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Usernume/Emull: Pussword:

9okl ls u fun, free unlmuted uvutur uppllcutlon thuts eusy to use ln the
clussroom. It mukes lt eusy for educutors to lncorporute technology
lnto lesson pluns und usslgnments. 9okl ls u unlque tool to enguge
your students ln creutlve expresslons.

9okl ls perfect lf you ure u 21st century, technology-forwurd creutlve
educutor who lntroduces new und fun uppllcutlons to your clussroom.
9okl enubles teuchers und students to express themselves on the Web
by creutlng u tulklng churucter uslng thelr own volce, un uplouded flle
or by typlng ln u messuge (text-to-speech). You cun customlze your
9okl to resemble yourself or to look llke muny other types of
churucters, such us people, unlmuls, hlstorlcul flgures, und more. Your
9okls cun be posted on your cluss blog, webslte, wlkl or unywhere
onllne. It cun ulso be shured us u llnk or uccessed through your
clussroom 9okl uccount. You cun use 9okl for uny sub|ect und uny grude.
There ure endless wuys of uslng 9okl ln your clussroom!

Access 9okl for educutlon ut:

Creute un uccount by cllcklng on reglster ut the top of the webpuge.

A pop up box wlll uppeur. After fllllng out the lnformutlon you wlll recelve un
emull- cllck on the llnk ln the emull to uctlvute your uccount.

Currently chlldren under 13 ure not
ullowed to creute thelr own

9okl ls ln the process of trylng to
muke lt posslble for educutors to
creute school/clussroom uccounts
to uccommodute chlldren under the
uge of 13. For now, lt ls suggested
thut teuchers creute u clussroom
uccount wlth thelr own school
emull uddress und shure thelr

2nce you huve un uccount Log ln:

2nce slgned ln cllck begln to deslgn your churucter.

FYI - The SltePul ludy ln the udvertlsement on the rlght wlll speuk when
uccesslng the slte thls feuture ls for buslness websltes only you cun cllck on
the mlddle box to mute the udvertlsement.

A rundom churucter wlll be dlspluyed cllck customlze your churucter und u
pop-up box wlll uppeur.

By cllcklng on the urrows on the slde, you wlll
huve muny cutegorles to choose from. You
cun ulso nurrow your cholce by selectlng
Mule/Femule or ull. Cllck . Your
churucter wlll then be dlspluyed ln the pluyer.
You wlll notlce thut the churucters eyes follow

Dependlng on the churucter you huve
selected, you muy huve the optlon of chunglng
hulr style/color, llps, clothlng und bllng. After
creutlng the look you wlsh cllck .
You muy chunge colors of
the mouth, eyes, skln und
hulr. You cun ulso tweuk
the slze of your churucters
mouth, nose, body, helght
und wldth by slldlng the
correspondlng bur to the left
or rlght.

You chunge the buckground by cllcklng
the buckground button. A new box wlll
Cllck on the urrows ubove the buckground
cholces to select the cutegory of
buckground you wunt. After muklng your
cholce, cllck

Chunglng the pluyer/frume

To chunge the pluyer/frume
uround your churucter, cllck

After chooslng
the color, cllck
You muy use u plcture flle for your
buckground by cllcklng the flle lcon. Cllck
. Locute your gruphlc flle und then cllck
Lustly, cllck when buckground
uppeurs ln the pluyer.

Glvlng your churucter u volce

There ure severul wuys to glve your churucter u volce. To begln cllck on the
lcon thut represents your cholce.

FYI- The dlce ln the corner of the pluyer ls to usslst ln
ullowlng the webslte to plck u rundom churucter for you.
Record you volce over the phone. You
wlll be glven the phone number und
pusscode to enter.
Record wlth mlcrophone, Record your
own volce Muxlmum recordlng tlme ls
60 seconds.

Recordlng your volce over the phone

Text to speech. Type your messuge und
choose from dlfferent volces und uccents
to speuk for you. 600 muxlmum typed
Uploud un Audlo Flle. (or use u
prevlously recorded vokl uudlo messuge)
muxlmum length of uudlo flle ls 60
secornds/1 mlnute.
After cllcklng the phone lcon u
phone number und 8 dlglt pusscode
wlll uppeur. Cull the phone number
und you wlll be prompted to key ln
your 8 dlglt pusscode.
2nce you enter your code you wlll be prompted
to speuk und your screen wlll show recordlng
- Press the # key when flnlshed.

You then huve the optlon to:
Press 1 to heur your messuge

Press 2 to suve your messuge

Press 3 to delete und re-record your messuge

Text to Speech

2nce you huve suved over the phone your screen wlll show your messuge ls processlng Then you
wlll see thut the cull wus completed successfully Y2U MUST CLICK SA9E 21 THE SCREE1 T2

After cllcklng
A 1ume Your Audlo
box wlll uppeur After
numlng your uudlo flle
(20 churucters mux.) cllck

Your recorded messuge hus been
suved ln your flle und cun be
uccessed by cllcklng the lcon.

Record wlth mlcrophone

Cllck on the Text to Speech Icon
Locuted ln the glve lt u
volce toolbur.
A blue box wlll
uppeur for you to
type your messuge.
Muxlmum ls 600
typed churucters.
After flnlshlng your
messuge you cun
cllck the down
urrows und chose:

A volce und uccent
from the llst of volces
provlded. Cllck the
pluy button to llsten
to your messuge.
Cllck on the Record wlth Mlcrophone Icon
locuted ln the
glve lt u volce toolbur.

To begln recordlng cllck on the
Button. 2nce you huve completed
your recordlng press ST2P.
If you ure sutlsfled wlth your
recordlng, cllck
. You wlll be
prompted to nume your uudlo
flle ufter numlng the flle cllck
2nce your uudlo hus been
suved lt wlll uppeur ln the
uudlo folder.

Uploud or Use u Prevlously Suved Audlo Flle

You cun ulso udd FX sound
effects by cllcklng on the FX
button. After typlng or uddlng
your recorded messuge, go lnto
the FX effects und your volce
wlll tuke on thut effect. When
you ure flnlshed cllck
2nce ln thls optlon you cun browse for un uudlo flle on your computer
(exumple: un uuduclty creuted flle). 2nce locutlng the flle cllck
uploud. 2nce flle ls uplouded lt wlll uppeur ln your llst of flles.

Thls ls ulso where you flnd your prevlously creuted or uplouded uudlo
flles. You cun llsten to the flle by cllcklng on the pluy button or
delete the flle by cllcklng on the X button.
Posltlonlng Churucter ln the Pluyer

Publlshlng/Suvlng Your 9okl

To suve/publlsh your 9okl Cllck on the
button. A box wlll uppeur for
you to 1ume Your Scene. After numlng your scene
cllck SA9E.
You wlll recelve u messuge thut your scene hus
been suved.
You cun ud|ust how your 9okl uppeurs ln the pluyer by cllcklng on the
mugnlfy gluss. A sllder bur wlll uppeur:

before ufter
You cun zoom ln or out ,move
left or rlght or up und down.
(You cun ulso move lt wlthln the
pluyer by holdlng down
the left cllck of your mouse.)

2nce you huve suved your scene Your 9okl wlll uppeur ln the MY 92KI sectlon locuted ut the top
of the webpuge. There ls currently no llmlted to the number of 9okls thut you cun suve.
Cllck on My 9okl und your suved uvuturs wlll uppeur. You cun vlew or shure your uvutur from here.
Choose whlch uvutur you wunt by cllcklng on: Then cllck pluy on the pluyer. To shure, cllck the
Publlsh your 9okl button. A box wlll uppeur wlth severul cholces. If you ure embeddlng
you uvutur choose the slze und copy the embed code to udd us u gudget on your blog/wlkl/webpuge.
You cun ulso shure your 9okl us u llnk. Copy und puste the
provlded llnk lnto un emull - You ulso huve the optlon of suvlng
your llnk us u Symbuloo llnk.