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Application Spotlight Integrate Sharpshooter Vision Sensors on Industrial Networks

Low-end vision sensors help many customers solve a variety of applications for a fraction of the cost of higher end vision solutions. But these lower cost solutions tend to have less data communication options and have only simple built-in outputs and inputs. Balluffs BVS Sharpshooter is a vision sensor that can handle up to 24 different inspection points and can be programmed with simple logic on its three outputs. The Sharpshooter also has inputs which can be for a trigger sensor and for job switching between 20 different, internally-stored recipes. Utilizing all of these inputs and outputs on an industrial network is made simple by implementing the BVS/BNI adaptor.

n Reduced costs with fewer cordsets and quicker installation time n Eligible network blocks by Balluff: EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet, CC-Link, IO-Link n Solid IP67 solution using rugged industrial connectors n Short circuit & overload process data bits on the industrial network blocks

Sharpshooter Connected to Ethernet Block

Industrial Network Configuration Diagram

EtherNet/IP Input/Output Module A B BVS/BNI Adaptor C


External Lighting D

BVS/BNI Connections

Sharpshooter I/O Functions

Output 1, Output 2 Output 3 Job select, Trigger input External lighting

Order Code Part Number

BCC0726 BVS0003 BCC00R0 BCC00R1 BCC01F5 BCC01F7 BCC00TL BCC Z006-002 BVS OI-3-001-E BIS L-500-PU-05 BIS L-500-PU-10 C04 ANT-00-PB-050MS C04 ANT-00-PB-100MS BKS-S117-00

BVS/BNI adapter - M12 - M12, 8-wire Sharpshooter - BVS-E standard Double-ended, shielded cable - M12, 8-wire, 5m Double-ended, shielded cable - M12, 8-wire, 10m Single-ended, shielded cable - M12, 8-wire, female, 5m Single-ended, shielded cable - M12, 8-wire, female, 10m Field attachable - M12, 8-pin 1 2 3 1 2
Balluff, Inc. n 8125 Holton Drive Florence, KY 41042 n 1-800-543-8390 n

PS_042 Integrate Sharpshooter Vision Sensors on Industrial Networks 2009-12

In this application, the Sharpshooter vision sensor was used to verify lid position on a coffee container running on a conveyor. Utilizing the internal logic controls, a trigger sensor (not shown) and a back light, the Sharpshooter was able to detect if the lid was present, if the lid was not secure, and if the lid was correctly in place. The application demanded that the Sharpshooters inputs and outputs be connected to the controller through EtherNet/IP to the PLC. The BVS/BNI adaptor was used to connect the Sharpshooter to a Balluff I/O Block which communicated via EtherNet/IP to the controller.

The BVS/BNI adaptor allows the three outputs and two inputs of the Sharpshooter, as well as an additional external light source, to be connected to any Balluff I/O network block. See table below for connection details. When using the Sharpshooter advanced, configurable and flexible output logic links any tool or combination of tools to any of the three discrete outputs. See website for further application details.