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Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914)

Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914)

This is the order of battle for both the Russian and German armies at the Battle of Tannenberg, August 17 to September 2, 1914.

Russian Northwest Front

First Army
General Paul von Rennenkampf II Corps (transferred from the Second Army, 22 August) 26th Infantry Division 43rd Infantry Division III Corps 25th Infantry Division 27th Infantry Division IV Corps 30th Infantry Division 40th Infantry Division XX Corps 28th Infantry Division 29th Infantry Division Unattached 56th Infantry Division 1st Guard Cavalry Division 2nd Guard Cavalry Division 1st Cavalry Division 2nd Cavalry Division 3rd Cavalry Division 5th Rifle Brigade 1st Independent Cavalry Brigade 1st Heavy Artillery Brigade

Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914)

Second Army
General Alexander Samsonov I Corps 22nd Infantry Division 24th Infantry Division VI Corps 4th Infantry Division 16th Infantry Division XIII Corps 1st Infantry Division 36th Infantry Division XV Corps 6th Infantry Division 8th Infantry Division XXIII Corps 3rd Guard Infantry Division 2nd Infantry Division Unattached 4th Cavalry Division 6th Cavalry Division 15th Cavalry Division 1st Rifle Brigade 2nd Heavy Artillery Brigade

German Eighth Army

Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, commander General Erich Ludendorff, Chief of Staff Col. Max Hoffmann, Chief of operations I Army Corps 1st Infantry Division 1st Infantry Brigade 1st Grenadiers 41st Infantry 2nd Infantry Brigade 3rd Grenadiers 43rd Infantry 1st Field Artillery Brigade 16th Field Artillery 52nd Field Artillery 8th Uhlans

Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914) 2nd Infantry Division 3rd Infantry Brigade 4th Grenadiers 44th Infantry 4th Infantry Brigade 33rd Fusiliers 45th Infantry XVII Army Corps 35th Infantry Division 70th Infantry Brigade 21st Infantry 61st Infantry 87th Infantry Brigade 174th Infantry 176th Infantry 35th Field Artillery Brigade 36th Field Artillery 72nd Field Artillery 4th Mounted Rifles 36th Infantry Division 69th Infantry Brigade 129th Infantry 175th Infantry 71st Infantry Brigade 5th Grenadiers 128th Infantry 35th Field Artillery Brigade 36th Field Artillery 72nd Field Artillery 5th Hussars XX Army Corps 37th Infantry Division 73rd Infantry Brigade 147th Infantry 151st Infantry 1st Jager Battalion 75th Infantry Brigade 146th Infantry 150th Infantry

Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914) 37th Field Artillery Brigade 73rd Field Artillery 82nd Field Artillery 11th Dragoons 41st Infantry Division 72nd Infantry Brigade 18th Infantry 59th Infantry 74th Infantry Brigade 148th Infantry 152nd Infantry 41st Field Artillery Brigade 35th Field Artillery 79th Field Artillery 10th Dragoons I Reserve Corps 1st Reserve Division 1st Reserve Infantry Brigade 1st Reserve Infantry 3rd Reserve Infantry 72nd Reserve Infantry Brigade 18th Reserve Infantry 59th Reserve Infantry 1st Reserve Jager Battalion 1st Reserve Field Artillery 3rd Reserve Division 5th Reserve Infantry Brigade 2nd Reserve Infantry 9th Reserve Infantry 6th Reserve Infantry Brigade 34th Reserve Infantry 49th Reserve Infantry 3rd Reserve Field Artillery 5th Reserve Dragoons 1st Reserve Uhlans 36th Reserve Division 69th Reserve Infantry Brigade 21st Reserve Infantry 61st Reserve Infantry

Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914) 2nd Reserve Jager Battalion 70th Reserve Infantry Brigade 5th Reserve Infantry 54th Infantry (detached from the 3rd Division at the outbreak of war) 36th Reserve Field Artillery 1st Reserve Hussars Hheres Landwehr Kommando No. 1 / 1st Landwehr Division 33rd Mixed Landwehr Brigade 75th Landwehr Infantry 76th Landwehr Infantry 34th Mixed Landwehr Brigade 31st Landwehr Infantry 84th Landwehr Infantry Landwehr Cavalry Regiment 1st Cavalry Division 1st Cavalry Brigade 3rd Cuirassers 1st Dragoons 2nd Cavalry Brigade 12th Uhlans 9th Mounted Rifles 4th Cavalry Brigade 4th Uhlans 5th Cuirassers Other units in the field Knigsbergs Reserve 1st Landwehr Brigade Ltzen Fortress Brigare 70th Landwehr Brigade Knigsberg Fortress Division Thorn Fortress Division Graudenz Fortress Division 6th Landwehr Brigade Reinforcements 3rd Reserve Division 2nd Landwehr Brigade 1st Landwehr Division Posen Fortress Division From the Western Front

Order of battle at Tannenberg (1914) XI Army Corps 22nd Division 38th Division Guards Reserve Corps 3rd Guards Infantry Division 1st Guards Reserve Division

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Article Sources and Contributors

Article Sources and Contributors

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