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I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. XVI. XVII. XVIII. XIX. XX. (d) Melodrama (a) German (b) Affectionate (d) Democracy (b) Inattentive (c) Relativity (a) Essence (d) Witty (d) An honest man (b) Revenge (d) Future (b) Celtic (b) Thoughts (b) Quiet (c) Waves (b) Mariners (c) Bread (c) the pipe (c) Cap (d) The Commander ordered the soldiers to March on.

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi. xii. xiii. xiv. xv. (Please refer Page # 02-04 of notes) (Please refer Page # 11-14 of notes) (Please refer Page # 19-12, 29-31 of notes) (Please refer Page # 42-44 of notes) (Please refer Page # 54-55 of notes) (Please refer Page # 63-66 of notes) (Please refer Page # 78-79, 82-83 of notes) (Please refer Page # 87-88 of notes) (Please refer Page # 93-94 of notes) (Please refer Page # 97-98, 101-102 of notes) (Please refer Page # 106-107, 110-111 of notes) (Please refer Page # 113-114 of notes) (Please refer Page # 117-125 of notes) Ans: The teacher declared in the class that the next day was a holiday. The students asked if they would go the day after the next day. The teacher replied positively. Match any three idioms of Column A with their meaning in column B. Use them in your sentences: (Please refer Page # 178 of notes)

Q.3: i) ii) iii) Answer any one of the following.

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Give the character sketch of Mrs. Judy Oakentubb as described in the Play "Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb". Was her murder justified? INTRDUCTION: Mrs. Judy Oakentubb is one of the two important characters of Frank Arthurs short play Twenty Minutes with Mrs. Oakentubb. It is a melodrama full of suspense and thrill. APPEARANCE Mrs. Oakentubb is a middle-aged woman of fair complexion, average height and average figure. Her hair is mouse brown, well streaked with gray, nicely done. Once she had been a blonde but now time has changed her complexion and hair. When she enters in the waiting room, she is heavily wrapped with costly clothes. This proves that she is the wife of a prosperous professional or a rich businessman. FOND OF WINE AND PARTIES: She is very fond of attending parties. She is often drunk in the parties. It was after attending such a party and under the influence of wine that she killed two pedestrians, the wife and the daughter of the gentlemen in a car accident. Moreover she was driving for a bet. RECKLESS AND SELFISH: She is a reckless and irresponsible person. She does not care for the lives of others. She cares only for herself. She is driving very fast in a congested area. After overtaking a vehicle, she sees a truck coming from the opposite direction. In order to save her life, she does not hesitate to mount her car to the pavement causing the death of two pedestrians who have their back towards her. Mrs Oakentubb considers that eighteen months imprisonment was fair punishment for the action. She tries to justify the killing of two persons as an accident. But the gentleman does not forgive this selfish woman and shoots her with his revolver. CONCLUSION: The readers do not feel sorry at her death. While pleading with the gentleman, she appears to be sincere and repentant. But very soon this proves to be mere acting therefore her death is fully justified.

iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi)

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Q.4: i) ii) iii) iv) v)


Write a short essay on any ONE of the following topics.



The 2010 Pakistan floods began in late July 2010, resulting from heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan regions of Pakistan and affected the Indus River basin. Approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's total land area was underwater, approximately 796,095 square kilometers (307,374 sqmtr). According to Pakistani government data the floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure. The Pakistani economy was harmed by extensive damage to infrastructure and crops. Damage to structures was estimated to exceed 4 billion USD, and wheat crop damages were estimated to be over 500 million USD. Total economic impact may have been as much as 43 billion USD. The floods were driven by unprecedented monsoon rain. Heavy rainfalls of more than 200 millimeters (7.9 inch) were recorded during the four days wet spell from 27 July to 30 July, 2010 in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab based on data from the Pakistan Meteorological Department. A major concern was that farmers would be unable to meet the fall deadline for planting new seeds in 2010, which implied a loss of food production in 2011, and potential long term food shortages. On 24 September the World Food Programme announced that about 70% of Pakistan's population, mostly in rural areas, did not have adequate access to proper nutrition By the end of July 2010, Pakistan had appealed to international donors for help in responding to the disaster, having provided twenty-one helicopters and 150 boats to assist affected people, according to its National Management Authority. A Pakistani army spokesman said that troops had been deployed in all affected areas and had rescued thousands of people. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani visited the province and directed the Pakistan Navy to help evacuate the flood victims. By early August, more than 352,291 people had been rescued.



I live in Karachi. It is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan. As a matter of fact the life in big cities looks charming but it has also many problems or we can say there are many advantages as well as disadvantages of living in a big city. Since Karachi is ever expanding, so are the problems ever increasing. Transport is one of the problems of people in Karachi. Majority of people in Karachi travel in buses, minibuses and coaches. The traffic in Karachi is now beyond control. Due to reckless driving thousands of lives are lost every year. The supply of electric power is inadequate and far from satisfactory. Low voltage can easily damages electric appliances. Frequent power failures are common. Great rush of people and heavy traffic is a part of life in big cities, here people work like machines. Atmospheric pollution is common due to the smoke of vehicles and the use of chloroform carbon. Noise pollution also makes the life of people uneasy. In Karachi people are suffered from the short supply of water. The broken roads and unsanitary conditions nearly every where make difficult to move. Crimes are at peak in Karachi. In buses and wagons pockets are usually picked. Theft, dacoities and burglaries are common. Besides this adulteration, corruption, bribery in offices and violence are the major problems which are facing the citizens of Karachi. Street beggars are common in Karachi. They get together on the places of amusement and try to convince people. On considering the problems of Karachi and the busy life of people in Karachi, we conclude that the life of big cities has many charms but its is also full of mental confusions and worries which destroy the creativity of a person.



The invention of mobiles phones is a great achievement and plays an important part in our daily life. Its many aspects are beneficial but some are negative effects as well. i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) Its development brought convenience and advantages to the world. Communication between people to people becomes so easier and very fast. We can communicate with people from any place i.e. in bus, in street or in a meeting to send messages for less than the price of a call. Internet can be accessed through it and also used to make photos and videos. At the same time, parents can control their children and it is essential for emergencies. Business deals can be done on a single call through cell phone outside of office in park or in any shopping centre. This invention gets closer the world to a single point. Internet is also available at cell phone.

Mobile phones have so many advantages, if it is used positively without caring any false means and attractive charms. Mobile phones are producing false trends especially among the students which easily become a victim of its colorful and charming aspects. Some disadvantages of mobile phones may be described as following.

ii) iii) iv)

The radiations of mobile may be dangerous to health and may cause headache, earache and blurring vision. These invisible hygienic radiations destroy the cells located in ear and head region which causes damage to the brain and nephrons in head region. Its uses in certain places causes disturbance sometimes, such as in classrooms etc. Mobile phones with camera are causing privacy problems such as using it as a hidden camera to take pictures and making videos.

By putting some precautionary measures in mind, we can get much more advantages from cell phone. Firstly, when the battery of mobile is at end then dont make a call, because at this stage the cell phone contain very destructive radiations which may cause severe problems to the brain. Secondly, do not use cell phones in study hour to avoid disturbance problems. Thirdly, when cell phone is on vibration mode, do not put it in front pocket .Because it may damage the heart beat system. Due to which it may cause severe heart attack.



Peace: The state of freedom from war of violence is called Peace. It is the state which can make this world like a heaven. The importance of Peace in the World: The importance of peace in the world can be described by short comparison of war and peace. i) War is destructive, peace is constructive. ii) War destroy, peace preserves. iii) War calls beast in man, peace makes man civilized. iv) War creates hate, peace promotes love and friendship. v) War causes blood shed, peace bring progress and prosperity. People long for peace and raise their hands in prayers. The victories of peace are no less than the victories of war. In the first place, peace is indispensable for human progress. All the mighty inventions of science and the creations of arts are the victories of peace. Peace gives us the message of universal brotherhood and friendship. Humanity cannot survive without love and peace.

Prospects of peace in our religion: Islam is a religion of peace. It gives clear ideas and the best reforming laws about social and political systems. The great purpose of Islam is to produce an everlasting state of peace in the world. Islam gives also very clear ideas bout the peaceful individual life. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) showed practically the examples of peace. He always prayed for his enemies. After the conquest of Makkah, he forgave all his enemies and tried to create a peaceful atmosphere there. He established a harmonious society in Madina. Islam teaches the lessons of mutual respect but it also gives lesson to fight against the evils and to establish the state of peace after making struggle, war and efforts. War to Win Peace: Is war necessary for peace? It is a very difficult questions to answer. Before answering it man must see its ins and outs. If war is necessary, it is a necessary evil. Its evil is sometimes concealed for a time by its glamour and excitement, but when we see its reality, there is a very little glory about it. At its best, it is a hideous calamity. Think of the awful loss of life. In the great wars, millions of men, women and children were killed, or died of disease, famine and untold sufferings. After the event of 11th September, and the destruction of the World Trade Center in the United States of America, was to win peace has become more expeditious. The American establishment has tried to interfere the politics of the countries which are thought as working to use their energies for warfare. The destruction and killing in Afghanistan and Iraq is the part of war to win peace. The American establishment calls their struggle is for the end of nuclear trend in the world but it is making the explosion of human rights. The war to win peace is actually a devilish plot to destroy the power of those who are trying to get their basic rights. War is not necessary to win the peace. The peace can be established by showing great moral values and by providing the equal rights for every one. So that the world could be made a peaceful and happy place. Islam teaches the lessons of peace and tolerance. Islam is the religion with the greatest ideas about human rights. It gives a complete description of duties and rights. It gives the teaching of mutual respect and it provides all such qualities, if they are implemented rightly than no war is needed to establish the peace in the world.



Commerce is a very important part of business. It is concerned with the buying and selling of goods. It includes all those activities which are related to the transfer of goods from place of production to the ultimate consumers. There are two sub-division of commerce which is trade and aids to trade. Trade means buying and selling of goods. It is exchange of goods and services among buyers and sellers. The buying and selling of goods within the boundary of a country is called Internal Trade while the buying and selling of goods between two countries is called External Trade. Trade is also classified into wholesale trade and Retail trade. Transportation, insurance, warehousing, banking, advertisement and mercantile agents are included in aid to trade. The commerce is making the best use of scare resources for producing goods on a larger scale. The use of automatic machines, new processing methods etc. have not only lowering the cost of production of goods but has helped the producers in producing goods in desired quality and quantity. In the modern world, goods are produced according to the needs and expectations of the customers. The commerce remains all time busy in making improvements by introducing new products, for example, credit card, digital diary, mobile phones etc. it is also introducing new methods of distribution, for example E-Commerce, tele-shopping. The fast developed means of transportation and communication providing help to the traders and

provide goods to the customers at the right time, right place and right price. In the modern world, the commercial banks and the other specialized credit institutions are providing, credit to the agriculture, traders to earn their living either as the owners of a business or as employees. Commerce is providing revenue to the state with which the government maintains law and order, undertakes defense and carried on welfare and development activities.



Cricket is an interesting and exciting game it gives pleasure both players and viewers. Once I had seen an interesting and exciting cricket match. The match was played between Pakistan and West Indies at Karachi National Stadium. The match was very exciting and there was huge gathering at Karachi National Stadium. The players of Pakistan cricket team and West Indies cricket team were in high spirit of nationalism and self power of playing. It was a fine day, the captains of both team tossed for batting first. Fortunately the Pakistani team won the toss and elected to bat first and the members of West Indies team took field. The two batsman who went in first from Pakistani team were quite good players. One was famous for his good hitting while the other was very careful. The bowling of West Indies was very strong but Pakistani players played very well and they scored 250 runs with seven wickets. The West Indies player started batting after lunch. The famous West Indies player played very fast but soon he was out. The audience was cheering and clapping at the bowling performance of Pakistani players. Another famous player of West Indies played strongly and he made a score over a century but he was caught out smartly at mid off the last fifteen minutes of the match were very exciting. The players of West Indies tried to make a great score but unfortunately the whole players were out at the score of 240 runs and Pakistan had own that exciting and interesting match.


The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup is the tenth cricket world cup and was played in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. It is Bangladeshs first time co-hosting a world cup. All matches in the world cup were played according to One Day International status, with all matches being played over 50 overs. Fourteen international cricket teams participated in the tournament, including ten full members and four associate members. The world cup took place between February to April 2011, with the first match played on 19th February 2011 with co-hosts India and Bangladesh facing off at the Sher-e-Bangla national stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka. The opening ceremony was held on 17th February 2011 at Bangabandhu national stadium, Dhaka, two days before the start of the tournament, with the final on 2nd April 2011 at Wankhede stadium, Mumbai. The fourteen teams were divided into two groups. Group A and Group B In group A the teams participating were Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya and in group B the teams participating were India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands. In this world cup Pakistani cricket team performed very well. They played their first match with Kenya on 23rd February and Pakistan won by 205 runs. The 2nd match Pakistan played against Sri Lanka. This time the Sri Lankan team was hard but our Pakistani team gave the hard competition and won this match by 11 runs the 3rd match played against Canada and also won the match comprehensively. The 4th match Pakistani team played against New Zealand and this time the luck did not give chance to Pakistani team and Pakistani team lost this match and New Zealand won by 110 runs. The 5th match Pakistani team played against Zimbabwe and won this match by 7 wickets. The 6th match Pakistani team played against the world most

popular and best team who already won 3 World Cup. There was not any chance of winning but Pakistani team work hard and won this match by 4 wickets. After winning this match the Pakistani cricket team has become the strongest and the leader of Group A. After beating the Australian team our team reached at quarter Final and played against West Indies our team showed great efficiency and won the quarter final by 10 wickets. Pakistani cricket team reached at Semi-Final and this time our team was facing the Indian cricket team. The whole nation was thinking that Pakistan would win this Semi-Final and win the world cup too. Keeping in view the passion of the nation, Prime Minister announced the half-day off across the country. Not only this, but also in Sindh, a complete public holiday was announced by the authority. The match was witnessed by more than 28,000 people including the Prime Minister of Pakistan and India. But unfortunately our team lost the match and eliminated from the tournament. The final match was played between Sri Lanka and India but Indian team was in form and beat the Sri Lankan team by six wickets and proved themselves a truly world champion team.



In the last two or three centuries, Science has made great progress. We are living in the age of continuous industrial revolution. We have built vast industries that are providing large quantities of goods and machines. Millions of factories in all parts of the world are sending huge quantities of carbondioxide and other poisonous gases and the atmosphere. This is not the whole story. They are pouring continuous streams of harmful chemicals into the rivers of the world. Every hour our cars, buses and aeroplanes are discharging deadly poisons into our atmosphere. There are three kinds of pollutions which we are facing. (i) Atmospheric Pollution. (ii) Water pollution. (iii) Noise pollution. Efforts are being made to control the pollution throughout the world. The hole of ozone layers is being tried to repair. Many special organization has been made to control the pollution. The electronic and print media is trying to produce complete awareness about the pollution and its causes and about its results in future. I think following attempts can be made to control pollution. (i) Complete awareness should be provided to people by using electronic and print media. (ii) It should be ordered to all factory and mills owners that they must destroy their wastes in the most careful way. (iii) Recycling of the wastes should be introduced in factories. (iv) The smoke of the transporting vehicles should be controlled by using special devices. (v) The rattling of machines and the pressure horns should be avoided and the noisy process should be controlled. (vi) The discharge of the wastes into the rivers should be stopped. On acting upon above suggestions, every kind of pollution can be controlled by further expanding. We should try to keep our environment neat and clean and try to develop the habit of tree plantation.



Media is a way of communication in modern world. Media is divided into Electronic media and Print media. Newspapers, Magazines and other weekly editorials etc are included in print media while Television, Radio, Cable TV Network, Internet etc. are called electronic media. Print media has its great influence on society, Majority of people read newspaper daily early in the morning. Electronic media in its every form is a big source of mass communication. It produces its direct effect on common people. It is the great source of providing entertainment. The impact and influence of electronic media, satellite, dish and cable transmission. The electronic media in the form of satellite transmission, internet, cable net, dish and cable network has many useful effects. It helps to give information about different parts of the world. It gives current news and information about what is happening in the world. Electronic media is the great source of knowledge about geographical facts of the world. It also provides information about new discoveries, Media is the wonderful source of knowledge about science, universe, oceans, sociology and politics. As media has its positive effects, it has also some negative effects of society student young boy and girls waste their precious time on chatting and visiting useless websites on Internet and Cable net. Sex materials, sex entertainment talks on internet directly influence on the creative capabilities of generation. This kind of entertainment destroys the moral value and due to this sex crimes are increased. The movie channels on satellite transmission and cable TV network channels provide movies and dramas with full of glamour, fashion and sex motivating scenes which cause to damage the peaceful life. In movies, the violence containing scene produce great effect on young people, they also try to react like that they had seen in the movies, the violence terrorism and crimes are increased: The role of media is very important in the modern world. It is a source which is directly related to try to broadcast such programmes which build up the moral values in the society.



Fortune of a nation is in the hand of its people The use of violence such as bombing, shooting or kidnapping to obtain political demands is called Terrorism, It is a form of violent action which is used to force the government for a special purpose or to achieve political demands in a country or worldwide. Causes of Terrorism: The world is full of little quarrels among the nations of the world. Every nation calls itself the best and tries to exploit the rights of the others. Terrorism is used as a political weapons or policy. Terrorism is the most severe problem of this age that people are facing all over the world. It is equally occurring in the western world as well as in the Eastern countries. The important causes of terrorism are following: i) A huge production of weapons like guns, pistols, machine guns, klashinkoves, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, distant marking missiles and nuclear weapons. ii) The growing population and less resources of life. iii) A great run after money and after materialistic things. iv) Economical, social and political injustice. v) Unsatisfactory condition of life in different countries. Effects of Terrorism: Life of heart (soul) is harmony, prosperity & physical pleasures The main function of the terrorism is to produce a great disturbance in the social and political system of a country. The major effects of terrorism which appear directly are following: i) Terrorism produces great fear among the people and they feel themselves unsafe in their state and then in the world.

ii) Due to the increasing events of terrorism, the government and establishment becomes weak and the confidence of people on the government and establishment is ended. iii) On the basis of terrorism any government can easily be kicked out. iv) Due to the violent actions of terrorism, many innocent people are killed and a lot of public and private property is destroyed or damaged. The Fight Against Terrorism: I am neither sunni nor shia; this division hurts me
(Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo)

After the destruction and killing on large scale during the Second World War, the nations of the world decided to organize an institution for world peace, thus United Nations (UN) was born to fight against the evil and the terrorism. Thus the fight against terrorism was started. The destruction of World Trade Tower on 11th, September was a great incident of terrorism. After this incident the president of U.S.A announced their fight against terrorism. He requested many other countries to assist him in fight against terrorism. As the result of this efforts a network has been spread all over the world to find out terrorists and to find out nuclear weapons in different countries. The most remarkable thing is the those who call them selves as the model of humanity are using also modern technology and weapons for terrorism. In the name of fight against terrorism, the open opposition of human rights is being done. It is the new game of super powers to interfere in the politics of those countries who have less qualities in industrialization and stability than them. We have seen the examples in Afghanistan and Iraq. Is it not terrorism to attack on Iraq without the permission of the United Nation? They call it the war against nuclear weapons but it is also a part of terrorism. The policy making nature of big countries causes to produce hostile little group who show the act of terrorism for the purpose of their rights. The hostile little groups which are known as freedom fighters try to produce disturbance. i) By killing people. ii) By destroying national property. iii) By doing bomb blasts. The fight against terrorism is actually a well organized scheme to kill all those who raise their voice for their basic rights. Oh! Sad people of my country Lets move and take care of your country Dont feel yourselves inferior Dont think yourselves tiny that anyone want you to clearify that anyone want you to kill your desires that anyone want you to handed over your loyalties that anyone want you to handed over your country. Be stand & show them that we all are Muslims & there is one & only the God in our heart. Oh! Sad people of my country Lets move and take care of your country



Women play an important role in the construction of a civilized society. Women were considered as second degree creation in the ancient civilization. Islam first time gave the right status to women and stated the rule of inheritance for women. Islam also gave social protection to a woman as mother, sister, wife and daughter. It can be observed by reading the history of the world that no society became organized without the participation of women. A

women is considered as Tender Sex but it is a fact this women beats the braves soldiers, scientists, Scholars, traders and other prominent personalities who revolutionize the world. The role of women is important whether she makes part in the activities of life related to social construction or economic development or she only serves the society as a house wife. The responsibilities of a woman are to build up a strong family which has an ability to face the life cheerfully. Education may be a luxury to a few fortunate women, but to an average middle class woman education is a means of earning her livelihood. It is an armour against any accident of life. Those women who receive professional education can serve the society in different field side by side with men, but those women who remain at home they also serve the society by doing their honourary services to their families. The views about woman have been changed and there are many fields have been opened for women. Women are working with men nearly about every field of life. Advertising is a field that can appeal to girls with imagination. Either a part time or full time as a copy writer can be taken. Training can be acquired on the job it self. For the girls with a passion of books, a library would be the ideal place to work in. if a girl or woman has ability to put down her thoughts in words. Journalism can prove a rewarding career. For the science students who want to make use of their institutions welcome them. Some of them can become nurses after training. Good students can get admission to M.B.B.S and after five years they become doctors. Then there is the fields of education. People have acknowledged the importance of education. After receiving a good degree of masters, she can join as a lecturer. Now a days there are many careers opportunities for women and women are playing their role in different fields of life, hence women have their equal share in the development of a civilized society. Q.6: Read the following passage and answer the question below:

(i) In what way was Nature of enemy of man in the past? Ans: In the past man lived on the mercy of nature because he did not know that ways to control the power of the natural forces so a wet summer could bring death to the whole nation and every winter was a menace. (ii) How has nature been subdued and conquered today? Ans: Today man has an ability to control the forces of nature. He has discovered many scientific methods. He is able to grow more quality foods. He countraved time. He can fly in the air and he can move in the sea. The discovery of medicine is helping to decrease the death ratio in the world, thus nature has been conquered. (iii) To what extent has man not been yet able to conquer, Nature fully? Ans: Man is not able to conquer the nature fully because we are still at the mercy of the more violent convulsions. Against earth quake, flood, Tsunami and hurricane man has, as yet, devised no adequate protection. (iv) Give the meanings of the following words and phrases as used in the passage: Cataclysms, impossible divisions, natural convulsions, hurricane, Tsunami, pestilence. Ans: (1) Cataclysms: Floods of water. (2) Impossible Convulsions: Net capable division. (3) Natural convulsions: Contraction which appear naturally. (4) Hurricane: Storm of great violence. (5) Tsunami: Sea earth quake. (6) Pestilence: Any deadly epidemic disease. (v) Give a suitable title to the above Passage. Ans: The suitable title to the above passage is Nature an Enemy of Man