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It can change opinions because they have access to people and this gives it a lot of strength.

This strength can either be used constructively by educating the people or it can be used destructively by misleading the innocent people.

Power of the media can transform the whole society especially in the developing countries it can be used as a 'weapon of mass destruction'. But I think the most important use of media is to educate the people about the basic human rights.

The dilemma of the developing countries is that people are not fully aware of their basic rights and if they know, they don't know about what to do and where to go. They don't know their collective strength. Even they don't know how to protest and what is the importance of protests. Media should portray the facts. They should not transform the reality.

Education and discipline is key to progress. This is the difference between a nation and a crowd. Media men have access to people and they have an audience. Their programs have an impact and people listen to them.

That's why they are more responsible for the betterment of the society. They should work to educate the people, to help the people and to liberate the people and to empower the people

Media plays a very important role in the building of a society. Media has changed the societies of world so much that we can't ignore its importance. First of all we should know what the media is. Media is a source of information or communication.

Media includes sources like print media and electronic media. Newspapers, magazines and any other form, which is written or printed, is included in print media and in electronic, media radio, television and Internet etc. are included.

When there are so many channels and newspapers we cannot ignore its importance in the society. Media has lot of responsibility on its shoulders as today's society is very

much influenced by the role of media. We believe in what media projects to us. We change our minds according to the information provided through it.

In the past when the media was not so strong we were quite ignorant about what is happening around us. But today we come to know very quickly what is happening around us. We have the access to all the international news channels that provide us the facts and figures.

Considering this fact that media has the power to influence society, it should know its responsibility towards society. It should feel its responsibility to educate the society in a positive way. It should be giving us fair analysis and factual information

Media plays a vital role in every one's life. In today's modern society media has become a part and parcel of our life. Its duty is to inform, educate and entertain. It is considered as the 4th pillar of our society.

They put their lives in danger like in times of terrorist attacks or natural calamity just to inform us about it. Media is a bridge between the governing bodies and general public. It is a powerful and flexible tool that influences the public to a great extent. Media is voice of the voiceless and a great force in building the nation

The newspapers can play a very vital role in the reconstruction and regeneration of a nation by highlighting and pin-pointing the social, economic and moral evils in the society. Can be helpful in eradicating these evils from the society.

They can also start propaganda against the economic evils like short-weights and measures, smuggling. Black-marketing income tax evasion hoarding corruption and bribery. THUS the newspapers can help greatly in the nation- building activities.

Newspapers provide some material for every type of interest. They give us stories, the crossword puzzles, the post page, the expert's comments on certain affairs of national and international importance.

Some pages are meant for women and children as well. Newspapers also provide us information about various matters and things through advertisements. They can help the advertisers to boost up their sale and the consumers to consume the new goods.

In other words, newspapers provide a wholesome intellectual food, trade contacts and also job opportunities. It is through the newspapers, many a time that marriages are arranged, and lost things are found. People pay homage to their dead relatives through the obituary notes in the newspapers.

In short, newspapers contain all what is needed and desired by every person relating to any field of life. Newspapers play manifold character in almost all fields of life and are becoming more and important day by day. Education plays a vital role in the all round development of the society. Educated masses help in the development of a civilized society wherein they carry on their activities smoothly and hassle-free.

People in a educated society communicate with each other, understand each others problems and provide solutions. An educated society, city, state, and country lay the foundation of a great world. Education plays the biggest role in society because without it, we wouldn't have doctors, lawyers, etc...Plus, some people who don't have education usually end up as delinquents.

We commend the people of Bong County for many contributions to the Press Union of Liberia as it celebrated its 45th Anniversary in Gbarnga. We say Bravo! Bravo!! to the Press Union of Liberia and the People of Bong County.

Effects Of Media In Our Society

Every coin has two sides. There are both positives and negatives of one single given notion. The media, known as the fourth pillar of democracy, has a huge impact on the society. The effects are of course, positive as well as negative. It is upto the people to decide which effect they want to bask in. Media is such a powerful tool that it literally governs the direction of our society today. It is the propeller as well as the direction provider of the society. Opinions can change overnight and celebrities can become infamous with just one wave by the media. Read how media affects the society today by reading its effects. The Bright Side Information on the latest happenings reaches people in just a matter of minutes. The vision of media reaches even the remotest corners of the country and makes sure that everyone is aware of what is going on in the country. The easy and swift availability of any given information makes media one of the most reliable sources for forming public opinion. It bridges the gap between the leaders and the masses by becoming their channel of communication. It brings into open the innumerable achievements that are going on in the country. Media gives ordinary people the power to reach out to the society as a whole. It can make heroes out of ordinary men. The media acts as a deterrent on corrupt practices and keeps a check on the working of the government. Media has significantly promoted social causes like literacy, health management, anti-dowry practices, discouraging female feticide, AIDS awareness, etc. On the Contrary Media can adversely affect the thinking capability of individuals and instill negative or destructive thinking patterns in the society as a whole. As already said before, media has the power to form and alter opinions. This means media can portray an ordinary thing so negatively that it may force people to think or act in quite the opposite way. Media glorifies violence and contains graphic descriptions or images. When viewed by the vulnerable portion of the society, i.e., the children, it can have grave effects on their upcoming and thinking patterns. The media can sometimes go out of the way in advertising or glorifying certain issues. Usually, a bad or detrimental message is packaged in a glorious way and is made accessible to the public. Movies that depict filthy rich thieves who dont bat an eyelid before killing someone or extorting someone and the getting away with it, sure give entertainment to people. At the same time, it encourages them to act in a way that promises adventure and thrill in life. This way, media glorifies the bad aspects of people and encourages them to act in forbidden ways.

Television Effects On Children

More fondly known as the idiot box, television has become a necessary evil in todays world. It has become an indispensable household commodity and has taken the place of physical childhood activities. Moreover, children are becoming more of a couch potato, with many physical and mental problems. They have become absolutely unaware of the fun of childhood, like flying kites, making castles out of sand, playing in fields and the innocence revealed in being stubborn. Though a potential medium of mass communication, it has in actual cut kids off from the world, at a very tender age. This implies that parents should make the facility available to their child judiciously. Given below are some vitals points on how TV affects your child both positively and negatively. Keep them in mind while deciding on the TV time for your kids. Television Effects on Children Good Effects

Television gives exposure to children on different cultural experiences. Television also keeps children aware of current events and news related items. Watching educational programs on television help the kids use it effectively, as a complement to school education. Quality shows on television can impart knowledge and important values and lessons. Watching music concerts and art shows can make the kids aware of the various genres of music around the world. Television helps a child in spending time with family members, when all of them are watching the same show. Watching documentaries, especially fragmented for children, opens doors of world in their mind.

Bad Effects

Excessive television viewing is seen to trigger violence or aggression in children. Watching violent scenes at an early stage might make the kids scary of the world and find every other human being as mean. Often known as mean and scary world syndrome, it might push them backwards in taking decisions of life. Sitting in front of the television, for long hours, has been linked with obesity, as physical activity gets diminished considerably. Children become influenced towards eating junk food, as there is a lot of promotion on the television, regarding the same. The bombardment of sexual content on TV exposes teens to half-baked knowledge about sex at an early age, which is harmful for their mental growth. There is seldom mention of proper sex education or issues and risks related to it. Devoting more time towards watching television leads to poor academic performance, as a child neglects his/ her studies.

Many advertisements and programs shown on television focus on beauty products and physical beauty, shifting kids interest from studies. They start paying more attention to their overall outlook. In extreme cases, they develop inferiority or superiority complex; leading to depression and underestimating themselves. Television watching also promotes lack of creativity and enhances passivity. The child shies away from mental and physical workout. The sense of relaxation that kids feel while watching television diminishes completely when it is switched off. This makes them watch TV for longer periods of time and makes them addicted to it Television viewing creates the concept of gender-role and racial stereotypes in children, as they start considering it as very natural phenomena. Heroic acts are expected out of males, while women are displayed as objects and less powerful

Effects Of Advertising On Children

The ad filmmakers are formulating fresh ways of enticing the consumers to buy their products. If an advertisement for a product attracts the consumers, they tend to purchase it frequently, or at least buy it once. If a company has to survive in this competitive world, he/she has to project the image of its products in such a way that they pick up the maximum sales, when they hit the stores. The best way to persuade the consumer to stick to the product of the particular brand, when numerous choices are provided to him/her in the market, is attractive advertisement. However, the ad filmmakers should remember that the commercials can also have negative IMPACT on people, especially the young children. In this article, we have presented some of the most visible effects of advertising on children, positive as well as negative. Positive Effects Of Advertisement On Kids

Advertising makes the kids aware of the new products available in the market. It increases their knowledge about the latest innovations, in the field of technology as well as otherwise. Convincing ads, which center around healthy food products, can help improve the diet of a child, if they are attractive enough.

Negative Effects Of Advertisement On Kids

Advertisements encourage the children to persuade their parents to purchase the products shown in the commercials, whether useful or not. The little ones tend to get adamant, if they are not bought the product.

Children often tend to misinterpret the messages conveyed in commercials. They overlook the positive side and concentrate more on the negatives. Many advertisements in the present times include dangerous stunts, which can be performed only by experts. Even though the commercials broadcast the statutory warnings with the ad, the kids often try to imitate the stunts at home, with fatal results. The flashy advertisements broadcast in television generate impulse shopping in children. Children, after watching the glitter of commercials, often lose the ability to live a life without materialistic joy. The kids usually get more attracted towards the costly branded products, such as jeans and accessories. They disregard the inexpensive, but useful, ones that are not shown in the commercials. Advertisements have an indirect effect on the behavior of children. They might develop temper tantrums, when deprived of the latest toys and clothes that are shown in the commercials. The personal preferences in clothing, toys, food and luxurious of children are altered by the advertisements, to a great extent. Junk foods, such as pizzas, burgers and soft drinks, are heavily promoted during children's TV viewing time. This develops a craving for fatty, sugary and fast foods in kids, thereby affecting their health adversely. Reality shows have gained increasing and enormous popularity in India. Be it a reality show like Big Boss, or an adventurous reality television show like Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachchao, the one common factor between every reality show is the fact that it affects and influences children. Influence can be both positive and negative. In a realtiy show like Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachchao, there is adventure and excitement on nearly every aspect of the show because it is in a jungle setting, with the celebrity contestants living amongst the wilderness and the wild. This brings in an edge to the show because of the varied and sometimes, creepy adventures the contestants experience in the show. Children seeing this do not necessarily read the disclaimer or notice that comes before the show. Nor in India do you have a concept of rating tv shows as PG-13 or A or U. This makes it incredibly sensitive for kids to view this show. If they do, what is the guarantee that they are not going to try stunts at home? What is the guarantee that they are not going to start bottle up live cockroaches? This is why the tv shows have to be viewed with discretion and if children watch a show like this, then they have to be properly explained as to how these stunts simply cannot be tried out anywhere by them and this explanation might have to be repeated several times by an adult. Sure, kids have reached another level of smartness these days! This will allow them to realize that Reality shows mean there are mostly aspects that are real in nature. They understand and differentiate between reality and non-reality based tv programmes. But truth be told, Kids do not always see reason and this is why the beginning of a negative influence of tv shows happen. A reality show like Big Boss was seen to be exceeding TRP ratings which is why they roped in the Big B to represent Big B 2-the sequel of Big Boss. Big Boss 2. Children, Adults watch it all the same. There is intrigue in watching people lead their normal lives in the vicinity of an enclosure over a period of time which brings to light emotions and

drama and one would wonder whether this has a positive, negative or any influence at all on children. And vola, it does! It has sometimes, a neutral effect on children because often, there is no significant impact that is had on children by viewing a normal kind of tv show like Big Boss but the fact that they portray drama and emotions running wild at times gives ideas to children and this leans towards negative influence. Positive influencing shows are shows that have good, strong messages sent out to the youth. Even shows like Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa which has children of different age groups singing in their children segments of the show, create a fierce sense of competition in the participants and this is not healthy as children should understand that competition is meant to only be healthy otherwise its not like a competition its like a feud. Children who watch this show get carried away and there is a possibility they may start ignoring their education in the quest of trying to ape their favourite singer in the competition. These are the various impacts that Reality TV Shows have on children. In conclusion, let the quote of Dr. Haim Ginott be read