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I Am Blessed and Highly Favored!

Since 1999 I have been hearing more people saying the following statement on a frequent basis, I Am Blessed and Highly Favored. When I first heard that saying it sounded very positive to me, but for some reason I did not feel the need to adapt the saying and start to use it for myself. Not long after hearing it for the first time I started to feel uncomfortable with it when I would hear it used. At the time I did not understand why I was starting to feel so uncomfortable the statement, it seemed like a very positive and an uplifting affirmation that anyone could use. However, after hearing it for a while it just did not seem to feel right within me, It did not settle in my spirit, it was getting more uncomfortable and unsettling. I wrestled with the statement and also with the uncomfortable feeling it produced for a while before I starting to reach a level of understanding of what I was going on within me. To help you understand exactly what I was feeling here are a few definitions. blessed: 1. made holy 2. bringing happiness or good fortune highly: 1. very much 2. very favorably 3. in a high position or rank favored: 1. preferred to any other 2. enjoying advantages and/or privileges denied to others

In line with those definitions, to be Blessed and Highly Favored means that one is holy, (morally and spiritually perfect and of a devoutly religious character, one who is dedicated or set apart for religious purposes) and placed in a position above others because she/he has been chosen and placed in a special position, a position that the average person is not privileged to occupy. From what I learned over the years when I was exclusively following the Christian religion, and also the time following that when my True Spiritual Consciousness began to awaken, I came to know and understand in a very deep realistic way that the Divine personage that most people call GOD does not choose favorites. Each and every person is loved and blessed equally by DIVINE SOURCE. The action of placing someone in a position of favor above others is a human action and state of mind. Actually to be correct and point blank concerning this very serious matter, it is a defective lower vibrational human state of mind and choice. We choose favorites out of ignorance, because we do not see the entire picture in the way that DIVINE SOURCE does when we are evaluating and interpreting the whole of creation.

A major mistake that is made often by men and women alike is to place DIVINE SOURCE in the box of expression and understanding that humans occupy. That is why you will hear people write, teach, and talk about a jealous GOD, the fear of GOD, the vengeance of GOD, and the wrath of GOD. All of those expressions are based firmly and completely in the limited erroneous human mind. What possibly could the All-Powerful and All-Knowing GOD be jealous of? GOD is jealous of absolutely nothing and no one. When someone is jealous of another, that is because they feel bitter and unhappy with the other person because they believe that person has something that they want and should have. They feel that the other person has an unfair advantage over them. If GOD is LOVE as we are correctly taught, how could GOD/LOVE solicit fear from us? Do you want the person who loves you and you love to be in a relationship that is full of fear? Love and fear do not and cannot occupy the same space at the same time. We have wrongfully been taught that we are sinners from birth. Also that GOD will punish us and possibly condemn us to eternal suffering and damnation if we make certain mis-takes as we go through this life experience. To be born a sinner means that DIVINE SOURCE created us in a less than perfect state of being. It means that DIVINE SOURCE was faulty in creating woman and man and the whole of creation. DIVINE SOURCE is incapable of such a thing, making that absolute impossibility. There is no such thing as the wrath of GOD. Wrath is fury and fury is another trait that is exclusively assigned to humanity and its limited mental human nature. No matter what we have been taught GOD/DIVINE SOURCE does not and cannot possess any level of fury. Everything I have shared with you speaks to the fact that we need to individually re-evaluate and examine who and what GOD/DIVINE SOURCE truly is. A great deal of what is written in the Holy Books of the world is based on and founded in severely flawed and limited human reasoning and understanding however, I do believe that for the most part most of it was sincerely written even though it was written in error. Since that is a part of our reality, if we decide to follow one of the many structured religions in the world today, it is to our benefit and the benefit of the whole to do so with the assistance of the inner spiritual guidance and the intuition of our Spirit. Each of us must question and fully examine everything we hear, see, and are taught, because we are the only ones that are responsible for our spiritual growth and our life giving or life distorting actions. We must know the consequences of our actions before we take action on what we are told we should take action on. If we speed to fast around the corner of a mountain road that may be the last road we travel. But if we take our time and safely travel down that mountain road, we will surely get to our destination, maybe not as quickly as we would like, but we will get there safely.

Each and Every Human Being Is Chosen, Cherished and Loved Equally!
Baba-Kundi Ma`at-Shambhala Copyright Aug. 30, 2008