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Malden High School Academic Year 2011-2012 Course Syllabus Name of Course: English 11 Honors Instructor: Ms. Y.

Mrquez Course Number: Room: J282

Student Supplies: 3-ring binder with appropriate sections: (Classwork, Grammar, Vocab., Homework, DJ entries*) Writing Implements (no purple ink!) Post-Its Thumb-drive IR Reading Journal Highlighters Course Description:
Prerequisite: 85 or better in English 10 and teacher recommendation English 11 Honors focuses on the study of American Literature, examining how historical context is reflected in literature, as well as authors rhetoric. The core required texts for this course are In Cold Blood, plus various criminal mind short story selections; The Scarlet Letter; the writings of the Transcendentalists(selections); The Great Gatsby; and The Things They Carried. In addition, students will read 2-6 additional texts, some selected by the teacher and some by the students themselves. Students will continue to write literary analyses, but will also explore persuasive writing in-depth and will be introduced to reflective personal writing. The review of continuing problems in grammar and usage is integrated in the writing curriculum. Students will also continue to use readers notebooks and write dialectical journal entries, and students are expected to actively participate in class discussions. Finally, students will receive individualized instruction as they complete a full-length research paper. Instructional Philosophy: I believe that all students have the ability to learn if they are challenged and provided with the right tools. My goal is to help students become active participants in their own educationto help them question, make connections, and analyze literature in a way that will make it meaningful for them. Ultimately, my goal as a teacher is to help students recognize the potential within themselves, and for them to understand the importance of working towards becoming an independent, self-directed, motivated learner when it comes to both literature and life.

Grading Policy: Grading Area Major Writing Assignments and Assessments Homework (may include readers notebook entries) Participation(graded discussions and Socratic Seminars, daily participation) Quizzes and open responses Readers Notebook Writing Skills Emphasis

Percentage of Quarterly Grade 40 15 15 15 15 Second Semester Continue work on the critical and persuasive essays Introduce the personal, reflective essay

First Semester Continue working on the critical essay about literature, with emphasis on more insightful analysis, development of personal thesis Persuasive writing

Elements of rhetoric Using sources Writing on demand Style, complexity, variety Review fundamentals as needed Assessments Common Assessment: Critical Essay about literature with student-generated thesis First Semester Active reading strategies for comprehension, interpretation, and analysis of literature of whole class and independent reading texts Continue study of literary techniques Making connections between technique and theme Learning vocabulary from context Common Assessment: Readers Notebook Use of interpretation techniques such as SOAPStone A variety of reading strategies such as post-it notes, dialectical journals, and literature circle role sheets Library orientation/visits Literature Circles First Semester Public speaking Models of discussion/debate Using rhetorical strategies Identifying and making kinds of arguments Student-run discussions & Socratic seminars Presentations Small and large group discussions Practice of skills First Semester Using agenda book Organization Time Management Study strategies/techniques

MLA Citations and Works Cited

Common Assessment: timed persuasive essay using an SAT prompt Second Semester Continue active reading techniques, connections between literary techniques and theme Strategies for reading Shakespeare; emphasis on dramatic form Authorial styles and literary merit Learning vocabulary from context Common Assessment: Research Paper Examining elements of performance Continue and refine use of reading strategies Close reading and writing for understanding. Literature Circles

Reading Skills Emphasis

Assessments Activities

Speaking and Listening Skills Emphasis

Second Semester Continue emphasis on discussion/debate Public speaking/recitation Elementary acting Shakespeare performance Poetry performance Student-run discussion & Socratic seminars Presentations Listening to poetry reading Practice of skills Second Semester Continue all


Activities Study Skills Skills Emphasis

Assessments Activities

Homework Long range assignments Participation Identifying and implementing study strategies Taking notes First Semester Use and integration of direct textual evidence Plagiarism MLA citations Paraphrasing/summarizing Formatting papers Assessed through writing projects Examining writing models to understand textual evidence

Homework Long range assignments Participation Identifying and implementing a personal study strategy Second Semester Planning and executing the research project Outlining Revision

Research Skills Emphasis

Assessments Activities

Research project using multiple sources Library and computer lab visits

Distribution of quarterly grading components Grade Scale Description of work A 90-100 Work consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of quality and effort. All work is in on time and completed to exceed expectations. Work demonstrates mastery of many of the skills of the course. B 80-89 Work consistently demonstrates good quality and effort. All work is in on time and complete. Work demonstrates progression towards mastery of the skills of the course. C 70-79 Work demonstrates average quality and effort. Work demonstrates some progression towards mastery of the skills of the course. D 60-69 Work demonstrates minimal quality and effort. Some assignments may be late. Work demonstrates minimal progression towards mastery of the skills of the course. E Below 60 Work demonstrates poor quality and effort. Work demonstrates little progression towards mastery of the skills of the course.
Class participation improves your grade! Participation in the class is vital and will be reflected in your class grade. This includes positively contributing to the class by way of discussion, writing, answering/asking questions, showing of an effort, actively listening to others when speaking, engaging with other students when appropriate, and maintenance of your class notebook (clearly written notes, handouts, etc). Notebook checks will occur randomly throughout the year; therefore, maintain your notebook adequately organized and complete. Always label the tops of your pages with your name, class, and date. For classwork, always copy the days objectives (and Word of the Week at the beginning of the week), and be sure to immediately begin and complete the Do Now assignment. [Note: NO other business is to be conducted during the Do Now portion of class until directed to do so.] If it is a homework assignment, also include the homework # and assignment title on the top of the page. Assignments that are to be collected will NOT be accepted if the format is incorrect. So please remember to take your time to do it right!

Lateness is blatant disrespect! Prompt arrival and readiness are essential to success. Any lateness must be accompanied by a pass; if you do not have a pass, you are to immediately leave your agenda book at the front table and be prepared to make up any missed time with me after school. Additional consequences for tardies will be followed as per school rules. **Remember: 3 tardies = 1 class absence** Absences will hinder your learning! Whenever possible, let me know of an absence in advance. If not, cover yourself with an absence note. Without a valid absence note, you will not be allowed to make up any work. Assignments that are known in advance are expected upon your immediate return *It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make up the work!* Become very familiar with the Extra Handouts basket because chances are that we DID do SOMETHING while you were out! However, do not interrupt class instruction to try and determine make-up assignments. Assigned Work (homework, writing assignments, presentations, projects, etc)is NOT optional! You will know of your assignments well in advance. I expect that anything I assign will be completed to the best of your ability and handed in on is a reflection of you! Late daily homework assignments will not be accepted at allwe move on. Longer assignments/special projects will be marked down an entire grade for each day it is late (2 days will usually be the cut-off). *All formal assignments must be TYPED: double-spaced, Times New Roman, font 12, 1 margins. Hand-written work is to be neat, legible, and must include a heading (your name, date, class, assignment # and title). Any work that is illegible will NOT be graded.
*Cheating or Plagiarism results in an automatic zero!

Homework assignments are graded as follows:

= = = =

100 (A+) 85 75 (B) (C)

No Credit (55/E) *may be resubmitted the next day upon approval*

Golden Marquez Rules read them, know them, love them. o If it is food or a drink other than water, DO NOT bring it into the room. Im not a fan of rodents! o If it doesnt belong to you, dont touch itwithout permission. o If it does belong to you, remember to take it with you when you leave! Finally, I expect everyone to show RESPECT for each other, the teacher, and the resources in the classroom. Also, always rememberIf you work hard and try your best, youll go far!


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