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Pokemon Emerald FAQ/Walkthrough by DarkTyranitar18 Pokemon Emerald on SuperCheats.

com ___ _ _ _ \___ / /___ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _/ _ \ / -_\/ ' \/ _ \ ' \ (_) _ \___/_\_\___ _ _ _\___/_ _ (_) ___ _ _ __ __ _ __ __ __ ___ _ _ __ _ __ ' \/ -_\ '_ _' __ _ _ \ \ / /__ _ _ __(_) ___ _ _ \ \/ / -_\ '_\_/ _ \ ' \ __ _ \___/_ _

___ _ _ _ \___ _ \__,_ ___ __,_ \__/\___ _ Pokemon Emerald Version FAQ/Walktrough By DarkTyranitar18 Started on 6/20/05 Version 0.45 Sidenote:

You can use the ctrl + F search for easy refrence. Just type the number of the section you want to go to. It will take you to the section you wrote the number on. Just for convinence. 0.Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Version History III. The Basics [3.01] Controls [3.02] Battle Screen [3.03] Catching Pokemon [3.04] TM/HM list IV. Into Pokemon [4.01] Pokemon Statuses [4.02] Natures

[4.03] Base Stats [4.04] Tips on the game V. Walkthrough [5.01] Littleroot Town [5.02] Petalburg City a. Petalburg Woods [5.03] Rustboro City [5.04] Dewford town a. Granite Cave [5.05] Slateport City [5.06] Mauville City a. Cycling Road b. Vendaturf Town [5.07] Fallarbor Town 0% a. Meteor Falls 0% [5.08] Lavaridge Town 0% a. The Desert Place 0% [5.09] Petalburg Again!? 0% a. Abandoned Ship 0% b. New Mauville 0% c. Weather Institute 0% [5.10] Fortree City 0% [5.11] Lilycove City 0% a. Mt. Pyre 0% b. Magma Hideout 0% c. Aqua Hideout 0% [5.12] Mossdeep City VI. Items VII. Berries VIII. Abilities 0%

IX. FAQ X. Move Tutor Locations XI. Finishing Comments [11.01] Copyright Info. [11.02] Contact Info. [11.03] Credits __+================+__ __ 0% Not Started __ +================+ ___________________________/==================\______________________________ I. Introduction =============================================================================== I am here writing my first faq for my favorite game series pokemon and because I felt like doing something to show how much I like it. I'm writing it because i've read a bunch of faqs here at gamefaqs and I was really impressed. So I decided that I want to write a faq on this game to help other people like the other faqs that help me on other games. As you might know pokemon has a series of games begining with Red/Blue/Green versions for GBC. I have collected (and have) almost all the versions (I have blue, crystal, ruby, firered, and emerald.) and yet this is my first faq. So I really hope it helps and you like it, so enjoy. _________________________/=====================\_____________________________ II. Version History =============================================================================== Version 0.20 - Did table of contents. - Started the walkthrough, to Petalburg City. - Did Introduction - Did all of section nine. - Also section three execpt TM/HM list

Version 0.40 - Went to Mauville City in the walkthrough. - Added some ACSII artwork. - Added a new site for this faq to be posted on. - Finished TM/HM list, and finished up all of section three. - Finished all of section four. - Added FAQ section and Move tutor locations section, too. - Added a Item section but didn't finish it, next version. Version 0.45 - Went to Vendaturf town in the walkthrough - Did all of section seven. - Added missing Move tutors in section ten. - Completed section six. - Added questions to FAQ. ____________________________/=================\______________________________ III. The Basics =============================================================================== These are the basic things you know to pass and at least play the game. It includes every basic things from the controls to how to catch pokemon even. If you are a beginer at pokemon I suggest you read this section. It will help get started and how to do the basic things. If you are not, then you should skip this section and move on to sections 5 or 6 if you want. So let's begin, shall we. 0============================================================================0 [3.01] Controls 0============================================================================0 The basics of the basics, the controls. Control Pad: ----------Moves main character, and moves any cursor.

A button: --------Selects a Item and interacts with people/ things. B button: --------Cancels anything and goes back. To use running shoes. Start: -----Brings up main menu. Select: ------Uses your registered item. EX: Mach/ Arco bike or change items. L button: --------Can be used as A button if changed. R button: --------Can be used as right side of D-pad if changed. 0============================================================================0 [3.02] Battle Screen 0============================================================================0 ___________________ Pokemon Name Lv.# HP:=----------<-----------\

___________________ \-> Opponets Pokemon

___________________ Your Pokemon <-\ Pokemon Name Lv.#

\----------------> ___________________


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ What should do? Fight Bag

Pokemon Run

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ This is a screen that appears when you first enter any battle. The battle screen contains your pokemon's status, HP, name, Exp. and level. This also applys to the opponets pokemon's box. (Execpt for Exp.) So you should know what each things mean, so you could start battling. The first thing you should know is the name of the pokemon. It is basically the name of the pokemon you have or facing. Next is it's level, which appears next to the pokemon's name. It's simply the level of the pokemon. Finally, the pokemons HP it is as important as the level of the pokemon. Without it you wouldn't be able to win. Another thing you might want to know is below your HP is a place that shows your status condition but does not show confusion, or faint. You might want to know that. At the bottom of the screen is the menu. The first thing is fight which shows which attack to use. Next is bag that lets you look threw your bag during the battle. Third is pokemon that looks at your team and and lets you switch pokemon to battle. The last thing would be run that only lets you run against wild pokemon. Simple as that. 0============================================================================0 [3.03] Catching Pokemon 0============================================================================0 One of the main things in the game, next to badges, is catching pokemon. Without catching pokemon there won't be such thing as a pokedex. So that's

why I put this in the FAQ. Catching pokemon is so simple. Just find a wild pokemon, not a trainers. Then just weaken the pokemon, but don't kill it. Next all you would do is throw a pokeball. The pokeball also effects wether you catch it or not. There are a whole bunch of pokeballs with effects that are different from each other. These are all the pokeballs. o--------------o-------------------------------------------------------------o Pokeball Effect

+--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------+ Pokeball Great ball Ultra ball Master ball Nest ball Repeat ball Timer ball Dive ball Net ball Safari ball Premier ball Luxury ball Catches wild pokemon. Catches wild pokemon more effectively than pokeball. Catches wild pokemon more effectively than great ball. Catches wild pokemon 100% of the time. Catches wild pokemon that are low leveled. Makes it easier to catch pokemon that you already caught. Makes it easier to catch pokemon the more turns that pass. Makes it easier to catch pokemon underwater. Makes it easier to catch bug and water pokemon. Special ball only used in the safari zone. Normal chance of catching a pokemon Normal chance of catching pkmn, easier for pkmn to like you.

+--------------+-------------------------------------------------------------+ 0============================================================================0 [3.04] TM/HM List 0============================================================================0 This is a complete list of all the fifty TM and eight HMs that are available in this game. Also their power points attack power and more. So let's move on, shall we... TM 01- Focus Punch Type: Fighting

PP: 20 Power: 150 Accuracy: 100 Other: Attacks 2nd turn. If hit pokemon flinches. Location: Route 115 TM 02- Dragon Claw Type: Dragon PP: 15 Power: 80 Accuracy: 100 Other: --Location: Meteor Fall TM 03- Water Pulse Type: Water PP: 20 Power: 60 Accuracy: 100 Other: 10% chance it'll confuse Location: Sootopolis Gym TM 04- Calm Mind Type: Psychic PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Raises Sp. Attk. and Sp. def. Location: Mossdeep Gym TM 05- Roar Type: Normal PP: 20 Power: ---

Accuracy: 100 Other: Forces trainer to switch pkmn. Location: Route 114 TM 06- Toxic Type: Poison PP: 10 Power: --Accuracy: 85 Other: Poisons foe and poison gets stronger each turn. Location: Fiery Path TM 07- Hail Type: Ice PP: 10 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Starts hailing and hurts all pkmn types execpt ice. Location: Shoal cave TM 08- Bulk Up Type: Fighting PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Raises attack and deffense. Location: Dewford Gym TM 09- Bullet Seed Type: Grass PP: 30 Power: 10 Accuracy: 100 Other: Attacks 2-5 times per turn.

Location: Route 104 TM 10- Hidden Power Type: Normal PP: 15 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Type and power depends on pokemon. Location: Slateport/ Fortree TM 11- Sunny Day Type: Fire PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Boost the power os fire moves for 5 turns. No solarbeam charge. Location: Scorched Lab TM 12- Taunt Type: Normal PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Taunts foe to only use attacking moves. Location: Trick house TM 13 Ice Beam Type: Ice PP: 10 Power: 95 Accuracy: 100 Other: 10% chance it'll freeze foe. Location: Mauville/ Abandoned Ship TM 14- Blizzard

Type: Ice PP: 5 Power: 120 Accuracy: 85 Other: 10% chance it'll freeze foe. Hits both pkmn in double battle. Location: Lilycove Dept. Store TM 15- Hyper Beam Type: Normal PP: 5 Power: 150 Accuracy: 90 Other: Attacks first second turn recharges. Location: Lilycove Dept. Store TM 16- Light Screen Type: Psychic PP: 30 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Cuts all Sp. attks by half. Location: Lilycove Dept. store TM 17- Protect Type: Normal PP: 10 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Negates all attacks for that turn. Location: Lilycove Dept. store TM 18- Rain Dance Type: Water PP: 5

Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Raises water moves for 5 turns. Thunder never misses. Location: Abandoned Ship TM 19- Giga Drain Type: Grass PP: 5 Power: 60 Accuracy: 100 Other: Takes HP equal to 1/2 damage inflicted. Location: Route 123 TM 20- Safeguard Type: Normal PP: 25 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Covers user, team and negates all status affects. Location: Lilycove Dept. store TM 21- Frustration Type: Normal PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Power is based on how much the pokemon hates you. Location: Pacifidlog Town TM 22- Solarbeam Type: Grass PP: 10 Power: 120 Accuracy: 100

Other: Powers up 1st turn, attacks 2nd turn. Location: Safari Zone TM 23- Iron Tail Type: Steel PP: 15 Power: 100 Accuracy: 75 Other: 30% chance of lowering foes defense. TM 24- Thunderbolt Type: Electric PP: 15 Power: 95 Accuracy: 100 Other: 10% chance it might paralyze. Location: Mauville game coner TM 25- Thunder Type: Electric PP: 10 Power: 120 Accuracy: 70 Other: 10% chance it might paralyze Location: Lilycove Dept. Store TM 26- Earthquake Type: Ground PP: 10 Power: 100 Accuracy: 100 Other: Twice damage if foe used dig. TM 27- Return Type: Normal

PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Power is based on how pokemon likes you. Location: Fallarbor/ Pacifidlog town TM 28- Dig Type: Ground PP: 10 Power: 60 Accuracy: 100 Other: 1st turn dig, 2nd turn attack. TM 29- Psychic Type: Psychic PP: 10 Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 Other: 10% chance of lowering foes defense. Location: Mauville/ Victory road TM 30- Shadow Ball Type: Ghost PP: 15 Power: 80 Accuracy: 100 Other: 20% chance of lowering foes defense. Location: Mt. Pyre TM 31- Brick Break Type: Fighting PP: 15 Power: 75 Accuracy: 100

Other: Breaks reflect and light screen. Location: Sootopolis city TM 32- Double Team Type: Normal PP: 15 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Raises envasiveness by 1 level Location: Mauville game corner TM 33- Reflect Type: Psychic PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: Raises defense for 5 turns. Location: Lilycove dept. store TM 34- Shock Wave Type: Electric PP: 20 Power: 60 Accuracy: --Other: Always hits. Location: Mauville Gym TM 35- Flamethrower Type: Fire PP: 15 Power: 95 Accuracy: 100 Other: 10% chance it burns foe. Location: Mauville game corner

TM 36- Sludge Bomb Type: Poison PP: 10 Power: 90 Accuracy: 100 Other: 30% chance poisons foe Location: Dewford town TM 37- Sandstorm Type: Rock PP: 10 Power: --Accuracy: --Other: A sandstorm for 5 turn s that hurts all pkmn execpt ground. Location: Dessert TM 38- Fire Blast Type: Fire PP: 5 Power: 120 Accuracy: 85 Other: 10% chance it'll burn foe Location: Lilycove Dept. Store TM 39- Rock Tomb Type: Rock PP: 10 Power: 50 Accuracy: 80 Other: Lowers opponents Speed Location: Rustboro Gym TM 40- Aerial Ace Type: Flying

PP: 20 Power: 60 Accuracy: --Other: Always hits. Location: Fortree gym TM 41- Torment Type: Dark PP: 15 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Foe can't use move twice in a row. Location: Slateport city TM 42- Facade Type: Normal PP: 20 Power: 70 Accuracy: 100 Other: Doubles attack if burned, Poison, Paralyzed. Location: Petalburg Gym TM 43- Secret Power Type: Normal PP: 20 Power: 70 Accuracy: 100 Other: 30% chance of special effect Location: Route 111/ Slateport TM 44- Rest Type: Psychic PP: 10 Power: ---

Accuracy: --Other: Regains health while sleeping 2 turns. Location: Lilycove city TM 45- Attract Type: Normal PP: 15 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: 50% chance foe won't attack. Location: Vendaturf town TM 46- Thief Type: Dark PP: 10 Power: 40 Accuracy: 100 Other: Jacks opponents item. Location: Slateport city TM 47- Steel Wing Type: Steel PP: 25 Power: 70 Accuracy: 90 Other: 10% chanceof raising defense. Location: Granite cave TM 48- Skill Swap Type: Psychic PP: 10 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Switches abilities with foe.

Location: Mt. Pyre TM 49- Snatch Type: Dark PP: 10 Power: --Accuracy: 100 Other: Steal and uses special effect from foe. Location: S.S Tidal TM 50- Overheat Type: Fire PP: 5 Power: 140 Accuracy: 90 Other: Lowers your Sp. Att after use. Location: Lavaridge Gym +-------------+ HM's List +-------------+ HM 01- Cut Type: Normal PP: 30 Power: 50 Accuracy: 95 Other: Cuts tress outside of battle Location: Rustboro city HM 02- Fly Type: Flying PP: 15 Power: 70 Accuracy: 95

Other: 1st turn fly up, 2nd turn attacks Location: Route 119 HM 03- Surf Type: Water PP: 15 Power: 95 Accuracy: 100 Other: Travels across water Location: Petalburg city HM 04- Strength Type: Normal PP: 15 Power: 95 Accuracy: 100 Other: Moves Boulders Location: Rusturf Tunnel HM 05- Flash Type: Normal PP: 20 Power: --Accuracy: 70 Other: Lights up caves, etc. Location: Granite Cave HM 06- Rock Smash Type: Fighting PP: 15 Power: 20 Accuracy: 100 Other: Breaks rocks in the way Location: Mauville city

HM 07- Waterfall Type: Water PP: 15 Power: 80 Accuracy: 100 Other: Climbs waterfalls Location: Cave of origin HM 08- Dive Type: Water PP: 10 Power: 60 Accuracy: 100 Other: 1st turn dive, 2nd attack Location: Mossdeep City ____________________________/==================\_____________________________ IV. Into Pokemon =============================================================================== So this is the section where the pokemon things you need to know are. You should take alook if your a beginner and all the pokemon basics are in here. So let's begin. 0============================================================================0 [4.01] Pokemon Statuses 0============================================================================0 -Burn/brn========== Cuts attack power in half. Looses HP gradually during battle, after you attack. -Confuse/========== If the pokemon uses a move during battle, there is a chance it may hit himself. The pokemon will recover when it goes back into his pokeball.

-Frozen/Frz============ Freezes the pokemon so that it can't battle. The frozen pokemon might thaw, eventually. -Paralyze/Par============== Numbs the pokemon's body and makes it difficult for it to use it's moves. Speed decreases as well. -Poison/Psn============ Gradually decreases HP during battle. If poison isn't cured, HP will continue to decrease even after battle. While traveling, the screen will shake everytime pokemon is damaged by poison. -Sleep/Slp=========== Puts the pokemon to sleep, making it unable to attack. Will wake up eventually. -Faint/Fnt=========== When the pokemon's HP hits 0, the pokemon can no longer battle. 0============================================================================0 [4.02] Natures 0============================================================================0 Something that should be added in this section because it really is into pokemon. These are the natures and there effects. Bold: +Def -Att Timid: +Spd -Att Modest: +Sp Att -Att Calm: +Sp Def -Att Lonely: +Att -Def Hasty: +Spd -Def

Mild: +Sp Att -Def Gentle: +Sp Def -Def Naughty: +Att -Sp Def Lax: +Def -Sp Def Naive: +Spd -Sp Def Rash: +Sp Att -Sp Def Adamant: +Att -Sp Att Impish: +Def -Sp Att Jolly: +Spd -Sp Att Careful: +Sp Def -Sp Att Brave: +Att -Spd Relaxed: +Def -Spd Quiet: +Sp Att -Spd Sassy: +Sp Def -Spd Hardy: Equal Docile: Equal Serious: Equal Bashful: Equal Quirky: Equal + => 10% - => 10% 0============================================================================0 [4.03] Base Stats 0============================================================================0 HP(Hit points): There "life" and if it hits zero your pokemon will faint. =============== Attack: Tells how much a physical attack does. These attacks are: ======= ----------------+ Normal Bug

Rock Ghost Fighting Steel Poison Flying Ground Dark ----------------+ Defenses: Tells how much a physical attack does on you/or foe. ========= Special Attack: Tells how much a Special attack does. These attacks are: =============== -----------------+ Fire Phsychic Grass Ice Water Electric Dragon -----------------+ Special Defense: Tells how much a Special attack doeson you/or foe. ================ Speed: The higher the speed, the more chance you have of having your speed ====== higher than your opponet, so you can go first. 0============================================================================0 [4.04] Tips on the game 0============================================================================0 These are some basic tips on the game and many more things. So if your a beginner or if you just want to check it out, you should really look at these. Here we go. 1. Save your game! When I say this, I mean before fighting a legendary or a gym battle. So that is a what I call a tip. 2. Always have pokeballs at your disposel. You never know when you'll find a rare or shiny pokemon. So be prepared. 3. Have HM slaves. Don't use those crappy moves on your crappy pokemon. More

info in the faq. 4. Everytime you go into a town, heal. Even if I forget to put it in the faq. So remember that. 5. Also have recovery items in your bag. You may have forgotten to save and you you don't want to loose, you have these items to ensure your victory. You never know what will happen. 6. Try to find new pokemon by looking in the grass, etc. 7. Don't use your only master ball only if your facing a legendary that runs away or a shiny that can kill itself. 8. If you can trade go ahead it will make your training much easier. ====================== --{MAKING A TEAM}--====================== 1. When making a team have a variety of types in your team. 2. Make your pokemon's movesets unique and have a variety of moves. 3. Keep your teams levels equal, don't have some pokemon in level 20 and other pokemon in levels 32, only if those pokemon in lvl 20 are in your team. 4. Don't have your whole team be weak against the same type. Then you'll just lose all the time if they have a pokemon that is your weakness. That's all, I think. I will add more when I get ideas. ____________________________/================\______________________________ V. Walkthrough ============================================================================== So we begin the whole point of me writing the walkthrough. You shall begin by pushing new game then the old guy I mean professor Birch will ask for your name and your quest will begin. 0============================================================================0 [5.01] Littleroot Town 0============================================================================0 You will end up inside a moving truck and it will stop, then get off. Your

mom will tell you to go and set your clock upstairs. Once you do, go to your PC and get a potion from the item storage then go downstairs. Your mom will then say to go visit the neighbors and you do so. So once you get next door you will encounter the wife of prof. birch and then go upstairs. Try to take the pokeball and May will show up.(we will call your rival may from now on, not as brendan) When she finishes talking go outside and go to the first route. Gasp! Prof. birch is being attacked by a zigzagoon. What should we do? Then birch says to grab a pokeball from his bag. Choose wisely because whoever you choose will be your starter. So here are your options: A)Torchic Type: Fire He is the best fire pokemon comparing it to the fire pokemon in this game. He also turns into a great fighting pokemon with overall well rounded stats. Weak against gyms: 1 6 7 8 Strong against gyms: 3 5 sorta 7 B)Treecko Type: Grass He is also a great grass pokemon compared to the grass types in the game. All grass with great Sp. atk and atk. and perfect speed and learns leaf blade! Weak against gyms: 4 6 Strong against gyms: 1 7 8 c)Mudkip Types: Water He is NOT a great water pokemon compared to other water types in this

game. He turns into a great ground pokemon and his only weakness becomes grass. Weak against gyms: none I think Strong against gyms: 1 3 4 I chooooose A! Torchic. Is that your final answer. Choose wisely because whoever you choose will be yours forever. I already past the game with treecko and I like blaziken. I have ruby and I tried mudkip but it su-ucked. So beat the zigzagoon with your attacking move and um... ya. Now Prof. birch will thank you in his lab by giving you the pokemon you chose (told ya, see I knew.) Then go to route 103. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 101 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== +-------------------+ - Wurmple - Poochyena - Zigzagoon +-------------------+ Get to level 7-8 and continue to oldale town. You can't catch any pokemon because you don't have any pokeballs. Anyways continue. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ OLDALE TOWN +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o ===> Pokemart <=== +-------------------+

Potion.........300 Antidote.......100 Paralyz heal...200 Awakening......250 +-------------------+ Not much to do here. Go to the pokemon center (red roof top) and heal up. You can't buy any pokeballs right now in the pokemart. (blue roof top) Talk to the guy in the apron then he'll take you to the pokemart and give you a free potion. So, keep going north to Route 103. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 103 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== +-------------------+ - Poochyena - Zigzagoon - Wingull +-------------------+ So keep heading north and no trainers on this route either. Once you see may talk to her and begin the battle! ================== [===> May battle <===] ======= 1 ======== Mudkip Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Mudkip lvl 5


Torchic Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Torchic lvl 5

+--------------------+ Mudkip Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Mudkip lvl 5

+--------------------+ This battle is easy. If you leveled up and got a potion for back-up you'll be fine. Her starter does not know any elemental attacks so you can't lose. Just use your best attack. Once you won (cause if you didn't..) she will say to go back to the lab in littleroot town. When you get there you will recieve a pokedex from prof. birch and then May will give you 5 pokeballs. Now it's timeleave the lab and head north and it's your mom. She gives you a pair dandy running shoes that will make you go faster. Just press B while pressing the arowws to move. Now head to oldale town then route 103. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 103 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ So keep on heading west from oldale town and there are going to be trainers there. Time to battle! +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+

Name: Youngster Calvin Name: Bug Catcher Rick Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 5 Pkmn: Wurmple lvl 4 ------- --- - Wurmple lvl 4 Money: $80 Money: $64 Name: Youngster Allen Name: Lass Tiana Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 5 Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 4 Tailow lvl 3 Shroomish lvl 4 Money: $48 Money: $64 These battles are not hard so you shouldn't have a lot of promblems. You should have a few potions in case you get weak. To the right of youngster allen will be two oran berries and two pecha berries get them and keep going. If you are looking for a pokemon too I suggest you catch a ralts. This is one of my favorite pokemon because it is like alakazam but way better. You will have to train it to learn confusion. I would also recommend catching a seedot will evovle to a great shiftry. You could also wait for other grass pokemon, but I would get seedot or if not a canea. Once you finish battling and catching some pokemon, go to Petalburg City. 0============================================================================0 [5.02] Petalburg City 0============================================================================0 o-------------------o------------------o------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== Surfing/ Fishing ==> Pokemart <===

+-------------------+------------------+------------------+ - None - Goldeen Pokeball.....200 Potion.......300

+-------------------+ - Magikarp - Corphish - Marill Antidote.....100 Paralyz heal.200

+------------------ Awakening....250 Escape rope..550 Repel........350

X attack.....500 X Speed......350 X defend.....550 Orange mail..050 +------------------+ So, first go to the pokemon center and heal up. Next if you want you could just walk around and then go to the pokemart and stock up on items you and get some pokeballs, too. Once done with that go to your dad's gym. When you get inside you will see your dad standing there, then talk to him. When he is done talking this frail boy will come in called Wally. He wants to catch a pokemon so your dad gives him a zigzagoon and pokeballs. Then you have to go and teach him how. When you get to the grassy he will encounter a ralts, then he catches it. You will be back in the gym then when they are done talking head outside to route 104. Who are you? A rocker dude will stop and talk and then continue on! +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 104 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== Surfing/ Fishing

+-------------------+------------------+ - Zigzagoon - Wingull - Tailow - Marill - Wurmple +-------------------+------------------+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ - Magikarp - Tentacool - Marill - Pelliper

Name: Youngster Billy Name: Lady Cindy Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 5 Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 7 Seedot lvl 7 ------- --- Money: $112 Money: $1400 Name: Fisherman Darian Pokemon: Magikarp lvl 9 Money: $360 Pretty easy. Zigzagoon and Seedot are easy because their in low levels. Magikarp may look hard but he is easy. He only knows Splash. (lame) zigzagoon is in level 7 and you should be in a higher level than that. So this is so easy. There are different pokemon than the other routes. If you chose torchic too, catch a wingull. It is a Water/ flying so it will help you on the rock/ ground gym with it's water gun. It is your choice tough but I wouldn't include wingull in my team. It's just to help you with the first gym. Keep walking and you will see mr. Briney's house but it's empty. Also get the 2 oran berries and the 2 pecha berries. We'll come back to it later. Continue on to the big Petalburg Woods. 0============================================================================0 a. Petalburg Woods 0============================================================================0 o-------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== +-------------------+ - Wurmple - Silcoon - Cascoon - Shroomish - Slakoth - Taillow

- Poochyena - Zigzagoon +-------------------+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Bug Catcher Lyle Name: Team Aqua Grunt Pkmn: Wurmple lvl 3 Pkmn: Poochyena lvl 9 Wurmple lvl 3 --------- --- Wurmple lvl 3 --------- --- Wurmple lvl 3 --------- --- Money: $48 Money: $180 Name: Bug Catcher James Pkmn: Nincada lvl 6 Nincada lvl 6 Money: $96 These are pretty good pokemon here and I would suggest catching some. One of would be shroomish. It will help on your journey, like on the first gym if you don't want to train your torchic to level 16. So once you beat the wurmples keep on going and you will see a dude in a black suit. Talk to him and then a team aqua grunt will come! Once you finish with that fool, the guy will give you a great ball then run off. Then going on the road and defeat the bug catcher james. Then leave petalburg woods! You will be on route 104 again. Talk to the guy next to the berries and he will give you TM 09 Bullet Seed. Get the berries and go in the flower shop. Talk to the lady you see and she will give you a wailmer pail, to water the berry plants. Exit and go in back of the shop and get the potion and pokeball. Then continue on route 104. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ----

+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Rich Boy Winston Name: Lass Haley Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 7 Pkmn: Lotad lvl 6 --------- --- - Shroomish lvl 6 Money: $1400 Money: $96 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Twins Mia & Gina Name: Fisherman Ivan Pkmn: Lotad lvl 6 Pkmn: Magikarp lvl 5 Seedot lvl 6 Magikarp lvl 5 ------ --- - Magikarp lvl 7 Money: $144 Money: $280 Rich boy here is is easy with that level 7 zigzagoon. Once done with him will be lass haley. Lotad and shroomish can be beaten with a fire moves like ember, etc. and next is your first double battle, twins mia & gina. They will send out lotad and seedot both weak against fire again. Fisherman ivan... just beat his attackless magikarps. You will see a two berry trees. Get the berries and talk to the old lady below the plants. She'll give you another berry. Now it's time for Rustboro City and your first badge. 0============================================================================0 [5.03] Rustboro City 0============================================================================0 o--------------------o ===> Pokemart <=== Nothing has changed in these pokemarts execpt for

+--------------------+ Super potions. I would really buy this over a regular Pokeball.......200 Potion.........300 SuperPotion....700 Antidote.......100 Paralyz heal...200 Get a few pokeballs and if you want get some antidotes old potion, because it heals you by 50 hp. The down side is that they cost 700 dollars. Overall get this over a potion.

Escape Rope....550 Repel..........350 X Attack.......500 X Speed........350 X Defend.......550 +--------------------+

and paralyz heals if you have a feeling you will need them. Don't buy x attacks, etc. because it's really a ripoff and it barely raises your stats by a little bit, so don't waste your money.

So as soon as you head into town heal up in the pokemon center. Once your done with that you head to this house left of the pokemon center. Talk to the guy sitting down. Then he will give you a HM 01 cut. This move lets you cut down trees in the road. So exit the house and enter the Rustboro Gym! When you enter you will see some gym trainers. Before we beat roxanne we have to take care of buisness and take out the trash. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Youngster Josh Pkmn: Geodude lvl 10 Money: $160 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Youngster Tommy Pkmn: Geodude lvl 8 Geodude lvl 8 Name: Hiker Marc Pkmn: Geodude lvl 8 Geodude lvl 8 Money in total: $428 When you beat these wanna be gym leaders with there weaknesses like grass, water, etc. and continue and you will see roxanne. If you need to heal or buy some super potions go ahead. So before you battle roxanne, SAVE and then it's time to battle!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------{Rustboro City Gym} -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Leader:------Roxanne Badge:-------Stone Badge Money:-------$1400 Type:--------Rock Levels:------14-16 Roxanne's Pokemon: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Geodude - Geodude - Nosepass lvl 12 lvl 12 lvl 15

+--------------------+ My Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Ralts lvl 14 lvl 16

- Combusken

+--------------------+ Not that hard if you ask me, remember I said catch a a wingull or shroomish if ypur torchic is below level 16 if you did this you'll be fine. Treecko could just use absorb and mudkip can use water gun. Nosepass is easy, but roxanne will use a super potion on him when he gets weak. You should have bought some super potions for back up and in case you get weak.(From critical hits) So you should win. You will recieve for winning... => Stone Badge: Increases the Attack power of your pokemon. Allows you to use

cut, even outside battle. => TM 39- Rock Tomb So exit and what's this? The guy in the suit again and he got robbed. Hey, I got an idea, lets follow him. First heal up of course and go to route 116 where you saw the grunt run off to. Before you go to route 116 you will see the guy and he'll tell you to get his goods form the grunt. So continue to route 116. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 116 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== - NOTE -

+-------------------+ Catch a nincada or someone else later so youcould teach - Tailow - Nincada - Abra - Whismur - Poochyena - Skitty them cut. Don't teach any HM moves to any of your team pokemon (execpt surf and fly). Give these moves to HM slaves. These are use less pokemon that can get all almost all the HM's so you won't have to put these crappy moves on your pokemon. I would suggest a a zigzagoon and a marill. Both of them can learn 7 of

+-------------------+ the HMs but not fly. You decide and continue on. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Youngster Joey Name: Bug Catcher Jose Pkmn: Machop lvl 9 Pkmn: Wurmple lvl 8 ------ --- - Nincada lvl 8 Money: $144 Money: $128 Name: School kid Karen Name: Hiker Clark Pkmn: Shroomish lvl 9 Pkmn: Geodude lvl 8 Money: $180 Money: $320

0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Youngster Johnson Pkmn: Shroomish lvl 8 Lotad lvl 8 Name: Hiker Devan Pkmn: Geodude lvl 8 Geodude lvl 8 Money in total: $448 So when your done beating these trainers go into the cave on the right. Keep going right and get x speed. Before you go in the cave the guy standing there will say the grunt took his peeko (wingull) and he gets mad. So continue on to the tunnel. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ RUSTURF TUNNEL +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== Whismur will always appear so don't think you could

+-------------------+ catch different pokemon here. Just to let you know. - Whismur So don't waste your time.

+-------------------+ So keep heading north and get a pokeball. Head right and you will see the grunt and wingull, I mean peeko. He'll move one step back and then talk to him. Then the battle will begin! Name: Team Aqua Grunt Pokemon: Poochyena lvl 11 Money: $220 He hands over the goods and the guy will come. His name is mr. briney and he get all happy to see his peeko safe and sound. He will thank you and go back to his house. Now exit the tunnel. Go left of the house that's outside and cut the tree with your HM slave and some more trainers.

+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Lady Sarah Pkmn: Lotad lvl 8 Zigzagoon lvl 8 Name: Rich Boy Dawson Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 8 Poochyena lvl 8 Money in total: $3200 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: School Kid Karen Pkmn: Ralts lvl 9 Name: Lass Janice Pkmn: Marill lvl 9 Money in total: $324 So hop the ledges and go back to Rustboro city. The devon researcher will thank you by giving you aother great ball. Then he'll take you to the top floor of the devon building to meet the president. He will then out of thin air ask you to do his work. He wants you to deliver a letter to steven in Dewford town. And the goods you got back to Capt. Stern in Slateport city. He will thank you by healing your pokemon and giving you a nifty Pokenav. Which has the hoeen map in it and more. Now exit the building and one of the workers will stop you. Then he will add another feature to your pokenav, the match call. Match call makes your pokenav like a cell. like in the G/S/C version. You just register people on. Then you can call them and they could call you, pretty cool huh! Now we will go to dewford city first. If you check your pokenav you will see it is a island so we need like a boat. How about we ask mr. briney to give

us a lift since he has a boat. Let's go to Petalburg city, shall we? ================== [===> May Battle <===] ======= 2 ======== MONEY: 900 When your heading out you will see may standing there. Talk to her and you will register May down. Then she'll ask if you want to fight and yes, you fool. Mudkip Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Torkoal - Mudkip lvl 13 lvl 15

+--------------------+ Treecko Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Wingull - Treecko lvl 13 lvl 15

+--------------------+ Torchic Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Lotad - Torchic lvl 13 lvl 15

+--------------------+ My Lineup:

o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Ralts lvl 16 lvl 18

- Combusken

+--------------------+ Torkoal is slow and just use water gun. Wingull can go down with any move basically and it poses a threat only to bug, grass, and fire. Lotad can go down the same way but has astonish that is super effective against ralts. Her starter isn't evolved so it's not as hard. Have some super potions for back up. So go to mr brineys's house. Just go through the petalburg woods, Jumping the ledges. Enter his house and and talk to him. Then he will take you to Dewford in his boat to thank you for saving peeko. Here we come 2nd badge! 0============================================================================0 [5.04] Dewford Town 0============================================================================0 Dewford town is weird. It doesn't have a pokemart. So you might want to heal before we head into the gym. When your done healing, next to the pokemon center will be a house, go in and get a silk scarf. Talk to the the guy next to the gym. Say yes and he will give a old rod, so you could start fishing. Done with the town, now head into the gym! So this is the dewford town gym. So when you get here it will be all dark. You will only have one tiny circle of light on you, that's it. Not to worry that when you defeat a gym trainer your circle will get bigger. So that's a relief. Now keep heading in. So go on the left path and go down when you first can. Start battling all the Trainers. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+

---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Battle Girl Laura - Name: Battle Girl Lilith Pkmn: Meditite lvl 13 Pkmn: Meditite lvl 13 -------- --- -- - Name: Sailor Brendan -------- --- -- Pkmn: Machop lvl 13 Money: $312 Money in total: $728 Name: Battle Girl Jocelyn Name: Blackbelt Cristian Pkmn: Meditite lvl 13 Pkmn: Makuhita lvl 13 Money: $312 Money: $416 Name: Blackbelt Takao Pkmn: Machop lvl 13 Money: $416 Find brawly on the top left hand coner of the gym. You should go to the pokemon center and heal, then comeback. So suit up for a gym battle! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------{Dewford Town Gym} -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Leader:------Brawly Badge:-------Knuckle Badge Money:-------$1900 Type:--------Fighting Levels:------18-21 Brawly's Pokemon: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Machop - Meditite lvl 16 lvl 16

- Makuhita

lvl 19

+--------------------+ My Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Kirlia - Combusken lvl 20 lvl 18

+--------------------+ So he sends out machop first whch is simple, just attack and get it over with. Now meditite is next. Take note that you are trying to defeat him, psychic attacks won't work because he is part psychic. So I suggest you use a flying move like combusken's peck or something. Now that you defeated the low leveled pokemon, it's time to battle makuhita. He might give you problems, with his level and his vital throw. (that never misses but goes last.) So you could use confusion but watch out for his bulk up and get rid of him as quickly as possible. Once you win the screen will light up and you will recieve these items. => Knuckle Badge: Causes all pokemon of level 30 and below to obey you, even if you got them in trade. Allows you to use Flash even outside of battle. => TM 13- Bulk up => He will also register him in the pokenav. Exit out the gym and head north of dewford town. Oh, and also heal before you keep on going. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 106 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== +-------------------+

- None +-------------------+ +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Fisherman Ned Pkmn: Tentacool lvl 11 Money: $440 Name: Fisherman Elliot Pkmn: Magikarp lvl 10 Magikarp lvl 10 Tentacool lvl 7 Money: $400 So defeat them and you must know how. Go up and next to the shore then go left and press A on the space in front of you and get a pokeball. Now head into Granite Cave! 0============================================================================0 a. Granite Cave 0============================================================================0 o-------------------o I would suggest catching a aron or a geodude. They ===> Pokemon <=== have good rock/gruond moves. Catch a makuhita if

+-------------------+ you need a fighting pokemon. (combusken evolves into - Zubat - Aron a fighting) If you didn't catch a ralts catch a abra. So you could have a psychic. So continue on entering.

- Makuhita - Abra - Sableye - Geodude - Nosepass


Once you enter talk to the hiker in front and he will give you HM 05 which is flash. It lightens all dark caves, etc. Now go left and get the escape rope and go down the stairs. Now you need flash, so teach it to a cheapy ass pokemon. NOT your team pokemon. So once you use flash you will be able to see the cave. Keep going on this path until you see a platform. Press a and you will get an everstone. Keep going and go up the ladders. Next, go left and go up the stairs you see there. Keep going along the path your on and head into the little cave you see. Talk to the guy right there. His name is steven and he will give a TM 47 which is steel wing. When he leaves, exit the mini cave and hop the ledges. Exit the granite cave. Go back to dewford town and heal up. Now go talk to mr. briney and go to slateport city. We are not in slateport technaclly so I wont start the next section. We are in slateport beach! So lets get with the battling. Before we go talk to the girl and she will soft-sand, it powers up ground moves. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Sailor Huey Pkmn: Wingull lvl 12 Machop lvl 12 Money: $384 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Tuber Ricky Name: Sailor Edmond Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 13 Pkmn: Wingull lvl 13 Money: $280 It could be in any order with these three trainers. Name: Tuber Hailey Pkmn: Marill lvl 13 Money in total: $468

So when you come out victoriuos, go into the house you see there. If you beat all the trainers there the owner will give you half a dozen soda pops! (yes for free) They recover your HP 10 more than the super potion. That's 60 HP! Let's battle to get those soda's. There is only three trainers... +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Sailor Dwayne Name: Tuber Simon Pkmn: Wingull lvl 11 Pkmn: Azurill lvl 12 Machop lvl 11 Marill lvl 12 Tentacool lvl 11 ------- --- -Money: $352 Money: $48 Name: Beauty Johanna Pkmn: Goldeen lvl 13 Money: $1040 Get your prize by talking to the owner. Now head outside and to the north to Slateport City. 0============================================================================0 [5.05] Slateport City 0============================================================================0 THE SLATEPORT SHOPS =================== o-----------------------o These are the shops o--------------------------o ===> Energy Guru <=== that are avaible at ===> Guy below Guru <===

+-----------------------+ the time. This guy +--------------------------+ Protein..........9800 Iron.............9800 Carbos...........9800 Calcium..........9800 HP-up............9800 on the right, sells dolls. They are for your secret base. Azurill Doll........3000 Marill Doll.........3000 Skitty Doll.........3000

More info later. +--------------------------+ If you want you could buy some for your secret base.

+-----------------------+ That is if have some spare money in your hands. 0---------------------------------------------------------------------------0 ------These are the stores available when you get a TM 43 Secret Power------o--------------------------o o-----------------------------o ===> Guy above Guru <=== ===> Guy on right lane <===

+--------------------------+ +-----------------------------+ Red Brick............500 Blue Brick...........500 Yellow Brick.........500 Red Balloon..........500 Blue Balloon.........500 Yellow Balloon.......500 C Low Note Mat.......500 D Note Mat...........500 E Note Mat...........500 F Note Mat...........500 G Note Mat...........500 A Note Mat...........500 B Note Mat...........500 C High Note Mat......500 +--------------------------+0------------------------------------------------0 o--------------------o You could buy some great balls if you like. They are ===> Pokemart <=== better compared to regular pokeballs. They have a At the top of the slateport shops you will see a woman standing on the other side of the guy in the apron. Talk to her and she will give you a powder jar. This allows you to crush berries. So continue on with slateport. TM 43..................3000 TM 10..................3000 +-----------------------------+

+--------------------+ higher catching rate than the pokeballs. They are good Pokeball.......200 Greatball......600 Potion.........300 Super Potion...700 Antidote.......100 Paralyz Heal...200 Buy a harbor mail. Trust me, buy one. They're only 50 for catching pokemon further in the game. Don't get super potions! You got half a dozen soda pops. Instead of buying super potions, buy some soda pops for 300. Don't waste money on super potions. Buy paralyz heals!

Escape Rope....550 Repel..........350 Harbor Mail....050 +--------------------+

so you have to have enough money. You will find out why you need to buy this, just you wait.

There is a move tutor in the battle tent, Don't let him teach swagger to your pokemon. Let him teach it when you past the game. For your final team, do this for all the tutors. So let's now deliver the devon goods to Capt. Stern. Maybe he is the museum. Aww, man. All these grunts are blocking the way. Oh well. Let's check somewhere else. Go to the place where they build boats. Talk to the guy sitting in the desk. He is no help, he tells you to deliver that to captain stern. So leave and try the museum again. Hey the line is gone. So head in and pay the 50 dollar fee. You must. Talk to the grunt standing right in front and he'll give a TM 46 Theif. Now go upstairs and talk to captain stern. Then two grunts will come in and talk. Then the battling will begin. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Team Aqua Grunt Pkmn: Carvahna lvl 15 Money: $300 Name: Team Aqua Grunt Pkmn: Zubat lvl 14 Carvahna lvl 14 Money: $280 So deafeat them and their leader, the archie comes in and talks about... stuff. Then all of team aqua leaves. Captain stern will recieve the devon goods and he leaves. Now you leave. Now go to... oh great it's scott and talks about... things. You read what he says. Then he gets registered. Where was I... Now go

to the pokemon center and heal. You could go to the battle tent if you want but if you don't, go to route 110. (there's a battle tent? j/k) +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 110 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o I would suggest catching a electrike if you want a good ===> Pokemon <=== electric pokemon. Catch a wingull if you haven't already.

+-------------------+ It will help you in a future battle. Also a oddish if - Gulpin - Poochyena - Electrike - Wingull - Oddish - Plusle - Minun The cycling road is like a sperate route 110. It's right above, altough you can't get in at the moment. You need you want a grass type but if you don't then don't. This a warning do not catch a plusle or minun for bad reasons. Stats suck, movepool suck, and you know the rest. So consider yourself warned.

+-------------------+ a bike. :( Keep going on and look it's professor birch. Blah and then he gets registered in the pokenav. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Pokefan Isabel Pkmn: Plusle lvl 14 Minun lvl 14 Name: Pokefan Kaleb Pkmn: Minun lvl 14 Plusle lvl 14 Money in total: $2240 Now go left on the road for more trainers...

Name: Aroma Lady Daisy Pkmn: Shroomish lvl 14 Roselia lvl 14 Money: $560 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Twins Amy & Liv Name: Fisherman Andrew Pkmn: Plusle lvl 15 Pkmn: Magikarp lvl 5 Minun lvl 15 Magikarp lvl 15 ------ --- -- Tentacool lvl 10 Money: $360 Money: $600 Cut the tree above daisy for even more trainers.... 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Blackbelt Rhett Pkmn: Makuhita lvl 15 Name: Guitarist Marcos Pkmn: Voltorb lvl 15 Money in total: $960 Once you beat this long list of trainers, get your prizes in front. It is a PP up. Go and get the berries too. Lastly get the gaurd special. Now go to route 110 inter-section and go right. Name: Younster Timmy Pkmn: Aron lvl 15 Electrike lvl 15 Money: $208 Beat the little kid. Now if your pokemon are weak go back to slateport, heal your pokemon. Go back to where you beat the twerp. Save and keep going. ================== [===> May Battle <===] ======= 3 ======== MONEY: 1200

Marshtomp Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Slugma - Lombre - Marshtomp lvl 18 lvl 18 lvl 20

+--------------------+ Grovyle Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Lombre - Wingull - Grovyle lvl 18 lvl 18 lvl 20

+--------------------+ Combusken Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Lombre - Wingull - Combusken lvl 18 lvl 18 lvl 20

+--------------------+ My Lineup: o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Aron - Kirlia lvl 20 lvl 21

- Combusken

lvl 22

+--------------------+ She finally trained her pokemon to a good levels. For grovyle you can use wingull's wing attack. You don't have any fire pokemon. You can also use wing attack on lombre. Beware, lombre knows astonish which is super effective against kirlia. For wingull use a electric attack. Do not use a electric move on marshtomp. It won't affect him. For slugma and combusken use wingull's water gun. So before you battle I would strongly suggest a wingull. If you follow this strategy. This battle is cake, no matter what level her pokemon are in. So once you emerge victorious, she will give you 1200 dollars and itemfinder. Then she gets in her bike and leaves. Go heal in slateport and keep going on route 110. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Collecter Edwin Name: Psychic Edward Pkmn: Lombre, lvl 14 Pkmn: Abra, lvl 15 Nuzleaf, lvl 14 ---- --- -Name: Guitarist Joseph Name: Triathlete Alyssa Pkmn: Electrike, lvl 14 Pkmn: Magnemite, lvl 15 Voltorb, lvl 14 --------- --- -Money in total: $1288 Money in total: $560 Name: Fisherman Dale Pkmn: Tentacool lv 11 x2 Wailmer lv 14 x2 Money: $560 Get the berries there and continue. You still can't go in the cycling road, you need a bike still. :\

0============================================================================0 [5.06] Mauville City 0============================================================================0 o--------------------o Nothing special you need to buy. If you need some ===> Pokemart <=== greatballs buy some. Overall nothing you need to buy

+--------------------+ in peticular. Now go to the pokemon center and heal Pokeball.......200 Greatball......600 Super Potion...700 Antidote.......100 Paralyz Heal...200 Awakening......250 Repel..........350 X Speed........350 X Attack.......500 X Defend.......550 Guard Special..700 Dire Hit.......650 X Accuracy.....950 +--------------------+ Now go next to the pokemon center. It's a bike shop. The owner is Rydel. You are now finally might get a bike. Talk to rydel standing there. He will give you a free bike, just one last thing to do. That is choose. There are two types of bikes. There is the mach bike that goes really fast. It can also ride over sand slopes. Another thing it can do is ride over cracked floors because it is so fast. Your second option is a arco bike. It is like running but a bit faster. It can bunny hop by holding b, and while your moving hold b and he will be doing a wheelie. You can also ride on white poles and hop on small rocks. So choose your bike. If you don't like the bike, you can switch bikes just by talking to the rydel. Go to the house next to the one you got the coin case. Talk to the scientist, and he will give you a HM 06. It is rock smash, it allows you to smash rocks out of the way. Teach it to your HM slave! Head outside, go behind the fence and and get the X speed. First go to the first house you see when you enter Mauville city. Talk to the woman and give her the HARBOR mail!!! I told you to trust me. She will give you a coin case. Now you can go and play in the game coner. your pokemon. Now lots of things to do.

So now that we are here at mauville city, let's head into the gym. No you can't wally and his uncle are blocking the way, those feinds. He will say he wants to challenge to a battle. Name: Pkmn Trainer Wally Pkmn: Ralts lvl 16 Money: $960 This so so so so easy, just attack him. I feel like I wasted about 10 seconds just writing all these words. When you win (if you didn't just suicide yourself.....NOW) wally's uncle will say to go visit them in vendaturf town. So they leave now and wait, who are you get away from meeeeee oh it's just scott. He talks and Now if you want you could go in the gym and you think your levels high enough you can but if you want now the cycling road is open. yay! So go heal and go to the cycling road to get some exp. for your pokemon. 0============================================================================0 a. Cycling Road 0============================================================================0 So go in and get on your bike, it doesn't matter which one you can still go in. But if you want to do the time trials you need a mach bike. Just switch if you got the arco bike. All of this place has trainers so you don't get items here. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ Name: Triathelete Abigail Name: Triathelete Anthony Pkmn: Magnemite lvl 16 Pkmn: Magnemite lvl 14 --------- --- -- Magnemite lvl 14 Money: $640 Money: $560 Name: Triathelete Benjamin Name: Triathelete Jasmine Pkmn: Magnemite lvl 16 Pkmn: Magnemite lvl 14

--------- --- -- Magnemite lvl 14 --------- --- -- Voltorb lvl 06 Money: $640 Money: $240 Name: Triathelete Jacob Pkmn: Voltorb lvl 06 Voltorb lvl 06 Magnemite lvl 14 Money: $560 So almost of all of the pokemon they have are steel, so you could use a fire attack or you could use a ground attack for magnemite and voltorb. A ground attack could be mud-slap. So when your done, go back to mauville city. ---- MAUVILLE CITY AGAIN ---So before you head in the gym heal. When you go inside, the place will be like a big puzzle. Just step on the switches to change the electric walls. Battle these trainers in this order. +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Battle Girl Vivian Name: Youngster Ben Pkmn: Meditite lvl 17 Pkmn: Zigzagoon lvl 17 Meditite lvl 17 Gulpin lvl 17 Name: Guitarist Kirk Money: $272 Pkmn: Electrike lvl 17 Voltorb lvl 17 Money: $952 So step on the switch. Now go up and battle the youngster above. ^^^ Now when you beat the youngster, step on the switch. Then go right then up. Step on the swith, and .... 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0

Name: Bugmaniac Angelo Pkmn: Illumise lvl 17 Volbeat lvl 17 Name: Guitarist Shawn Pkmn: Voltorb lvl 17 Magnemite lvl 17 Money: $1564 Now if you go up you'll see watson and if you are weak go heal and come back for a gym battle! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------{Mauville City Gym} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leader:------Wattson Badge:-------Dynamo badge Money:-------$2400 Type:--------Electric Levels:------20-24 Wattson's Pokemon o--------------------o Pokemon level

+--------------------+ - Voltorb - Electrike - Magneton - Manectric lvl 20 lvl 20 lvl 22 lvl 24

+--------------------+ My lineup o--------------------o Pokemon level


- Electrike - Aron - Kirlia - Combusken

lvl 24

lvl 24 lvl 24 lvl 25

+--------------------+ Okay, he starts things of with voltorb. Just use any attack but try not leaving him in red HP. If you do, he will likely use selfdestruct! So try doing it fast. He sends out Electrike next, he is easy. Attack, but try using a move that does not make contact with him. If you do, he will paralyze you with his static ability. Now, magneton can get beat down to the floor with a fire attack double kick, or mud shot, his weaknesess. So, his last pokemon will be manectric. He has high speed and special attack so be careful. he will likely use howl a couple of times, then quick attack. Just use any pokemon you have left. I would suggest using aron because of his steel and defense. then just use mud-slap. When you win you, you will get these cool items.... => Dynamo Badge: Increases your pokemon's speed. Allows you to use rock smash, even outside of battle. => TM 34: Shock Wave => Wattson gets registered in the pokenav. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 118 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ So, head out the gym and heal in the pokemon center. Now first, let's go to the right to get some good exp. You'll get to route 118. So head in the middle of the two trainers to start battling.... +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Name: Aroma Lady Rose

Pkmn: Roselia, lvl 14 Roselia, lvl 14 Shroomish, lvl 14 Name: Youngster Deandre Pkmn: Zigzagoon, lvl 14 Aron, lvl 14 Electrike, lvl 14 Money in total: $784 Name: Fisherman Wade Name: Guitarist Dalton Pkmn: Tentacool, lvl 16 Pkmn: Magnemite, lvl 15 --------- --- -- Whismur, lvl 15 Money: $640 Money: $480 So now, head back to mauville city and wally calls and registers you in your pokenav. Now heal and now instead of going right, go left to route 117. So, that we can go to vendaturf town. +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ ROUTE 117 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ o-------------------o------------------o ===> Pokemon <=== Surfing/ Fishing You should catch a corphish if you

+-------------------+------------------+ want, but your going have to wait. - Oddish - Illumise - Seedot - Volbeat - Poochyena - Corpish - Marill - Magikarp - Goldeen You need a good rod to catch a corphish. He turns to a okay water/ dark type. He would ba a better pokemon if he learns crunch, but he only

crunch in firered/ leafgreen. So it's

+-------------------+------------------+ your choice. Like I said, go left from mauville city to get here. If you notice, the house right there, it's the day-care center. If you drop of a pokemon there it will gain 1 exp. point for each step you take! You can drop of 2 at the time, too.

If they are in the same egg group and they are male and female....they will have a egg! Doing this you could pass down moves and abilities. More info later, okay. So now keep going and start battling. First go down and get the wepear berries. Now you could battle... +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ ---- Trainers ---+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-+ 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Names: Sr. Jr. Anna & Meg Name: Triathelete Dylan Pkmn: Zigzagoon, lvl 15 Pkmn: Doduo, lvl 17 Makuhita, lvl 17 ----- --- -Money: $544 Money: $680 Name: Pkmn Breeder Issac 0----DOUBLE BATTLE----0 Pkmn: Whismur, lvl 11 Name: Battle Girl Aisha Zigzagoon, lvl 11 Pkmn: Meditite, lvl 17 Aron, lvl 11 Poochyena, lvl 11 Name: Triathelete Melina Tailow, lvl 11 Pkmn: Doduo, lvl 17 Makuhita, lvl 11 ------ --- -Money: $440 Money: $1088 Name: Triathelete Maria Name: Psychic Brandi Pkmn: Doduo, lvl 17 Pkmn: Ralts, lvl 17 Money: $680 Money: $680 Name: Pkmn Breeder Lydia Pkmn: Wingull, lvl 11 Marill, lvl 11 Goldeen, lvl 11 Shroomish, lvl 11 Roselia, lvl 11

Skitty, lvl 11 Money: $440 Now after beating these trainers. Go to the right, then up from where you beat Lydia. Cut the tree and get the revive. Now go left to Vendaturf town! 0============================================================================0 b. Vendaturf Town 0============================================================================0 o--------------------o Okay, now vendaturf has introduced some new items. ===> Pokemart <=== First of all now you can buy nest balls. They are only

+--------------------+ available in this town, vendaturf. So might gets some Great Ball.....600 Nest Ball.....1000 Super Potion...700 Antidote.......100 Paralyz Heal...200 Awakening......250 Burn Heal......250 Ice Heal.......250 Repel..........350 X Special......350 Fluffy Tail...1000 Now onced your done with that, go into the rusturf tunnel next to the pokemart. So head in and now go left, and head outside. From where your standing go down and left and press a to find some blackglasses. Now go to the stairs to the left and find the HP up. IF you want. oh, you can also buy some burn heals and ice heals. They heal burn and frozen conditions. You could buy some, but you might not use them 'till later. Fluffy tails are just for flee ing from battles so if your loaded with cash, you could buy some.

+--------------------+ And head back in the rusturf tunnel. Once your in, go up and battle the trainer there. See him. Hate him. Beat him. Name: Hiker Mike Pkmn: Geodude, lvl 16 Geodude, lvl 16 Machop, lvl 16 Money: $640 From where you beat him, keep going straight and get the max ether. Now go down and right. Rock smash the rock to death if... it had life....anyways the guy

will give you a HM 04 Strength as a thanks. yay. Head out threw the place you smashed the rock and talk to the researcher and he will give you a repeat ball. Now rustboro sells repeat and timer balls. Lastly go to the battle tent and talk to the little girl in the top-left corner of the tent. She will give you TM 45 attract. Girly....just kidding, it's good move...really! Now if you go to wally's house they'll just talk and that's all so that's all for vendaturf town. So head back to mauville city and heal. Now go up to route 111. <-This walkthrough will continue as SOON as possible.-> ________________________________/===========\________________________________ VI. Items =============================================================================== -(Alphabetical Order)NORMAL ITEMS: o-----------------------o------------------------------------o Item Name Item Effect

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ - Antidote - Awakening - Big Mushroom - Berry Juice - Black Flute - Blue Flute - Blue Shard - Burn Heal - Dire Hit - Elixer Cures Poison Cures sleep Sells high Heals 20 HP Temporarily decreases encounters Stops sleep Can be traded for water stone Heals burn Raises Critcal rate Restores 10 HP to all moves Heals 50 HP, tastes bad Heals 200 HP, tastes bad Escapes from caves, etc.

- Energy Powder - Energy Root - Escape Rope

- Ether

Restores all of PP for one move Heals 50 HP Heals any status condition Restores all HP and conditions Can be traded for leaf stone Reduces Critcal hit chance Heals any condition Heals 200 HP

- Fresh Water - Full Heal - Full Restore - Green Shard - Guard Special - Heal Powder - Hyper Potion - Ice Heal - Lava Cookie - Lemonade - Max Ether - Max Elixer - Max Potion - Max Repel - Max Revive - Moo Moo Milk - Nugget

Cures freeze Heals 30 HP Heals 80 HP Restores 10 PP for all moves Restores all PP for all moves Heals all HP Repels wild pokemon (250 steps) Revives one pokemon with all HP Heals 100 HP

Sells for 5000 Cures paralyziz

- Paralyz Heal - Pearl - Pokedoll - Potion - Red Flute - Red Shard - Repel

Sells high Runs from one battle Heals 20 HP Restores attraction Can be traded for fire stone

Repels wild pokemon (100 steps) Revives one pkmn and HP, taste bad

- Revival Herb - Revive

Revives one pokemon with half HP Revives all fainted pokemon Sells low

- Sacred Ash - Tiny Mushroom - Soda Pop

Heals 60 HP

- Star Dust - Star Piece - Super Potion - Super Repel - X Accuracy - X Attack - X Defend - X Special - X Speed

Sells for 1000 Sells for 4900 Heals 50 HP Repels wild pokemon (200 steps) Raises accuracy by 1 Raises attack by 1 Raises defense by 1 Raises all specials by 1 Raises speed by 1 Stops confusions Can be traded for thunder stone Temporarily increases Encounters

- Yellow Flute - Yellow Shard - White Flute

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ KEY ITEMS: o-----------------------o------------------------------------o Item Name Item Effect

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ - Arco Bike Can do tricks. Allows you to go to Island 9 Access to new mauville Holds berries

- Aurora Ticket - Basement Key - Berry Pouch - Bicycle

A normal bike Trade it to get a bike

- Bike Voucher - Blue Orb - Card Key - Claw Fossil - Coin Case - Contest Pass - Devon Goods - Devon Scope

Use it for Kyroge Use it to open doors in silph co. Turns into Anorith Hold's up to 9,999 coins Pass to participate contest A package for capt. Stern Allows you to see Kecleon

- Dome Fossil - Elavator Key - Eon Ticket - Fame Checker - Go Goggles - Gold Teeth - Good Rod

Turns to Kabuto Unlocks elavator in rocket base Access to southern island Gives info. on other people Can go through sand storms Warden's teeth A rod for fishing Turns to Omanyte Access's unsee able items

- Helix Fossil - Itemfinder - Letter - Lift Key - Powder Jar - Meteorite

A letter to steven Open's elevator in rocket hideout Holds crushed berries Can be traded for moon stone Allows you to go to island 8 Pro. oak's item Turns to Aerodactyl A rod to fish Holds pokeblocks

- Mystery Ticket - Oak's Parcel - Old Amber - Old Rod

- Pokeblock Case - Pokeflute - Rainbow pass - Red Orb - Room 1 Key - Room 2 Key - Room 4 Key - Room 6 Key - Root Fossil - Ruby Plate - S.S Ticket

Cures sleep Allows you to go to island 4-7

Use it for Groudon Unlocks room 1 in abandoned ship Unlocks room 2 in abandoned ship Unlocks room 4 in abandoned ship Unlocks room 6 in abandoned ship Turns into Lileep Needed for Island 1 Ticket for S.S anne Needed in island 1

- Sapphire Plate - Scanner

Can be traded.

- Secret Key - Silph Scope - Soot Sack - Storage Key - Super Rod - Tea

Unlocks cinnabar gym Allows you to see ghost Holds ash Opens a room in Abandonde ship A rod for fishing

Allows you to go to sanfron city A educational portable TV Holds your TM's and HM's Access to islands 1-3 Creates rematches against trainers Allows you to water berries Shows a map of the world

- Teach TV - TM Case - Tri Pass - VS Seeker

- Wailmer Pail - World Map

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ VITAMINS: o-----------------------o------------------------------------o Vitamin Name Vitamin Effect

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ - Carbos - Calcium - HP Up - Iron - PP Up - PP Max - Protein - Zinc Raises Speed Raises Special Attack Raises HP Raises Defense Raises PP by a little Raises PP to the max Raises Attack Raises Special Defense

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ POKEBALLS: o-----------------------o------------------------------------o Ball Name Ball Effect


- Poke Ball - Great Ball - Ultra Ball - Master Ball - Nest Ball - Repeat Ball - Timer Ball - Dive Ball - Net Ball - Safari Ball - Premier Ball - Luxury Ball

Catches wild pokemon More effective than pokeball More effective than ultra ball Catches pokemon 100% of the time Catches low level pokemon better Catches pokemon you already caught Gets better every turn past Better if used underwater Is better for bug/water pokemon Ball only used in safari zone Catches wild pokemon Catches wild pokemon

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ STONES: o-----------------------o------------------------------------o Stone Name Stone Effect

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ - Water Stone - Thunder Stone - Fire Stone - Leaf Stone - Moon Stone Evolves certain pokemon Evolves certain pokemon Evolves certain pokemon Evolves certain pokemon Evolves certain pokemon

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ HOLD ITEMS: o-----------------------o------------------------------------o Item Name Item Effect

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ - Amulet Coin - Black Glasses - Blackbelt Doubles earnings from battle 12% increase to all dark type moves

12% increase to fighting attacks

- Blue Scarf - Bright Powder - Charcoal - Choice Band - Cleanse Tag - Deepsea Scale - Deepsea Tooth - Dragon Fang - Dragon Scale - Everstone - Exp. Share - Focus Band - Green Scarf - Hard Stone - King's Rock - Lax Incense - Leftovers - Light Ball - Lucky Egg - Lucky Punch - Macho Brace - Magnet

Raises Beauty in contests Raises your envasion

12% increase to all fire type moves 50% increase to physical attack Reduces pokemon encounters Doubles clampearls sp. Deffense Doubles clampearls sp. Attack 12% increase to all dragon moves Evolves seadra when gets traded Holds evolution Gives exp. to the holder 10% chance of perventing faint Raises smarts in a contest 12% increase to all rock moves 30% chance that opponets flinches 5% decrease to opponets Accuracy Heals a little HP every turn Doubles pikacu's special attack Doubles holders exp. earn Increases chansey's critical ratio Doubles gained EVs

12% increase to electric attacks 12% increase to steel moves Raises Ditto defense 12% increase to grass attacks 12% increase to water attacks 12% increase to ice attacks Raises cuteness in contest 12% increase to poison attacks Your pokemon may attack first

- Metal Coat - Metal Powder - Miracle Seed - Mystic Water - Nevermelt Ice - Pink Scarf - Poison Barb - Quick Claw

- Red Scarf - Scope Lens - Sea Incense - Sharp Beak - Shell Bell - Silk Scarf

Raises coolness in contest Raises your critcal ratio 5% increase to water attacks 12% increase to flying attacks Heals 1/8 damage 12% increase to flying attacks 12% increase to bug attacks Use it run away from pokemon 12% increase to ground attacks Pokemons happiness grows faster 1% increase Sp. Def and Att, lati@s 12% increase to ghost attacks

- Silver Powder - Smoke Ball - Soft Snad - Soothe Bell - Soul Dew - Spell Tag - Stick

Farfetch'd critical ratio raises Doubles cubone and marowak attack 12% increase to psychic attacks

- Thick Club - Twisted Spoon - Upgrade - White Herb - Yellow Scarf

Evolves polygon, when traded Cures all conditions Raises toughness in contest

+-----------------------+------------------------------------+ _____________________________/==============\________________________________ VII. Berries =============================================================================== BERRIES: o--------o----------------o----------------------------------o Number Berry Name Berry Effect

+--------+----------------+----------------------------------+ - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - Cheri - Chesto - Pecha - Rawst Cures paralysis Cures sleep Cures poison Cures burn

- 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34

- Aspear - Leppa - Oran - Perism - Lum - Sitrus - Figy - Wiki - Mago - Aguav - Iapapa - Razz - Bluk - Nanab - Wepear - Pinap - Pomeg - Kelpsy - Qualot - Hondew - Grepa - Tamato - Cornn - Magost - Rebuta - Nomel - Spelon - Pamtre - Watmel - Durin

Cures frozen Restores 10 PP Restores 10 HP Cures confusion Heals all condition Heals 30 HP Heals some HP and might confuse Heals some HP and might confuse Heals some HP and might confuse Heals some HP and might confuse Heals some HP and might confuse Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing

- 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43

- Belue - Liechi - Ganlon - Salac - Petaya - Apicot - Lansat - Starf - Enigma

Nothing 50% Attack increase 1/3 heath 50% Defense increase 1/3 health 50% Speed increase 1/3 health 50% Sp.Attack increase 1/3 health 50% SP.Defense increse 1/3 health Critical hit chances raises 1/3 50% random stat raise 1/3 health Turns into e-reader berry

+--------+----------------+----------------------------------+ ____________________________/=================\______________________________ VIII. Abilities =============================================================================== Coming Soon! ________________________________/==========\_________________________________ IX. FAQ =============================================================================== Q: Is mew available in this game? A: You need to go to this island. I don't know much though. You can get mew if you have action replay or a cheating device. Q: Do you know the phrase to make the girl laugh in rustboro. A: Nobody knows, I think? Well, I don't know. Q: When do I use a master ball? A: When trying to catch lati@s. Or you see a shiny pokemon. Q: Where can I find ? A: I will say in the walkthrough when you can get one and where. Q: What is a nintendo event? A: When nintendo goes to certain cities in Japan/America. They give out rare pokemon and various, rare items. Q: How do you get a sea chart, Aurora and Mystic ticket?

A: I don't know how to get a sea chart. The Aurora ticket and mystic ticket I don't know nothing. I guess you get it from a nintendo event. Sorry. Q: Where do you catch rayquaza? A: He is in the sky pillar, which is like right next to it. Look for a opening in the rocks. You'll need a mach bike. Q: Where do I get Wailmer? A: Just get a super rod from mossdeep city. Next go fishing around the ocean. It may take a while to find him... => More to come when I get more e-mails. _______________________/==========================\_________________________ X. Move Tutor Location ============================================================================== o-----------------o----------------------------------------------o Move Location

+-----------------+----------------------------------------------+ - Swagger - Rollout Slateport City: Pokemon fan club Mauville City: Fat guy next to gym Vendaturf Town: Pokemon Center Fallarbor Town: Pokemart

- Fury Cutter - Metronome - Mimic

Lavaridge Town: Kid next door to herb shop Fortree City: Guy in a house Mossdeep City: Guy standing around. Sootopolis City: Pokemon Center Pacifidlog City: Pokemon Center Lilycove City: Lilycove dept. top floor

- Sleep Talk - Dynamic Punch - Double-Edge - Explosion - Substitute

+-----------------+----------------------------------------------+ _________________________/========================\__________________________ XI. Finishing Comments =============================================================================== Hopefully this has helped you and it will when I update it. I would like to

personally thank you, the reader. Without you what's the point of writing this walkthrough. I hpoe you enjoyed it. 0============================================================================0 [11.01] Copyright info. 0============================================================================0 - This file is Copyright (c) DarkTyranitar18 - 2005. All right reserved This file may not be reproduced under any situation, execpt for personal and private use only. It may not be put on any website or distributed publicly Execpt if you have my advanced written permission. Use of this guide on any website that is not listed below, or displayed on any sort of public display is prohibited and a violation of copyright. Sites this guide my be posted on.... 1)[Gamefaqs]2)[Ign]3)[Neoseeker]4)[Supercheats]Thank you for your time. 0============================================================================0 [11.02] Contact info. 0============================================================================0 You can contact me at These are the do send and don't send list if you are going to e-mail me. You can also find me on the message boards as: DarkTyranitar 18. Messenger- MSN. Do Sends- If you want to use this faq in your site. If you want to submit a section or a ACSII art. If you might want to report a mistake. Thanking me for the faq. Give me a idea to make the guide better. Any question thing that is not in the walkthrough. Submit a tip for me to put in the faq. You'll get full credit if you submit somthing or something that you thing is right to send Don't sends- A virus, or spam. Ask me a question that's in the faq. Insult me and/or the faq.

That's basically all for now. I think. 0============================================================================0 [11.03] Credits 0============================================================================0 This are the people that help me with this faq and I couldn't have done it with out some of them. Credits==> TM and HM list/ Items ==> Pokemon Emerald Instruction booklet- The Basics: Controls, battle screen, Catching pokemon, and stauses. ==> Faq board: Answering all my faq writing questions I had. ==> ALL of gamefaqs: for the posting and helping me with my faq. ==> Nintendo: For making this great game. ==> Me: for writing this faq. ==> You: For reading this faq. ==> Zaki: For correcting a mistake in the walkthrough. !Do not question the pokeball! _____ / \ (===0===) \_____/ _____________________________________________________________________________ Copyright (c) 2005 @ DarkTyranitar18 (DT18) End of File