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Subtitle Tool ============================================== Vesion: 2002-05-27 Licence: freeware Autor: Tomas Zavodny, Brno, Czech Republic www of program: contact: Instalation: extract into some folder Uninstalation: just Delete SUBTITLETOOL.EXE souboru a README.TXT Requirements: MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, CPU > 200MHz, desktop resolution 800x600 (Player is limited in this resolution - doesnt show s big subtitles) small screen fonts (96dpi)! (Screen Settings - Settings - Advanced - Font size ) Recommended: CPU > 600MHz resolution 1024x768 or better 1280x1024 ============================================== MiniHelp: If you would like to convert your 23.976FPS movie into 25FPS movie by shorting p laying length (play it faster) and you have subtitles in MicroDVD format, then there is no problem. Just open it as 25FPS an d everything is done. But if you have subtitles in other format (SRT or other), than open it and selec t "Change speed" and change it... Editing subtitles while playing movie: Just open subtitles and movie in player. Than play movie and when you want to modify current showing subtitle just press Enter. Playing will be paused and you can modify subtitle, Apply (Alt+A) and then press F9 to switch to Player. Then press F4 and continue watching ;-) If you would like to insert subtitle - just press Insert key right in time it should appear and write subtitle, Apply (Alt+A), F9, F4 and continue ;-) To Delete current subtitle just press Del key. Shortcuts: F9 - switch between player and subtitler Shortcuts for player:

F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9

Jump to begin of movie Jump backward 60 seconds Jump backward 5 seconds Play/Pause Jump forward 5 seconds Jump forward 60 seconds Jump to previous subtitle Jump to next subtitle (it jumps only if next sub is after more then 5 sec) Switch between player and subtitler

Realtime correction of subtitle's showing/hiding time F10 - Lenghten of previous subtitle F11 - Hide current subtitle F12 - Show next subtitle

============================================== History: 2002-05-27 + added player (it is MS Windows Media Player ;-) and playing subtitles. If there are any problem with playing movies, try install MS Windows Media P layer 7.1. + added support for two other subtitle formats + added partial time shift + added many shortcuts. See minihelp in program. 2002-04-10 first public release (about 3000 downloads till 20.5.2002 ;-)