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Healing the Missing Mother Syndrome with Emotional Freedom Techniques

By Carna Zacharias -Miller
certified EFT practitioner

The Pain-Body

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage, and thus you must take complete responsibility for your use of it. Further, Carna Zacharias -Miller is not a licensed health professional or therapist and offers EFT as a personal performance coach. Do not use EFT to diagnose or treat medical or mental conditions of any kind. Consult your health care provider or licensed therapist with any concern you may have regarding your health or mental state.

The main purpose of EFT is to pave the way towards Loves Presence (i.e. Grace). Our physical and emotional wounds tend to distract us from this spiritual birthright and, as EFT helps send them away, we find ourselves more in alignment with Source.
Gary Craig, founder of EFT

2008 Carna Zacharias -Miller. All rights reserved. You are permitted to use and print out this material for your personal, noncommercial work.

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

How to Do EFT
It has been observed that by tapping on the EFT points while being tuned in to the problem, a release of physical or emotional pain can occur. Sometimes it happens instantly; sometimes it takes more patience and perseverance. This has led to what EFT founder Gary Craig calls The Discovery Statement. The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption of the bodys energy system. While you are tuned in to your specific problem, tapping on the meridians restores the energy flow, the disruption is cleared, and normal function can resume. Start tapping with your slightly bent index and middle finger on the eyebrow point and work your way down. Use the four fingers of your open hand for tapping when it feels more comfortable like on the collarbone, under the arm, and on the Karate Chop point (side of the hand). You can tap with either hand on either side of the body. We will use the shortcut: KARATE CHOP (side of the hand) for the Set-Up (Even though), then EYEBROW, SIDE OF THE EYE, UNDER EYE, (under) NOSE, CHIN (under lower lip), COLLARBONE, UNDER THE ARM, and TOP OF THE HEAD. You dont have to remember this sequence, it will be repeated in the scripts. If you want to know everything about EFT, please download the free EFT Manual from Gary Craigs website

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

The Pain-Body
The pain-body is a very useful concept that has been introduced by spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, A New Earth). It is the accumulation of emotional pain that we have stored in our mind and bodies. This pain-body is a negative energy field, an invisible entity in its own right, and it has certain characteristics: > It has two modes of being: dormant and active > Anything can trigger it to become active, especially if it resonates with a pain pattern from our past (abandonme nt, rejection, not good enough) > Like any other entity, the pain body wants to survive. It feeds on more pain, and it wants you to identify with it completely. > It loves drama. The more soap opera the better. EFT is very helpful on your quest to detach from the pain-body, to let go of THE STORY, and (as Tolle would phrase it) return to the only place of personal power: the present moment. We all would love to achieve that but how? I believe that EFT is the missing link between these two poles. From the EFT point of view, tapping on the pain-body is a gentle, effective Tearless Trauma Technique: It takes off the edge when delving into the specifics of your emotional pain would be too intense. You always can (and should) get more specific at a later point. With the concept of the pain-body we can stay global and work with a real enough thing at the same time.

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

Tapping on the Pain-Body

First, tune in to your general feeling of emotional (and/or physical) pain, and put your discomfort on a scale 0 to 10. 0 is no pain at all, and 10 is extreme. Write this number down. Start tapping on the KARATE CHOP point (side of the hand), and say out loud:

Even though I have this dense, very active pain-body, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I have the belief that I am my pain-body, I reject this ridiculous notion. Even though my pain-body creates constant agony, the time for healing is now. Now tap on the following points while saying out loud: Eyebrow : This dense pain-body Side of eye: This constant negative thinking Under eye: Overwhelmed with painful emotions Nose: My pain is who I am Chin: This identification with my pain-body Collarbone : I lose my identity if I let go of my story
2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

Under arm: This accumulation of old pain Top of head: My pain-body loves to feed on more pain Eyebrow : My deep pain is justified, it is who I am Side of eye: I have a right to my victimhood Under eye: I don't want to let go of my pain Nose: This hungry pain-body Chin: I am my thoughts and my emotions Collarbone: I am my mind and my stories Under arm: I have the right to be unhappy Top of head: This dense pain-body
Take a deep breath. Now, rate your global pain again on our scale 0 to 10. If the intensity went down (or up) use Even though I STILL have/am/do (adjust the grammar) as the new set-up phrase and go though the tapping sequence again. Repeat this process until you feel profound relief (an emotional shift), or as often as it feels right. If your intensity did not budge at all (or the level gets stuck during the follow-up rounds) you have to get more specific. Also, drink a glass of pure water. If you were flooded with memories, thoughts, emotions, or body sensations while you were tapping, you already got more specific.

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

Since these scripts cannot be as personal as a private session, you have to adjust parts of them to your needs. The following sequence is a guideline, please fill in the blanks and extend it. There is no right or wrong when it comes to tapping. Often, out of the greatest mental and emotional mess, a gem (or a whole treasure chest) evolves. Trust the process. Sometimes, you will release an issue in a jiffy. At other times, you have to do major excavation work. KARATE CHOP:

Even though I feel this . (strong emotion like fear, anger, hurt), I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I feel this emotion in my (body part like heart, solar plexus, shoulders), I allow my body to relax now. Even though I have this memory of (give it a title like Forgotten in the grocery store, When Dad yelled at me in front of my friends), I choose to feel safe now. Eyebrow: This (emotion) Side of eye: This discomfort/pain in my (body part) Under eye: This memory of (title of memory) Nose: This old pain stuck in my body and energy system Chin: I can never get over that, and you cant make me Collarbone : It hurts too much Under arm: Its not safe to let go of my agony Top of head: Who would I be without my pain-body?

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.

Continue with the specifics of your feelings, body sensations, beliefs, and memories. What does this current event or feeling remind you of? When did you feel like that for the first time? What exactly happened? Narrate the story. What is it that bothers you the most of the whole situation? Did the discomfort/pain in your body shift? Where is it now? What are your exact feelings? Did they change? Did another memory pop up? What couldnt you say or express as a child? Continue to dig and follow the trail of your memories, thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. Talk it out, make notes, and tap until you get relief. If you feel warm or dead tired, sigh, yawn, or get bored with the whole thing those are good signs! Your energy is shifting. Now you are ready for the last round:

KARATE CHOP: Even though I feel lost, unsafe, and out of place everywhere, I deeply and completely love and accept myself Even though I dont belong anywhere and it hurts so much, I honor and respect myself Even though I have never felt safe when I was a child, I allow myself to feel safe now. Eyebrow : I let those old, painful beliefs and feelings go now, they don't serve me anymore
2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.


Side of eye: I am stepping back from my pain-body Under eye: I give myself permission to let go of my pain Nose: I know that I am much more than my pain-body Chin: I choose Being Collarbone : I choose Presence Under arm: I know who I truly am Top of the head: I am at peace NOW

Eyebrow : I transform my pain-body into higher consciousness Side of eye: I choose to believe the wiser part of me Under eye: I choose to step out of my pain-body Nose: I let it be easy Chin: It takes no time at all, it happens NOW Collarbone : My painful emotions are not who I am Under arm: I am Soul, I am Presence Top of the head: I am free to be me.
Take a deep breath. Good work!

2008 Carna Zacharias-Miller. All rights reserved.