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Why Green Building?

Green buildings respect the environmental impact of the extraction of materials and processes related to their construction and operation, deliver cost savings and improved value to their owners, conserve energy and water consumption, and provide a healthy indoor environment for the people who live and work in them. New green building initiatives and mandates in the region have provided high-level support for improving design and construction practices and building performance. Professionals are challenged to deliver sustainable buildings in a harsh climate that meet increasingly tougher energy and water efficiency requirements. Developers and owners are generally attracted to the operational savings, lower lifecycle cost, and reduced impact to the environment that they can achieve through Green Building.

Who should attend?

All industry professionals seeking to work on Green projects, especially those seeking to become LEED professionals (LEED Green Associates and/or LEED AP BD+C) and/or work on LEED 2010 projects, including, but not limited to, the following: architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, developers, building owners, client representatives, environmental, health and safety managers, sustainability managers, and facility managers.

Want to reduce your buildings energy use by 30-50%, waste output by 70%, and water usage by 40%? Go Green!

Course InformatIon

This course is an introduction to the concepts of sustainable, high performance Green Building, as well as methods for design, construction and evaluation. The emphasis of this workshop is on reviewing the fundamentals of the LEED 2009 NC (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction and Major Renovations) Rating System and the relevant LEED certification process as per LEED Version-3 requirements. Accordingly, the course will provide the key preparatory information about the needed tools and technical expertise for taking exams for both LEED credentials, the LEED Green Associate/Tier I, and the LEED Accredited Professional for Building Design and Construction (LEED AP BD+C)/Tier-II. It will also provide project teams with the necessary procedures and technical tools for planning, designing and constructing LEED certified projects.

Workshop materIals

All individuals who participate in the workshop will benefit from the specific workshop materials including: A ring binder of course materials including the LEED-NC 2009 credit checklist, sample exam questions, the LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook and the LEED AP Building Design and construction Candidate Handbook. A CD with additional handouts and general LEED 2009 information.

Workshop sChedule

To find out when the next workshop is scheduled, contact AMIDEAST or check the AMIDEAST Training Center link on the AMIDEAST/Lebanon page of the website. The course is a full one-day workshop from 8:30a.m. till 5:00p.m.


$220 includes training, materials, lunch, and coffee breaks.


Order of Engineers and Architects, Beirut. LEED Schedule Duration One 8-hour day

Dates November 6, 2010 February 12, 2011 April 16, 2011 June 18, 2011

For more information, visit or call: Bazerkan Building (Next to Parliament) Riad El Solh Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Phone: +961-1-989901, ext: 200 Email: Web: