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Horizontal Directional Drilling


Random Rock Hole Opener Specifications

Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools

Rotary Products HDD

Step 1 Drill Pilot Hole from one side of an obstruction (river, road, airport runway, etc.) to the other.
In soft soils, an angled bit is used. To steer, rotation is stopped, the angle of the bit is orientated to the desired direction and forward thrust is applied. The directed jet of the drilling fluid and the forward thrust acts to cut a path in the desired direction. To drill straight, the pipe is rotated and thrust is applied. In Rock Drilling, a mud motor with a bent sub is commonly used. The mud motor converts the hydraulic pressure of the drilling fluid into mechanical rotation. To steer, the bend of the sub is orientated in the desired direction and thrust is applied the drill string does not

rotate (only the bit rotates) and the bit progresses in the direction of the bend. To drill straight, the pipe and motor are rotated. In cases where the ground is unstable, a wash-over pipe or casing can be driven down the bore hole to prevent the collapse of the hole walls. The pilot bit is located with either a sonde or transmitter located near the mud motor or bit. The angle, rotation, direction and depth can be determined using a surface walk over locating system. In instances where a surface locator is not practical (river crossing, excessive depths) a wire line system is used to transmit data through the inside of the drill pipe.
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Conventional Hole Opener Specifications

Step 2 Pre-ream
One or more hole opening passes to enlarge the pilot hole to a diameter sufficient enough to accommodate the product which is to be pulled. Upon reaching the exit point, the bit is removed and a reamer (Hole Opener) is attached. The reamer is pulled back while rotating the drill pipe to enlarge the bore hole, with as many consecutive passes as required. Drill pipe is generally added behind the hole opener (trailed) so that there is always drill pipe in the hole (in case pipe failure occurs).

Step 3 Pullback
Once the hole has been enlarged, the final product is attached to the drill string and pulled through to the opposite side. Once the bore hole is at least 25% larger than the prod-

uct to be installed, the end of the pipe is attached to a reamer and then to a swivel connected to the product pipe. Drill fluid is pumped continuously for lubrication and the product pipe is pulled in while rotating the drill pipe and reamer. The swivel prevents rotation of the product pipe.

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Bullseye Pilot Bits

Atlas Copco can provide a multitude of cutting structures, available in all common sizes to meet your HDD Pilot Bit requirements. Specifically designed for the rigors of HDD applications: - Proprietary carbide shapes and grades to prolong cutting structure integrity - Specific cutting structures designed for the rigors of HDD bore paths - Industry proven bearing and seal packages - Full Armor package to retard erosion at key locations on the pilot bit - Pressure compensated lubrication system Atlas Copco engineers have combined Hard Rock cutting structures with leading edge bearing and seal package technology. The result is an HDD pilot bit which will drill faster and stay in the hole longer thereby lowering your total drilling costs. We have a full range of Premium Quality HDD Rotary Pilot Bits 4 diameter and above (up to 17 ). Many of these products have been designed specifically for Horizontal Drilling and have many features that enable them to drill faster and stay in the hole longer.

Bullseye Random Rock Hole Openers

Atlas Copco Secoroc Random Rock Reamers are the first split bit type hole opener designed specifically for the HDD industry by a Rotary Rock Bit Manufacturer. These hole openers utilize common, random cutting structure bit thirds, precisely positioned to assure equal load distribution. Advantages: Better rock face coverage one rotation of the cone provides complete bottom hole coverage. Smaller Cuttings The random cutting structure produces small cuttings which are in turn easier to clear from the bore hole. Fewer inserts on the rock face at any given moment Fewer inserts produce a higher weight/insert ratio. Better utilization of available force results in better performance on undersized machine (improved penetration rate). Smoother Drilling Due to the one cone design typical in five (or more) places on the body, the tool runs smoother down hole. Our philosophy is to maximize both the cutter count and the cutter size for any given hole opener diameter. The result is a carefully balanced reamer which will produce optimized operating hours at exceptional rates of penetration. Available from 8 in diameter and up custom sizes available upon request.

Bullseye Replaceable Cutter Hole Openers

Atlas Copco Secoroc can also supply a complete line of

Atlas Copco Secoroc and Horizontal Directional Drilling

Atlas Copco HDD tooling has over the years set the standard on many Horizontal Directional Drilling projects involving Hard Rock and difficult drilling conditions. Our products are the result of decades of drilling research and development and are manufactured in our world class manufacturing facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. The production plant is both ISO 9001 and API certified, and ensures that only world class quality products are delivered to the HDD market. Our HDD equipment range includes: - Pilot Bits in all sizes and types - Standard Hole Openers utilizing Field Replaceable cutters - Split Bit Hole Openers incorporating a common, random bit third With the Atlas Copco worldwide sales and service organization, there is always support and advice close at hand for any HDD project. In addition, we have a technical expertise and development team available to support requests for assistance - any time - any where. For enquiries and advise, please contact the nearest Atlas Copco Secoroc sales office. Futher information can also be obtained at

Bit/Formation Selection Chart

replaceable cutter hole openers. These reamers utilize either Trojan B cutters (17 ) or Trojan H cutters (26 and up). Both cutters feature our unique random Tungsten Carbide cutting structure and are also available in a milled (steel) tooth version.

Reliability and durability have been enhanced with revised cutting structures as well as with a newly improved bearing system: Unique random cutting structure Replaceable, saddle mounted cutters Field Proven Load Pin fastening system Increased bearing capacity and improved seal reliability Compensated lubrication systems TCI and Milled Tooth cutting structures Custom designs available upon request