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Liceo Cultural Britanico

Student: Cynthia Randerath

Subject: Methods 2


 Age: 17 years old

 Number of students: 20
 Book: Language to go upper intermediate
 Level: upper intermediate
 Final task: to play a crossword game.
 Assumed knowledge: vocabulary of common animals, descriptions.
 Duration: 90 minutes
 Aims:
Topic Aim: Learners read about interesting animals.
Grammar Aims: Learners learn relative clauses.
Communication Aims: Learners define different words.
Vocabulary Aims: Learners read new words related to the reading,
especially some animals.
Function Aims: learners define and describe different words.
Skill Aims: learners define words orally.

Steps of the Lesson


1) Introduction of the topic: Students will be told about the final task
(playing a crossword game). As they will have to prepare to carry out
the task, they will do a reading activity as an enabling task. Students
read an article about exotic animals in which relative clauses are
used. As a pre-reading activity they will be asked about some pictures
and to predict what the article will say about those animals. As a
general task they will check if their predictions were right and as a
specific task they will answer some questions about it.


2) Task: In groups, students play a crossword game and the teacher

monitors to see what vocabulary and structures they are using.
3) Planning: after carrying out the task, each group will prepare to report
to the class about how they played the game. The teacher will help
them if necessary.
4) Report: Students report to the class and the teacher will give
directions so as to get students do what is expected. Students can
give examples and show to the rest of the class how they played the
game. The teacher will give feedback if necessary.


5) Analysis: the students do consciousness about the language that had

been used in the task. Some examples can be written on the board to
help students notice the language. The teacher can elicit the rules of
relative clauses and give explanations if it is needed.
6) Practice: At this step the students do some practice from the book in
which they have to join 2 sentences by using relative clauses.