iraq, all of that has to be done with control towers, pilots, and all people involved to be involved with that operation, has to be able to speak english. Its the International language, no question. (Debbie calls him out and divulges Yukon was an air traffic controller, he almost admits it) Scott: Peter in FL, was there an IMF meeting held today? Patriot: I dont know, other than they meet a lot. Tim: Has heard that there is some scuttle on the internet, and will look into it more. Joey: Considers maybe there was a meeting that had to do with the USD Patriot: Shabibi has an equation, x = y, and it is tied to the USD, so if the dollar falls, he might raise the value of the RV, so were in a protected position, since we hold the pressure valve of the whole global economy. Joyce in CA: The problem shes having is not that the backup pin is OK, but the line is always busy. Patriot: Suggests that perhaps they can put the backup pin number attached to a separate line than the regular line that ends in 7676. Sometimes, depending on the carrier of the phone line, try a different line. Or consider calling in 5 minutes earlier than normal. Theyll consider trying to figure out some tech on our end. Yukon offers that if she know other already on the line, try to get them to 3-way her into the call. The mods belabor her and feel for her, since were also experienced with the frustration and disappointment of not getting in. Thanks for your patience. Scott: Rosemary from IN: Please confirm that the IQD is backed by Oil? Joey: Heres what we know to be true. 95% of revenue is paid by their exports. Oil is paid in Petro dollars. Back last year, the IMF had a discussion about the world currencies so it is more stable. Theyre trying to go back to a currency-backed system rather than FIAT Currency (Un-backed currency like USD is since going off of the gold standard in the early 1970s). There isnt enough gold and silver to back the worlds money, so 80% could be used by Natural Resources, since Iraq has had proven reserves even though the surveys or assays are less than 40% ..and there are known reserves of gold, sulphur, salt, and morethey could support a currency value of $12-16 to the dollar valuebased upon proven commodities. Now other countries, that have soy beans and other food collaterals, the things that people are willing to trade or exchange for, could be great backing for world currencies. Iraq has tremendous upside potential for the current low percentage of completed analysis with much yet to be analyzed and determined.