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Name: _____________________________ Room: _____ Date: __________________ Grade: 4 Unit 1: Magnetism and Electricity Science Homework ______________________________________________________________________ Homework packet link: 1. Circle the objects below that stick to magnet. steel screen aluminum nail steel paper clip brass ring 3. Like poles ___________________. 4. ___________________ is a specific kind of force. 5. Every magnet has a north pole and ___________________. 6. A force is a push or ___________________. 7. A ___________________is an object that sticks to iron or steel. 8. When magnets push apart, we say they ___________________. 9. When magnets pull together, we say they ___________________. 10. The magnets shown on page 8 of the Science Resources book have one pole labeled. Which pairs of magnets will attract? Circle the letters below. a. b. c. d. e. soda straw iron nail rubber band black rock (magnetite)

2. Unlike poles ___________________.

11. Why does the mineral magnetite stick to a magnet? ___________________________________________________________________ 12. What happens if the two magnets are brought together as you see in Box A? A. They will repel. B. They will attract. C. Nothing will happen.

Box A

13. What happens if the two magnets are brought together as you see in box B? A. They will repel. B. They will attract. C. Nothing will happen

Box B

14. Some magnets like your doughnut magnets are magnets all the time. They are called ___________________ magnets. 15. When a permanent magnet touches an iron objects, that iron object becomes a ___________________ magnet. It stays a magnet as long as it is in the invisible ___________________ field of the permanent magnet. 16. ___________________ magnetism is the temporary magnetism that occurs in a piece of iron when it interacts with a magnetic field. 17. How does distance affect the ability of a magnet to attract a piece of iron? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 18. In a scientific investigation, you should do ___________________ (three or more) to confirm your result. 19. The ___________________ of two lines is the point at which they cross. 20. A ___________________ organizes data visually to show a relationship between two things. 21. A ___________________is an educated guess based on data or previous experience. 22. What happens to the strength of attraction between two magnets as the distance between them increases? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 23. A ___________________ is something you use to gather evidence about something you cant see. 24. A ___________________is a magnet used to detect Earths magnetic field.

25. A student placed two compasses on a box to detect a square magnet that was hidden inside. The black square shows where the magnet was hidden. Which drawing shows how the compasses looked when she found the magnet? Circle the letter. A B

26. ___________________electricity is separation of positive and negative charge. 27. ___________________charge occurs when an object loses electrons. 28. An ___________________is a tiny particle that is part of an atom. It is responsible for charge on objects. 29. Two objects ___________________ each other when both have positive charge or both have negative charge. 30. ___________________charge occurs when an object has extra electrons. 31. Two objects ___________________ each other when one has positive charge and the other has negative charge. 32. What causes two charged balloons to repel each other? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 33. Wanda rubbed a plastic rod with a piece of wool. The rod had a negative charge. Then she rubbed a balloon on a string with the same piece of wool. When she brought the plastic rod close to the balloon, the balloon moved away from the plastic rod. When Wand saw this, she knew the balloon (Circle the correct answer.) A. must have had a negative charge. B. must have had no charge. C. must have had a positive charge.

34. A ___________________ is a pathway for the flow of electricity. 35. An electricity ___________________ is component that changes electricity into another form of energy such as light or heat. 36. ___________________electricity flows from the negative end of the cell to the positive end of the cell. 37. A ___________________ refers to more than one cell. 38. D-cells, bulbs, and wires are all circuit ___________________. 39. A short circuit is a direct pathway from one end of a battery to the other end. 40. Thomas Edisons light bulb was an energy converter. What does that mean? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 41. Circle which circuits will light a bulb. A B C

42. A ___________________is the thin wire in a lightbulb that makes light when heated by an electric current. 43. A motor is a component in a circuit that converts electric energy to ___________________energy.

44. A ___________________ is a device used to open and close circuits. 45. An ___________________circuit is an incomplete circuit through which electricity will not flow. 46. A ___________________diagram is a way to represent a circuit on a piece of paper. 47. A ___________________circuit is a complete circuit through which electricity flows. 48. A ___________________is a metal that connects wires in a circuit. 49. A ___________________holds many components needed to build a circuit. 50. What does a motor do in a circuit? ___________________________________________________________________ 51. Draw a schematic diagram inside the box showing a complete circuit using the following components:

D-cell bulb switch

52. Draw a schematic diagram inside the box showing a complete circuit using the following components:

D-cell motor switch

53. The bulb in lamp converts electric energy into ___________________ and heat. 54. A fan converts electric energy into ___________________. 55. A doorbell converts electric energy into ___________________. 56. A toaster converts electric energy into ___________________. 57. An ___________________is a material that prevents the flow of electricity. 58. A ___________________ is a substance through which electricity will flow. 59. Circle the objects below that are conductors. nail plastic cup air metal spoon pencil water metal screen glass copper wire board marker

60. How do you know if a material is a conductor or an insulator? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 61. When two bulbs are connected in one big circuit, so that the electric current has to go through all the components one at a time, that is a ___________________circuit. 62. To ___________________an object is to position it in a certain way. 63. Why do you think the two lightbulbs are dim when only one battery is used? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 64. Look at the two bulb-and-battery circuits pictured below. Only one will light the bulb. Circle the one that you think will work.


Look at the pictures below. If the bulb will light or the motor will run, write yes in the box below the circuit. Write no if the bulb will not light or the motor will not run. A B

66. A ___________________ circuit has two or more pathways for electric current to flow through. 67. What is the advantage of wiring two lightbulbs in parallel? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

68. Look at the circuits below. If it is a series circuit, write S on the blank line above each drawing. If it is a parallel circuit, write P on the blank line. A. B. C. D.

69. Draw schematic diagrams of the above circuits A and B in the boxes below. schematic diagram of circuit A

schematic diagram of circuit B

70. ___________________ current is a flow or electricity through a conductor. 71. A ___________________is wire wound repeatedly around a central core. 72. An ___________________ is a coil of insulated wire, usually wound around a core of iron or ___________________ which produces a magnetic field when electricity flows through the wire. 73. The ___________________is the mass of iron or steel around which a wire is wound. 74. If you put a compass near a wire that has a electricity flowing through it, the compass needle changes direction. The needle moves because (Circle the correct answer.) A. it is lining up with Earths North Pole. B. a compass needs electricity in order to work. C. the electricity in the wire produces a magnetic field.

75. A ___________________ is a way to display the relationship between variables. 76. A ___________________ is an educated guess based on knowledge or information. 77. How does the number of winds on an electromagnet core affect the strength of the magnetism? _________________________________________________________ 78. Graph the data shown on the table below.
Wire Size Number of Washers 1 3 2 5 3 7 4 10 5 13 6 15 7 17 8 20

Strength of the Electromagnet

79. Mark an X next to the materials you would need to build an electromagnet. _____ wire _____ motor _____ D-cell _____ lightbulb _____ aluminum rivet _____ iron rivet _____ string _____ switch (optional)

80. A ___________________is a set of signals that represents letters or words for sending messages. 81. A ___________________ is a device for sending coded messages by signals produced by closing and opening an electric circuit. 82. The ___________________ is the space between the steel strip and the electromagnet. 83. A telegraph ___________________is a switch that completes the circuit in a telegraph system. 84. Read Morse Gets Clicking. Using the present-day Morse code, decode these suggestions below from Morse when your telegraph does not have enough power to make a click. A A ____________________________________________ B B ____________________________________________ 85. Sarena heard that if you wind a wire around a rivet and connect the wire to a D-cell, you can make a magnet. She got some wire, wound it around an aluminum rivet four times, and attached it to a D-cell. She tried to pick up some paper clips, but nothing happened. Below is the drawing she made to show what she had done. Help Sarena get her electromagnet to work by drawing what she needs to change. Sarenas drawing aluminum rivet 4 winds of wire Your drawing

86. ___________________ means craft or skill; -logy means science of - is using science to make something useful. 87. ___________________refers to something that is far away. 88. Draw a circle around each device below that uses an electromagnet.





89. Complete the circuits of these two telegraphs for two-way communication.