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Questions Put the words in order. 5x2 p. The anchor is used to secure the ship in a stationary position Bollards are vertical posts for securing mooring ropes. A capstan is a vertical revolving cylinder placed on the forecastle A crane is a machine for hoisting and lowering heavy objects The bridge is the ships control and navigation centre Displacement is the weight of the ship and everything on board. A dry dock is a used for building or repairing ships The chief Engineer is responsible for all machinery on board The engine room contains the main engine and the auxiliary engine. The funnel is a casing used for the exhaust pipes from the engine.

1-loaded / holds / conveyor belts / iron / by / of / means / into / ore / is / 2-cargo / wheeled / ro-ro / ships / transported / is / by / 3-is / unloaded / by / pumps / ships / liquid cargo / own / 4- Most / made / are / of / steel / the / of / containers / 5- sugar / bulk / and / carried / grain / in / are / both /


Circle the odd one (1 p) Clipper steam engine building berth tugboat cruiser crude oil cabin crane Bow hold freeboard fore peak apron Master galley steam turbine bulkhead purse seiner aircraft carrier iron ore officers mess derrick tweendeck double bottom port after peak deadwood Chief Officer schooner diesel engine dry dock trawler excursion boat LPG laundry winch starboard tweendeck airdraught ballast tank ahead Bosun rudder submarine sloping way whaling ship destroyer oil funnel propeller quarter aft draught cutwater keelson Wiper

Write the eight directions and parts of the vessel indicated by arrows (18x 1 )

Complete the definitions using the words given below. (10x 1,5 p) 1- a device that supplies hot steam for steam engine. 2- A is a device that converts the back-and-forth motion of the piston to rotary motion for propulsion 3- .is an engine type that converts chemical energy of the burning fuel into mechanical energy. 4- A an engine that uses the heat produced by compression. 5- a device that compresses the incoming air to high pressure 6- The two stroke and ..stroke terms refer to the mechanical action of the ..within the cylinder. 7- Three types of the Diesel engines types according to their speed are 1. 2..3. Write the long form of the abbreviations TF :


: : : : : :

Choose the correct answers 1- The . extend from upper deck to the keel. a- Beams b- Bulwark c- Frames a- Beams b- Bulkheads c- Deck

d- Keelson d- Bow

2- Watertight extend to the shell plating on each side and from floor to the upper deck. 3- are those that are cut to provide the hatch opening.

a- Half beams
a- Call sign a- Hold a- Forepeak a- Poop a- Poop deck a- Draft marks a- Decreases a- Chain locker a- Full keel

b- Bulkheads
b- Port of Call b- Forecastle b- Cargo Tanks b- Tavlon b- Main deck b- Tug Boat marks b- Increases b- Fore hold b- Even keel

c- Deck
c- Port of Register c- Hatch cover c- Ballast tanks c- Promenade c- Compass deck c- Load lines c- not change c- Forecastle c- Same keel

d- Bow
d- Panama d- Poop deck d- oil tanks d-Boat d- Nest d- Call sign d- not seen d- Fore peak d- Full load

4- The port of the ship is registered called .. 5- Where is the capstain usually placed on deck. 6- Which places are used to put seawater inside to adjust drafts of the ship. 7- deck is the place where the lifeboats are stowed 8- . deck is the highest deck of the ship 9- Which marks used to measure the vertical distance of the submerged part of the ship? 10- When the ship enter to sea water from fresh water draft .. 11- To increase the fore draft to where we can take sea water 12- When the fore and aft drafts are same vessel is called .

Answer the questions in essay type making regular sentences. 1- Write down the types of ships and explain purpose of each type in detail? 2- Give detailed information on deck equipment and their usage? 3- Give detailed information on bridge equipment and their usage? 4- Explain the crew and officer organization on board and give brief information on their duties? 5- Explain auxiliary machineries and their usage?