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Bobbi Dillow ABB Transformers NA

ABB Transformers Overview

ABB BU Transformers - 1 7/19/2007


ABB Transformers: The History

The combined experience of 700 years of transformer manufacturing
Asea Ansaldo / Ital Trafo / IEL / OEL / OTE BBC GE, USA National Industri Strmberg Westinghouse

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And more ....


ABB Transformers Facts

3 BUSD Sales 14,000 employees Global Manufacturing Capability: 57 plants Global Presence: Revenues in more than 100 countries One Stop Supplier: Complete Range Of Distribution And Power Transformers, Associated Products And Services Voltages up to 800 kV

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World Map ABB Transformer Factories 2006

Norway Steinkjer Norway Drammen Canada Varennes Canada Quebec City Ireland Waterford Germany Brilon Germany Bad Honnef Germany Roigheim Germany Halle Switzerland Geneve Spain Bilbao Spain Zaragosa USA St Louis USA Alamo Spain Cordoba China Shanghai Egypt 10th of Ramadan Saudi Arabia Riyadh India Baroda China Zhongshan Vietnam Hanoi Thailand Bangkok Switzerland Zurich Sweden Ludvika Sweden Pitea Finland Vaasa Russia Khotkovo Sweden Mjolby Sweden Figeholm Poland Lodz Italy Legnano Italy Monselice Turkey Istanbu China Hefei China Chongquing South Korea Chonan-si

USA South Boston USA Bland USA - Jefferson City

Singapore Singapore Tanzania Arusha Columbia Pereira

Peru Lima

Brazil Guarulhos South Africa Pretoria South Africa Booysens Australia Perth

Australia Darra

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Brazil Blumenau

South Africa Cape Town Australia Moorebank

New Zealand New Plymouth


Leader in Transformers Business

The largest Transformer manufacturer worldwide
21,0% 9,0% 5,0% 4,0% 2,8% 2,5% 2,0%


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Each year ABB delivers :

2,000 Power Transformers 500,000 Distribution Transformers


Ex: ABB Jefferson City, MO Material Usage

Weekly Usage at ABB Jeff City

175,000 gals. of transformer oil 900,000 lbs. of core steel 800,000 lbs. of carbon steel sheet & parts 190,000 lbs. of copper and aluminum products 75,000 lbs. of insulation products 5,000 lbs. of welding wire
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1,600 gals. of paint

ABB Customers Benefit From Economies of Scale

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A complete Portfolio
Distribution Transformers
Liquid filled Transformers Dry type Transformers

Power Transformers
Generator step-up, network coupling, shunt reactors, phase shifting and HVDC converter transformers

Industrial and Specialty Transformers Traction Transformers Insulation & Components

Bushings, Tap Changers and Mechanical Components
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Service, Retrofit And Engineering Support

What Types of Distribution Transformers are Used?

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IEC & ANSI Standards

Liquid Filled Transformers - Padmounted

Liquid filled transformers
Single phase and three phase units Through 20 mVA 46 kV Weather resistant high and low voltage compartments Tamper-resistant Insulation liquids
Mineral oil Environmentally friendly fluid
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Silicone fluid (>3000 kVA)

Three Phase Padmount Designed for Installation Ease

ABB BU Transformers - 11 -

Three Phase Padmount Designed for Installation Ease

Features: 4 Degree sloped cover Close tolerance fit One-hand operation Flip-top cover and locking support arm 90+ rotation of cover
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Unit Substation Transformers

Liquid-filled & Dry Types
112.5 through 25,000kVA Through 69kV Primary Through 36kV Secondary

ABB BU Transformers - 13 -

Liquid Unit Substation

Dry Type Unit Substation

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Distribution Unit Sub Features

112.5 3000 kVA Up to 34.5 kV Primary Wound Core Design Wall Mounted Bushings Designed to Fit Existing 3Phase Production Line Robotically Welded Tank Unique 3 Phase Cabinet Based Air Terminal Chamber Design
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Geared Toward Commercial & Light Industrial Users

CSA C2 Design

Small Power Unit Substations

750-20,000 Kva Up To 69 Kv Primary Up To 34.5 Kv Secondary Stacked Core Design Wall Or Cover Mounted Bushings Robust Design Heavy Industrial Focus
CSA C88 Design
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Can Be Custom Designed To Meet Special Dimensions

Liquid Filled Transformers

750-20,000 Kva Up To 69 Kv Primary Up To 34.5 Kv Secondary Cover Mounted Bushings Load Tap Changer Available

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Liquid Filled Transformer Selection Options

Mineral Oil High Temp Hydrocarbons Seed Oils

Silicone Fluid

ABB BU Transformers - 18 -

BIOTEMP Biodegradability
100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
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% Biodegradability 21 Day Test (CEC L-33-A-94)

30% 20% 5%
BIOTEMP Mineral Oil H.T.H Silicone

Typical Properties of Insulating Fluids

Property Flash Point 0C Fire Point 0C Viscosity (cSt.) 1000 C 400 C 00 C Mineral Oil 145 160 3 12 76 -40 30
7.55 x 10-4

HTH 285 308 11.5 110 2200 -24 40

7.3 x 10-4

Silicone 300 330 16 38 90 -55 43

1.04 x 10-3

BIOTEMP 343 360 10 45 300 -15 to -25 49

6.88 x 10-4

Pour Point 0C Dielectric Strength, kV Coefficient of Expansion

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Dry Type Transformers

ABB BU Transformers - 21 -

Open Wound


Vacuum Cast

Dry Type Transformers

Open Wound:
112.5 - 15000 kVA 36 kV Primary Primary BIL - 150 kV 15 kV Secondary

112.5 - 25000 kVA 36 kV Primary Primary BIL - 200 kV 15 kV Secondary Limited to 80 C Rise Copper HV Windings

Vacuum Cast Coil:

ABB BU Transformers - 22 -

112.5 - 15000 kVA 46 kV Primary Primary BIL - 250 kV 15 kV Secondary

Transformer Technology Summary Liquid Filled Benefits

Lowest Purchase Cost Lowest Loss Per Purchase Dollar Ability To Operate In Adverse Conditions Excellent Dielectric Properties Environmentally Friendly Options Available
ABB BU Transformers - 23 -

Dry Type Benefits

Environmentally Safe No Leakage Non-flammable Minimal Maintenance Coordination Flexibility

Small Power Transformers

Comparison of Small Power Transformer Costs Mineral Oil VPI: Seed Oil Silicone Fluid VPE RESIBLOC Cast Coil
ABB BU Transformers - 24 -

1.0 1.15 1.30 1.35 1.38 1.45 1.55

Power Transformers
Generator StepUp transformers

System transformers

ABB BU Transformers - 25 -

Power Transformers
Power transformers
TrafoStar Core type Shell type

Special transformers
Generator Step-Up transformers (GSU) Substation transformers Shunt reactors Phase shifting transformers HVDC converters Industrial transformers
ABB BU Transformers - 26 -

Railway Feeding Transformers

Insulation and Components


Experience Beyond Standard Applications

Generator Step up Excitation Substation Transmission & Distribution Phase Shifters HVDC Converters Reactors Step down Arc Furnaces Rectifiers Boosters Marine Offshore Distribution
ABB BU Transformers - 27 -

Traction Variable Speed Drives Windmills

Service Portfolio
Born Healthy Live Healthy New lease of life

End users needs

Safe + Environment conscious Asset at performance level On time delivery Smooth take-over Long term established

Safe + Environment conscious Trouble free operation Maximized asset availability Low operation cost (LCC) Planned & optimized investment

Reduced outage program Get more out of aged assets Extend life expectancy Optimized capital expenditure

ABB Solutions

Transport/Hauling Erection Commissioning Training

Diagnosis Control/Monitoring Condition/Risk/Life assessment Engineering support Financial package Service contract

Spare Parts Condition Enhancement Refurbishment Repair & Retrofit End of Life Management

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ABB Transformers
Worlds leading manufacturer One Stop Supplier: Complete Range Of Distribution And Power Transformers, Associated Products And Services Competitive lead time Highest quality:
Born Healthy-Live Healthy-New Lease of Life

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We are your partner for the future!

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