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Westside Food Security Collaborative (WFSC) July 2011 MINUTES

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Time: 9:30-11 am Location: Steeves Manor, 1985 Wallace Street, Vancouver *enter at the front entrance by buzzing 0105 for Sally Speers Present:, Nicole Mireau, Sally Speers, Lisa Ross, Ross Moster, Zsuzsi Fodor Regrets: Jamie Schaap, Dave Wilson, Charlotte Roth, Catherine Leach 1. Steering Committee Conversation Ross requested to join the steering committee which members of the SC were more than happy to say yes to! This did raise the question of SC process, how people join, what the responsibilities and criteria are, etc. The decisions on these are: Criteria for Joining the Steering Committee -be actively involved in the WFSC for 6 months -intend to make at least a 2 year commitment (with the understanding that sometimes life circumstances get in the way) Steering Committee Size -the SC will have no more than 7 members at a time Steering Committee Responsibilities -regular attendance at meetings -respond to e-mail and other communications in a timely manner in between meetings, be available to help make time sensitive decisions 2. Coordinator Role Zsuzsi gave an update on her extended role and contract as a staff person for the WFSC. Her responsibilities include: -group administration and working group support -organizing the potluck and working on the fall re-launch with the Food Policy Council -attending the Food Justice Coordinators meetings -working on a mobile veggie vending option for South Granville -facilitating a food needs assessment for the west side -working on a WFSC sustainability plan -supporting our members and continuing to build the network

ACTION: A coordinators update will be standing agenda item. Please let Zsuzsi know if there is ever a way she can support you. The intention of the role is to support the work of the WFSC and its members, not drive it. Even with a staff person we want to maintain the integrity of being a Collaborative. Any feedback is always welcome so that Zsuzsi is accountable to the group and does what is the best use of her time to work towards a better food system on the west side. 3. Food Needs Assessment An application was submitted to the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group Action Research Exchange to look for students interested in working on the food needs assessment. Lisa and Nicole joined a needs assessment committee. The Masters in Public Health program at SFU might be another avenue to finding student researcher support although their projects run in the spring/summer. Zsuzsi has connections at UBC to the Planning School and Faculty of Land and Food Systems. The needs assessment is a tangible deliverable Zsuzsi will be able to do during her contract. Her role will be to facilitate it rather than doing all of the research. ACTION: Everyone to think about and, if applicable, pursue finding researcher hours (students or other) to support the needs assessment. 4. Vancouver Foundation Grant We are submitting a letter of intent to the Vancouver Foundation on Friday, July 22 to propose a west side community food hub. The South Granville Seniors Centre will be the supporting agency on the application. Partners include Village Vancouver, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, the Fruit and Veggie Deal, Kitsilano Community Centre, and the Westside Food Security Collaborative. 5. Potluck Working Group Update Ross and Zsuzsi met to discuss the potluck as a working group last week. Please continue to promote and circulate the event information. We currently have five volunteers for the evening. 6. Fruit and Veggie Deal Update Sally and Zsuzsi met with Carol Young (Acadia Park) and Patty Hambler (UBC Health Services) to talk about re-launching the FVD in the fall. UBC is going to take on the newsletter, organizing and delivering finances, and promotion of the program. They are also going to develop some education/programming around the box to happen with

pick up times. The program will have the capacity to do 50 boxes in the fall. There are 780 families living in Acadia Park. The price of an order with the wholesaler has gone up from 2010 to 2011 so the price of the box will be increased. There will be a tiered system so there are different options for people who can afford to pay more to help subsidize other boxes. The boxes will also have a deposit on them and people will be encouraged to bring reusable bags to pick up their produce. 7. Roundtable Updates From Ross: -last Food Policy Council meeting was focused on urban food strategies, Vancouver currently working on its urban food strategy -neighbourhood small grants canning gathering was successful, organized by Village Vancouver -Food Policy Council neighbourhood-level food security working group and Village Vancouver are co-hosting an event in South Vancouver to support the emergence of a new Neighbourhood Food Network -there is leftover neighbourhood small grant money ($2000) applications being accepted until August 15 -the Kitsilano Collaborative garden and Billy Bishop garden are going like gangbusters From Lisa: -native garden ceremony at the garden was successful, from a City grant, the Garden was able to put in native plants and herbs in the boulevard -lots of garden workshops happening (check website) -still availability in the Passport to Permaculture summer camp which includes all meals -JFSA doing a nutrition education pilot with 30 clients which will include food workshops on eating healthy on a budget, support workers will go over food bills with clients and will have $50/month top up to use at green grocers -also received funding for 3 years for a family resource centre in the tri-cities which will have food components such as bulk buying club From Zsuzsi: -the Sustenance Festival was the focus of the last Food Justice Coordinators meeting, there is an event October 12 to celebrate/showcase neighbourhood-level food security work -any west side food events happening in October can go in the Sustenance Programming, let Zsuzsi know if you have an event happening that month to be promoted -Nikki at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House has pocket market vouchers for anyone (individuals or organizations) interested in them, Zsuzsi can

do walking/bus tours to the market for organizations/agencies interested in arranging this -the Mission/Vision/brochure revamp working group is meeting Monday, July 25 at 1 pm at JJ Bean on Commercial Drive 8. Next Meeting We discussed possibilities for a new meeting format e.g. alternating months with one month like the current meetings and the other a tour/field trip to get out into the community and see different sites where food work is happening (a great way to connect with those who cant come to meetings and get more people participating). The two could also be combined into one gathering per month (two meetings it likely too much). Southlands Farm is being explored for our next meeting.