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--Srinivasan Nenmeli-K
11TH Oct 2008

There is a UNIVERSAL SPIRIT that pervades the Universe [phenomenal] ,that acts in
every particle;The Universal spirit can be pictured as a God or Goddess [monotheistic or
polytheistic] (one only or several) for the purpose of our mental constructs—to worship,
to adore, to invoke.
The Universal Spirit is neither male nor female.It is beyond shape and form, beyond

The God is also pictured to be in Heaven, administer good and evil, send His/her
messengers, teachers, sons and daughters ---to preach, to teach, to redeem us….that is a
mental construct or concept to direct our minds and to control our thoughts and actions.
It does not have any meaning, beyond our mental creations.Such concepts are useful, in
the same way as the imaginary lines ---equator, latitude and longitude ---on an earth
Globe –are useful to learn and work with the Earth and its movements.

Actions and events occur due to ‘past’ actions and events. There will be always good
and evil on earth—like light and shadow.. It is not possible to find a time when all will be
good on Earth. Such utopias are ideal, but not realizable.

Sages and saints, prophets and messiahs point the way to peace and harmony at any
specified time and place. We have to act according to our moral principles and ethical
grounds. None can carry our burdens or redeem us. These men and women can help us
on the way.
Kindness and forgiveness , as one understands, should be the guiding principle. Hatred
and bigotry should be removed from one’s mind and heart.
Our body is a precious gift of nature or the Universal Spirit. It should be maintained
and protected well. But it is perishable and should be recognized as such.
Our mind is a precious gift. Controlling one’s thought and patterns of thoughts is
essential. But our mind is changeable and has no absolute value.
Our soul is an entity from the Universal Spirit, like a spark from a flame. It activates the
body and the mind. It is beyond thought and mind.
Prayers, chants, devotions and meditations –are helpful to calm the mind. They are
important in the relative existence we have.
There is no ‘revealed’ scripture, book or message. All these are products of human mind
or minds, written down at some time. They have useful ethical, moral and social
messages. They are not absolute for ever.
Visions, dreams and channels are products of human mind. They have limited messages
for guiding or pacifying one’s mind. They are not real. They are like pictures you see on a
television screen.
The ultimate ‘purpose’ of human existence or the universe cannot be ‘known’. The
question of finding that purpose is not valid.

Worship of various gods and goddesses or One God or one book may help to train
and to guide our minds. They are like road signs to help us in our journey. We have to
walk the path with our soul