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3. Training Centre : l. Contact Phone Cell Fax : Email: . 4. e Website :


: 04369 314768. 0-9842607609 04369- 220124 : K.SENTHILKUMAR, Managing Truste

Chief Functionary Details

5. Address : 23/1- Periyanayakipuram, THIRUTHURAIPOONDI - 614713, Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu India. 0-9842607609 6. Type of organization : Registered Trust 7. Register Number : 03/2006 Date: 03.01.2006 8. Registered Under which act : Indian Trust Act 9. Area of functioning : Thiruvarur District and Nagapattinam Dt.

INCOME TAX RELAXATION 12 AA : Yes Register No: 186 80G Applied Awaited PAN card No : Yes No: AABTP3018J FCRA : Yes BANKING DETAILS Name of the Bank : KARUR VYSYA BANK NEERMULAI 614711 Nagapattinam Dist, TamilNadu, India Account Number FCRA : 1225.155.196 Bank MICR Code Swift Code IFSC Code PLANNING COMMISION GOVERNMENT OF INDIA REGISTER NO : : : : : : : SB No : 1225.155.9923 914053002 KVBLINBBIND KVBL0001225


INFRASTRUCTURE AVAILABILITY 1. Office Building : 2. Meeting Hall : yes 3. AV equipment : Yes 4. Computer : Yes 5. Four wheeler, Two Wheeler 6. Training Materials : STAFF AVAILABLITIES 1. Male 2 2 2. Female 3 3. Volunteers 3 TOTAL 8 14


: Yes



OUR VISION 1. Natural Disaster relief and rehabilitation work 2. To improve the Living Condition of our area People of Self Help and Skil l Development. 3. To educate the children, primary and Higher secondary Level 4. To improve Agriculture practices with professional/Technical expert guid ances. 5. To enhance the Awareness on STD, TB and HIV among youth adolescent and A dult in our are area. 6. To Promote organic farming and sustainable Agricultural and involve farm ers. 7. To form and facilitate women development skill development and living co ndition. 8. To promote Health program for women and children. 9. To Facilitate housing for the House less People in our area. 10. To arrange Micro Credit for restoration of Livelihood. 11. To enhance awareness an environment, Tree planting, Horticulture and Bio -diversity conservation. 12. To Conduct awareness training on Global warning and climate change 13. To guide the people to protect them from the global warning and climate Change 14. To promote Income generation programme (IGP) among the rural poor women to Eredicate the poverty 15. To empower suitable well being of the rural poor women 16. To create the IGP- activities to raise the rural women standard of livi ng and Socio- economic level/ status MISSION To create a world wide peace & harmony through welfare & Development act ivities without among any kind of discrimination of Religion, colour, gender, ra ce and etc., the mission of the PALAM which is conscious of the concerned with lib eration not oppression freedom not slavery, light not darkness health not disea se, life not Death 1. Natural Disaster relief and rehabilitation 2. To protect the women from eve teasing sexual Exploitation and Traffic li ng. 3. To give Vocational Training for Youth and Adult in the rural area for in come generation. 4. To do relief and rehabilitation services for the welfare of disabled per sons. 5. To arrange for Health education and Health camps for Women to prevent ca ncer / HIV infection. 6. To promote cultivation of medicinal herbal Plantation and Bio-diversity conservation.. 7. To do welfare activities for fisher man and ensure the protect the sea r

esources. 8. To Organize Rural youth to protect the people against any national calam ity and disaster. OBJECTIVES 1. To provide Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation assistants to the public d ue to Natural calamities 2. To work for Disaster Risk & battle management 3. To implement sustainable agriculture and Environment programs by conduct ing seminars, workshops, trainings to the Agriculture sector. 4. To start and technical training centers for the poor and medical Aids re lief and medical advises to poor village mass 5. To start and run dispensaries hospital and medical Aids relief and medic al advises to poor village mass 6. To start and Run baby care centers and night schools to meet the private tution of the poor village mass 7. To start child welfare care project/ programme to the children 8. To provide training and job opportunity to the rural youth, girls and wo men 9. to construct the Houses for the House less poor people 10. To construct the schools and hospital those where are the reality Needs BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND OFFICE BEARERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Managing Trustee/Chief Functionary : Mr.K. SENTHILKUMAR Financial Trustee : Mrs P. MANONMANI Deputy Managing Trustee : Mr A. SHANMUGAM Trustee : Mr. M. DANAPAL Trustee : Mrs. J. VALANDEENA

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION AND AWARENESS ENHANCEMENT IN 22. Natural Disaster relief and rehabilitation 23. Sustainable Agriculture 24. Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Tree Planting. 25. Organic Farming / Horticulture. 26. Vermin Compost Manure Name Pesticide Usage 27. Alternate Crops Pulses grams 28. Livelihood Restoration For Fisheries and Non-Fisheries 29. New Housing Construction and Renovation of old Houses. 30. Women Welfare living condition improvement micro fianc. 31. Livelihood Trainings for SHGs. 32. Disability Rehabilitation 33. Computer Training education 34. Child and Women Development 35. Women Awareness Program 36. Aids Prevention Awareness program 37. Aids Vaccine Awareness program 38. Road Safety 39. Micro Finance for poor families food security and poverty alleviation. 40. Environmental Security. INTERESTED PROJECT TO BE UNDER TAKEN: 1. Natural Disaster relief and rehabilitation 2. Clean atmosphere keeping environmental protection 3. Sustainable Agriculture nature based Agriculture/Organic farming practic es. 4. Livelihood restoration for SHGs 5. Training of Vocational camps for Youth. 6. Child Development and Education program. 7. Houses for the Houseless poor people 8. Children welfare and care project

9. 10. 11.

Medical Support and Hospital Project Training & Self Employment to the rural Youth Income generation programes / Activities to the rural Youth and women

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE REQUESTED FROM DONAR AGENCIES FOR 1. Sustainable Natural Disaster relief and rehabilitation. 2. Establishment of rural community training centre. 3. Organic Agriculture development. 4. Micro credit, livelihood restoration Loan for SHGs. 5. Child and Women Development 6. New housing construction and renovation of old houses. 7. Poor Peoples living condition improvement. 8. HIV and AIDS prevention and control measures. 9. Child Care Centre (Balwadis) Infrastructure Development. 10. Rehabilitation project to the Disabled 11. Vocational Course for employment opportunity. 12. Educational development and Economic development income Generation. Thanking You . Submitted by K.SENTHILKUMAR Managing Trustee .