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Some extra-help to improve your reading and listening skills

Bookshops Bookshops in Palma: Book-In/ Lezama/ Tuareg/ Corte Ingls/ newsagents or tobacco shop Bookshops online: , Programmes for download and websites for free books and audiobooks

Audio-visual material to improve your English Speak-up 1. DVD + booklet 2. Magazine 3. CD with audio and exercises Graded Books and Audio-books Advanced Levels 5,6 - Rebecca - The Chamber - Great expectations - Frozen Pizza and other Slices of Life - A Kiss before dying - The Talented Mr. Ripley Intermediate Levels 3, 4 - The Lady in White - The Great Gatsby - Strangers on a Train - The Portrait of Dorian Gray - Dracula Itunes (free download from Import audio-files: audio from Speak-up CD, Audio-books CDs, Music CDs Tranfer files from your computer to your MP3 or MP4 device, mobile phone, or any other device, such as DS, PSP, Subscribe to Podcasts Buy and download music Buy and download Films and TV series

E.A. Poes Stories and the Black Cat The Diary of Adrian Mole

Basic Levels 1,2 - Simply suspense - The Canterville Ghost - Sherlock Holmes Short Stories - The Murders in the Rue Morgue - The Pit and the Pendulum - Emil and the Detectives TV series on DVD (in English with English subtitles for blind people) - The Big Bang Theory - How I met your mother - Malcom in the Middle - Desperate Housewives - Sex in NY - Lipstick Jungle - Lost - Boston Legal - Cold Case - Prison Break - The Good Wife - Lie to me - The Office Good and not too long unabridged books: The Little Prince The Curious Incident of the Boy in the Night Time N Ladies Detective Agency Life of Pi The Diary of Adrian Mole Roald Dahl Stories, Mathilda Stories for children Miro The same as Itunes but with Video Librivox: Free download of audiobooks Project Gtenberg: Free download of digital books (More on webisites to watch TV online soon)