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A Critic on Not Being Spontaneous

I just would like to express how disappointed I am with the present Archbishop of Davao.
I won’t be writing this essay if a certain event never happened.

The catechetical center where I am working has a project which is the full renovation of
the Catechists’ Formation House. This house was dilapidated and a fire hazard building. It was
never a formation house at all. Previous directors attempted to make this project. But our
present director was so convinced to renovate it because of the pressing need. The project
started last April 2007. It was programmed for 60 days. Everyone was looking forward that this
would be through before classes in June 2007 would open.

On the part of the Archbishop, he wrote a letter to the parish priests and other people in
the archdiocese to solicit money for our project. It was dated May 3, 2007. Some parishes
responded to the archbishop’s appeal. In other words, a fund was raised through his letter.

At present, the renovation of the formation house is not yet through but our student-
catechists are already occupying it. We run out of funds. Our director requested an amount to
the Archbishop to cover the necessary expenses. A letter was sent to him two days ago. Until
now, we got no reply.

“In sanctitate et iustitia”. These are the words the guide him in his Episcopal ministry. This
motto of him serves as a compass which guides him. He chose the right compass. But what is
wrong is that he never follows them. Words have only meaning if these are lived. In his case,
these meaningful words never echo for it seems that he can hardly follow them. What made me
say this? If he is committed to his motto, his effort to live a holy life should be reflected by giving
what is right and due to those who are in need. He should have approved our director’s request
for the following reasons:

1. we are running out funds to complete our project which is necessary and;
2. the money raised through his appeal, in a letter, was for the purpose of the renovation of
our Formation House.

I don’t know why his heart is not that sensitive well in fact, this project is for a better purpose.
It is a purpose that is grounded in the Gospel values, in the mission of the Church and unto what
is humane.

This event makes me doubt about his commitment to the God and to His People. For those
who are affluent in the society, he is a very good archbishop. But for us, his goodness is not
openly revealed. If he is good, I am wondering why he is trying to hide it and keep it to himself
and for those who are lovable. Is he struggling to be good? Why?

I don’t have a personal knowledge about this man. But I believe that the goodness of the
human person is shown in spontaneity! I don’t know when he can be spontaneous. I am hoping
he’ll be moved by the Spirit of Spontaneity so that proper actions can be taken by him to
complete our project.

He has only three years left. Within this span of period, he can either be better or worse.
Aside from God, history will also be his judge.

9:00 p.m.
June 8, 2007