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Jose Languido-Dumlan Jr.

1467 Balintawak Street, Tondo, Manila 09166402307

Name: Jose L. Dumlan Jr Nickname: Jay-ar or Jay-jay Birth date: June 20, 1987 Age: 21 Height: 63 ft Weight: 220 lbs.

Highly skilled, results as fresh Registered Nurse Passer 2010 of successful knowledge in providing oversight, assessment, and care for a wide range of health care clients from previous clinics and hospitals attended during nursing studies. An efficient Individual with tested experience in a variety of medical settings, and the leadership skills necessary to handle high-level responsibilities, Confident decision maker with the experience to remain calm and make quality decisions under demanding, fluid conditions. On field: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to communicate with other departments, patients, and family members. The capacity to write clear concise reports and notes. Skilled in the use of computer applications such as Microsoft word, excel to provide a better quality of service in terms of hands on computer if needed. Capable of communicating patient needs to physicians and relay or reinforce important follow through care instruction Patient Care: Handle patient assessments on each shift, including frequent vital sign monitoring. Manage post-operative care of patients including vital signs, bathing, feeding, and ambulating. Perform good-level care of newborns and mothers including follow-up care. Initiate a pleasing personality enable to gain the trust of the patients for the better quality of service for them and good representation for the other staff as well. Strengths: Proven ability to accurately evaluate and monitoring a wide range of medical services. Highly organized and attentive to detail with strong administrative skills. Versatile in all areas of nursing care delivery with an emphasis on quality medical care and human interaction. Communicates well with medical staff and ancillary personnel to accomplish objectives in timely, professional, and efficient manner. Excellent motivation skills. Advance organizational, inter personal, and communication skills with flexibility and experience required to adjust demanding schedules and high-pressure environments. Will accept criticisms from others and channels them as a positive and motivated manner in able to improve the capacity of being a better individual.

It's better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for not who you are
Professionally, whatever awards or penalties I might receive, I have no regrets and proud to achieve them for there is no better sweet words that makes a person better is honesty itself. I show myself as a person of transparency. With dedication and truthfulness, I expose myself as an individual that can be trusted and be relied on duties to be appointed with.

Educational Attainment:
Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing 2005-2009 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Espiritu Santo Parochial School 2001-2005 High school graduate Philippine Jin Nan Institute 1993-2001 Elementary graduate

Supreme Student Council Secretary 2008-2009 Supreme Student Council Vice-President for Academics 2005-2006 Supreme Student Council Representative 2003-2004 Best in Declamation grade 4 (1998) Best in Declamation grade 5 (1999) Best in Declamation grade 6 (2000)

Standard First Aid Training October 13-16, 2010 Philippine National Red cross-Manila Chapter Basic Life Support Training October 11-12, 2010 Philippine National Red cross-Manila Chapter Basic Intravenous Therapy Training June 28-30, 2010 Martinez Memorial Hospital ECG Interpretation: Plain and Simple June 24-25, 2010 Martinez Memorial Hospital

Job Experience:
VMV Hypoallergenics Vx Attendant/ Nurse Facialist March 08, 2010 to August 06, 2010 Metropolitan Medical Center College of Arts, Science and Technology Caregiver Instructor August 09, 2010 to Present

Available Upon request