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Janapal governance

- for good

An e-enabled Platform for Indians (including those who are e-disabled) to Use

Aim of Janapal: An innovative never before Plan to use a technology enabled large scale monetizable platform that can be used by communities , public activists, mainstream Media and even public figures, where its use leads to outcomes where elected representatives, persons aspiring for election and public servants compete and collaborate to fix things.

Aim of this Note: The founders are driven by the objective of achieving the vision of Janapal and are open to different structures and roles. This note is not confidential and can we widely shared. The founders welcome competing platforms and realize that some may fail while others may succeed.

For humanity it is important that someone succeeds.

We seek your feedback on how to make this idea a resounding success.

Founders: Sanjay Bhargava Ranjit Jatar Anita Kapur Bhargava

Emails:;; Looking for additional Founding Team members A Chairman and a COO

Please rate this concept from the angle of the idea being a game changer for governance as well as probability of success in achieving positive outcomes, on a scale of 1 to 5. Send your score (eg 1.6, 2.5, 4.7) with remarks to a founder. The table below is to help make scoring easier

Score 1 2 3 4 5

Description Idea is bad. There is no need for Janapal Need for Janapal is there but Janapal plan stinks Need is there. Approach has some good points but there will be no real outcomes Janapal plan is very good but it will not scale and monetize Janapal rocks and will be the next Facebook

Read on . Janapal Concept and Smell test being undertaken by Founders Concept:

Opportunity for using a technology enabled platform (but one where even the very poor can participate) which leads to an outcome where elected representatives, persons aspiring for election and public servants compete and collaborate to fix things. Long term Monetization aim based on large and active user base aimed at creating a valuable entity that does good to humanity. Re-engineering the govt vending machine instead of only shaking it as is the case today.

Context: India needs quantum improvement in governance quickly This can be achieved by consensus all stakeholders pulling in the same direction

The Indian government vending machine takes in taxes and delivers poor services so Naxalites and Team Anna try to shake it to get better services See Monkey fable on page 17 in this handbook which was used in Egypt and Tunisia If youth unemployment rises, a revolution is possible The middle class has started taking an active interest in governance as the recent elections in states and participation in the Anna movement has shown The need for public servants to look good has increased and the fear that if they are corrupt they could be fast tracked to Tihar jail is slowly rising. Heightened fear of Mainstream Media and at the same time the opportunity that it offers elected representatives and public servants. Mainstream Medias hunger for qualitatively superior analyzed information would be a significant opportunity to be leveraged by the Platform being proposed. Citizen activism led transfers of senior bureaucrats could be a weapon that moves senior bureaucrats to perform For great governance we need to solve the skill and will problem for public servants. While this will be difficult, the current trends suggest that the elephant may indeed dance and that is the leap of faith that is required

All these lead to the opportunity for a technology enabled platform (but one where even the very poor can participate) where elected representatives, persons aspiring for election and public servants compete and collaborate to fix things. The Janapal Vision & Platform:

To channel activism in a positive direction and to put positive pressure on public servants in all three branches to perform. The platform will help the person raising an issue to raise it in a structured manner (drop down menus for inputs leading to aggregation, consolidation and categorization for analytics), learn from best practices. Issues can be voted on and the top few issues identified which any person can take up to fix. Credit for fixing will be tracked as will be delays or leaving issues open. Issues can be aggregated and solutions can be replicated across India applying pressure through media, RTI, PIL and activism. Innovative game changers that need attention could be discussed and big ideas that are being implemented tracked.

To engage everyone including the poorest of the poor This could be thought of as reengineering the vending machine instead of shaking it The vision is Great Governance through Consensus which will result in better outcomes for humanity The Janapal Platform will provide tools for consensus building towards good governance that can be used by institutions and individuals. Just as Facebook is a platform for social networking and Google for search, Janapal will seek to be a platform that will enable better outcomes for humanity

The Vision Roadmap Phase -1 Three founders out of the required five have made the leap of faith to put in some bandwidth and minimal capital to do smell tests and prepare a fundable business plan. AKB, SB and RJ are the three founders whose brief bios are at the end of this document. We need a Chairman and a COO.

Complete founding team and business plan and get bootstrap capital from founders Parallel effort to raise additional capital and develop platform Focus on acquiring one crore members by providing a useful FREE platform for a varied category of users ( see use cases section ) Deliver measurable real outcomes in improving sanitation and reducing corruption in Pune and Delhi by multiple methods o Channeled activism o RTI o PIL

Media Performance & Progress reports of elected representatives , government departments and courts

o Pro bono consulting o Corruption Prevention plans and RFDs ( Result Framework Documents)

o Peaceful Protest

Encourage replication and self curation Pan India so that people can use the platform , fight their own battles with highly increased probability of outcomes Curation will be done only for sanitation and corruption in Pune/Delhi geographies but the platform can be used to handle any issue in any geography on a self curated basis. Marginal revenue from UID and voter ID service from EC and UIDAI as agents for EC and UIDAI

Phase 2

Grow customer base to 20 crores ARPU annually of Rs 50 so Rs 1000 crores in revenue. Achieve this by providing distribution services to companies. This will be expanded in the fundable business plan o Transactions will be done at Kirana stores which will become like human ATMs for a wide variety of transaction services. Set up a network of shared Kirana stores pan India

Become an honest broker for products that are good for customers and get paid for customer acquisition, retention, training, service etc.

Phase - 3

Grow customer base to 1 billion people globally

Use Cases (More will be added)

Local issues and Replication Platform will allow issues to be raised by any member in a structured way and for local members to vote these up or down. Anyone can pick up issues to solve so there will be competition for solving issues. Areas can share their success stories and can request help from others. Good politicians and bureaucrats will be recognized and bad ones will show up as non performers. Good Legislation that is continuously improved Legislators and standing committees can use the platform to enact good legislation by getting inputs in a

structured fashion and providing updates and commentary. They can also track outcomes and fine tune legislation if outcomes expected are not being achieved

Groups of all types - Can use the platform to further their lawful interests in a structured fashion. These could be unions, industry groups, religious groups or even the planning commission. For instance if the planning commission invites suggestions on improving NREGA a transparent discussion on this could take place with concrete results

Partnerships A key ingredient of the Business Plan would be to identify partners and structure win deals. Consulting Print Media Radio TV Election Commission UID Technology Hosting Streaming

Organization structure of the Corporation that will manage the Platform

Brief Summary

The Platform to be headed by a Non executive Chairman will have

Two Divisions, with Division 1 having unlimited (and growing) number of voluntary groups formed by communities within each Metro, City, Town and in villages, with access to a Group leader who has a computer.

Division 2 will have employees /paid consultants who will mirror Division 1 in scale and have an Executive Management Team consisting of a CEO, COO, CPO( Chief Platform Officer) and CTO( Chief talent Officer) . This will be supplemented by Regional managers in each zone (east, West, North and South) who will report in to the COO. The COO will also have a Media manager in each Zone apart from city coordinators (once threshold number of groups is there) who will handhold when necessary to ensure that the Groups achieve Outcomes from elected representatives and persons holding public offices.

A key service is likely to be to help ensure voter IDs and UIDs to those who seek this assistance and the city coordinators are likely to be custodians of a distribution liketeam who can provide other chargeable services such as insurance and financial products.

Division 1 in the organization will function like an inverted pyramid shaped hierarchy of voluntary community groups, where group leaders will be custodians (for members within their groups) of the channelized effort to seek and achieve outcomes from government departments and elected representatives.

Profiles and Roles of founders

Chairman Seeking a Chairman CEO (Chief Executive Officer) - Anita Kapur Bhargava Anita is an M.Com graduate from JMC and later did a continuing education computer C++ course from Columbia University in New York. She worked as a college teacher and taught Japanese women English. In 1997 she started working on computer data and rose to head the data warehousing function for PayPal, one of the largest data warehouses in the world. She started Lets do it! Delhi! in 2010 Lets do it Delhi! is a citizens movement that cannot pay money or take money and seeks to inspire

everyone and blame no one. 50000 volunteers cleaned 125 locations in Delhi. She won a national CNN IBN award and was appointed an honorary consultant to MCD in June 2011 and is heading a Model Ward Project in Delhi. Seeking outcomes from the Newco platform is a project she wants to build. CTO (Chief Talent Officer) - Ranjit Jatar Ranjit, founder of Business mentoring and Talent management consulting company Nova Edge ( is a Chartered Accountant and a merit list alumni of Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi with more than two decades of Corporate experience in varied Industries and in various Functional and General management Roles, apart from entrepreneurial experience. His last assignment before starting a consulting practice was with PepsiCo as Country Manager Sri Lanka, additionally handling a region in South India which in 2007 grew to be the highest share territory for PepsiCo in India. Ranjit works with clients many of whom are Emerging Blue chips to understand their unique business needs and to develop and implement business support strategies. He has a strong desire to participate in game changing ventures for improving public governance. CPO (Chief Platform Officer) - Sanjay Bhargava Sanjay is a gold medalist from IIM Ahmedabad and a mechanical engineer from IIT Mumbai with more than two decades of Corporate and entrepreneurial experience. He was a Reuters digital vision fellow at Stanford University. He has played key roles in scaling three businesses in India, Thailand and USA all of which became market leaders. These were corporate cash management in India, custodial services in Thailand and PayPal in USA. More recently he founded EKO a mobile Payment Company in India which received grants from CGAP and Bill Gates and has now raised funding at a valuation that exceeds 100 crores. Sanjay is a US citizen with a PIO card and returned in 2004 with the aim of giving back to India. COO (Chief Operating Officer) Seeking a CEO Role Descriptions of the Chairman and COO Chairman Candidate Profile

Passionate about outcomes for a better India High credibility to play this Role nationally and internationally Sees this as a Heads I win big, Tails I do not lose much strategy Buys into the bootstrapping approach Can open doors Can represent company to investors and media

Has some bandwidth and will add value Team player & not autocratic with ability to see the big picture Thinking out of the box skillset Add value to the Team in closing deals with stakeholders and participants

COO Candidate Profile Ideally less than 45 Has built a successful business in India Has been business head, CEO or COO or shown an intrapreneur streak Entrepreneurial mindset: Risk appetite and feeling of ownership Good interpersonal and team building skills Hands on executor, ability to handle large operations of scale and multifunctional skills Media handling ability. Will also be chief curator with excellent writing ability ( we may however look at the chief curator role played by the CEO) Good negotiator and someone who lets the other party also believe they have a win Ability to coordinate with Partners who provide services to groups Shares the passion and vision 16x 7 type person when required with high multi-tasking ability Gets things done quickly and a problem solving, bias for action mentality.